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Washington I had always wanted to get rid of that extra skin hanging from the front view of my vagina. It didn’t necessarily hurt during intercourse, some clothes bothered me, but it was mostly vanity. I saw Dr. Pousti in California for my procedures (had breast revision as well) He’s a wonderful man and has a great staff. I’d had Implants before so I knew what to expect there so I was pretty nervous about the labiaplasty. After the surgery was over. I didn’t feel bad at all. Slept a lot the first and second day. BFF took care of me. I took Percocet around-the-clock only the first and second days Valium as needed then switched to acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Only taking Valium at bedtime. I kept an ice pack down there almost all the time for about a week. Which I think helped a lot. I had a little cooler I took with us. In the car, ice pack. Movies, ice pack. Out to dinner, ice pack. Slept with an ice pack It never ‘hurt’ down there, just annoying discomfort. Kind of a burning feeling as if you had sex with no lubrication. Sorry for the tmi! Ice was my best friend. I’m only posting the before pic, because I wasn’t supposed to peek for 4 weeks, I peeked at days 2 and 4 I think. I’m 11 days post op. I’ll post an after pic in 2 weeks Washington Best decision of my life. I’m beyond greatful and happy with the new joy in my life that Dr. Pousti has given me. I felt deformed for an entire year after my first BA as things went wrong from the beginning ie deformed cleavage & pain. I have my life and confidence back. Pre op 475 HP unders. Post op 595 HP unders with internal revision. Here is a link to the review of my first doctor. http://www.realself.com/review/plastic-surgery-nothwest-spokane-wa-breast-implants-ba-475-hp-muscle Very intelligent! Comforting and charismatic. A true master of his trade. It’s hard to put into words just how amazing he was from start to finish, but my life is better after having met him. Washington HISTORY: I had a breast augmentation in the Seattle area one year ago and was unhappy with the results. I did not feel that the surgeon listened to what I wanted. I feel he had already decided what he thought I should look like and didn’t deviate despite seeing my wish photos. He already chose the cc before surgery. In his defense, my starting point was very difficult as I have pectus excavatum and my breasts were far apart and I never had cleavage. I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18. In my teens and 20s, before I had children, I was completely flat with 12% body fat. Before my first BA, I was about 10-15 pounds overweight and breast fed 3 children so had a lot of breast tissue/skin even though my breasts were size 34 A. With my first BA at 45 years old, I had 385cc silicone moderate profile. I understand my anatomy dictated how they would look post-op but I was really unhappy from day one (blues big time, I cried the first day knowing it was not what I wanted) with the lack of cleavage and my body seemed to engulf the 385cc. My surgeon made it clear that high profile looked too fake and that 385 was the max we could go for my width of my chest. I felt post-op he could not wait for me to leave the room and would open the door “shooing me out” as I asked more questions. Totally disgusted with his arrogance, I never even went back for revisits after the 3 month mark. I do not like to write negative reviews so I am leaving his name out of this post. I could not get cleavage with pushup bras and did not look how I wanted to in bathing suits. My breasts were in my armpits. Very uncomfortable. I think I cried for 3 months straight regretting ever having the surgery. Luckily, I found Real Self and did a lot of research knowing that I wanted to have a revision done. I came across Dr. Pousti’s name frequently for breast revisions. He has a wonderful reputation especially for breast revisions. I emailed him pictures because I am from out of state and he sent me a detailed email about the options for my situation. I flew in to see him (my choice) to see if I would be a good candidate because I felt my pectus excavatum was an issue and I wanted his opinion in person to see if he could help me and what were realistic expectations. He was amazing and spent 2-3 hours with us. I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he answered in detail any questions that I had. He did not want me to leave until I felt my questions were answered. I was very impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff. Two months later, June 8, 2015, I had my pre-op visit and we spent another 1-1.5hrs discussing what I wanted and what was possible. Dr. Pousti is down to earth and honest. He is a very busy man but MAKES the time to answer your questions. I appreciate his kindness. I was terrified to have the procedure done…one reason because I am terrified of going under anesthesia and two, I am terrified that my results will not be what I expect. On the day of surgery, he reviewed my pictures again, what I wanted and what was possible for my anatomy. He explained in detail what he was going to do as he drew on my chest. I felt completely safe in his hands. He is an artist…I can tell. He could tell how frightened I was to go under and made me feel calm as the anesthesia kicked in. Overall very impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff. Dr. Pousti cares about his clients and is an artist. He is a hard worker/perfectionist. The surgical center and staff were professional. The anesthesiologist was professional and thorough….I did not have emesis…!!!! I am only one day post-op so will continue to review on this site and could not fill out the aftercare part of the review. I feel like Dr. Pousti took his time and listened to me. I have my doctorate degree and am a nurse practitioner and I treat my clients very similarly with respect and I LISTEN to them and collaborate….crucial for success for treatment and healing. I love that about Dr. Pousti. Washington I had my first breast augmentation surgery in 2009 with a plastic surgeon in the Washington, D.C. area. My breast sizes after the surgery were 480cc and 450cc. I had my second breast augmentation surgery in 2011 and my breast sizes were increased to 850cc and 830cc. While both surgeries went well, I was not completely satisfied with the results. My breasts were not as full and round as I had expected. I did research online and found Dr. Pousti and I saw that he helped a lot of patients achieve their goals. Most plastic surgeons do not specialize in extra large breast augmentations, but Dr. Pousti does. I saw several examples of surgeries performed by Dr. Pousti that resulted in fuller and rounder breasts. I visited Dr. Pousti for a consultation in February, 2014 and noticed the questions on the questionnaire were very detailed and I feel he places patients’ needs and safety as a top priority. Vanessa, Cindi, Daisey and the rest of Dr. Pousti’s staff were very friendly and helpful. I felt that I was in the right hands. I made an appointment for a surgery date. My husband and I flew to San Diego and I had a pre-surgery checkup and consultation. Dr. Pousti confirmed my goals, which were 1800cc. My size at the time was around 850cc and Dr. Pousti was concerned 1800cc may be too big of a jump at one time. Dr. Pousti said he would try his best, keeping safety in mind as his top priority. I sent pictures to Dr.Pousti of my desired shape and size, which he used as a goal to be followed during the surgery. On the day of my surgery, April 2014, Dr. Pousti printed out the picture of my desired shape and size and put it in the surgery room to view. Dr. Pousti told me what to expect regarding the shape, size, and cleavage of my breasts after the surgery. The nurse and anesthesiologist were very helpful before the surgery as well. My breast sizes after the surgery are 1680cc and 1730cc. Daisy and Dr. Pousti called me every day after the surgery to see how I was doing. They gave me feedback and called me everyday for the first two weeks. I sent them pictures of my recovery and progress over several months. The recovery time for extra large breasts takes longer but after a few months I started to feel better. I’m very pleased with with the shape and size of my breasts. They are very round and much fuller than my previous surgeries. The cleavage is very full and beautiful. Also, the scars are almost invisible now. I’m very happy with the results. Dr. Pousti is a very talented surgeon and all of his staff worked together to achieve my goals. Dr. Pousti and his staff were very attentive and responsive to my questions and concerns. Washington, D.C. area J.L. Testimonial: I wanted to thank you guys for an awesome job on my breast augmentation (my husband loves them!). As well as the friendliness off the staff and the willingness to accommodate the needs of patients who are traveling long distance. I am also considering a second surgery and hope to be in touch with your office again. Seattle, WA C.S.

Testimonial: After having a breast aug. (1/2012) to correct the damage of breastfeeding, I was left with significant asymmetry; bottoming out (L) and apparent CC (R). I researched revision extensively and met with surgeons both locally and out-of-state. My case was complicated and multiple surgeons described multiple surgeries to correct my appearance with guarded expectations. Dr. Pousti acknowledged the difficulty of my situation and welcomed the challenge! He worked with me to answer questions, address concerns and give me clear, yet optimistic expectations. As an out of state patient, we were in contact daily via phone and he always made me a priority. As a self-educated patient he discussed my case with me as a peer, respecting my questions and giving me his honest and professional opinion. Finally Dr. Pousti and his staff always made accommodations for me to meet with him when I could be in town. Dr. Pousti completed my surgery in Aug. 2012 (in 1 procedure!), on short notice so that I could return home to be a part of my daughter’s first day of school! The surgery went perfectly and I was at Disneyland with my family 4 days post-op! Dr. Pousti and his staff were, and continue to be extremely attentive during my recovery with frequent phone calls and check-ins. I am now 6 months post-op and feel blessed to have found Dr. Pousti. My results have exceeded all of my expectations with near perfect symmetry and beautiful size and shape in wonderful proportion to my frame! I now have the results I had hoped for originally! My only regret is not having gone to Dr. Pousti from the very beginning! Regardless of where you live or what your needs are, you owe it to yourself to call and talk to Dr. Pousti! He is a gifted and talented surgeon, who truly cares about his patients! You cannot do better!

Testimonial: Hello All, I am doing just fine and all has healed up great. I am just thrilled with the way my breasts look now and the size is just perfect. I am a full 38DD and fill out my swimsuit just as I wanted. Dr. Pousti was wonderful and the staff so easy and pleasant to work with. Thanks again for everything. Warm Regards, K.N. Sammamish, WA

Testimonial: I realize I had very large implants put in and my skin is stretching, but I am still having considerable burning sharp pain in both breasts.  At night so bad that it wakes me up. I would rate the pain 8/10 at night. During the day I sometimes will experience sharp pains and burning in both breasts, the burning sensation is global for both breasts and the sharp pains are random and localized to changing areas. I do continue to have the same level of sharp, pinching pain on the lateral side of the left breast always in the same location. That pain is always present but increases with activity. I do get relief from the severity of the sharp pain on the left lateral side if I apply pressure to the area just above the location. I do not seem to get relief from applying same pressure to the direct spot or applying pressure below the spot. The pain in that location is constant 3-4/10 with variation to 6/10 pains. There is no redness and the breasts do not feel warm to the touch even when experiencing the burning sensation. Infection does not seem to be an issue. We removed the external sutures and that area is healing well, no redness or swelling noted. The side bandages are still in place and I wear the support bra about 23 hours a day. The other hour it is off is during the time I wash it and am taking my “bird bath”. I have not driven, my son does that for me. I have not begun to exercise again. My daily routine is extremely low key, grocery shopping and typically spending a lot of time in bed, although I am not sleeping well. I have not done any lifting of anything over maybe 5 lbs. No overhead reaching and am careful not to stretch too much during dressing. I have taken ibuprofen on occasion and have continued to take the Valium twice a day and the Percocet about 6 per day. I currently have 12 Percocet and 3 Valium left. I have not taken compazine or keflex since I finished the original Rx. I have had prior augmentation, obviously not with the one time size increase to such a degree, and am concerned as to whether what I am experiencing is normal or something else is going on. I will most often try to lightly massage the area when experiencing the pain and burning sensations. The pain on the lateral left side that has continued in the same spot with no improvement and the pain that wakes me up at night, occurring in both breasts, are my main concerns. The only relief is with Percocet and the Valium has helped especially in helping me get some rest. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do or should be watching for. I would like to discontinue taking the narcotic medication if another option is available. If not, I would will need a new rx. I do have allergy/sensitivity to vicodin that causes me to have considerable itching all over my body and nausea. I am willing to try that if necessary along with benadryl and compazine but am concerned that I may have difficulty restraining the urge to scratch the breast area. I have expressed my concerns to the office and did they call to check on me a couple of times at the beginning of last week. They told me that you and Dr. Pousti would be unavailable last week so I am just now sending this to you. I had hoped that these issues would have resolved. I am a little more than slightly worried but I am trying to keep in mind that it has not been quite three weeks since the surgery. Thanks for listening to my concerns. I am honestly not trying to be a difficult patient. I am extremely happy with the size and shape. Dr. Pousti has exceeded my expectations and is truly grateful to have found him. L.H Yelm,WA

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