Tummy Tuck Post op Care Instructions for Out of Town Patients

1. No driving for 3 weeks post tummy tuck surgery or until off narcotic pain medication completely.

2. Please take the medications as directed. Antibiotic medication is for 2 weeks, pain, nausea and Valium medication are taken as needed. Never on an empty stomach and always space out the medications.

3. Constipation is very common due to the pain medication and anesthesia, please use Colace over the counter or any laxative that has worked with you in the past. You may start taking something to help prevent constipation 2-3 days post surgery.

4. If you develop a rash or think you are having an allergic reaction to the medication please call our office immediately. Sometimes Benadryl will help.

5. No exercises for 6-8weeks post surgery

6. No showers for 6 weeks post surgery. No ocean water or pool water for 8 weeks post surgery or until the incision is fully healed.

7. No tanning or sun exposure to the incision until the incision has healed completely.

8. Please do not put scar creams or ointments on the incision immediately after surgery, you may irritate the area or cause an allergic reaction.

9. Patients need to be in the hunched over position for 4 weeks.

10. Please use a walker during your 4-week recovery. Try to borrow a walker from a friend or family member or you may rent or buy a walker.

11. Remember to move your feet back and fourth for 2 weeks post surgery.

12. Remember to do the deep breathing exercises for 2 weeks post surgery.

13. It is a good idea to have a recliner to help keep in that recovery position for sleeping. Often times you need a lot of soft pillows to help keep you comfortable.

14. After surgery you will have lots of dressings, binder, drains, pain pump, and compression stockings provided to you. Please leave everything on until we see you, which is usually 7 days post surgery.

15. Pain pump is removed 1-week post surgery.

16. Drains are removed 2-4 weeks post surgery if they are ready. Drainage output of the drains needs to be below 20cc within a whole 24hr period.

17. Patients must wear their surgical binder for a total of 2-4 weeks or until drains are removed and may start wearing a spanx garment.

18. After drains are removed patients need to wear a spanx garment/la-jolla/body suit to help with the swelling for 4 weeks. The spanx garment needs to cover the whole abdomen area. You may find them through our office for the amount of $82, add $10 for shipping or you may also try your nearest department store Khols,Walmart, Targel etc……

19. After drains are removed we want to make sure that there is no fluid build up “Seroma”, please make sure to call the office if you feel you have developed fluid. Sometimes fevers, nausea will be a side affect or the abdomen area may have swelling and you can feel fluid move. Almost like a waterbed affect.

20. You may expect to be swollen for a few months. Sometimes the most swelling will be at about 2 months post surgery and note that swelling will travel south so the pubic area may look swollen too.

21. Bruising can take a few weeks before it goes away, arnica may help to minimize bruising.

22. Patients may start applying scar creams to the incisions after 3 weeks if the incision line if it looks good and there are no open wounds or scabs.

23. For Scar treatment, use prescription strength medication that helps prevent keloiding and redness or you may also use anything that has worked for you in the past. Scars will look their worst and angry looking closer to 2 months post surgery.

24. It’s very normal to have some drainage or seapage from the incision line during the healing period.

25. Incision lines and final results may take up to about a year. Sometimes sutures take time to dissolve, and sometimes you may have them reach the surface. This is normal and you may gently trim them.

26. Please keep in touch via email, and send photos to us at your 2nd week, 4th week, 2nd month, 4th months, 6th month… etc.

27. Please call us with any concerns Mon-Friday 8:30am-5:30 pm Saturdays from 9:00am-12pm at 619- 466-8851.

28. If you would like to blog or write a testimonial of your experience in our office please see the following websites     






vitals.com, yahoo.com, plasticsurgeryreview.com, breastimplant411.com, cosmeticsurgeryforums.com,

grademyplasticsurgeon.com, makemeheal.com, insiderpages.con, kudzu.com, doctorscorecard.com, googlereviews.com. Thank you for your reviews.

We hope to have made your experience unique and easy transition to your new look.

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