My breast lift with implants procedure is two weeks out and I can’t wait. I’ll be getting silicone implants under the muscle and an anchor lift. Not completely sure on the cc’s I’ll end up with as I asked for them not to be too full and ” hard looking”. My doctor won’t know until he gets in there. I’m hoping I can go up to at least 450-500 cc’s. This has been a long time waiting so I’m ecstatic it’s finally happening. My beautiful 5 children literally sucked the life from my milk makers and now I’m getting them back again. Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable. He seemed to genuinely care about me as an individual not just as a patient. He listened to me and my expectations/ goals and thoroughly went over the possible outcomes. Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff made it an easy and relaxing experience. Which left no doubt in my mind when choosing my surgeon to perform my procedure.

“Well…it’s been a little over four years since I’ve trusted you with my life. 


I have considered ear surgery for a long time and eventually i decided to go for it. I found Dr Tom Pousti’s website online and had a consultation with him shortly after i found his website. With Dr Tom Pousti i found everything i was looking for, great results very good and affordable price and the best office staff in the world. Im very happy with my results i was worth it 100% Dr Tom Pousti is one of the best plastic surgeons out there. Dr Tom Pousti is a very very good professional. My experience with Dr Tom Pousti was excellent not only is he good at what he does he is also very honest and patient which is very important. Dr Tom Pousti is very organized and thorough he is also very detailed when it comes to answering any questions. Im very happy with his excellent work and would definitely recommend Dr Tom Pousty if you are contemplating a plastic surgery. Dr Tom Pousti has very amazing office staff they are very caring patient and sincere. Dr Tom Pousti will not disappoint you so dont hesitate set up an appointment for a consultation.


I have been self conscious about my very prominent nipples since teenage years. I finally had the financial ability and time to make it happen through Dr. Pousti. He was very friendly and couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable Dr to perform the procedure. It was very quick and relatively painless. I have recovered now and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Dr Pousti was very caring and friendly. I felt right at home and he made the procedure from start to finish very comfortable and painless. I would recommend to anyone!

Granny Makeover Testimonial:


I had my ears stretched to an inch for 10 years and grew out of them. From my first visit for the consultation to my follow up visit after the procedure, Dr. Pousti and his staff treated me exceptionally. Everything was explained to me in detail beforehand and they made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I was even given flowers after I had my stitches out! Dr Pousti was very friendly and thorough in explaining the procedure and making me feel comfortable. I received a phone call every day after he procedure to see how I was feeling.”


I’m sorry this is such a long review, but I really want people to understand my experience and how grateful I am to have met Dr. Pousti.&nbsp />

I had a lipoma slowly growing on my left side for over 10 years. The last 3 years had been very difficult. It was making comfortable sleep almost impossible and I would have soreness and back pain when trying to stand or walk for long periods of time. Since I didn’t have insurance I thought it was pretty useless to consider removal until I was referred by a friend to contact Dr. Pousti. The thought of stepping into a Plastic Surgeon’s office was not top on my list, but immediately after entering I felt better about the decision. I was greeted with warm smiles and very helpful (and beautiful) young ladies. Then I met Dr. Pousti. To say that he is a nice man is probably the understatement of the century. You are not just another patient to him, you are an individual and he really seems to care about you on a personal level. Dr. Pousti and his team worked very hard to make this surgery something that I could afford to have done. I was shocked that someone who was obviously a wonderful surgeon and didn’t seem to be lacking patients would go through so much to help me. Surgery day has come and gone…I’m still recovering, but feeling better by the minute! On the day of surgery I was nervous, very nervous. The receptionist, nurses, anesthesiologist and of course Dr. Pousti made me feel safe and cared for. Recovery has had its ups and downs, but nothing too bad. My surgery took place on a Thursday and I was back to work on Tuesday. Moving slowly, but able to make it through the day. After the first week I had the drain removed that they had put in place during the surgery so that excess fluids wouldn’t try to take the place of my now non-existent lipoma. Dr. Pousti informed me that the lipoma measured over 5 1/2 inches…yep you heard that right! I am now half way through week 2 and I have some bandages in place with an ace bandage keeping pressure on my side. I was told this will help prevent fluids from still trying to sneak in. There is occasional soreness and I am trying to take it easy, but I feel better day by day. This has been a life changing experience. I have yet to come up with the words to properly thank Dr. Pousti and his staff for what they have done for me!


Went in for a consultation and I booked my surgery the same day, that’s how much I liked Dr. Pousti. He is SO professional and kind, I knew he was the doctor for me right then and there. I know I’m going to love my results! Also the patient coordinator Vanessa is really lovely, she and Dr. Pousti are amazing. I can’t wait for my surgery day!


Both women and men are improving their looks and their confidence by entrusting their bodies to any one of the number of qualified surgeons available throughout the world today.

I share the same discontent with a certain part of my body as do literally hundreds of thousands of women across the globe. I was not happy with my breast size. My decision to have breast augmentation surgery was not taken lightly, nor was it a fleeting thought . It is something I’ve contemplated for years, dating as far back as my teenage years, when I was just 16 years old.

A couple of months ago, I finally decided to move forward with this transformation in my life and make things happen.I did a lot of informative research about breast augmentation, the actual surgical procedure itself, possible side effects and, of course, I inquired on countless qualified surgeons throughout San Diego county. I hand picked a few and set out to visit each one of them for a complimentary consultation. With every consult I attended, I gained knowledgeable insight. I was informed, educated and introduced to each doctor’s own way of practicing medicine.

I paid special attention to the staff and the overall feeling I got from the atmosphere of each office. I can honestly say, each doctor I visited seemed more than capable of performing my surgery and I felt very confident in each one of them. I was initially scheduled to have my surgery with a prominent, highly recommended physician (not Dr. Pousti) on April 27, 2012, when I decided to get one last opinion. I found Dr. Tom Pousti’s name on the internet and was quite impressed with his patient “before and after” photos. So, I made the appointment. When I visited Dr. Pousti for my initial evaluation, I was more than prepared with my mental list of questions and concerns and knew that Dr. Pousti, if he were to be my surgeon, would have to offer me something I had not yet been introduced to by the other doctors. Dr. Pousti had to win me over as a patient. By gosh, I was pleasantly surprised! My expectations were met and the information I received actually exceeded what I felt was necessary to get me to sign on that dotted line. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease with every part of my consultation. Dr. Pousti’s staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of breast augmentation. When I asked questions, they actually listened to what I was saying and addressed all of my concerns. As for Dr. Pousti, he is quite a character! He has a great sense of humor and is very friendly. He makes his patients feel like they have known him for years. By the end of my appointment with Dr. Pousti, I decided I was cancelling my surgery with the other physician and scheduling my procedure with Dr. Pousti.

As I mentioned earlier, I did extensive research on my soon to be “enhancements” and, therefore, was very critical about receiving exactly what I wanted in terms of shape and size. I was very surprised when Dr. Pousti and the nurses were as determined to understand what I wanted as much as I was determined to convey my desires to them, even up to the last cc. There were only two pictures (that I downloaded and printed from Dr. Pousti’s website) that I felt displayed my desired results. I must mention that the difference between those two pictures was very, very small (about 70cc difference in implant sizes), This allowed Dr. Pousti a very small margin for error.

On the day of my procedure, I arrived at the surgery center both excited and anxious. This would be my first surgical experience, other than having my wisdom teeth removed, so everything was very new to me. The nurses and Dr’s that work with Dr. Pousti are just awesome!! They were very friendly and professional. One of the nurses talked to me about my desired results while we were waiting for Dr. Pousti to arrive. She said “I am your voice in the surgery room so I want to make sure that I understand exactly what you want. Dr. Pousti, of course, will be the one to make the final decision, but I will be there to make sure all of us are on the same page”. After I spoke to her, Dr. Pousti showed up, and, putting any doubts or final concerns I might have to rest, Dr. Pousti discussed my desired results with me one last time. After that conversation, I knew I had made the right decision…there was no turning back now. The only thing that was on my mind was how excited I was and that I was looking forward to seeing my surgery results.

My surgery went well, no problems with the anesthesia or with the surgery itself. I was actually told I was the “model patient”. When I woke up in the recovery room, I looked down at my chest and was so happy, they were just what I wanted! I couldn’t be happier. My post operative experience has been uneventful. That is a good thing! I have had no problems whatsoever. I’m at the beginning of my third week post-op. I stopped taking pain medications on the 3rd day after surgery, and was driving myself around on the 4th day(and I even drive a stick shift!). I know the speed in which I recovered is not common. Each person heals individually and it all depends on one’s own body. For some people, the healing process takes a couple of weeks. For those fortunate ones, such as myself, recovery can happen in just a few days.

I want to share some post-operative information in regards to sleeping positions. For the first week after surgery, you will only be able to sleep on your back. During your second to third week post-op, you should be able to sleep on your side. You won’t be able to sleep on your stomach for about 2-3 months after the surgery. I found a little trick to help with the “laying or sleeping on my stomach dilemma”. At night before I’m falling asleep, I put one pillow under my head(as usual) and I place one pillow under my stomach. In doing this, your breast barely touches the bed and it takes pressure off of your back . Also, the first few days following your surgery, the sling you are required to wear is pretty tight and very warm. I consulted with one of Dr. Pousti’s nurses after surgery and asked if I can use some sort of cold pack to reduce the “heat” and “swelling” of my breasts. I had read on the internet that some women recommend using cold packs to relieve their symptoms after surgery. Dr. Pousti’s nurse informed me that using cold packs can lead to complications, therefore, Dr. Pousti does not recommend cold therapy after surgery.

Dr. Pousti please don’t kill me… but…I used a wet towel ( I wet it in a slightly in cold water) and was applying it to my chest the first and second day post-op. I found it helped cool me down and it relieved some of the tightness in my skin. I’m not recommending going against doctor’s orders, so please ask your doctor before applying an sort of ice therapy to the surgical area.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with my results. It has been so much fun acquiring new pieces to my wardrobe. I had no idea I would be able to shop and buy myself new clothes just one week after my surgery. As for my old clothes, they look so much better in the “new me”. Now, I find myself paying special attention to my posture. When standing, I proudly display my new acquisitions. And, for the most part, people notice.

My only complaint is within myself. I’m very active and am used to working out pretty hard 6 times a week. Unfortunately, one of Dr. Pousti’s post-operative instructions is to restrict your work-out regimen. Obviously, doing any exercises that involve the chest muscles have to be omitted for a few weeks after surgery. Dr. Pousti does not want his “masterpiece” compromised by any unnecessary activities. So, for now, I have to hold myself back and forgo push-ups, crunches, etc., until I am fully recovered. I think adjusting my workout routine to consist of primarily leg exercises for the next few weeks is a small price to pay considering all I have gained.

My stats: I’m 5’6, 124lb, before surgery cup size A. Post surgery: Silicon Implants, 300cc, under the muscle, desired result achieved: full B-small C cup

Best wishes

Testimonial: Dear Team Pousti, I would like to commend you all for a most welcomed experience that you all showed my Wife and I over the past few days. You ALL are totally top notch and are the best at what you do.

You made us feel welcome for once in our life and I cannot express that enough. From Jen’s welcoming smile, to Daisy’s extensive knowledge and expertise, to Vanessa’s willingness to listen and understand, you all truly made us feel at home. Dr. Pousti is the complete gentleman and professional and I will say I actually care about him and his wonderful staff. My Wife and I didn’t feel like a number with you all and we sensed that you all geniualy cared about your patients. My experience this past few days with you all has been second to none. And can someone please tell the tall short haired blonde nurse with the striking eyes and beaming smile over at the surgical center to never change her personality. The morning of my surgery; when I truly felt that I was ready to call the whole thing off out of fear for the unknown, she reassured me that I was in great hands. I’m speechless as I reflect over the past few days as my Wife and I make the drive home North. Thank You a thousand times over Team Pousti, you all are the BEST.


I have been incredibly self conscious of my third nipple since I can remember (It was located directly under my right breast). After developing and growing up, my once unnoticeable third nipple developed quite a bit and had extra breast tissue surrounding the area. It became irritated during my period as my bra sat right on it. Finally I decided to go through with the surgery. I am BEYOND happy, I like to say elated. I got to see the area 12 days after, and I could hardly notice anything. Now with a few more weeks it will be pretty much invisible. The tiny scare I may have will rest right in the crease of my natural breast. I could not be more happy!!! 

Dr. Pousti is a very kind man! He made be feel comfortable and well taken care of through out the entire process, including his staff. His concern for me went beyond a procedure and I am so thankful that I chose him.


Dr. Pousti and Staff,

Just wanted to shoot you over this email to thank you all once again for the care and expertise I experienced each and every visit of mine to Dr. Pousti. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards you for performing my surgery quickly, and PERFECTLY. I get compliments every where I go. It’s amazing how much differently I’m perceived by  the world and potential employers by the incredible work Dr. Pousti performed on me. Everyone was so friendly to my girlfriend and I and we think the world of all of you.


Advice to future breast augmentation patients………..from an extremely satisfied patient of Dr. Pousti’s!!!

I am not going to brag about Dr. Pousti and what an accomplished, skilled surgeon he is.  I’m sure you have thoroughly toured his website, read the testimonials and have familiarized yourself with his bio and his credentials.  Or maybe you are lucky enough to have met him and had a consultation already.  Either way,  you are already aware of his passion for what he does, and how committed he is in helping his patients achieve their desired plastic surgery goals.

I am however  going to tell you what sets Dr. Pousti aside from any other plastic surgeon……. he listens and he is honest.  He is extremely receptive to everything that you tell him and he is very straight forward and honest.  If he doesn’t believe that something is a good idea, or it cannot be successfully surgically achieved……. he will tell you straight up.  He’s not going to sugar coat anything or tell you what you might want to hear.    He is going to give you his professional and surgical recommendation that will leave you with a clear insight of exactly what your surgical experience is going to entail.  Some situations are easy, some are more complex than others……some patients need a revision surgery, a  two-step surgery……. etc.  Whatever the case you will feel completely confident that Dr. Pousti sincerely has your best interest in mind.

Here is where my advice comes into play!

Dr. Pousti like any other human being can only listen to exactly what you tell him.   So make sure you think about your body and what you really want.  Rather than focusing on the amount of cc’s you think you need to achieve your desired bra size, or putting too much emphasis on the photos you see on his website or in magazines………..go out and buy the bras that you want to wear after your surgery.  Or buy the bathing suits that you want to wear, or a shirt you want to fill out.  I wear a 36DD bra in the Victoria’s Secret bras that I buy, but I have a few bras from Macy’s and Nordstrom’s that are a 36D.  EVERY bra is different!!!!  And keep in mind when looking at pictures of women with implants to gain better size perspective, the EXACT same size implants on two different women will look completely different.

I think most women have this misconception in their head that if they get a breast augmentation their breasts will come out looking like a playboy centerfold’s breasts……..I know I did!  Oh how I wish that were the case!!!  But the reality of it is that there are many factors on your body that will determine the end result of your breast augmentation.  The amount of breast tissue that you have to start with, the natural shape of your breast (round, tear drop, etc) weather you decide to have your implants placed on top or below the muscle, weather you chose silicone or saline, what style implant you chose (moderate, high profile, ect) and whether or not you need a lift. I know a lot of this can be a little overwhelming, and that is what Dr. Pousti is going to help you with.  He will make his recommendation based on what he thinks is going to achieve the most successful results for you and your body.

If you go into your surgery with realistic expectations, then you will come out with realistic results!!!  Good luck ladies!!!!


In 2009 I had a huge life style change. I moved out of my parents and started to really focus on bettering myself and my life style. I began to work out on a regular basis and starting eating healthier. After losing 35 pounds I couldn’t believe how great I looked and  how much I improved myself. Then I started thinking “Well if only I had a more woman physic I would be complete”. I was AA naturally, so losing weight caused them to just disappear. I started to become really insecure and decided that I was going to get a  breast augmentation. I started researching and researching doctor after doctor and then I came across Dr. Pousti’s website. I read it from top to bottom looking at the photo galleries and reading the testimonials/reviews. Every single testimonial I read I could feel the happiness and excitement form these woman on how happy they were with the whole experience. I have never had a major surgery before and hearing the horror stories really made me cautious and careful when it came to deciding on a doctor. My other  problem was I didn’t have the funds at the time for the surgery, but I couldn’t stop reading and looking at Dr Pousti’s Site. So I decided to keep researching and working out so that when it came time when I would have the funds, I would have the prefect Doctor and the perfect body. Well I became addicted with the idea and had to schedule a consultation with Dr Pousti. July 2010 I drove down to Dr Pousti’s Office in San Diego to meet with him. I brought along my boyfriend who was also eager to hear what his idea was for me. The staff of ladies in his office were amazing and so caring. They were so helpful and I felt so calm and relaxed since I was so nervous to meet Dr. Pousti. I have read and researched him so much that I felt like I was about to meet a movie star. Dr. Pousti introduced himself and shared some of his accomplishments and achievements. I still wasn’t exactly sure on what procedure I wanted so he was so helpful about helping me decide. At the end of the consolation they gave me a free bra and implants so I could go home and play around with my clothes and figure out the size I really wanted. March 2011 I was laid off from my job due to the economy and was devastated. Not only did the thought of not having a job killed me but I felt like I would never be able to afford my  breast Augmentation. I was depressed and looking for a new job took so much out of me. Then June 2011, my boyfriend told me he had the money and that I should call Dr. Pousti office and schedule an appointment. I was so happy and so excited that I called right away. They had an opening about 3 weeks in advance in July and I booked it. I was so excited and the only thing I could do is count down the days. But after only 3 days I got called back, Vanessa one of Dr. Pousti amazing staff members called to tell me that they had a cancellation and I was the next in line so I was able to book my surgery at the end of June. Surgery day. My operation was scheduled at 8:00am and I had to be there 2 hours early for prepping. I was so nervous but never scared. The staff did an amazing job entertaining me and making me feel comfortable. Dr Pousti went over the surgery again with me and they took me to the surgery room. A little over an hour later, I woke up from the anesthesia and went home about an hour later. My healing process wasn’t bad I was up and walking around within 5 days. Now I am 6 months along and feel amazing. I ended up with 450 cc silicone in each breast making me a 34 DD. I am so happy with my results and still cant believe it when I look in the mirror. Thanks to Dr. Pousti  and his amazing staff, I am what I have always dreamed of being and with out his incredible work, I could have never and couldn’t even imagine feeling and looking the way I do now. Thank you so much Dr. Pousti. You are a life changer!


First and foremost I want to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff for such a positive experience.  Prior to meeting Dr. Pousti I had undergone two breast augmentation surgeries.  I had my first in 2005 and my second in 2007. In 2007 I maxed out what was the traditional “conservative” plastic surgeon’s recommendation with 800cc silicone implants. I loved the results but I went on to have two amazing daughters which I breastfed back to back in 2010 and 2011. My breasts needed some work.  They weren’t as perky anymore and I had lost some of my own breast tissue from nursing. I also had lateral displacement of my implants. Basically, when I laid on my back my breasts went into my armpits which left quite a considerable space in my cleavage area. I also knew I wanted to go bigger. Here is when the research started-I met with my former plastic surgeon and his opinion was that I needed a full anchor lift and all the scarring that came with that. I felt it was overkill and was saddened by the recommendation but I booked my surgery trusting his advice. After more thought, I decided to look into the option of over filled saline implants and maybe a little “pocket tightening”.  I first learned about Dr. Pousti from his AMAZING website.  The testimonials and photos said it all. I knew I needed to rethink my decision and have a phone consultation with him. I emailed photos (frontal and side) and he got back to me via telephone very promptly. To my excitement he told me he thought I didn’t need a lift. He also was willing to go as big as was safe for my body. I canceled my other surgery and put down my deposit for my surgery in San Diego. The website and staff had wonderful recommendations on which hotels they recommended their patients stay at and the hotels even offered a discount for being his patient. I was also given the name of a great after surgery recovery nurse who went on to do a phenomenal job of taking care of me post op for the first 24 hours. When I met Dr. Pousti for my pre op the day before surgery I instantly knew I had made the right decision to have my surgery performed by him. He is such a skilled, caring and kind person. At my pre op he recommended I have internal sutures placed to correct my implant displacement and promised he would take great care of me. I am absolutely insanely in LOVE with my new breasts. I would never trust my body to another plastic surgeon after meeting Dr. Pousti.  As a former model, I can tell you that I almost idolize the man for giving me back the breasts I had before having my children. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone who wants the job done right. Flying out for surgery, especially alone, can be a scary thought but it is such a worthy investment. The moment you walk into his office-no matter the distance you have traveled-you will feel at home. Thank you Dr. Pousti for changing my body and my life.


During high school, I felt very self-conscious of my breasts. I wanted to feel sexy and curvy in all the right places but I couldn’t because I always felt that my breasts were a bit on the smaller side (a B cup to be exact).  I was buying the “Miraculous” bras from Victoria’s Secret that would boost my breasts up to 2 cup sizes. Needless to say, it was embarrassing when my breasts would look way smaller when those helpful bras came off or when I wore sexy bikinis. It bothered me for quite some time, so I started to do some research. I went through a couple of consultations with different plastic surgeons, but Dr. Pousti was the only one that stood out to me as the best. This man knows exactly what he is doing!

I walked into his Murrieta office and was greeted very warmly by all of the beautiful staff. Vanessa, the office manager, is an absolute sweetheart. She made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions with a smile. Now that I think about it, Vanessa has been there since the very first day of my whole process.  Thank you for that, Love. I was also even given the opportunity to meet an actual patient that was there for a post-op appointment. After speaking with her and seeing just how gorgeous her breasts were, I was even more confident about Dr. Pousti and what he can do for me. I literally scheduled the date of my operation that day.  The entire process was so easy and quick.

Throughout my next few appointments with Dr. Pousti, he did everything he could to make sure that he understood what it was that I wanted from my surgery. I brought many pictures from online that I liked so that he would get a feel of what it was that I wanted. When the day of the surgery came, I was so nervous! The hospital staff was very sweet and assured me that I would be just fine. A few hours later, I woke up on a hospital bed and felt absolutely no pain. I was just sleepy and felt a great pressure on my chest. I was bedridden for the next couple of days, but within a week, I was feeling pretty much back to normal.

It has been almost six months since my operation, and I don’t regret a thing! My breasts still have a bit more settling to do but I absolutely love them.  It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend loves them too! My skin is a bit sensitive so I do have a bit of scarring under my right breast. At my appointment today, Dr. Pousti told me that if I am not satisfied with the way the scar has healed after it has fully matured, he would help me cut the scar out. What really got to me is that Dr. Pousti would do what he can to make sure that I am happy. In fact, every single post-op appointment with him has been most attentive and special. I am so grateful for that because I am sure most doctors would care less long after the surgery.

Because of Dr. Pousti, I have never felt more sexy and confident! You really have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough. Dr. Pousti is the best plastic surgeon!!!!


Dear Dr. Pousti,

I just would like to thank you and your staff again for being so kind today during my consultation. I knew I would have a wonderful experience at your office. All of your wonderful testimonials online is a testament to the phenomenal individual that you are. Thank you for being honest and caring about my situation and telling me what I needed to hear and not what you think I want to hear. You are definitely one of a kind and I will always be grateful to have met you.

I promise I will accept the way that I am as I have no desire to seek other surgeons. God sent you to me for a reason and I know if it’s meant to be, you will be the surgeon to perform my surgery. Until then, I will learn to live and love me the way I am. I do have to say I still would like to remove the scar on my shoulder though hahaha />  Well I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and maybe I will see you again. Until then, take care and God bless! P.S. I now have to buy new candles after smelling the one in your office! It smelled soooooo good! haha


There are so many positive things to say about Dr Pousti and his staff that I barely know where to start, so here is my story from the beginning.

I am in my mid-20s, and ever since I could remember, I wanted larger breasts.  Naturally I was an A cup (although Dr Pousti and other doctors I saw believed I was at least a small B, so maybe I was wearing the wrong bra size, who knows?), but always wanted to “upgrade” to the “perfect C cup”.  Once I graduated school and landed on my feet with a little extra money saved up, I decided to actually look into the breast augmentation procedure.

I was very very skeptical and nervous about getting breast implants, after all, there were no physical deformities and I did have some breast tissue that could easily be manipulated to look larger.  My worst fear was getting a botch boob job!  I obsessed constantly and carefully critiqued every doctor and his work before deciding to go and meet any of them.  A tip to women looking at doctor reviews:  a doctor can have 100 excellent reviews for nose jobs or tummy tucks, but that doesn’t mean anything if you are getting a breast augmentation!  Be sure to concentrate on the right reviews and make sure your doctor is a specialist in what procedure you are having done!

I saw 2 doctors before finding Dr Pousti.  From the minute I met him, I knew he was the right doctor for me.  The other doctors were nice, but we just didn’t click.  I feel like Dr Pousti was the only doctor I talked to that understood what my end goal was and then some.  He asked me to bring in pictures of what I wanted my results to be, which is what I HIGHLY recommend even if you decide to go with another doctor.  As he told me, my idea of a C cup and his idea of a C cup could be completely different.  A visual representation of what I actually wanted is the only way to really get accurate results.  To my surprise, the photos I brought in were actually patients who ended up with a D cup or larger!  Dr Pousti actually takes the pictures into the operating room with him so he can get your results the closest he can to what you want.  I will admit it was a little nerve racking going into the OR not knowing a size beforehand, but after it was all over, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  The other doctors used a bra in their office and just put the implant over my breast and “guaranteed” me they would be the size I wanted…WRONG!  You can’t put an implant under your shirt and expect the final result to be accurate.  Everyone’s body is different and sticking an implant under a shirt will not give you an accurate end size.  The sizes that the other doctors wanted to use were significantly smaller than what I actually ended up with and I would have probably ended up getting them redone.

Dr Pousti is very honest.  If he does not feel he can get an A+ result, he will not take that patient.  He tells you exactly what to expect and lets you know upfront what the risks are and also that even though you have a perfect image of what you want to be, it is not always possible since everyone is different.  No other doctor I visited even muttered those words to me.  I know putting your body image in the hands of basically a complete stranger is very unsettling, but one visit with Dr Pousti and his staff, your mind will be at ease.  He even lets you talk to actual patients who are there on appointments.  You can see his work first hand and given the privacy to ask those patients for their honest opinion and for their advice.  What other doctor will let you do that?  Knowing that he has such confidence and skill in his work that he lets you talk to actual patients really says a lot for what kind of doctor he is and how good his work is.

The staff is always pleasant and patient.  After my surgery, I must have called every other day asking if what I saw was normal, they never complained, never were rude, and were very professional on the phone and in the office.  They understood that this was the first time I ever had any type of surgery and my questions and concerns were normal, even though they may hear them every day.  They call you every day after your surgery to make sure you are doing well, even over the weekend!  Dr Pousti is also very patient and understanding, I even requested a second consultation appointment before my surgery so my husband could come and meet him, and he was more than happy to do so.   He answered all our questions and was very understanding to both of us.

Thank God I found Dr Pousti!  He is a specialist in breast augmentation and does dozens every week or so.  By the day of surgery, I had decided numbers don’t mean anything to me; I was no longer going to concentrate on what size implant I was getting.  I gave him my pictures and told him my expectations, he is the specialist, not me, and so I was going to let him do his job based on what I had told him.  I hired him because he is the best at what he does and I was going to trust him to do a superb job on me.  The final size we agreed upon before going into surgery:  Keep em’ guessing.  I didn’t want my new girls to look super fake, but I didn’t want it to look like I didn’t get anything done.  My end result is just that!  The surgery center is great, the anesthesiologist and Dr Pousti hold your hand while you are sedated.  Dr Pousti uses sizers in the OR to find out what size you need to get to your requested size before putting in the permanent implant.  I wouldn’t recommend anything else!  Don’t settle on a size before going into surgery, because honestly, you won’t know what it will look like until the job is actually done!

Currently I wear a 34D in Victoria’s Secret, depending on the style a DD!  With anything else, I would have been super unhappy.  I have been out in San Diego and Las Vegas and have gotten compliments from other WOMEN on how perfect my girls look.  Not to brag, but Dr Pousti did give me the perfect breasts!


Having had a very bad experience in the past with a prior plastic surgeon (not for the same procedure), I was very skeptic about going through another procedure and having bad results as I did the first time! On very high recommendations from a few friends, my husband and I decided to meet with Dr. Pousti. We first met with Vanessa and she gave us information and made a  great impression of the staff and what we were to experience. Upon meeting Dr. Pousti,  he made us feel so comfortable and not pressured at all at our first visit. Our visit felt like we were talking to a good friend, not a businessman.We were both very happy with our visit. We made another visit to him again for further questions and once again the attention, patience and information he gave us made us feel very cared for and extremely comfortable. We were so happy that we did not hesitate to schedule the procedure which a was breast augmentation with a lift.Vanessa called me a few days before and was so enthusiastic and reviewed a few things with me. Amazing service.

The day of my procedure, the pre-op nurses at the surgery center were very nice and made me feel comfortable. Nurse Kelly was the best as she called herself my advocate in the surgery room. She kept me laughing while I was waiting for my time. Dr. Pousti came in and explained to my husband and I all that he had planned to do, as he was marking me and getting me ready. Again, Dr. Pousti made us feel special and cared for. I was definitely at peace with my decision going into surgery.

The after care and follow up calls and visits have been indescribable.  I received daily calls from the staff at the office starting the evening of my surgery and every day until I returned to work.  My first follow up visit with Dr. Pousti he was very compassionate on how I was feeling. He is very gentle and so understanding.  At my ten day follow up I actually saw my results for the first time and they were amazing.My husband and I were extremely happy with what we saw.  Dr. Pousti did an amazing job,  I have no bruising, the cuts are beautiful and all seem to be healing nicely.  The staff at the office I met with that day were all very friendly and helpful changing bandages and just being hospitable and very professional but in a way that made us feel like long time friends!

My overall experience to date has been great.  All calls get answered and if who I ask for is not available they will call you back immediately.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Pousti.  He has made this experience such a great one.  He is such a passionate and professional doctor.  He would not steer one wrong. I have not seen one person leave the office upset!  Having work with doctors myself I know how they can be all professional and no bed side manner. Not Dr. Pousti!!  He is amazing, caring, patient and one thing for sure, he wants to ensure that his patient receives the best care and treatment possible!

Thank you Dr. Pousti and staff!!  You have made this a great experience and the results are amazing! I would be very proud to refer anyone to this practice!!


I had never envisioned choosing to have plastic surgery. However I found myself needing to have a hernia operation and thought that possibly this was a silver lining, as I had horrible stretch marks from my two pregnancies. I thoroughly researched doctors that could perform an abdominoplasty and hernia and came across Dr. Pousti. The reviews were extensive, and all excellent. Never having had any surgery of any kind, these gave me the confidence to visit him. I have waited to give a review until the entire process was completed. I overwhelmingly give Dr. Pousti and his staff 5 stars – not only for his excellence as a doctor and the care I have been given, but for the incredibly compassionate and kind relationship he develops with his patients and his staff and colleagues.  You are made to feel as if you are his only patient, and he gives 110%.  I can only give him the highest Rating and would recommend him with no reservations.


October 19, 2011

Dear Dr. Pousti, Office Staff, and Surgery Staff at Alvarado Surgery Center, This testimonial has taken some time for me to write because it’s hard for me to express in words how thankful I am for the care that you took of me before, during, and after my surgery.  But please know that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think what a wonderful job you have done. From the first time that I met you, I have felt that I’ve known you for a long time.  And your office staff are so welcoming, they could be old co-workers of mine too.  I inteviewed 2 plastic surgeons before you, and with them I felt like I was just another job for them to do.  Both of these other surgeons pushed for me to get very large breasts, and when I voiced some hesitation on their recommendations, I could sense that they tuned me out.  They would rush in and out of their offices, and the office staff would barely say a word to me. I had heard about you from various clients I had, and they showed me the amazingly beautiful jobs you had done for them.  I was so happy when I came in to consult with you, but to be honest, my husband was a little more reticent.   After conversing with you for a while, you truly did make me feel as though you were an old friend, and that you wanted to give me something that  would make me happy.   You definitely won over my husband that day.  After my consultation, both myself and my husband felt confident that you were the surgeon/artist that we had been looking for. The day of surgery I was excited and nervous, but I knew I was in the right hands.  To be able to go into surgery having complete confidence and trust in you is something that I wish every patient could have; and to know that you stocked different implant sizes in your surgery center was of great comfort to me too, since I knew you could try out different sizes on me during surgery in order to find the best fit. But even before surgery, the Surgery Staff at Alvarado were so nice and made me feel so comfortable.  The smallest thing, such as giving me a warmed blanket just prior to the surgery, made me feel more relaxed.  I’ve been through other surgeries before, and I can attest that I never got a warmed blanket!  I wish I could remember the names of the nurses caring for me, because they did a wonderful job in making me feel safe.

My droopy A-size breasts with the abnormally large and long nipples, and now a perfect DD.   And thankfully, you recommended my nipple reduction!  I would have never thought of that, and I can’t imagine how much more my nipples would have poked out of my clothes without having it done!  In the past I had to wear heavily padded bras because my nipples were so long that you could see that they were poking through the bra.  Now I can wear normal non-padded bras, I don’t need push up pads, and my clothes fit me so much better! Last, but definitely not least, let me just say how great your office staff is.  After my surgery, they checked on me frequently.  I’m sure it’s part of their protocol, but when they called, I felt like we were just friends having a conversation, not that it was a job they had to do.  The one thing that keeps me loyal to a business is friendly faces, polite manners, and great customer service.  You have it all!

Ok, so I really did try to make this a short thank you/testimonial, and I did by not giving my whole life story, but like I said, it’s so hard to express every wonderful thing I have to say about you and your staff.  If you ever need someone to speak to a potential client about how wonderful you are, feel free to send them my way!  And please don’t move or go anywhere in the next 20 years because I know that this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


I’m not usually one to write reviews or testimonials, but I found them so helpful during my breast augmentation process that I felt I needed to pay it forward.  I also want to thank Dr. Pousti for his wonderful work.  I am now five months post-op and am so pleased with the result. Having been dissatisfied with the size of my breasts, I had been considering breast augmentation for many, many years.  Finally, the time was right, I decided to do it, and commenced my research.  I talked to all my friends who had undergone breast augmentation surgery, read everything I could find, did the rice test, and scheduled consultations with four different doctors.  I wondered how I would know which doctor to choose.  My friends had just said, “Oh, you’ll know.”  I visited the first two doctors, both of whom seemed just fine, and was stumped as to how I’d make the decision.  Then I saw Dr. Pousti.  Though I had not heard of Dr. Pousti before this consult, before I left his office I had my surgery date set and pre-op scheduled.  I went home and canceled the fourth consult.

How did I know?  Of the four consults I had scheduled, Dr. Pousti’s office was the only one that asked me to bring in pictures of what I had in mind.  I also appreciated the detailed questionnaire I was asked to complete, as well as the pre-exam discussion I had with his staff.  I was also able to speak with three post-op patients of Dr. Pousti, each at a different stage of recovery, which gave a lot of insight to the process.  When I finally met with Dr. Pousti I could tell that he got it –he understood right off the bat my personality, my lifestyle, and what I was looking for.  I felt very comfortable that he could make it happen.  Though I hadn’t yet committed to his office, he spent a lot of time with me; I didn’t feel like I was just another customer in for an estimate.  Additionally, it was important to me that Dr. Pousti is double board-certified, giving him more experience.  Inasmuch as I had decided to use silicone implants, the fact that he was board-certified in Reconstructive Surgery in addition to Plastic Surgery was important since until 2006, silicone implants were used only for reconstructive surgeries.  Furthermore, Dr. Pousti’s website was by far the most comprehensive and helpful.

As my surgery date approached I started feeling a bit nervous and anxious.  Reading the comments and testimonials of other patients helped calm my nerves.  My husband and I arrived at the surgery center the appointed Thursday morning, and were greeted warmly by Dr. Pousti’s surgical nurse. She helped me feel relaxed as I prepared to undergo the surgery.  I met the anesthesiologist, then Dr. Pousti came in for a talk before proceeding.  Prior to this time we had not discussed the specific size of implants, but rather, the overall look I was going for.  We now needed to decide on a size.  Based upon the rice test I had done, I thought I’d be comfortable with 350 to 375 cc implants.  However, Dr. Pousti advised that based upon my height and body frame (5’8” and 135 lbs), he felt I would not get the desired look with that size.  Though a tad hesitant, I decided to trust Dr. Pousti’s expertise and let him decide on the final size.

The surgery went exactly as planned and I went home to recover.  I had picked up all my meds prior to the surgery, labeled each one (i.e. pain vs. muscle relaxer vs. nausea…. for the ease of my husband’s administration of them), and – as had been recommended by other patients in their comments – put them all in a little basket along with a notepad and pen to record when I took each pill.  I pretty much slept the remainder of Thursday.  I didn’t know what to expect in terms of post-op pain as the comments I had read told of pain that ranged from really painful to virtually none.  There was definitely a degree of pain, but it was totally bearable.  I didn’t move around much on Friday, but as the weekend came on I was able to get up and move about the house.  Getting up out of bed wasn’t comfortable (it’s amazing the muscles we take for granted), but by Monday I was able to work (from home).  Until my first follow-up visit, Dr. Pousti’s staff called me every day to check in

One of my biggest post-op concerns was my size.  We hadn’t discussed it prior to my leaving the surgery center, so as soon as I could, I unstrapped the surgical bra to take a look.  A number was written on my breasts, a number MUCH larger than I had conceived of and, truth be told, I kind of freaked out.  At my follow-up visit Dr. Pousti sensed my concern but assured me that once they settled in, I would be happy.  And now, five months later, I can say with no hesitation that I am totally happy.  The size is perfect for me, and I am so glad I trusted Dr. Pousti with this decision.

Overall, the recovery has been great.  Another concern I had was when I’d be able to resume exercising.  At about four weeks post-op I started walking on the treadmill and using the elliptical machine.  Around 6 weeks I resumed running, jogging initially.  At first it felt odd, like I was wearing a backpack on my chest.  However, within another week or so I felt fine.  It took a little longer to feel comfortable doing yoga and pilates – my chest felt weird and tight while attempting push-ups or other chest exercises.  But after time that felt normal as well.

The bottom line – I’m glad that I chose to have breast augmentation, and I’m glad I chose Dr. Pousti.  Doing your research is key, and when your research merges with the right doctor the results are fantastic.  I highly recommend Dr. Pousti.  Thank you for my wonderful results! I am so happy with my new figure!


I have gotten rhinoplasty done. I was 17 when I did it, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Tom J. Pousti, is absolutely amazing. He truly knows what he is doing and is dedicated to making his patients happy. I am truly pleased with my results, and if I were to do anything, or to recommend anyone, I would certainly think of Dr. Pousti. When I first went into the office, right a way the every one of the workers, including Dr. Pousti, made me feel welcome at comfortable. If I were to go anywhere else, I would not feel the same. Going through rhinoplasty was a rough time, but Dr. Pousti guided me through it and made sure I was doing fine. If anything were to go wrong he let me know he would be there 24/7! I thank him every time I look in the mirror = )


I was very impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff during my pre and post surgery visits.  He performed breast augmentation surgery on me which, I am more than pleased with!! I am a mother of two young children and wanted them to look very natural and he did exactly that.  I had very little pain while recovering and the end result was worth every bit.  Dr. Pousti came highly recommended to me and I would like to pass that recommendation on to anyone considering any type of Plastic Surgery.


My experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff has changed me forever. I had come to a point in my life that I had to make a decision. I eat healthy, I exercise and no matter how low my body fat was, I could not loose weight in my “problem areas”. Ladies I think you know what I’m talking about. Genetics are evil in my family. I was unhappy with the way my clothes fit, the way I looked in a bathing suit and was tired of NEVER being able to find a good fit in a pair of jeans. I had done lots of reading and talking to people about plastic surgery in general. I spent a good 8 months thinking about it. I made the jump and started scheduling consultations. I had seen 2 doctors prior to my consult with Dr. Pousti and had just about given up. I had my consultation with Dr. Pousti and that is when I know he was the right doctor. He was kind, truthful and spent a lot of time with me. I decided to have the surgery that minute. I was not leaving his office until I had a surgery date. Dr. Pousti walked my through the whole process to make sure that things went smoothly and they did. The nurses were fabulous, the office staff was great! I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. It has been almost 2 months after surgery and I look and feel great. It has changed the way I think about myself on the outside but more importantly on the inside. Thank you Dr. Pousti.

Testimonial: I am a 25 year old mother of two who has been up and down with weight loss, in the mists of my body changes by boobs have suffered a significant change and tissue loss I looked like I had little flat pancakes on my chest and with out a bra on you couldn’t even tell I had breasts, After years of thinking and contemplating I decided to undergo a breast augmentation not to much of my surprise at my first consultation I was told I would need a lift as well, I started my long journey of research on the internet followed by consultations with Doctors, I went to four different consultations before I found Dr Pousti When I walked into his office it was a very warm atmosphere the office staff was pleasant, and when Dr Pousti walked in he was not in a rush and took the time to answer all my questions that I had and was very professional I scheduled my surgery for three weeks later. The day of my surgery I was very at ease with the nurses, and staff at the hospital and especially the anesthesiologist (thank you, thank you, you guys were awesome) and when I woke up it was over and there was barely any pain thinks to Dr Pousti’s Nurse that gave me my prescriptions the next two days were alot easier than I expected pain wise and I was surprised how well I had felt By Friday 3 days later I was off the pain meds and walking around at the mall (don’t worry Dr Pousti I wasn’t lifting or carrying the bags) and the best part was they looked great they were no longer down by belly button they were where they were supposed to be and they actually had volume again my boobs have never been so full as long as I can remember. When I tried on my bathing suit the top that I wore last summer no longer fit I can not wait to go bathing suit shopping for this summer. I am extremely happy with the results and professionalism that I received from Dr Pousti and his staff and I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in this procedure to make themselves feel happier in there body, and I will be using him again in the future for upcoming procedures. Thank You Dr Pousti you are an awesome Doctor.


I went to Dr.Pousti in April 2010 for a breast augmentation. He was recommended to me by a neighbor of mine. During the consultation I was able to meet many women who were in the office for appointments. All the women has just gotten there breasts done. It was nice to know right away what his work looked like first hand, I called back next day to book a surgery day. On the day of surgery everything went very smooth and was easy. No pain at all or nausea when I woke up just a short 60 minutes after surgery had started. The pain killer and muscle relaxers did the trick the first week. No pain at all. I stayed on top of the meds and the first week went well. Every day after surgery someone from the office called to check on me. It was very reassuring to know they cared about my recovery and wanted to make sure I had no questions or concerns. A few sharp pains on one side (due to the nerves reconnecting), but nothing that brought me to my knees. A year post op I went back for scar revision. I had gotten such big implants that my skin stretched so much I had a little bit bigger scar then I wanted. The surgery was painless, with the exception of nerves, and only took about 20 minutes. I am 2 weeks post op from the scar revision and they look amazing! You can barely see the scar at all. I love the size of my breast and can’t wait to go back after having kids to go bigger and get a lift if I need it. What i love most, is all of these post ops and scar revision are covered in the initial cost. Totally worth it! I love Dr. Pousti and his staff.


I had a great experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff during the entire process…from pre surgery appointments to post surgery appointments. They answered all of my questions and made me feel really comfortable. I get a lot of compliments with my new look and I am very happy with the results. I have already had to tell several people who my doctor was because they were so impressed with the results!


I cannot thank Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff enough for the experience that I had during my journey through breast augmentation. Dr. Pousti came highly recommended from my best friend, who also had breast augmentation with Dr. Pousti and his team. I had thought about breast augmentation surgery for 10 years, and have been to several consultations throughout the years. After having my twins, I was left with saggy and deflated breasts and wanted this surgery even more so than before.  I decided to schedule my consultation with Dr. Pousti because my best friend works in the medical field and I trusted her judgment in choosing a board certified surgeon that would perform this surgery on me. I was so confident in Dr. Pousti and his staff that I scheduled for my breast surgery right away.

My story is a bit unique in that my Mother and I had breast surgery performed by Dr. Pousti on the same day. We have gone through this journey together since day one and neither of  us had ever imagined that our experiences would be this positive. I have always gone to my Mother for advice throughout life and I knew that if she trusted Dr Pousti, so did I. Every time we have had an appointment, we are treated with the utmost respect and are made to feel extremely comfortable. Dr. Pousti and the girls that work for him are the friendliest people I have ever come into contact with in the medical field. One of my biggest concerns with having breast augmentation was finding a surgeon that was going to listen to what I wanted and not just what the surgeon thought would look good to them. I did not want my breasts to look  “fake”, but just wanted them filled out and perky again. Dr. Pousti listened to every work I said and I cannot thank him enough for that. That is a Doctor that truly cares for his patients and this kind of care is hard to come by anymore. My breasts have turned out perfect and they are exactly what I imagined that they would look like. I am now about 6 weeks post operation. Dr. Pousti is so precise and detail oriented that it’s hard to tell where my incision was. This doctor is passionate about what he does and is a true artist!

I want to also thank the team that works with Dr. Pousti in the surgery center. I was well taken care of on the day of surgery by Dr. Pousti, his nurses and the anesthesiologist. Again, my expectations were far exceeded. I was given warm blankets and kept very comfortable as I was waiting for Dr. Pousti to finish my Mom’s breast surgery. Dr. Pousti talked about my goals right before the surgery as well and made markings on my chest to show how these goals would be achieved. When I woke up, I was right next to my Mom in the recovery area. We recovered together in the hospital for a while, and then we were helped into the car and headed home. Dr. Pousti’s staff called us everyday for a week to check on us and answered any questions or concerns. I still received phone calls about 2-3 weeks after surgery. This whole team genuinely cares about their patient’s well being and are eager to help in any way they can.  I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone, hands down. You won’t find a better doctor out there who is double board certified and who listens to what you want as a patient. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat. I am considering a tummy tuck in the future with Dr. Pousti as well. Once again, thank you to all of the lovely ladies who took such good care of me. I want to especially thank the man that created a new confidence in me, Dr. Pousti.


I think I look really good! Thank YOU! I am very happy with my 1380 cc’s which I call “custom cups”. In addition to your delivering superior personalized surgery, it is rare to witness such a dynamic team in your industry. It goes without saying that your overall teamwork and follow up speaks volumes. I appreciate your care and communications.


Please let everyone know that I am VERY HAPPY with my results thus far.  Of course, the swelling could go down, but I have to take that up with my own body.  I am astonished at how well my breasts look.  The incision that Dr. Pousti made is healing up very nicely – hardly noticeable.  And the sizing is PERFECT.  Not too big, not too small – just right for my body frame.  How does he do it?    My tummy is healing very nicely as well, and is 1000 times better then where I started from.   In all honesty, I am amazed at what I see.  I could almost get away with a bikini.  I could never say that before.

Thanks so much to all of you, especially you, Anna, Daisy, (I think it was Kelso at the recovery center – she is totally awesome) and of course, Dr. Pousti.

A big hug from Montana.


About 6 years ago after 20 years of dealing with DDD breasts, I found Dr. Pousti online and read some of the testimonials from other patients and decided on going in for a consulta

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