Symmastia Revision Patient Testimonial

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Symmastia Patient Testimonials

Testimonial: You all are so wonderful. I am healing beautifully. Life-changing to a measure for me after Dr. POUSTI gave me a measure of normalcy on my breasts. I am still so excited and will be for the rest of my life considering how I felt all these years having congenital symmastia-prior to my last 2 surgeries with the doctor. In April, I will send pictures of my breasts for review and update. I am so excited that I will even hire a professional photographer to take the pictures!!! Anyway, tell everyone hello!!!! Thank you sooooo much! Testimonial: I live in Texas, I flew in for a consultation in San Deigo after making several calls and emails. I decided to take the plunge. I researched him UP and DOWN. Nothing but good results. Even the bad ones he even offered to fix for free!! (He told me if anything goes wrong with mine Ill only have to pay for the materials) THATS ALL YOU CAN EVER ASK FOR, if you think somone should do more than your unreasonable… (look at my history). Anyways Hes friendly his staff is friendly!!! Im terrible with names… But literally his staff goes ABOVE AND BEYOND ANY STAFF. I’ve ever MET. I went into surgery that friday. They Gave me socks and stuff so I would be comfortable. I forgot to wear panties that day (OPPPSS) the nurse told me that was one less thing we need to worry about. Dr pousti asked me to act like we never met and tell me exactly what I wanted again. Just to make sure my opinion didnt change and I knew exactly what I was getting into and he started drawing… YES DRAWING!!! He drew where the implants where going to where the stiches where going to go and WROTE SILICONE on my tummy. The lady who put my other was super sweet she was from louisana I belive, And she put me other while we where talking about food…. I woke up and there was another nurse waking me up. She told me I needed to eat somthing. I looked at her and said Give me chicken fried steak. She told my it was the dimerol talking. I ate the cracker and drank the soda. I was on my way back to the hotel room… On bed rest I had DRAINS… UGH they where Annoying but worth it to stay healthy and beautiful of course. I had to breath in and out really hard “even if it hurt” to keep from suffering any complications…. and wigle my feet every hour to keep from clotting. Went back to Dr pousti for the post op appointment. They told me my wraps where not ready to come off but showed me pictures of how my breast looked right after surgery…. They looked so prefect!!! So now im back in Texas its been 3 weeks of bathing from the waist down and im not allowed to remove my wraps STILL!!!! I have peaked SHHHH!!!! dont tell him and they still look prefect… I pretty much feel Normal. I mean this surgery was a BREEZE I feel some tightness but they gave me Diazpam and honey it make the muscles relax… TRUST. I cant wait to show your pictures, if you read my other reviews you know that I always post a ton of pictures however theres REALLY nothing to show there wraped up in his FAMOUS bulstering and im wearing a thong bra over that with a medial sports bra on…. But trust me there will be tons of pictures to come. One thing I also want to Mention is that they still call my daily to check on me. Great he was really awesome =)Testimonial: I had my first breast augmentation about 18 years ago and was not happy with the results. I immediately had severe skin tenting and symmastia. The doctor tried fixing it by putting in some sutures but it didn’t work. I started looking for another doctor to fix it when I was able to save enough money. However, life and having kids kind of put a hault to my search. Well, as fate may be, one of my saline implants deflated so it was time that I did some searching. Thank goodness for the Internet, I am able to do my researches more thoroughly now. After a long time of researching, I knew Dr. Pousti was the one who could help me. As soon as I met him in person, I knew he was the one for me. He was one of the sweetest doctors I have ever met. He truly listened to me and was honest and upfront with what I can expect. So, I am 2 months post op still wearing my thong bra, but I really like the results so far. I went with silicone and under the muscle this time. Although I see some skin tenting still, it has improved drastically. I’m hoping it will continue to improve. I’m crossings fingers…. As for the size, shape, and position of my new breasts, I love them!!! I know that I will be able to wear low cut shirts and feel confident about myself. Dr. Pousti and his staff are wonderful people. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Thank you Dr. Pousti!!! Dr. Pousti is very sweet and caring. He really listened to my concerns and was upfront and honest with me. Testimonial: Congenital Symmastia Patient: I had a life changing experience with Dr. P and his staff. They did such a great with me. I’m not even all the way through with my recovery and I already feel more confident and honestly like a new woman. I had natural symmastia and after having my son it just seemed to worsen also my breast were two different sizes. I did not feel comfortable in my body and it was so stressful trying to find bras and clothes that fit me right. Over the last year in a half I went and spoke to so many Dr’s in southern Cali and not one knew how to go about what I wanted fixed. They had either never done the procedure or had an odd way of going about fixing the symmastia. He is a great person. He listens. He cares. He understands. He is respectful. Until a friend recommended Dr. Pousti. He knew right away what I wanted what I needed and the best way to do it. I remember coming home from my first office visit with him and I was so happy and excited that I finally found the right doctor and with out a doubt the best doctor for me. He did everything I wanted and more. Dr. P and his staff changed my life and I couldn’t thank them enough. Testimonial: I’ve been dealing with Symmastia since my first breast job in 06. Then in 08 I went to go get my breast fixed from symmastia and rippling. The doctor made it worst and just larger. I wanted larger but not closer together. I found Dr Pousti online. Saw he deals with these issues all the time. Excited to not have these issues. I am wanting perky and 2 finger space gap between my breast, fullness on top and straight. The 3rd time I’m hoping it’ll be great. Fingers crossed. Dr. Pousti already knows I’m hoping for the best so I know he will do the best he can. It’s just sad after all the money and recovery I’ve been Through already with 2 breast jobs, some doctors just do not know what they are doing. I’ve done extensive research. And I have been to 4 consultations. I picked Dr. Pousti because he specializes in symmastia and larger breasted women. I’ll post results soon I think Doctor Pousti knows what I need done. He listened to my whole list of questions. I’m praying for best results and speedy recovery.

Testimonial: I had developed symmastia after a breast augmentation a couple of years ago. I had undergone revisional surgery by another plastic surgeon in hopes of having this corrected unfortunately the surgeon was unable to repair it and informed me that this would be impossible to fix.  Fortunately, I came across Dr. Pousti’s name after searching the internet for physicians specialized in symmastia repair. I was very impressed by the amount of testimonials and high patient satisfaction rate along with his impressive photo gallery of before and after pictures of surgeries he had done in the past.  I lived out of state but knew it was going to be worth my time and money getting a consultation with him. When I met him for the first time it was clear from the very beginning not only that he is an experienced surgeon and certainly one of the best in his field but what really makes him amazing is his compassion, empathy and care for patients.  After my consultation I was very hopeful he was going to be able to repair my symmastia and provide the results I had been seeking for many years ago.  I have to confess at first I thought it would  be a challenge scheduling my surgery given I was out of state nevertheless he has an amazing staff that will work through your schedule and basically guide you every step of the way with regards to pre-op and post-op surgical care.  They were readily available either by phone or email making it a very pleasant experience. I was finally able to get my surgery and it has been a couple of months since I had it done. I am very happy and pleased with the end results. He surely exceeded my expectations and was able to correct what other surgeons in the past considered an impossible task.  I highly recommend Dr. Pousti not only because his vast experience will guarantee the best surgical outcome but his excellent work will allow you to start healing emotionally. 

Dr. Pousti has given me the best gift I’ve ever received – my confidence back. Four years ago when I was only 18, I had breast augmentation performed by another local plastic surgeon, Dr. Kincaid. Being so young and eager, I blew off the obvious warning signs that he was not a good surgeon and chose him anyway. Though I stated time and time again that I wanted a natural, realistic looking chest for my size, I ended up with breasts that were anything but natural looking. I knew right away that he had left me with symmastia, and despite trying everything I could think of to get them to separate, they would not move. This was devastating to me as it meant I had spent all that money to end up worse off than I was before. Instead of gaining confidence, I gained embarrassment and physical pain. I couldn’t wear anything low-cut and hated trying to find bathing suits that would cover up the center of my chest. I spent the next four years hiding behind bulky clothes so that no one would know the awful thing I was hiding. I even tried my best to keep them from my longtime boyfriend, who I had started dating before I ever had implants.

By the time I turned 22 I knew I had to do something about them. I started researching different techniques to fix symmastia online and found that most of the before and after photos I was seeing on various websites were all attributed to Dr. Pousti. When I saw the great reviews people had left for him, I knew I wanted a consultation.

The difference between Dr. Pousti’s office and the office of my prior surgeon is like day and night. The girls at the front desk are all very nice and helpful, and Dr. Pousti is always on time for appointments. From our first meeting I knew that I wanted him to be the one to fix my symmastia. I think I visited his office three times in five days early on because I had so many questions and concerns regarding my procedure. Even though I had emailed him my questions, he invited me in to his office versus emailing me back to make sure I got a clear answer I could be satisfied with. Dr. Pousti’s confidence in his ability to fix my symmastia gave me confidence too. He was even able to schedule my surgery with very short notice, since it would be the only time my work and school schedule would allow for two weeks off until the following year. It’s amazing to me how he went out of his way time and time again to help me during the whole process.

The day of my surgery I was surprising calm. Aside from a little nervousness about how much pain I would be in after surgery, I wasn’t nervous at all about the procedure going well – I just knew it would. Most people thought I’d be a nervous wreck, seeing as how my last surgery ended up so horribly, but my faith in Dr. Pousti’s ability was quite strong. He just has this way about him that’s very reassuring and calming.

The surgical facility was also excellent. The nurses there were very kind and understanding, and did their best to make me feel comfortable. Right before I went under, I had both a nurse and Dr. Pousti holding my hands as the anesthesia went in, telling me not to worry. When I woke up, aside from the pain and grogginess that is to be expected, I felt great.

Interestingly, my pain after my symmastia revision surgery was far less than the pain I experienced after my initial augmentation. The day of my surgery I went home and was climbing stairs and watching TV, and the day after I went out to eat. In fact, the hardest part of my initial recovery was resisting the temptation to take off my tape/bandages to see what my new breasts looked like, but I figured if I could wait four years, I could wait a few more weeks.

When I was finally able to view the results of my surgery, I was absolutely amazed. Before where my breasts had touched and puffed up now laid a smooth, flat area of skin. The size of the space was perfect, and even though I was still somewhat swollen, I knew Dr. Pousti had listened to my wishes that I not have too much fullness on top. Seeing my results literally brought tears of happiness to my eyes, they were that great.

Now, about three months post-op, my breasts are softer, rounder, and more natural looking than ever. I have been wearing my “thong” bra religiously, and have resisted the urge to wear a normal bra or exercise. I was having a little trouble massaging the implants as often as Dr. Pousti told me to at first, so to ensure they stayed soft he put me on an anti-inflammatory medicine that has been helping tremendously. Also, the space between my implants is still flat and smooth, with no tenting or rippling to speak of.

I can now wear any type of top or bathing suit I like, and my breasts look great. I recently went bra shopping and for the first time, it was a pleasant experience. My life is becoming more in line with how normal 22 year olds live – I’m going out more and have more confidence, and I am no longer put in awkward situations where my old breasts would have held me back. This operation was truly life changing, and I cannot say enough about the amazing job Dr. Pousti and his staff have done for me.

If there’s one thought I want to leave people with, it’s that selecting the right surgeon is the most important decision you’ll ever make. Dr. Pousti is so talented at what he does, and shows genuine concern and compassion for his patients like I have not seen with any other doctor. His ability to fix what most other surgeons told me was difficult if not impossible to do shows what a true professional he really is. I only wish I had met him four years ago, but I’m more grateful than anyone can know to have him as my surgeon for my revision. Thank you Dr. Pousti and your wonderful staff for changing my life for the better.

Testimonial: I lived with symmastia for 9 years and lots of discomfort and some pain through out the years. i had my first breast augmentation done in mexico. Through out the years I have been very unhappy with the look of my breast. I was embarrassed to wear a bikini or any low cut shirts. When I was doing some research on symmastia I came across with Dr. Pousti web site I became very excited to be able to find a Dr. that provide before and after pictures of symmastia I had always thought it was just me with this problem. when I went through the pictures I just wanted to cry of excitement because there is a Dr. that is able to fix that kind of problems. when I first talk to Dr. Pousti’s staff over the phone they were very friendly. Since I live in Arizona they worked with me through the phone and emails. They where able to work out a date that was fitting for me for my consultation and pre-op appointment thats when I first meet Dr. Pousti and his staff. Daisy, Vanessa and staff really made me feel welcome and like we knew each other for many years it was great. When I meet Dr. Pousti he took a look at me and told me that he was able to fix my symmastia and would be very happy with the results.he reasured me that he was able to fix it that there wouldn’t be a problem and that not to worry. That was the greatest feeling ever I felt lost of comfort and I was very sure that I had picked the correct Dr. for my problem.After my surgery Dr. Pousti and Staff was in contact with me to check how things was going.It made and makes me feel like I wasn’t just A dollar bill to them they really do care.It’s been one month since my surgey and everything is going great I am extremely satisfy with the results. I can’t believe how much of a difference there is from before and after i honestly can’t stay away from the mirrors it is just so amazing Dr. Pousti went all out he did a wonderful job I have been recommend him to everyone he is the right Dr. to go to I just wish that I knew about him alot sooner. I will always continue to recommend Dr. pousti to all my friends that are considering on getting any work done. He is a great Dr.. Thank you very much Dr. P ousti you are a wonderful doctor and you have a great staff! 

Testimonial from a “fly in for surgery” patient: ¡ Hola ! Mi nombre es Maria Teresa ,tengo 3 hijos y mi esposo, vivo en Mexico me he operado el busto en 4 ocaciones. La primera cuándo tenía 25 años, me extirparon las glándulas mamarias por tener nódulos, no fueron cancerosos el mismo día que me operaron me pusieron prótesis de 450 cc. Con ésta prótesis duré 4 años, el busto era pequeño y me decidí aumentarme el busto a 500cc, ésa fué mi segunda operacion me la hice con el mismo cirujano en dónde yo vivo. Quedé muy bien, me sentía segura conmigo misma, tuve éstas prótesis 10 años aproximadamente. La tercera operacion me la hice pórque tuve un fuerte golpe en el pecho debido a un accidente, me hicieron pruebas de todo tipo y no tuve ningún problema, pasó el tiempo, y tuve un segundo accidente en una carrera a campo traviesa me cayeron encima de mí tumbandome y golpeandome el busto otra vez. Psicologicamente uno piensa muchas cosas, entoces fuí a ver un cirujano en Europa, me enseñó las nuevas prótesis de gel cohesivo y me decidí a cambiarme las prótesis, aproveché para aumentarme a 550cc con gel cohesivo. Pasaron 2 meses de ésa operacion y el busto se empezó a deformarse a verse cómo pecho de paloma, se juntaban las dos mamas, acostada se veían bien, pero parada se veían cómo una sóla bubi. Le hablé al Dr. y le mandé unas fotos mías con el problema, me contesta que el problema que tengo es una symmastia. Y que había que operar de nuevo. ¿Qué es una symmastia? es el rompimiento del músculo pectoral debido a diferentes causas, pero la más común es por error del médico. Entonces fuí a ver un sinnúmero de cirujanos plásticos, y no me convencían, primera pregunta que les hacía. ¿ Tienen experiencia en éste tipo de problemas ? su respuesta era ! nó¡ el primer médico me dijo que tenía que ponerme unas protesis más pequeñas de 350 cc, y que no me aseguraba quedar bien, o sea que el Dr. ya se estaba lavando las manos por sí salía mal las cosas. Segundo Dr. Cirujano Plastico le hice la misma pregunta, me contestó lo mismo pero su técnica era ponerme una malla en el busto, entrando por el pezón y suturando el músculo pectoral. Esto no me agradó aparte que me dijo que me pondría mis mismas prótesis, o sea quitarmelas y después ponermelas. Tercer cirujano plastico….le hice la misma pregunta y me contestó que tuvo un caso hace algunos años, pero no me enseñó fotos ni nada que me animara con él a operarme, el me dijo que una vez que entrara a la operación iba a ver cómo le hacía obviamente que no me convenció. Fuí a ver otro cirujano y me sugirió ponerme unas grapas, para pegar el músculo pectoral no me convenció. Volví a Europa con el Dr. que me operó, y me desilusionó pórque juraba y perjurabe que él había hecho bien la operación que yo fuí la causante, por no haberme cuidado. Es más se ofreció operarme sin que me costara la operación y los gastos de hospital, únicamente pagar el costo de las prótesis, que me pondría unas de 400 cc. Para ésto tenía constantes dolores de cabeza y pecho todos los días así duré 1 año hasta que la Providencia Divina me puso en contacto con mis ángeles el Dr. Tom Jesus Pousti y sus asistentes Vanessa y Daisy. El Dr. Tom Jesus Pousti aparte de ser una gran persona y un gran ser humano es el mejor Dr. Cirujano Plastico en corregir la symmastia. tiene infinidad de casos de éste tipo, ahora bien si corrige ……… que no hará sin corregir…. verdaderas obras de arte en el cuerpo de la mujer, un verdadero Medico muy profesional que sabe lo que dice y hace. Le envié al Dr.Tom J. Pousti mis fotografías, me dió la cita, fuí a San Diego me examinó muy bien, me sugirió esperarme 3 meses para poder operarme, esperé los 3 meses, durante éste tiempo un mes antes de la cirugía estuve en constante comunucación con Daisy para ver tamaños, tipos de protesis, marcas inclusive para que me pusieran lo más cercano a cómo las tenía antes. Claro yo quería unas más grandes, pero me conformarme con la medida de las que tenía 550cc, si no se podía unas de 500cc. El Dr. Tom Pousti sabía lo que quería por éso……… El Dr. Tom Pousti ya una vez que terminó la operación, y salí de la anestesia me informó que me puso prótesis de 600cc Yo estoy muy feliz, y créanme que nunca había estado más satisfecha cómo ahora. Es más me dice que si me quiero aumentar el busto en dos años más lo puedo hacer Llevo 3 meses y medio de la operación, pasado mañana tengo mi cita con el Dr. Pousti y es probable que me de de alta. Ya espero poder ponerme mis blusas escotadas . Yo recomiendo a todas las personas de cualquier parte del mundo que lean éste testimonial, que tengan problema de symmastia que no se dejen operar por médicos que prometen y lo único que hacen es dejarlas peor. Opérense con el Dr. Tom Jesus Pousti, él tiene mis fotografías y está autorizado para enseñarlas. Atentamente Maria 

Testimonial: I had suffered from symmastia after I had my first breast augmentation done by a plastic surgeon in Florida. I was happy to learn that Dr. Pousti had experience with symmastia correction and was 100% certain that he was the one I wanted to fix my problem. Dr. Pousti has been great from the moment my husband and I met him. He has been very kind and he informed us in great detail about he procedure. Now, 5 weeks after my operation, I would not be any happier with the results. Not only is the symmastia corrected, but Dr. Pousti was also able to consider my wishes regarding the size and look of my breasts. Dr. Pousti is a great surgeon and I am convinced that everyone who suffers from symmastia cannot find a more qualified and experienced surgeon int he U.S. to correct this problem. I am very thankful to Dr. Pousti and his outstanding staff!!

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