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Patients from all over the world rate San Diego Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti with consistently high marks. Read the reviews below — all from an outside source and unedited by anyone in our office — to see how Dr. Pousti positively affects his plastic surgery patients. RealSelf Patient Reviews of Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS

Testimonial: After breastfeeding my third child, one of my nipples became inverted. My primary care doctor explained that there was a simple procedure to repair it but for whatever reasons — modesty or vanity or just not wanting to go to a plastic surgeon  — I hesitated. Finally after many years, I asked for a referral and she recommended Dr. Tom Pousti. I cannot believe I waited so long!  Dr. Pousti and his staff were incredibly professional and kind. The procedure took about 25 minutes and the recovery was easy.  There was local pain for a day or two, a follow-up office visit one week later, and I was as good as new within six weeks.  I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for this procedure. 

Testimonial: I will start by saying that I am only 3 weeks post surgery but I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I am also SO HAPPY that I chose Dr. Pousti and his team; they have been professional, caring, compassionate since I walked into the office the first time.Honestly they are a nice group of people who make you feel very at east talking about \”personal\” issues. A little about me: I am57 year old mother whobreast fed my son 27 years ago, I am a wife and mother who has gained and lost and unknown amount of weight over the last 30+ years. My first 30 + years I was fairly thin (sometimes skinny) with \”B\” sized breasts. In my late 30\’s I started gaining weight and I rode the weight roller coaster going up and then down. To make matters worse I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 40 and after several steroidtreatments I gained approximately 60+ pounds. Two years ago I decided to join a weight management class, introduce my self to the gym and get serious about my weight; I have managed to lose 55 pounds and my MS has been under control. The reason I decided to consider surgery……… my breasts had dropped and were hanging down on to my abdomen, my bra size was a D but there was nothing \”positive\” about being that size because I had to pull everything up and tuck them in. I constantly had rash on my upper abdomen and FORGET wearing a top without a bra!! When I first called Dr. Pousi\’s office I talked with front office staff (Taylor and Helen) they were very nice, took my information and helped scheduled an appointment that fit my schedule. On my first appointment I met with Daisy, who was wonderful, and met the other back office staff (Emily, Vanessa, Katrina and Patty) they are all very nice and over the last few weeks they have ALL made me feel \”cared for\”; they are professional and I can tell they really like what they do. Initially I explained that I was wanting my breasts lifted and probably implants; I didn\’t want to be huge but I didn\’t want to be \”flat\” …….. Daisy asked one of Dr. Pousti\’s patients who was there on her post op check to talk with me about her experiences; it was very helpful she answered questions for both my husband and me. The next step was meeting Dr. Pousti. I can only say that from the minute he entered the room and introduced himself I felt at ease. I am not going to review his qualificiations; he has had excellent education and training and you can go to his website for schools, residencies, etc. What I am going to say is that he listened to me and what I was wanting my breasts to look like after surgery. He didn\’t try to convince me to go bigger or smaller or do anything extra…….. in fact he actually explained how I had enough breast tissue…… it just wasn\’t where it used to be. I spent a long time (much more than I expected) and I never felt like he was in a hurry to get to the next patient; he was focused on me and what I wanted. They used modern technology to show me what a lift and augmentation using my own tissue would most likely look like. Dr. Pousti had me talk with a woman who had exact procedure for the specifics of \”how it felt after surgery\” \”what does she think?\” (she was thrilled). I decided to have Dr. Pousti be my surgeon; I was impressed with his office staff and I was impressed with him. One thing I forgot to say was I am an RN who is extremely cautious of all physicians providing care to me and /or my family and friends; I had done my research (checked reviews, talked to physician friends, and to previous patients) I knew coming into the office that he was highly regarded by everyone I spoke with but after meeting him I knew that he was well trained but he was also a \”person\” who cared about his patients and that is what impressed me the most. So today I am 3 weeks out and feeling good. About the surgery: the first day I had surgery at 7 and my husband took me home about 2:30 pm (the time will vary based on each person!!) I was in pain and the car ride was not wonderful but it was NOT HORRIBLE and I survived. The first 2-3 days I took my pain meds regularly so that I could deep breath (didn\’t want pneumonia) and walk around the house every 1-2 hours…….. I napped, watched TV and did little else. After the 3rd day the pain was minimal and really only increased when I was up moving around it reminds you to \”take it easy\” and to follow Dr. Pousti\’s directions. Daisy and Dr. Pousti called me the day after surgery to check on me. The staff have continued to call and check on me and have been wonderful to work with. If you are considering ANY type of breast surgery I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pousti and his staff. Dr. Pousti is an excellent surgeon, he listens, he explains and he makes sure you understand; but most important he is a nice person who cares and that is what makes him special. Testimonial: I am 24 years young (As Dr. Pousti and his beautiful staff puts it) and I’ve been on a really long weight loss journey. I reached a point where I’m pretty happy with where my body is heading towards and I’ve decided to get a breast augmentation to further motivate me in my newfound lifestyle (Still going strong, but steady!). I’ve been thinking about getting this procedure done for nearly two years and the only thing that held me back was finding the right doctor to entrust my body to. I was searching for the perfect doctor for a long time and Dr. Pousti seems to keep popping up at the end of all of my inquiries. This must’ve been a sign because the previous doctors I had my sights on didn’t seem to be as credited as Dr. Pousti and certainly not double certified nor skilled in many other areas of other surgical procedures. I’m choosing Dr. Pousti! July 28th, 2016 My First Visit/Immediate Pre-Op My first visit I was very shy and nervous. His staff was very welcoming and all the ladies that worked there are beautiful, kind, patient, and saw that I was comfortable and well informed on everything. I started to warm up to them and for my consultation upon meeting Dr. Pousti. I instantly felt very secure in my choice of picking him to be my surgeon. After his kind greeting and firm handshake, he’s already answered some questions I’ve wanted to ask later in just his introdution alone! I’ve met with a few professional people in my life and you can tell he cares very much about his craft and the integrity of his clients. Now don’t mind me, but I do not know much about how the procedure works. His staff walked me through and let me know what the process was like. They scanned my body on a imaging machine, and let me try this bra where I can place the potential sizing for my breast and pick out my choice of silicone or saline with the explanation of each implant type. It was quite daunting since I’ve never really revealed myself to strangers, but these are professionals. They brought in boards and books and asked what I looking for when it comes to shape and size and I was glad I brought some photos of my own on my phone that I could later e-mail. He had a few patients he was seeing that day also, but I did not mind because the other girls who were helping me were keeping me very busy. I even got to see some of his patients who were coming in for check up’s and it made me even more comfortable in having him as my surgeon. His work is like art. Several of his patients were so happy and shared their stories with me. Again, I felt very safe in choosing him. I made my decision after 3 hours at his office and though It may be rash, I was confident I wanted him to be my surgeon. I’ve only met with him once that day, but I cannot deny the feeling that I would be in great hands. I signed some paperwork and he had a second go to look at me and was surprised to see my back so soon! (His humor is notable haha) The breast augmentation I was ready for ,but little did I know I had a few little things that he was concerned about. My areola (which I’ve not really noticed) were very uneven. I know that one of my breast would be larger but he suggested a slight benelli lift on one of them. I was trying not to think about the cost, but it did get to me. At the same time, he is the professional and this is what he does best and the end result of success seems to be only thing he’s aiming for and I was okay with that. I brushed off any doubt and I put a lot of faith in his promising words. If I could he asked to see me again before the date of the surgery, but I unfortunately could not due to work circumstances. August 9th, 2016 This is the day! I was more excited if anything for this to happen as most of my family and friends were nervous. I got to the surgical center and it was was very nice. The receptionist made me feel like what’s about to happen is going to be a piece of cake and it got me even more excited. I later went in with a kind lady who hooked some water in me to hydrate my body before the surgery and asked some protocol like questions. I sat comfortably in this high tech kind of robe for a couple of hours in a room and got checked on every now and then to see if I needed anything and if I was comfortable. I’m not sure how powerful of a man Dr. Pousti may be but, his staff, is top notch. He reminds of me a very proud father if anything (I hope that’s not strange to think of him like that haha) When it came down me getting my procedure I was led into the surgery room where I followed some professionals instructions. There was no sign of Dr. Pousti yet, but the anesthesia hit me so quick I faded into sleep! A couple of hours later I woke up in what I assumed was the recovery/pick-up room and a professional gave me some medicine for my pain and water for my very dry throat. I looked down and smiled. I may have not been able to see them yet, but I’d know I’ll be just as happy as anyone else Dr. Pousi has seen to. I look forward in recovering quick so I may thank him properly. He truly a truly spectacular doctor. August 12th My First Check Up Since Surgery Everyday before today someone from his office would call to check up on me and make sure I’m taking proper medication and is being helped. When I got to his office the good news was I am recovering quite nicely (He said zero complications!) and I’m due to see him again soon to start on massages. (These bandages are starting to become quite a distraction) Before I left they gifted me a flowers! I was so surprised that it wasn’t necessary, but such a kind gesture. I am planning on returning the same ten fold in due time for him and his loving staff! Until the next update! On my most recent visit he met my husband to tell him he’s lucky! He told me to write that when I get the chance so he know’s its me haha) I promise once you meet this man you know you’ll be in great hands. Thank you for everything Dr. Pousti

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