Patient Testimonials from Japan

I’m a mom of two, 12 and 9 years old and after years of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge and inquired into a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. With my husband’s current military orders overseas in a deployable unit and being financially stable to do so, I turned down a position in Japan to stay home with the kids. So, I was able to focus on my children’s upbringing, which I missed a lot of while traveling on business. Also I got back hard on fitness/weight lifting. So, I felt it was the right time and I had my husband’s and children’s full support and encouragement! Even though we were in Asia and would have saved us a lot of money getting the procedure done there, I knew that safety and my health comes first. So, without having any knowledge where to begin, I Yelped “tummy tuck San Diego”!! I ended up with Dr. Pousti with hundreds of awesome reviews! I sent him an email and he personally responded back asking for pictures. I sent him pics of my body and he responded back that I’d be a great candidate with just a regular TT, breast augmentation with a possible stage 1 (benelli) lift, but not to be disappointed if things change when I meet him for safety comes first! Next thing, I received quotes from his office. Separate quotes for TT with silicone no lift, TT with Saline no lift, etc. Without further research and because we felt we have trusted Dr. Pousti and his staff already, we sent in our deposit. The major factor going into getting this surgery and why it took years of going back and forth was cost. We did not want to take out a loan or place all into a credit card, putting us into a financial bind. We have been blessed to put all into our credit card and pay it all off within months and get major rewards on our CC. With that said my surgery was set for July 15, 2015. It was September 2014. Communication between Dr. Pousti’s office (all the ladies are wonderful) from then til the surgery has been more than great. Dr. Pousti is also a great supporter of the military families, so I I knew I will be in great hands getting this surgery done while my husband is deployed. Wonderful and honest surgeon. Double board certified and such a consummate professional. Both my husband and I felt such at great hands based on his overseas communication, personable character, and previous work and the reviews of his patients on any review sites. His amazing staff were all great from Helen, Margie, Vanessa, and Heather who all personally worked us through the whole process. This says a lot of his professionalism and relationships that echoes through his office staff and patients.

Patient Testimonials from Japan

My name is M and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I wanted to have breast augmentation for a long time. But in Japan it is a very expensive, painful and serious operation. I thought about it for a long time, but it is a very scary and risky operation in Japan. My boyfriend is American and he told me the surgery is popular in California, so I should go there to have it done. So we went on line to find a good doctor. We checked the before and after photos of many surgeons and came across Dr. Pousti’s site. There were many photos of women who had received beautiful results from Dr. Pousti, and his web site had a section about how to fly in from out of state (not too mention out of the country!) for surgery. So we decided to try Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti and his staff were very kind and they answered all of my questions. I went in hoping to get silicon because I was afraid saline would feel too unnatural, but after I was examined by the Doctor he recommended I get saline. That was a little disappointing for me at first, but the staff all have big beautiful breasts, and I was able to see and touch some of them (thanks, Daisy!), as well as talk to other patients in the clinic and see and touch their breasts as well, including some who had gotten saline. I was surprised how nice saline felt so I decided to go with that, and with no regrets! Being able to see and touch other breasts and talk to other patients before the surgery made me feel relieved and able to face the operation easier. Its now been 6 months since my surgery and dressing up and going out in my sexy new wardrobe is so much fun! I love my new breasts! I want to sincerely express my gratitude and to Doctor and all his staff! Thanks guys! M. from Japan Testimonial: Well, my journey really starts at age 5, when I decided that when I grew up I wanted massive round fake breasts. A lot of people don’t understand that, and that is totally fine. We all have different likes and dislikes, that’s what keeps the world interesting. =) My first experience with augmenting (800cc Silicones.) was not a great one. I had a few minor cosmetic complications, and my surgeon had rather poor bedside manner (will not say who it is, for lack of wanting to get sued for defamation of character.) So I went in search of a surgeon I knew would not be scared to put the numbers I wanted in my breasts. I was gifted with a natural G cup chest, so I didn’t start in the A range as a lot of ladies who get augmentations do. The average surgeon wouldn’t touch me because of that, so specialist doctors were always a necessity for me. After a lot of study, and contacting many surgeons. I came to the conclusion to pursue Dr.Pousti in California. In the end, I was so impressed by my phone consultations, and his honesty, that I flew all the way from Japan to California, specifically to receive care from this surgeon. It is very important to me that surgeons not sugar coat a process. I don’t like someone trying to sell me homeopathics or shush away my questions about scarring. I am not medically trained, but given my interest in augmentations from such a young age, I have studied the topic thoroughly from the first moment I had access to the Internet. I am also not a stupid person, so someone placating me and brushing off legitimate questions about complications irritates me to no end. Dr.Pousti not only met my expectations in this regard, but went far beyond them. His professionalism was something I have never seen matched before, but still manages to maintain a casual and approachable air to his bearing. If you are considering an XL implant, I would consider it folly to not at least contact him and ask some questions. It’s always best to find the surgeon that is right for you, but I really could not stress enough how much I recommend this man. Anyway, I was nervous about a lot of things at my first in person consultation. I knew I wanted to achieve 1600ccs at least, and my doctor assured me that was possible. I told him that 2000ccs or more would basically make my day, but that I was not expecting anything like that, since my current implants were only 800 ccs. We discussed complications at great length, and the doctor spent a bit of time talking to my husband about after care, but also assured us that after the surgery he would be reminded of the important stuff and given literature to reference as well. The day of surgery came, and I was shocked to find myself at a small private surgical office, rather than a big hospital. My last experience had been at a hospital, where all of the nurses were judging me for wanting to go larger with natural G breasts. It was very intimidating and intense right before undergoing a massive surgery. So this time, going to a tiny private medical facility, staffed entirely by people who Dr.Pousti hand picked, made me feel both welcome and at home. I was treated amazingly well, and all of the nurses were patient with my endless onslaught of questions. Before I knew it, I was waking up groggily in a pleasant little curtained off area. I glanced around, and a nurse was at my side the second I moved. I can’t honestly remember these moments clearly, but I vaguely recall questioning pain levels and nausea. I do distinctly remember requesting my husband. Sadly he was not allowed to see me till after my pain levels were down to around a 5. But at around this point, I look down at my chest and see the number “2530” written in sharpie on my breasts…. I think to myself… No… No… That can’t be… I just… Really? When my husband was allowed in to see me, I asked him excitedly if anybody had told him what number I had reached, he said no, so I showed him the sharpie marks. We were both giddy with excitement, and he hugged me as softly as one can to a patient recovering from a massive surgery. =p My trip home was a little uncomfortable, and the next few days were pretty unpleasant. Pousti’s staff contacted me daily, sometimes more if I had expressed any anxiety on my first phone call of the day. Constantly making suggestions or recommendations for my complaints or ales. It is just a simple matter of science that adding almost 1800cc of saline to each breast in a matter of hours will cause a lot of pain. I am one of those people who refuses to admit any kind of weakness, so taking pain medication is not something I enjoy, so I took the minimum that I could stand. A lot of sleep happened, and a lot of pain. I was up and about in as little as three days though. I had a follow up appointment a few days after the surgery, where Pousti checked my breasts and gave me the thumbs up, then at the two week mark I came back in to have my steri strips removed before my trip back home (Japan). All seemed well, and both Dr.Pousti and his staff continued to live up to the high standards I had come to expect. My trip home was a painful one, with many delayed planes, and getting stuck in Tokyo overnight thanks to San Francisco’s air traffic control sucking. But I managed to cope with all of it with only taking pain meds twice. (once on the long flight, once at the terminal after having to run with all of my baggage to try and catch a flight after my plane landed two hours late.) I am now home, and my breasts are sitting comfortably and healing wonderfully. I am using Tegaderm bandages over the sutures, to keep them 100% dry. I am still terrified of a complication, but at this point I think I am almost in the clear as far as infections go. My incisions are closing more and more every day. I will keep updating this as time goes by, with my progress. I hope to continue to post such positive reviews and opinions, and I hope I convince a few ladies (or men.) to visit Dr.Pousti, as I truly think he is the most talented surgeon I have ever found, with my many many many years of searching. =)

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