Patient Testimonials from Italy

Testimonial: Hello all, my name is Sara, I’m 28 years old and I’m Italian, I’m here to tell you my story hoping that this can help of help to anyone who wants to take a similar path. I had already an operation in Italy five years ago implanting anatomic implants of 450 cc with the dual plane technique (under muscle), after a few years I decided to want to place larger implants , but I did not know how to do. Together with my husband I met three years ago, I started looking for a surgeon who could perform this type of operation. In Italy are not carried out operations with saline implants, at the same time I was looking for a surgeon of high capacity, both my husband and Me wanted only the best. after searching for a long time, our choice fell on Dr. Tom J. Pousti. I will say only one thing about him: it was worth doing more than four thousand miles to meet him and I think he is really one of the best aesthetic surgeons in the world, in addition to the incomparable technical expertise has a charisma, a sympathy and a capacity to put at ease more unique than rare. Talking with him I found exactly the look I wanted to give to my new breast. I would also like to say a few words about the medical staff I met on the day of the operation: they were all of a kindness and unequaled courtesy, in particular I was very impressed by sweetness and ability of anesthetist to reassure me before entering the room operating. as regards the operation there was no complication. the prostheses I implanted are MENTOR smooth round moderate plus profile saline filled up to a volume of 1200 cc. I am extremely happy with the current result. my goal is to reach 2500 cc. about this, I have no doubt about the surgeon to whom I will contact. I want to talk about an equally important aspect: the post-operative course. during the postoperative course of my first operation of five years ago performed in Italy, I remember that the pain I felt was very strong and I suffered for at least a week. in this operation performed by Dr. Pousti, instead the postoperative was very pleasant with little pain, a slight fatigue post anesthesia, so as to almost avoid taking pain medication and even I had the opportunity to go out with my husband and enjoy the last days of vacation. a final thank goes to the sweet and beautiful nurses of the staff of Doctor Pousti and to my husband of whom I am very proud and that allowed me to realize this dream. Testimonial: This is Margarita and I write to you regarding my experience with my surgery (and recovery) with Dr. Pousti: I am a petite Asian woman and I have had a BA before here in Milan, Italy but I was not completely satisfied with the results.  Me and my dear husband (who is a M.D.) decided that since I want to have a re-do, we would go for the best, and as he did most of the research for my upcoming BA, he found through his valuable american colleagues Dr. Pousti. After some talks between the two, my husband was astonished by the amazing clinical experience of Dr. Pousti (he is a double certified Surgeon) and so we both agreed that he will be the right Doctor who will do the job!  So after exchanges of details through phone and emails with Dr. Pousti and Margie, from Milan,  my husband and I together with our little boy flew in to San Diego for the pre-check up.  The staff was very supportive and lovely, specially Vanessa who assisted me along the way.  Dr. Pousti was very welcoming and professional and was glad to hear what I want to achieve with the surgery. On the day of the surgery I was confident that I am in good hands with Dr. Pousti, went to the Op Room and the next thing I knew, everything is finished and I don’t even feel any pain!  I decided that I needed to rest throughout the whole day of surgery but the following day I do know that I felt good enough to go out.  After a few days we went back in for my Post-Op check up and everything was fine, and then after a few days more (which we enjoyed staying in lovely San Diego) we flew back to Italy. I must say that such an experience with Dr. Pousti & staff was indeed the best and would happily recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top notch Doctor who has had many experience with Breast Augmentation surgery.  Thanks so much Dr. Pousti for giving me perfect results that I’ve always wanted and more power to you and your wonderful staff! Yours Sincerely, Margarita A. Milan, Italy Testimonial: So, here I’m to tell to everyone my marvelous experience with dr. Tom Pousti and his awesome staff. Everything started from a long and difficult search on the net with my biggest desire, do a breast augmentation, but I didn’t want something like everyone can get by a plastic surgery, I wanted the best of the best, that’s why I’ve discovered and chosen the best surgeon who’d reflect my requirements at their best, that is Dr. Tom Pousti; my idea was to do an XL intervention and the dr. Pousti is just specialized in that kind of procedure so I’ve started to check his website to be informed about the entire process and I’ve seen that they offer a great service for people who come from everywhere in the world (great advantage for me coz I live in Italy); so, after that I started to see all the galleries in the same site with pre and post surgery photos and all the reviews of his patients and, after the read, I’ve been convinced to do the intervention with him. So, I started to send him the photos of which kind of breasts I wanted and, without any doubt, he gave me his word to do his best to let me reach those results (Marjan played a fundamental role for everything related to a massive number of e-mail for everything related to the intervention and payments; she’d been so gentle and very helpful). After that, all the procedure had been completely illustrated to me until I decided that dr. Pousti could definitely be the right person for my desires (it was on May 2012). In the next six months I organized with my boyfriend the journey to California and after the complete payment of the intervention and after having fixed the exact date of pre-surgery visit and the surgery’s one (it was December 3rd 2012; I was so excited …)!! In the weeks prior to the surgery I’ve had other contacts via phone with Pousti’s staff to let them learned about my past and present health status just to be sure that all should be great; so on the next November 27th me and my bf had been landed in San Diego and on the 30th of that month we met for the first time the doctor Pousti and his staff for the pre-surgery visit; in that one they showed us all the procedures to follow for the pre and post operatory days and they helped me to choose the exact size of implants (I chose the 616cc silicone ones). When I came in the dr.’s study, Vanessa asked me again about everything related to my past and present health and answered to every question I asked and she also reassured me about everything related to the intervention; then dr. Pousti came to visit me and after visiting we decided together which ‘d be the best implants’ size from an aesthetic and healthy point of view (just to be clear, dr. Tom Pousti first of all thinks about the future health of his patients, this is his most important thought when he does his work and, I think, it’s amazing);anyway, on the Dec 3rd I went to the Alvarado Center for the intervention and, first of all, I want to say thank you to dr. Pousti, all the nurses and personal who played a fundamental role for my tranquility and serenity before the surgery, so I’ve been put at my best ease before I closed my eyes for the anesthesia. The intervention lasted about a hour and after it dr. Pousti had immediately care to reassure me about the perfect results of the same and told me about everything that’d be happened in the next days; after two days I’ve done my first post-operatory visit where everyone of his staff had taken care of me and reassured me about the perfect post-surgery rehabilitation; they also called me every days after it just to be sure that I was ok. After two other days, it was the day before departure for Italy, I went to dr. Pousti’s studio again because he wanted to be sure that everything was going good. At any rate, now 50 days had passed and I’m continuing to send him my breasts’ pics just to keep him updated about my actual situation and he still continues to take care of me giving me all the suggestion for a perfect rehabilitation; day after day I’m feeling a lot better and I’m realizing that I’ve done the best choice that I could make just because dr. Tom Pousti is the best of the best in breast augmentation section; that’s why I would suggest him to everyone who want to have a world class intervention, he and his staff are the best you can get all over the world. Those two weeks in San Diego with them had been amazing, I’ve felt at home since the first day of the journey because they constantly took care of me and today, and for the rest of my life, I’ll take them all in my heart. Hope this review could help everyone who comes from outside the US to do the best choice for their bodies; no way, just choose Tom Pousti!!!

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