Patient Testimonials for XL Breast Augmentation

Testimonial: “hello all, my name is Sara, I’m 28 years old and I’m Italian, I’m here to tell you my story hoping that this can help of help to anyone who wants to take a similar path. I had already an operation in Italy five years ago implanting anatomic implants of 450 cc with the dual plane technique (under muscle), after a few years I decided to want to place larger implants , but I did not know how to do. Together with my husband I met three years ago, I started looking for a surgeon who could perform this type of operation. In Italy are not carried out operations with saline implants, at the same time I was looking for a surgeon of high capacity, both my husband and Me wanted only the best. after searching for a long time, our choice fell on Dr. Tom J. Pousti. I will say only one thing about him: it was worth doing more than four thousand miles to meet him and I think he is really one of the best aesthetic surgeons in the world, in addition to the incomparable technical expertise has a charisma, a sympathy and a capacity to put at ease more unique than rare. Talking with him I found exactly the look I wanted to give to my new breast. I would also like to say a few words about the medical staff I met on the day of the operation: they were all of a kindness and unequaled courtesy, in particular I was very impressed by sweetness and ability of anesthetist to reassure me before entering the room operating. as regards the operation there was no complication. the prostheses I implanted are MENTOR smooth round moderate plus profile saline filled up to a volume of 1200 cc. I am extremely happy with the current result. my goal is to reach 2500 cc. about this, I have no doubt about the surgeon to whom I will contact. I want to talk about an equally important aspect: the post-operative course. during the postoperative course of my first operation of five years ago performed in Italy, I remember that the pain I felt was very strong and I suffered for at least a week. in this operation performed by Dr. Pousti, instead the postoperative was very pleasant with little pain, a slight fatigue post anesthesia, so as to almost avoid taking pain medication and even I had the opportunity to go out with my husband and enjoy the last days of vacation. a final thank goes to the sweet and beautiful nurses of the staff of Doctor Pousti and to my husband of whom I am very proud and that allowed me to realize this dream.” Testimonial: I had three breast augmentations since 2001 – 375cc, 550cc, and 650cc with fat transfer. The 3rd was suppose to be my last as I was hoping to achieve a more full rounder look; however, I was still disappointed with the size and shape. My local plastic surgeon (who I love and respect) absolutely did not recommend I go any larger, so I began to do research to find someone who would safely perform the surgery and give me what I want.  I found Dr. Pousti’s website and my first thoughts were mixed – “the pics of the XL breasts look wonderful, but there was no way ALL these great reviews of him were true.  Well, I was so wrong!   My husband and I traveled from a southern state to San Diego for a consultation.  Dr. Pousti was so friendly, but more importantly he was extremely  knowledgeable and knew exactly what I wanted.  He  described in detail how it would be achieved and what to expect. We were sold!  He emphasized I wait until we get home to make my decision, but I knew he was the right surgeon to perform the procedure and scheduled a surgery date that day.  Before the procedure, I sent him ten wish pictures of how I wanted to look.  And I am so glad I did, because prior to surgery we estimated the cc number to be no larger than 1100.  However, once in surgery, Dr. Pousti discovered that 1100 would not be enough based on the pics I sent and what we discussed I wanted.  While in surgery, he called my husband and asked for permission and recommended to go up 1300cc.  They agreed and again, I am so glad!  I definitely got what I wanted and they look fantastic!  Dr. Pousti performs his work on a look and final result while IN surgery.  He doesn’t primarily base it on an estimated cc number.  I completely and whole heartedly recommend him to everyone, including several of my family members who are next! Testimonial: I am posting my results related to breast augmentation (BA) from 800cc (silicone) to 1530cc (saline). This is my 4th BA. The first one was performed in early 1990’s 500cc saline implants. A few years later, due to deflation of one implant, had both removed and replaced for 650cc saline implants. I had the implants for close to 13 years. I decided to have the implants removed and replaced along with a full lift in September 2014. I decided to go with silicone and 800cc. I was expecting my breast to have a nice lift and more fullness. The doctor who performed my surgery was awesome and my lift results were good; however, I did not obtain the look I wanted. According to the doctor, I would not be able to have a “fake” look because I naturally have a lot of breast tissue and the lift removed tissue thus making my breast look the same size as before. My boyfriend knew I was not happy with the look so he began researching doctors who perform extra-large BA. He found Dr. Pousti. The doctor will over-inflate the implant (saline only) to allow for a larger size. He also performs internal breast lifts. We decided to meet the doctor and find out about both procedures. When we arrived for “our” consult, the staff appeared nice and helpful. Once we were placed in a consultation room, the staff person assigned to assist us provided extensive information regarding the procedures. She was able to answer all questions we had. She suggested we find pictures of breast size and looks that we both liked in order for the doctor to understand what look and size we were going for. We took all the time we needed during this phase of the consult. When we met the doctor, he was very nice and funny. He went over the procedures we were interested in, asked me if I was aware of the possible physical, emotional, and social changes that may occur after the procedures especially with larger breasts. He made sure I was aware of everything involved with the procedures. He also made sure to let me know that due to the amount of natural breast tissue I have, I may not be able to achieve the “fake” look I wanted. I was okay with that as long as I could have more fullness and an internal lift. After the consult, we decided to schedule that day. I had my procedure in October, 2015. I provided the doctor with a board of pictures showing what I would like my breast to look like. He asked me again if I was sure I wanted to go bigger. I told him I was sure and I told him to keep the implant under 1600cc. I felt comfortable with the doctor and his staff. The facility was clean and the front desk staff nice. The surgery went well and I was back at my hotel that night sleeping. I have been satisfied, so far, with the results. The lift is awesome. My breast, believe it or not, sometimes look small to me but I get a glimpse of myself in certain clothes and they look huge. I ended up with 1530cc’s. I am 5’2’’. I am overweight for my height but will be working on that this year. I will lose 30 lbs. to accentuate my breasts. I went from a 36H to a 36K. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone looking for a good doctor. I do recommend you have patience during a consult. Dr. Pousti is very busy. Although you will have an appointment, remember unexpected issues can arise and your appointment may be a little delayed but seeing the doctor is well worth the wait. Please remember to be nice to those who serve and although you are paying for a service, that does not mean you are entitled to bad behavior. Sorry my post is long. I tried to keep it as short as possible. I could write so much more. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I don’t often use this site to post so I will try to check back for any questions. Dr. Pousti and his staff were very attentive and professional during and after the procedure. I received calls from day one after the surgery up-to the first follow up. The doctor said I was “complication” free. My experience from beginning to-date has been positive. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone looking for extra large breast implants. Dr. Pousti is an expert in this type of BA. Testimonial: I am 30 years old with my 4th breast augmentation. My previous 3 breast augmentations were done in Texas. My first one was at 21, of course I was way to young and not enough experience to choose the right doctor at my young age. After my first augmentation, I waited 6 months to find another doctor to correct my surgery. I went from an A cup to 525cc. 6 years past after my second child , I had lost tons of weight down to 103, started competing in fitness and figure, and thought I should get my boobs 1 cup smaller down to 425cc. I felt comfortable for a while, years past and gained weight, my body changed with other surgeries, so my lower body just looked way too small. By then I had gained 40 extra lbs , my boobs looked way too small and sagged. I felt like I needed a lift, bigger boobs to accentuate my waist, to feel proportionate to my lower body. I researched in Texas , looked at photos of different women and how their boobs looked according to having similar bodies as mine. Found nothing in Texas, so decided to research further, until I came across Dr. Tom Pousti’s website. I compared his other patients photos to the ones I had of how I wanted my boobs to look . I liked what I seen online, read patient reviews, seen patient videos on you tube, so I decided to consult with Dr. Pousti and his staff. His staff and him are very professional , answered all my questions I had through email. They responded to my email very quick in a professional and timely manner. I emailed them photos of how I wanted my boobs to look. Once I felt like they answered all my questions , especially me coming from Texas , made me feel comfortable traveling to San Diego to have my surgery. Sometime went by, to give me time to decided he would be the correct Doctor to finally give me the results I wanted all along. I booked my appointment. I wasn’t nervous because they made me feel really comfortable before visiting San Diego. The day of my consultation, the day before my surgery I went in and had another consultation in person . Dr. Pousti and his nurses assisted me and went through all the paper work with me, very thorough by the way. Also, answered all my questions, looked over the pics. I went in knowing exactly on the look I chose for myself. I felt that helped, me to decide on the size of implants I had in mind , after studying my own body and how I think the size of implant would look on my body. The day of surgery Dr. Pousti and his nurses were at the hospital and helped me with everything I needed. Dr. Pousti talked to me the morning before performing surgery went over the breast size I planned to achieve. I chose to go from a 425cc-1150cc . I am very happy of my results. What I like about Dr. Pousti is he is very professional, and loves his work, that’s important to me. Dr. Pousti listened and helped me achieve my look! I am super happy. I now have amazing boobs achieved the look. I am very helpful of Dr. Pousti and his nurses for taking care of me, I am very appreciative. My recommendation in choosing the correct Doctor to perform surgery on you is extremely important. When you are young, or its your first surgery , you have no clue of where to start, I do recommend doing your research for a long time, making sure of the look you want, and overall choosing the correct Doctor that’s going to help you accomplish your look. I have zero regrets of choosing Dr. Pousti. By the way, once I flew back to Texas , Dr. Pousti and his staff called me everyday to check up on me, that shows excellent bed side manners. I give Dr. Pousti and his staff a 10. I am again very happy and thankful for my results. I give Dr. Pousti a five star. Testimonial: I had my revision surgery a month ago they look so good. I’m very pleased with dr poustis work. My results look amazing. My first boob job was a horrible experience and dr pousti completely fixed and transformed them into amazing results. Vanessa has helped me a lot and taken very good care of me during my healing process. thank you dr pousti, Vanessa and the whole staff Testimonial: I flew in for surgery so I had my pre-op the day before surgery on the 18th May. I shared my concerns and desires with Dr Pousti. I wanted a internal bra and an increase of volume to around 2000-2200cc. Next day came around quick early start had to be at the surgery centre at 5.45am, so my family dropped me off. Dr Pousti came for a quick visit to go over the pros and cons for this type of surgery. Surgery started at 7.00am and around 10.00am I was calling for my family to come and pick me up, they were already there waiting for me. I felt pretty good not much pain to start with. The nurse wheeled and helped me into our huge hire car. The next day I was pretty sore from the internal bra so I had to have the pain killers I didn’t need the muscle relaxers. And for a couple of days I needed the nausea pills. With the pain killers block you up so you need to get some stool softeners. Day 3, I went back to Doc office and Dr Pousti said everything looks good. I did ask him about the size of the shells and he put in 650 shells overfilled to 2030cc, he said that the 800 shells would have been far too big for me and I would have had uni-boob problems. I came back on day 7 just to make sure everything was ok and I got the all clear to fly to Honolulu with my family. I took pain meds on the plane just to make sure I didn’t suffer. At this stage I was only taking one pain pill per night. We relaxed in Honolulu for another 10 days which was very nice. I am now back home (3 weeks post op) still slow but getting much better. Looking forward to taking off the medical bra and bolsters. I will not post any photos until I can take these off. You can have a look for me on Dr Pousti website, its says that I am 41 from Oakland New Zealand as there are photos already there and I will be sending him updates at one month, three months, six months and a years time. I cant wait until six months time to see when they have settled to see a more final result. Many thanks to Dr Pousti and his team of staff.Testimonial: Today I asked my husband to take a picture during my daily cross-fit training. The sunrise is a metaphor for my life since I met Dr. Pousti who performed cosmetic surgery that made every day a “sunrise” filled with hopes and dreams come true. Dr. Pousti helped me find solutions to my “middle age blues” brought on by aging and motherhood. His professionalism and understanding combined with an artistic grasp of a woman’s body inspired me immediately! Not just anyone could know the how’s and why’s of matching my “inside” hopes with my outside realities of middle age. We talked about my cross-fit training, mountain running (called fell running) and the artist who loved life and family. We realized together that my mirror image had to change. What a relief when he told me “I can help with this problem.” We immediately focused on my breasts. Since I had three prior augmentations in Texas, my concern would the size and weight of new implants hamper my strenuous training and lifestyle? Dr. Pousti suggested increasing my implants to 1220 cc’s, and an internal bra to stabilize my upper body. He also added that “I can heighten and tighten your cleavage.” Most women don’t want to hear about the results of gravity, so my husband and I said “Yes!” to his recommendations. Privately as an artist, Dr. Pousti must have the Michelangelo gene! During our consultation (my husband was cheering us on) about grounding our expectations with a dose of reality and patience about the healing process. He honestly and earnestly warned us that I must keep my bandages and surgical bra in place for four weeks, but just to make sure, I kept mine on for six. Finally, I was so grossed out, that I tore them off forever! One sobering thought was messing up a perfect surgery because of my impatience. I couldn’t imagine calling him about my stupid mistake. My recovery was nothing short of spectacular, and all my expectations–my husband’s too– were fulfilled. I must add that all of his staff, the surgical nurses, and the surgical suite were excellent–I was always in good hands, and all my fears were put to rest. No amount of praise is too much for the way they made me feel as I faced a new tomorrow. Thanks to you all. Well, all that was two years ago! Today, my husband and I are preparing for a return visit to San Diego with Dr. Pousti. I’m going to increase my implant size by 250 or 300 cc’s, and continue the dream of a better me, a better life, along with a bigger better sports bra! Wish me luck. Testimonial: Hi I’m Lydia from Australia I travelled al the way to USA for XL breast implants who were done by Dr Pousti in SanDiego on 30march 2015. My breast are amazing and so great looking I never had any problems thanks to Dr Pousti. He’s by far the nicest and most genuine surgeon I’ve seen. I felt so comfortable after meeting him I booked straight in and got breast to die for. Dr Pousti was an amazing doctor made me feel so comfortable and happy to undergo my surgery- the out come was more then I expected Testimonial: Dr. Pousti is everything I wanted in a plastic surgeon. I started my search online and Dr. Pousti definitely lives up to his reviews. I came from outside the country his office staff were extremely accommodating to all of my needs. I wanted to go larger then the existing silicon implants I had and went with overfilled saline implants. He listened to exactly to what I wanted to have done and I am extremely pleased with my results. The office and support staff are extremely professional. His pricing and costs are terrific. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to any friend or relative with out hesitation. If I have a need for more cosmetic surgery in the future, I will defiantly return to Dr. Pousti without hesitation. If you are looking for a skilled cosmetic surgeon that you can feel safe with, I definitely recommend Dr. Pousti. Testimonial: I had my first breast augmentation surgery in 2009 with a plastic surgeon in the Washington, D.C. area. My breast sizes after the surgery were 480cc and 450cc. I had my second breast augmentation surgery in 2011 and my breast sizes were increased to 850cc and 830cc. While both surgeries went well, I was not completely satisfied with the results. My breasts were not as full and round as I had expected. I did research online and found Dr. Pousti and I saw that he helped a lot of patients achieve their goals. Most plastic surgeons do not specialize in extra large breast augmentations, but Dr. Pousti does. I saw several examples of surgeries performed by Dr. Pousti that resulted in fuller and rounder breasts. I visited Dr. Pousti for a consultation in February, 2014 and noticed the questions on the questionnaire were very detailed and I feel he places patients’ needs and safety as a top priority. Vanessa, Cindi, Daisey and the rest of Dr. Pousti’s staff were very friendly and helpful. I felt that I was in the right hands. I made an appointment for a surgery date. My husband and I flew to San Diego and I had a pre-surgery checkup and consultation. Dr. Pousti confirmed my goals, which were 1800cc. My size at the time was around 850cc and Dr. Pousti was concerned 1800cc may be too big of a jump at one time. Dr. Pousti said he would try his best, keeping safety in mind as his top priority. I sent pictures to Dr.Pousti of my desired shape and size, which he used as a goal to be followed during the surgery. On the day of my surgery, April 2014, Dr. Pousti printed out the picture of my desired shape and size and put it in the surgery room to view. Dr. Pousti told me what to expect regarding the shape, size, and cleavage of my breasts after the surgery. The nurse and anesthesiologist were very helpful before the surgery as well. My breast sizes after the surgery are 1680cc and 1730cc. Daisy and Dr. Pousti called me every day after the surgery to see how I was doing. They gave me feedback and called me everyday for the first two weeks. I sent them pictures of my recovery and progress over several months. The recovery time for extra large breasts takes longer but after a few months I started to feel better. I’m very pleased with with the shape and size of my breasts. They are very round and much fuller than my previous surgeries. The cleavage is very full and beautiful. Also, the scars are almost invisible now. I’m very happy with the results. Dr. Pousti is a very talented surgeon and all of his staff worked together to achieve my goals. Dr. Pousti and his staff were very attentive and responsive to my questions and concerns. Testimonial: Dr. Pousti has the best work that I have ever seen. I am very pleased with the results I’ve see from his patients and he is extremely kind to talk to. He has answered all my questions I could possibly think of and he had even offered to bring in past patients incase I had any further questions I’d like to ask them. He is extremely considerate and I trust him so much in his practice. I believe that he is not only the most qualified and certified in his practice, but also has a lot of experience and expertise to speak from. I have had my consultation and my pre ops so far, and he and his staff have always made me feel very welcome and they have made the whole experience very positive and uplifting. I’m so excited to have my surgery for the XL size and I am so glad that I went to Dr. Pousti. I seriously believe Dr. Pousti is the best! I can’t wait to see my results! My surgery is scheduled for March 4th, 2015. So far, all my experiences leading up to my surgery have been very positive and uplifting…and I am so excited! He is seriously the kindest and most considerate. I trust him so much and his expertise. Testimonial: I recently had an extra large breast augmentation with Dr. Pousti and am so pleased with the results! After having two children, my once full DD breasts had become sad C cup breasts. I wanted to have full, round breasts again and researched several doctors before deciding on having Dr. Pousti perform the surgery. He was able to give me 1100 cc implants and produced the look I desired. Dr. Pousti was very professional and is truly an artist when it comes to performing breast augmentations. He spent time studying my anatomy before the surgery and discussed with me at length my surgery and any concerns he was having. After researching several doctors, I felt Dr. Pousti was the best doctor to perform my surgery and completely trusted him in giving me the look I desired. In the operating room, he was a perfectionist and took time to get my breasts “just right”. Dr. Pousti uses his best judgment to give his patients exactly what they want and does not just put the implants in and close you up. He listens to his patients’ desires and does his best to give them exactly the look they are trying to achieve.

“My new breasts look PHENOMENAL and I now have the self confidence that I have the beautiful breasts that I’ve always wanted.”

“I am completely and overjoyed with my enhancement and I just want to thank Dr Pousti and staff for the amazing experience!”

Testimonial: If you are seriously considering a plastic surgeon to have work, after my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff, there isn’t another surgeon I would choose and I have been to others that were very good. My experience has been so positive that I’m almost waiting for something to happen. After having my 700cc silicone implants since 2003, I decided that they looked like they were bottoming out and since I was going through with a surgery, why not go bigger as well. My last doctor doesn’t practice anymore so I needed to find another doctor. I was very nervous because I looked at so many before and after photos online from different doctors and to be honest I found myself not liking a lot of them and there were even some that looked better before just in my opinion. I also needed to find a doctor who was open minded and able to get me to my goal. I came across Dr. Pousti in San Diego even though I live in AZ. I found some before and after photos that I thought were amazing and what I was looking for. I decided to e-mail Dr. Pousti with some photos and what I was looking to do. I got a quick response which was refreshing. We exchanged emails and I felt comfortable with what he thought was the best option for me. Dr. Pousti was always timely in responding with questions I have/had or one of his staff would always return emails. I had a hiccup before surgery as my mammogram that I decided to get came back inconclusive. It became a waiting game for results and then more tests. Through all of this, the staff at Dr. Pousti’s office was always there for me. They were compassionate and caring. They knew I was frustrated too because I just wanted to go ahead with surgery. After the radiologist confirmed I was alright and gave me clearance to get my breast implant surgery, she emailed Dr. Pousti. I was so surprised when I got a call from the office after hours even to say we got your results and we are happy you are okay. I just didn’t expect them to go beyond what they needed to do. My pre-op appt. went smooth. Expect to wait a little as the office does get busy. The wait is worth it. Dr. Pousti spent one on one time with my husband and I. He was very detailed oriented and even gave us background info on himself which other doctors haven’t done that I have gone to. He listened to what I wanted and emphasized that he would be able to go bigger as long as it was done safely. He has a great sense of humor that eases your mind. At least for me, humor always relaxes me. My experience at the surgery center carried on the same way too. It went smooth. I was soooo nervous but I’m one of those girls that tries not to show it. My husband was terrified and the staff and Dr. Pousti dealt with him in a caring way which I appreciated. Make sure you tell the surgery center and Dr. if you are sensitive to anesthesia and/or if pain medicines upset you stomach easily. I have this problem and they can do things so you are more comfortable. I will say that no matter what though, I still got nausea and I did get sick after surgery. The staff when I returned home helped me with what to do and if you need anything at all, they are there. The office and the Dr. called afterwards to check in many times in the week after. I never had an experience where a doctor’s office keeps in touch so much. I am one month post op now and just today I got a call from the office to check in. I am healing well and am super happy with my results. I will say to make sure you listen to the instructions they give you afterwards. I have to wear a bolster and surgical bra for six weeks which is not fun but I did try to take it off and I realized they are telling me this for good reason. I did expect my pain to be much more because I got internal stitches and overfilled saline and I’m happy to say its much less than I thought. I have had days where I have cried and it has not been easy so don’t expect for everyday to be the same. Just take one day at a time and choose a great Dr. and staff to go through all this with. It has made all the difference for me. I can’t thank them all enough for all the time and effort! Testimonial: Never liked my breast from start. I’ve had 2 procedures. None to my satisfaction . Last doctor stated I didn’t have cores skin for it. I wanted big round full breast . I researched Dr on the internet. Looked for Dr who could do just that. All my information lead to Dr Pousti. I called for a consultation . Gave him photos of what I wanted to achieve . I told him I had been through a lot and could he give me what I wanted.  Dr. Pousti stated not only could he do it but safety was his 1st objective. I felt Dr. Pousti truly listened to me and my needs. I was so happy when I woke up saw my fullness.  He slammed it with a home run. could he give me what I wanted. Dr pousti stated not only could he do it but safety was hIs1st objective. I felt Dr pousti truely listened to me and my needs. I was so happy when I woke up saw my fullness . He slammed it with a home run. Testimonial: I had breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Pousti, and I have nothing but praise for his work and my overall experience with him and his office.  I really love my new look!  Dr. Pousti approaches breast augmentation in a very professional way, using techniques that I believe give the highest probability of surgery success and patient satisfaction.  I am very glad that I selected him as my surgeon! I have some experience with dissatisfaction from a previous breast augmentation surgery and have learned much from my long journey from flat-ish natural breasts, to an augmentation that was of moderate size but still not really right, and finally to becoming a true “Pousti girl” like so many others, with the breasts I actually wanted and the satisfaction with their appearance that seemed so elusive before I met Dr. Pousti. There is much I think needs to be said about breast augmentation that you probably won’t hear clearly stated when reading websites or magazines, and probably not even when talking to some women who have been through the procedure, so in addition to speaking positively about the job Dr. Pousti did for me, I will attempt to clarify a few points some need to hear if considering breast augmentation.  I realize that this is a long essay, but I thought that my experiences and struggles could serve others in a way that helps them avoid my pitfalls and choose a surgeon using better information than they might otherwise have.  To be as helpful and fair as possible, I have to provide some background about what I wanted in the way of an augmentation and what I had been through in the past.  Note that I only had breast augmentation done with Dr. Pousti, so I cannot make specific claims about any other procedures he performs in this essay.  Your ideal look may not match mine, and that is fine, but much of what I want to make clear here is universal to all women who desire breast augmentation.  I use male pronouns when writing about surgeons in general, but I do realize that there are female surgeons out there too, and everything I’m going to write could apply to them as well, so please don’t take that the wrong way.  Writing “he/she” all the time is just so awkward. I came to Dr. Pousti wanting larger and much rounder breasts than I had before, with much more upper fullness.  I knew going in that the look I was seeking was not “natural.”  I feel that in America today, breast augmentation is far more socially acceptable than it was even just a decade ago, and I also think that having breasts that many people can tell have been adjusted does far more good for a woman than harm.  I am now one of the Pousti girls with saline implants (under the muscle) that would be counted in the extra-large category for my body size.  Let’s not kid ourselves: breast implants are purely for appearance.  I am proud to have the improved appearance, and I am not at all afraid of people realizing that I have them.  As I said, I did not ask Dr. Pousti for a “natural look” (I can’t clearly define what that would be anyway, other than no implants), though he is an excellent surgeon and will definitely accommodate anyone’s reasonable appearance goals. Dr. Pousti is all about communicating clearly with the patient about her desired final appearance and getting the best visual representation of her goals he can to guide him at surgery time.  He will even encourage you to bring photos that provide a good approximation of your appearance desires during the consultation process.  Not all surgeons are good about this, as I will shortly describe. My breast augmentation with Dr. Pousti was the second one I have had.  My first surgery was performed by a very reputable surgeon in southern California who was located much closer to my home than is Dr. Pousti.  That surgeon has an extremely nice office and by many accounts does excellent work.  I am not going to say that my first augmentation was horrible, because the surgeon was very competent, it was a decent job, and I was not disfigured or ugly.  It was performed in a clean and very modern facility, and many women in my shoes might have considered it good enough and decided to just live with the outcome.  The problem was that after I was fully healed and a great many months had passed, my final appearance was somewhat far from what I really wanted and had asked for, even though I tried very hard on more than one occasion to communicate exactly the look I wanted to that surgeon.  I brought pictures to my consultation with that surgeon, viewed pictures of many of his previous patients for additional comparisons and verification, spoke at length about the look I wanted to achieve, discussed all the pros and cons about the saline-versus-silicone options, the round-versus-teardrop implant profiles, and even sent a follow-up email clearly summarizing the main points about my desires.  I even went through the now-infamous sizing technique where various different pockets filled with rice grains or small resin pellets are used with a bra under normal clothes to aid size selection.  That technique is not usually adequate for choosing a size accurately when a woman is looking for larger implants and wants them under the chest muscle.  It tends to drive your choice toward the small side by making a given implant volume look much larger approximated in the office than it really will, post-surgery, in your body. I eventually figured out, after the fact of course, that there are some rather well-hidden appearance biases out there among many plastic surgeons, and these biases work their way into the process in subtle ways that tend to lead patients toward having smaller breasts than they will actually want in the end.  Have you ever looked at a surgeon’s website or met with one to discuss breast augmentation surgery and had him openly claim, “I have a personal bias and don’t much like the look of breast implants on women, and I tend to think breast implants, if done at all, should be kept as small as possible.  My in-office sizing techniques are designed to foist my bias on you and tend to err on the small side for this reason.”  No, I highly doubt you have ever received such a claim from a surgeon or ever will!  However, some surgeons are skittish about augmentation surgery, especially the larger implant sizes, and seem to think that their reputations depend not on delivering the results their clients ask and pay for, but on delivering legions of women who meet some arbitrary theoretical ideal that may not represent the goals of a particular client. Also, I believe that many in-office sizing techniques and common ways that implants are talked about and sold to the patient by these “other” surgeons (not Dr. Pousti!) shift the burden of accountability for the sizing choices toward the patient but do so without giving her a clear sense of what she will really look like post-surgery.  She will be left making tricky choices with incomplete or flawed information, settling on implant volume “magic numbers” and implant types she is quite unsure of (and often that magic number is actually a little smaller than what is needed to fully achieve her long-term wishes), and the surgeon may want plans fairly set in stone by surgery day so he can run virtually on autopilot once in the operating room.  This means that the surgeon’s ostensibly expert judgment does not get used much during the surgery for making size adjustments to help align the outcome with the stated appearance goals of the patient.  Think about it: isn’t that expertise a big part of what you are paying a non-trivial amount of money for?  Of course, you cannot be awake to help judge the appearance of your implants along the way, so if you settle on a number in the office using one of those dubious bra-sizer approximations that are often touted as a great idea for choosing an implant size, you may find yourself later with much smaller looking breasts than you thought you would get. A surgeon acting as I just described has at least one reason that doing things that way is an advantage for him but not for you.  He can essentially put you on the spot if your new breast size ends up not looking like what you wanted!  He knows that you remember making the implant volume choice in his office, and it was probably locked-in before the surgery, so he always has the negotiating position available to say “Well, we did agree on X cc implants at the office, remember?  That’s what I gave you.”  He gets to take the high ground in the discussion immediately and is largely off the hook, and you go out into the world wondering whether your results are just “good enough” or if you will be back in surgery sometime later to further support the industry with a revision to a different size.  I strongly disagree that modern breast augmentation needs to be fraught with such difficult choices or be a hit-and-miss endeavor!  In contrast to the experiences I had with my earlier surgeon, Dr. Pousti does not treat his patients in ways that would promote any of this folly. Dr. Pousti will specifically target your exact appearance desires rather than make choices based on misleading numerical criteria or contrivances that may not suit all patients.  He is very interested in knowing exactly what you want your surgery to accomplish for you looks-wise and how concerned you might be about various subtle differences in plausible outcomes.  For instance, you will probably not be asked to precisely nail down an exact implant volume, but you will be asked about the shape, height, upper fullness and the relative size of the breasts you are seeking, and Dr. Pousti will expect you to be able to point to photographic examples that are at least close to your desired look.  If you have special concerns or corrective needs, he will want to know that as well.  He may ask you if you are leaning toward a more natural look, or if you are fine with a look that may raise a few eyebrows; he can do them all, so do not hesitate to ask for what you really, truly want!  Also, don’t worry if at the first consultation you cannot supply any photos, as he has several great photo books of previous patients, and his website has many great examples as well.  Also, you will have many opportunities later to adjust your requests and bring in or email photos you find.  I prepared a large collage of photos, including my pre-Pousti photos for comparison, a few from his website that I liked, as well as several that I found at outside sources. Why are your photos so important?  The short answer is that each woman is unique, and the identical implants will look completely different on different people, so in-office size and appearance choices can only serve as very rough guidelines!  Dr. Pousti likes to use photos immediately before and during surgery to fine-tune his procedures and achieve exactly the look you are seeking.  He will judge carefully, during the surgery, whether he has the shape and size of your implants right before committing to that look.  It is common that for your body and skin type, shoulder and chest width, and overall body shape, the desires you expressed in the office will require additional adjustments at surgery time to achieve in the finished result.  You want a surgeon who knows what he is doing and can make those necessary adjustments skillfully, and Dr. Pousti is among those.  In effect, Dr. Pousti will do the numerical sizing for you during the surgery, when he is looking at your real body and the real outcome of any given implant size and type.  A surgeon who relies exclusively on numbers conjured up while comparing you to photos of other women and “reading tea leaves” sitting in an office is more concerned about the ease of the surgery (and probably himself) than your final appearance, and he very well may not achieve the look you are seeking.  Dr. Pousti applies his considerable expertise to target the look a patient desires as closely as possible, with the least risk to her health and well-being. There are two other important features of the breast augmentation experience that I have learned from my journey, and all women considering breast implants should learn of them.  In almost every single case, women underestimate (sometimes greatly) the volume required of implants to achieve a given look, and they don’t realize how significantly many styles of clothing, and even swimsuits too, can de-emphasize the size of their breasts in the final outcome.  It is so important to be cognizant of these two facts when considering a breast augmentation procedure.  The size of your implants is just a number, and as I have already alluded, two different women getting the identical procedure done, with roughly the same desired final appearance, will always need different implant volumes to achieve it.  Further, as the women look different to begin with and have differences in their natural breast sizes, shapes, and body types, their final outcomes will also look slightly different.  That’s just the way it is, and one should not be bothered by that.  Your own natural beauty will still be a part of your final outcome, so you should not fear that breast augmentation is somehow going to falsify you or undermine the better sides of your natural appearance. I was very surprised at how easy it is to conceal the true size of my breasts with regular clothing.  They are definitely large for my body size, and frankly no one seeing me in a plain, close-fitting, pullover T-shirt would think that my breasts were just “ordinary.”  You would be amazed, however, how close to ordinary I can look in so many styles of regular clothing and business styles.  For swimsuits, generally less of the dramatic truth is concealable, but it is still quite possible to minimize the visual impact if you choose to, especially with one-piece suits and/or those with looser tops.  Keep this in mind when you are considering augmentation and what size you might like to have.  I am not at all alone in thinking that women considering breast augmentation should expect to go somewhat larger than they might initially think they will need, as so many natural factors tend to suppress the apparent size of your breasts anyway.  The overwhelming majority of the world will only see you clothed, so you will always have the option to dress according to the visual impact you want to project.  Larger breasts are totally visually adjustable, but small breasts look small in pretty much all situations, no matter what.  Also, if you are careful about what you wear after your augmentation and do as I did, you can have some fun very gradually transitioning your appearance so that no one but your closest confidants can know exactly when your surgery occurred. I discovered Dr. Pousti via his website, which I found quite helpful in explaining many things about his procedures.  In addition to the things I have already said, I very much liked that he has much expertise with breast augmentations of all sizes, advertises that fact and his techniques clearly on his website, and communicates in a way that makes women feel comfortable and secure in their choices.  His office staff was very attentive and maintained great communication with me all through the process.  He can also accommodate those who must travel significant distances to see him and has done so many times before.  If you are considering breast augmentation, you absolutely should strongly consider having Dr. Pousti as your surgeon.  You deserve to get all you asked for in your augmentation procedure, and you are paying good money for it, so your surgeon should be an expert and be working for you and your interests every step of the way.  I believe Dr. Pousti will do just that. Testimonial: I cant thank you enough for my new AMAZING boobs. OMG I’m obsessed with them. I can’t stop starring at them. When I came into your office the first time I literally hated my boobs and the work Garth Fisher did…Horrible, horrible job. I felt like my boobs ruined my whole body. I honestly didn’t even think that it was possible to have boobs like the ones that you gave me! I can not express my gratitude! You made my DREAMS COME TRUE! Literally. I have the boobs I use to fantasize that I had on my body. I can’t even wait to show them off on Halloween and in bikinis! My ONLY regret now was that I didn’t go bigger! I’m SOOOO glad that you overfilled them to 700 and didn’t listen to my 600 request. LOL! I didn’t know that they would come out this amazing, and now I wish they were bigger! But still, I’m SO in love with them!! Hopefully you will see me again in the future to get them even bigger! Thank you for existing. You’re the most amazing surgeon and I feel so blessed to have found you. All other surgeons should bow down to you, cause no one holds a candle to you…. I LOVE you Pousti!! <3 Testimonial: Well, my journey really starts at age 5, when I decided that when I grew up I wanted massive round fake breasts. A lot of people don’t understand that, and that is totally fine. We all have different likes and dislikes, that’s what keeps the world interesting. =) My first experience with augmenting (800cc Silicones.) was not a great one. I had a few minor cosmetic complications, and my surgeon had rather poor bedside manner (will not say who it is, for lack of wanting to get sued for defamation of character.) So I went in search of a surgeon I knew would not be scared to put the numbers I wanted in my breasts. I was gifted with a natural G cup chest, so I didn’t start in the A range as a lot of ladies who get augmentations do. The average surgeon wouldn’t touch me because of that, so specialist doctors were always a necessity for me. After a lot of study, and contacting many surgeons. I came to the conclusion to pursue Dr.Pousti in California. In the end, I was so impressed by my phone consultations, and his honesty, that I flew all the way from Japan to California, specifically to receive care from this surgeon. It is very important to me that surgeons not sugar coat a process. I don’t like someone trying to sell me homeopathics or shush away my questions about scarring. I am not medically trained, but given my interest in augmentations from such a young age, I have studied the topic thoroughly from the first moment I had access to the Internet. I am also not a stupid person, so someone placating me and brushing off legitimate questions about complications irritates me to no end. Dr.Pousti not only met my expectations in this regard, but went far beyond them. His professionalism was something I have never seen matched before, but still manages to maintain a casual and approachable air to his bearing. If you are considering an XL implant, I would consider it folly to not at least contact him and ask some questions. It’s always best to find the surgeon that is right for you, but I really could not stress enough how much I recommend this man. Anyway, I was nervous about a lot of things at my first in person consultation. I knew I wanted to achieve 1600ccs at least, and my doctor assured me that was possible. I told him that 2000ccs or more would basically make my day, but that I was not expecting anything like that, since my current implants were only 800 ccs. We discussed complications at great length, and the doctor spent a bit of time talking to my husband about after care, but also assured us that after the surgery he would be reminded of the important stuff and given literature to reference as well. The day of surgery came, and I was shocked to find myself at a small private surgical office, rather than a big hospital. My last experience had been at a hospital, where all of the nurses were judging me for wanting to go larger with natural G breasts. It was very intimidating and intense right before undergoing a massive surgery. So this time, going to a tiny private medical facility, staffed entirely by people who Dr.Pousti hand picked, made me feel both welcome and at home. I was treated amazingly well, and all of the nurses were patient with my endless onslaught of questions. Before I knew it, I was waking up groggily in a pleasant little curtained off area. I glanced around, and a nurse was at my side the second I moved. I can’t honestly remember these moments clearly, but I vaguely recall questioning pain levels and nausea. I do distinctly remember requesting my husband. Sadly he was not allowed to see me till after my pain levels were down to around a 5. But at around this point, I look down at my chest and see the number “2530” written in sharpie on my breasts…. I think to myself… No… No… That can’t be… I just… Really? When my husband was allowed in to see me, I asked him excitedly if anybody had told him what number I had reached, he said no, so I showed him the sharpie marks. We were both giddy with excitement, and he hugged me as softly as one can to a patient recovering from a massive surgery. =p My trip home was a little uncomfortable, and the next few days were pretty unpleasant. Pousti’s staff contacted me daily, sometimes more if I had expressed any anxiety on my first phone call of the day. Constantly making suggestions or recommendations for my complaints or ales. It is just a simple matter of science that adding almost 1800cc of saline to each breast in a matter of hours will cause a lot of pain. I am one of those people who refuses to admit any kind of weakness, so taking pain medication is not something I enjoy, so I took the minimum that I could stand. A lot of sleep happened, and a lot of pain. I was up and about in as little as three days though. I had a follow up appointment a few days after the surgery, where Pousti checked my breasts and gave me the thumbs up, then at the two week mark I came back in to have my steri strips removed before my trip back home (Japan). All seemed well, and both Dr.Pousti and his staff continued to live up to the high standards I had come to expect. My trip home was a painful one, with many delayed planes, and getting stuck in Tokyo overnight thanks to San Francisco’s air traffic control sucking. But I managed to cope with all of it with only taking pain meds twice. (once on the long flight, once at the terminal after having to run with all of my baggage to try and catch a flight after my plane landed two hours late.) I am now home, and my breasts are sitting comfortably and healing wonderfully. I am using Tegaderm bandages over the sutures, to keep them 100% dry. I am still terrified of a complication, but at this point I think I am almost in the clear as far as infections go. My incisions are closing more and more every day. I will keep updating this as time goes by, with my progress. I hope to continue to post such positive reviews and opinions, and I hope I convince a few ladies (or men.) to visit Dr.Pousti, as I truly think he is the most talented surgeon I have ever found, with my many many many years of searching. =) Testimonial: I had 700 cc silicone implants and decided to have extra large breasts.  Knowing how important it is to find a doctor that not only has the superb skills but also specializes in extra large augmentations; I researched the internet and found Dr. Pousti.  He has the patient pictures on his website to verify that I had found the right doctor.  After e-mailing several times I set up consultation and surgery dates.  My husband and I traveled from North Carolina to San Diego.  During my consultation Dr. Pousti listened carefully to my desires and expressed a sincere interest to meet my goals while always keeping my welfare paramount.  His office staff was very friendly and competent.  My surgery the next day went well and I now have 1330 cc overfilled saline implants.  I knew it would take more than one procedure to reach my goals and I plan on going back in about six months.  Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and staff.  You are truly marvelous! Testimonial: I had a breast revision done 6 months prior and 3 weeks later my implant slipped out of the stitching. I was very disappointed and decided to look for a new doctor. I found Dr. Pousti\’s website and was surprised at all the photos you could browse on breast revision. All his patients had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Pousti. Women would come from all over the world to get their self confidence back. I felt like so many of his patients, where I wanted to have larger breast, but was always told I couldn’t go any larger and that I should have them reduced. I am very pleased that I found Dr. Pousti. He will go out of his way to ensure you get the best treatment and experience during your journey. The staffing at Dr. Pousti\’s office are very friendly and helpful in the office, or whenever you need to call and get assistance. I just wish I would have found Dr. Pousti a long time ago.

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