Otoplasty Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients

'Dear Dr. Pousti & Staff: Thank you so much on doing a wonderful job on our daughter’s ears. We appreciate the time you took to address our concerns and to answer our questions. We also wanted to say big ‘Thank you’ to your staff for the understanding and caring they showed in providing post- surgery assistance. We will surely recommend your office for anyone seeking plastic surgery. Bea’

Otoplasty(Prominent ears): Growing up with prominent ears that stuck out made school difficult for me as a kid. I remember being 8 years old wanting to get my ears pinned with Otoplasty due to bullying and teasing. I was never confident and never wore my hair up into public – I felt ashamed of my ears because they didn’t look “normal.” Nearly 9 years later I got the opportunity to meet with Doctor Pousti and his staff. I was immediately welcomed into their team and there was never a moment when I doubted the team or my decision on wanting Otoplasty. The staff is so genuine and kind; they made me feel cared for. 3 months after meeting with everyone it was time for my operation. I met with my anesthesiologist and other nurses as well that would be with me through my surgery. Overall, I was nervous for the procedure, but not once nervous about Doctor Pousti and his staff. Finally it was time for the surgery and Doctor Pousti held my hand as I went under (a simple yet kind gesture that I won’t forget about this surgery) and before I knew it I was awake. The staff tended to my needs and within 20 minutes I was on my way home. My ears were wrapped in bandages for 5 days and surprisingly it was really comfortable! Of course there was some pain but it was very minimal.  On the 5th day I went back to the office to get my bandages off. When they were unwrapped and I first looked into the mirror, I had so many emotions going through my mind but I knew once I saw my new ears, that I loved them. I could’ve cried right there in the office but I didn’t want to seem like a baby. After 9 years of wanting to get Otoplasty, I finally received the operation, and I couldn’t be more happier with my results. The best part? They look natural! I now wear my hair tied back and in hairstyles I didn’t feel confident with before my surgery. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Doctor Pousti and his team. A wonderful surgeon and a wonderful person. It’s been nearly 2 weeks and I feel no pain at all. I sleep comfortably and wake up confident. Thank you again, to everyone, for making me feel beautiful. Otoplasty(Prominent ears): Dr. Pousti is one amazing doctor who truly cares about his patients! I first had the pleasure of meeting him in 2006 during an otoplasty consultation for my 6 year old daughter. Dr. Pousti was extremely knowledgeable on the procedure which combined with his professionalism and enthusiasm, completely impressed us. He was very thorough of his explanation of the procedure answering all of our questions, which put our minds at ease. We scheduled the procedure without hesitation and the results were absolutely stunning! Dr. Pousti is a true genius in his craft who completely has an eye for aesthetics. His work is extremely detailed and precise while you can see his perfectionism shine through. A few weeks ago, Dr. Pousti performed the same exact procedure on our 12 year old son. We knew first hand the quality work of Dr. Pousti and there was no one else we’d rather trust than him. Once again, we are amazed with the results. I can’t begin to explain how life changing the surgery has been for both of my kids. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Pousti’s knowledge, expertise and reputation.  I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for anyone looking for quality work: he is an expert within his medical profession. From the moment you walk into his office, you will feel the warmth and graciousness of his entire staff.  The follow up phone calls truly showed how much they care. Dr. Pousti and his team are some of the nicest, friendliest people you will ever meet! Wonderful doctor and lovely staff!!! If you are thinking of having anything done, especially otoplasty, this is the doctor for you! Otoplasty(Prominent ears): After years of always wanting to get my ears done, I finally decided to go for it. One of my good friends had just gotten a breast augmentation by Dr. Pousti and had high recommendations for me to go to him, but even still I researched doctors all over Southern California. As a person who has never been put under before, or had any type of surgery at all, I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with my Dr. as I knew it would be a nerve wracking process. After some extensive searching and a lot of review reading, Dr. Pousti was talked highly about by not only my friend, but by many others, so I decided I would go in for a consultation. Everyone in the office was amazing. So friendly and welcoming, and really made you feel comfortable. I decided the surgery was definitely something that I wanted to do afterwards, and called and scheduled my surgery the next day. I had my pre op appointment yesterday and once again, I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the entire office. They are all awesome. I sat down with Vanessa who went over the entire process with me. She even had hands on experience caring for a family member who underwent the same surgery by Dr. Pousti himself (how reassuring is that?), and offered personal tips from experience. My Surgery is about 3 weeks out, and I feel great about it. If anyone is considering any type of plastic surgery, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation. Dr. Pousti, Vanessa, and all of the other girls in the office are wonderful!

Otoplasty(Prominent ears): Hi Dr. Pousti and staff. I just wanted to thank you for making my surgery experience a more pleasant one. And for anyone thinking about choosing Dr. Pousti I highly recommend him. I had otoplasty done about a month ago, and my ears look great! Dr. Pousti and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They made sure I spoke with other patients of his so I could find out more about Dr. Pousti and their opinions of him. They love him of course; why else would I trust him with my ears? Even from the first visit he took plenty of time with me answering questions and making me feel at ease. The staff at the surgery center were amazing also. The nurses and my anesthesiologist were so nice and responsive. I’m really happy with my whole experience there. Other than a little sore throat I felt fine after the surgery. Dr. Pousti even called me later that day to see how I was doing. What a nice guy. So to anyone considering having their surgery done by Dr. Pousti, I think you’ve found an excellently qualified and gifted person for the job. C.F. El Cajon, California

Otoplasty(Prominent ears): For as long as I can remember, I hated how my ears stuck out. In elementary school, I acquired the nickname “Dumbo” which of course was devastation to an 8 year old. I spent my whole life feeling self-conscious about my ears and always wore my hair down. I even had a short hair cut to better conceal my protruding ears. While I have always considered myself an attractive young woman, my ears were the main source of insecurity. When I finally decided to have the otoplasty surgery performed, I wanted to find a doctor who was experienced, professional and classy and this is exactly what I found in Dr. Pousti. My experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff was a pleasure from the very beginning all the way to now. I was always treated with kindness, care and genuine concern about what I wanted. Any concerns I had and my satisfaction with the results of my surgery were important to them. The surgery itself was fairly painless and I enjoyed a speedy recovery. Inf act, I was able to return to work within a week. As for the results of my surgery, I could not be happier. My ears look beautiful! I can now wear my hair in fun “up do’s” and pony tails and I can go swimming without feeling insecure about my ears. I am so grateful to Dr. Pousti for the wonderful work he did and for making me feel special during my whole experience. Thank you so much!

Otoplasty(Prominent ears): hey Dr. Pousti and Girls! I have finally (after 3 years) typed in my testimonial…. sorry for the delay, but having the handsomest ears in town has increased my social life! hehehe anyway, here goes: When I finally decided to have Otoplasy surgery, I did a little bit of shopping around first. I saw two other Plastic Surgeons. I had my consultations with them and I was very disappointed. Then I found Dr. Pousti’s website and I emailed him right away. I showed up to his office and the girls at the desk were simply GREAT! They truly are professionals and they know exactly how to make people feel welcome (Vanessa, you girls are awesome!) Dr. Pousti came out to greet me with a smile and a handshake, and the experience of it all just put me at ease and I knew it right then and there: he was THE ONE! I felt I was meeting a friend for coffee rather than a Doctor for a surgery consultation. Dr. Pousti is very well spoken and a great listener. He truly cares about the person in front of him and their wishes and concerns. We talked about my requests and my expectations and he told me what could be done and what to look forward to. Plain and simple. Fast-Forward a few weeks and there I was in the hospital bed, looking up at the surgery room’s staff, also very professional and always making ME their highest priority. I woke up over 2 hours later with a huge headdress, looking like Tinky-Winky on crack and a bad sore throat that lasted a few days. Good excuse to have icy cold sorbet… hm, come to think of it; I should’ve called those plastic surgery shows to tape the whole thing… rats! Anyway, Dr. Pousti called me that evening to check on me, and the days after, just to make sure I was ok. I was great. 4 days later, he removed my bandages and voilá -THE HANDSOMEST EARS IN TOWN WERE REVEALED! No, seriously! my friends and family who had said before “you are just wasting your time and money” were saying now “oh wow, what a major change, you should’ve done it a long time ago” and of course my dating life increased by 100% yesss! Dr. Pousti is an extremely skilled Plastic Surgeon. If you are thinking about getting Otoplasty, I strongly suggest that you set up an initial consultation with him. You will not be disappointed. If I ever need more plastic surgery, (and I will) I now exactly who I will call. V. C. Hillcrest, San Diego CA.

Otoplasty(Prominent ears): I’m a 17 year old male and I recently underwent surgery to correct my ear shape and set them back a little bit, formally known as Otoplasty. My ears used to stick out a lot, which bothered me from a young age. I always wore my hair long to cover my ears, but as I’m getting ready to go to college and enter adulthood, I wanted to cut my hair short and go for a more professional look. The only problem was my ears. As a kid I was afraid of being harassed about them and some of that has stuck with me. I knew I couldn’t get over it and would always feel self conscious, so I turned to plastic surgery. My parents began looking for surgeons, and we soon had an appointment to see Dr. Pousti. We had heard much about him, and he definitely lived up to the expectation. Dr. Pousti is very warm and welcoming, and he had me sold with his vast experience and overall genial aura. As for the surgery itself, I couldn’t be happier. It has been almost 3 weeks since the surgery, and my ears look great. They no longer stick out and have been put back a bit like I wanted, while still looking perfectly natural. His staff were extremely helpful and caring as well, calling often to ask how I was doing and see if I had any questions. Dr. Pousti even offered me his personal cell phone number with a genuine promise of “any time”. On top of this, his office and the surgery center were very clean, modern, and impressive. Not only is Dr. Pousti an excellent surgeon, he is also a very caring and genuine person with an outstanding and equally friendly staff. I would recommend him to anyone. From the first meeting Dr. Pousti was very friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. He is fun, warm, and most importantly an excellent and experienced surgeon. I enjoyed going to his office and talking with him, and he made surgery a pleasurable experience. Dr. Pousti is the best!

Otoplasty(Prominent ears): I knew from a young age that my ears stuck out more than all the other kids. I bothered me then, but once I hit my teens I felt so insecure about my ears that I wore my hair down to cover them at all costs. It could be playing sports in a million degrees wheather, but still I refused to put my hair up. I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with the burden of always trying to cover my ears up, unless I found some surgical solution. I did extensive research, and found Dr. Pousti. I came into his office for a consultation in October, and I was so struck with the friendliness of the staff, his calm and knowledgable persona, and his willingness to help me that I scheduled my surgery for December. I was nervous before surgery, but Dr. Pousti and the staff we were so great and confident that it eased my fears. Dr. Pousti held my hand and comforted me as I went under and then a couple hours later I woke up in recovery without a hitch. Recovery time was short, and there was no pain at all, just a little discomfort. However, it was comforting to know that if anything did go wrong I had Dr. Pousti’s personal phone number to call 24 hours a day if there was any cncerns or issues. Final results took about a year, and the scars healed beautifully. This surgery has really changed my life. There is not a day that I look in the mirror and don’t love what I see. I am so much more confident about myself and I know I made the right decision having the surgery with Dr. Pousti. ~Brittany

When I came in for the initial consultation for OTOPLASTY as a first timer at Dr. Pousti’s office, I saw beautiful ladies – his staff. That was a wonderful experience alone. Then came Dr. Pousti to greet me who is pleasant, humble, and an “expert” to what he’s talking about the procedure… They were able to grant me my special request to have the procedure done early due to my time constraints. In short, it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The outcome of my procedure gave me “total confidence” which is the focal point of every person seeking for a procedure like this. Don’t hesitate to call for an appointment. Highly recommended surgeon. He’s simply the perfect surgeon to do this!!! San Diego, California

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