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New YorkTestimonial: My journey with Dr. Pousti and his team of lovely ladies has by far been one of the most professional experiences I have had. I had been contemplating my decision to have reconstructive breast surgery (to correct my tuberous breast) for quite some time now and when I came across the Prime Plastic Surgery home page, something just felt right. I am from Manhattan and as you can imagine, there are countless highly-qualified surgeons both in the city and the surrounding tri-state area who I could have just as easily sought out. I spoke to several clinics but just didn’t feel like their services were right for me. Like many others potential clients considering cosmetic surgery, I was nervous. I was inexperienced and I had a dozen questions –Questions that were quite personal and related specifically to me. In many cases, I was rushed off the phone. The receptionist was un or rather under-informed. My emails went unanswered. And I began to feel less and less confident that I was making the right decision. I will be eternally grateful for the time and consideration that each staff member of Poustic Plastic Surgery extended to me. I walked into to his office a skeptic. I l walked out a changed woman. The surgery and post-op recovery both went beautifully. Although I don’t reside in the San Diego area, I still receive sporadic emails and phone calls from the Pousti staff. I believe it’s safe to say that you never truly lose your “patient” status once you join the Pousti team. As I am a woman of color, I was very concerned about the possible scaring that would occur at the incision points of the implants. Two months later, my breast look incredible – I never imagined that I could feel this comfortable and confident about my body. Dr. Pousti reached inside my mind and materialized my vision of the perfect body. Sending a Big Thank You from the Big Apple to the entire Pousti Team…Keep up the exceptional work!

New York Breast Revision Patient Testimonial

After two previous mastopexy surgeries, this patient met with over a dozen surgeons in New York and was left unsatisfied. After speaking with Dr. Pousti, though, she was immediately comfortable.

Testimonial: I decided about 2 1/2 years ago that I wanted to change the way my breasts looked. I am a tall woman and was unsatisfied with the size of my breasts in comparison to the rest of my body. So within that year I did an immense amount of research to make sure that I found the perfect doctor to do a perfect job. Being part of the medical community in my studies and job and having a semi type-A personality, I checked out everything, read up on all information, and made sure that this was exactly what I wanted to go through with. When I arrived at Dr. Pousti’s office he and his staff couldn’t have been better. They answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable especially with what I felt was a vulnerable area of my body, and lined up a few previous patient’s to show me their proud new bodies. On the first day, I was sold, I found my perfect Doctor. When I returned for my surgery, Dr Pousti’s surgical team was AMAZING! From the insertion of the IV to the post-op care and post-op aches I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. I stayed out in California for an additional two weeks for post-op attention before returning back to the east coast. From some of the stories I have heard of post-surgical aches and pains, I had virtually none in comparison, once again reinforcing my proudest decision I made for my breasts. A year later my OB-GYN was doing a breast examination and we discussed for the first time my new breasts. He told me they looked amazing and I shared with him my experience. He gave me one of the best compliments I had ever received on my breasts and that was if he ever needed to get anything done surgically he would have me do the research because I clearly made the right choice. So once again Dr. Pousti and your team, 2 1/2 years later, thank you again for everything you have done for me. Sincerely, Gabrielle

Testimonial: I am forever grateful to Dr. Pousti and his staff. After having several breast augmentations and revisions, I ended up with a problem that is very hard to fix. I had symmastia, which is when the 2 implants are positioned so closely together that they somewhat connect. In addition, from my skin becoming super-thin, I had visible crinkles all down the centerline of both my breasts. I live in New York, and I went on half a dozen consultations with different doctors hoping someone could help me. Not one doctor that I saw here in New York thought they could do anything to help my unfortunate situation. I was completely discouraged. I couldn’t wear bathing suits, V-neck shirts, or anything that showed my cleavage. I was devastated. Finally, I started researching online. The more I searched, the more Dr. Pousti’s name began to appear regarding symmastia correction. With him being all the way in San Diego, I wasn’t sure if I should take the trip or not…but I’m so glad I did! I flew to California for a consultation with Dr. Pousti, and it was so refreshing! His staff was so sympathetic and helpful, and he really took his time to get to know my history, my current issues, and my concerns. He showed me books of pictures of previous patients with similar conditions that he was able to help immensely. He even let me speak to 2 post-op patients in his office that day. He told me he was confident that he could correct my symmastia, and get rid of the visible crinkles on my breasts using Strattice. I went home from San Diego feeling hopeful for the first time in so long! A week later, I scheduled my surgery for the following month. That next month, I flew to San Diego for the actual surgery. I went in for my pre-op appointment the day before, and Dr. Pousti went over everything with me again. We looked at some pictures I brought him of what I do and don’t like. He even did some drawings on me to get started. I left there feeling very excited! The day of my surgery was almost like a spa day! I went to the hospital early that morning, where they put me in a robe, under a hot blanket, in a reclining chair while I waited. For such a big day, they kept me extremely calm and relaxed. Finally, Dr. Pousti came in and spoke to me again. He re-did all his drawings and told me everything was going to come out great. After surgery, I woke up in a recovery room. I have to say I had very little discomfort or nausea (which is a common problem of mine). For the next few days Dr. Pousti and his staff kept in close contact with me at the hotel I was staying at. They were always there to answer any of my questions, and to check up on me several times a day. After staying in California for a week after surgery, I saw Dr. Pousti for my final visit. I had to wear some bandages and a V-bra, and he said everything was healing wonderfully. I went home and followed his strict instructions…no stretching my arms too far, keeping the tape dry, wearing the V-bra, etc. Throughout the next 8 weeks I sent Dr. Pousti some pictures of myself as I was healing. He, or someone from his staff, always got back to me right away, and they were all very happy with my results. After 8 weeks, I took off all the bandages, tape, and V-bra. I sent Dr. Pousti my photos with a few questions. He got back to me and sat on the phone with me for over a half hour going through each and every question I had. My results are truly amazing! I honestly never thought I’d be able to correct the symmastia, or get rid of the crinkles. I am proud to say that both are now completely corrected thanks to Dr. Pousti! He gave me hope when no one else even wanted to try to correct my situation. The best thing I ever did was take that trip to San Diego. He truly is one of a kind, from his skill to the way he is with his patients. Never in all the visits I’ve made to different plastic surgeons, did I ever meet a doctor who made me feel so confident and understood. I only wish I’d found him sooner! I’d just like to say thank you so much to Dr. Pousti and his staff for giving me my confidence back, and for taking a chance on my situation. It paid off more than I ever imagined! I am forever grateful. ~Taylor

Testimonial: Hi! My name is Melissa and I am more than honored to write a personal testimonial in regard to my recent experience with Dr. Pousti. I have to admit I was trepadacious about flying over 3,000 miles from New York to California to have a cosmetic procedure done however after viewing his amazing website, talking with his knowledgeable and friendly staff, doing my personal research and discovering he was double board certified along with his lengthy educational background, I knew I had found the right Surgeon to perform my surgery. I had already had a previous Breast Augmentation surgery one year prior and was not happy with the size. I desired much, much bigger implants and after contacting Surgeon after Surgeon in my area and being told I wasn’t able to go as big as I wanted, I began to realize that I was going to have to expand my search out of the Rochester area. I actually found Dr. Pousti online and I must say his website is PHENOMNAL. I found it to be exceptionally well put together. It was easy to navigate through and it contained plenty of before and after pictures for me to sift through. After viewing the website I naturally took the next step and called. The staff at Dr. Pousti’s office were SO nice and very informative. They took me step by step through the process of getting started. Feeling confident I made all the proper traveling arrangements and arrived in San Diego very anxious and excited. Upon meeting Dr. Pousti I recognized most of all his great and warm personality. He answered all of my questions very diligently, and most of all made me feel secure knowing I was going to be happy with the outcome of the surgery. He recognized the emotional feelings that accompany such a procedure and quickly made me feel at ease. I had been anticipating having the surgery done for over a year so you can imagine how I felt going in. Let me just say that after the surgery I was AMAZED and SO HAPPY with the outcome. I had 400 cc silicone implants that were removed and replaced with saline implants. He was able to overfill my saline implants with over a 1000 cc’s!!! WOW, and I must say they look SPECTACULAR. So round and PERFECT just the way I wanted them! I mean he nailed it right on the head. I could not have asked for any better or more, he knew the look I wanted to achieve and delivered just as he assured me he would. I am 3 wks. Post Op and I feel FANTASTIC! Every day gets better and I appreciate so much the follow up calls and emails I have been receiving from his staff. THANK YOU SO MUCH again to Dr. Pousti and his entire staff for making my trip to San Diego such a memorable and successful experience. ~Melissa

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