Military Testimonials

In appreciation of our United States military servicemen and women, Dr. Pousti has recently announced a reduction of his surgeon’s fee / Military Discount to all military personnel and their immediate family members for most cosmetic surgery procedures.

The information on this page is dedicated to help new patients learn more about the experiences of other military patients, their testimonials, and specific steps they needed to take to get elective surgery while in the military. Read below to get answers for questions such as:

What is the process of getting approval from the Military and what is the time frame? • How to take time off from the Military to recover from surgery? • Does plastic surgery impact your job in the Military? • Does plastic surgery affect your PT?

San Diego Prime Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonial

After seeing her friend's amazing results with Dr. Pousti, this patient decided to reach out. 

Military Patient Testimonial

United States Navy Patient Testimonial: “Being in the United States Navy, you have two options when it comes to your decision to get elective surgery. One, you route several “chits” requesting to have your surgery done by the military themselves. This process normally takes a few trips to medical and extensive questioning by different departments as to why you would like to get your surgery of choice done. Your primary care manager will ask you questions and further action will be taken at that time. I am not going to go into full detail with this process because this is not the route that I personally chose, so I will go onto the next option that is available to you if you are deciding to go through with elective surgery while being in the DOD. The second option that you have is to look out in the civilian sector and choose a doctor whom you’d like to receive surgery from. The USN requires you route a chit up through your chain of command and depending on where you are currently stationed, could go as high as your Commanding Officer. This process will take time. If you’re in the military, then you understand that routing chits, especially that high up your Chain of Command, can take well… what seems like forever sometimes. So be patient. There are forms that you will have to get that allow medical and your Primary Care Manager to sign off on, stating that you are fit for surgery and that you are not at risk for the surgery you are requesting to obtain. This again, depending on your current duty station, will and could still be routed all the way up to your CO. They have the final seal of approval for your request of elective surgery. A lot of people ask about convalescent leave in regards to elective surgery and whether or not they will be eligible for that. This is up to your PCM and what he states is necessary for your recovery time to get back to Fit For Full Duty due to the requirements of your job. You will route paperwork for this as well if you decide to try to get this entitlement. The USN put out in December that anyone who gets elective surgery without routing the proper chits and paperwork from medical, and whom does not receive a final approval, will be subject to disciplinary action. So, I would suggest that if you are contemplating getting a surgery done, that you follow the guidelines and complete all necessary paperwork before setting your date for surgery. Anything can get approved or denied. I was referred to Dr. Pousti from a friend of mine last summer who was also in the military, and I decided to go ahead with my choice of receiving the breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Pousti and his staff were incredible and they continue to be in all follow up visits as well. If you are reading this, then you are more than likely contemplating a procedure by Dr. Pousti. I’m going to personally tell you that I truly believe that you are definitely picking the right doctor for the job! So my advice would be to start your paperwork now! Read through the guidelines for whichever branch you are currently in in regards to elective surgery and start the process. You will not be disappointed in the outcome if your paperwork goes through and gets approved!”

Testimonials from our Patients serving in the Military

United States Navy Patient Testimonial “I am currently serving as an active duty member in the U.S. Navy. I am a Hospital Corpsman and have been serving for approximately 4 years. I am stationed in Southern California at a military treatment facility. I was referred to Dr. Pousti by a friend of mine who is also active duty military and a mother. My experience with getting plastic surgery and being in the military was much simpler than I imagined it would have been. The first step I took was making an appointment to speak to my Primary Care Provider (PCM) in regards to having an elective cosmetic procedure performed by a civilian provider. During this appointment my PCM conducted a counseling, which is required as part of the approval process. During the counseling my PCM reviewed the military instruction, BUMEDINST 6320.72, regarding elective cosmetic procedures. My provider explained the procedures that I was interested in, as well as the risks associated with the procedure. During this visit, I was informed that I would be responsible for covering the costs of the procedures, and that I would have to take my own personal leave time for the recovery period. (Tricare did however cover the costs of my medication, and I was able to process my prescriptions at my local CVS Pharmacy which was incredibly convenient.) ***There are circumstances where the Navy will cover the costs, by performing the cosmetic procedure at a military treatment facility, if the patient feels that their concerns are affecting their self-esteem and mental health. I personally do not have experience with this, however the Primary Care Provider would perform an evaluation on the patient and make a referral to a plastic surgery provider in such instances.*** The next step in my process was informing my chain of command of my intentions by submitting a package for approval. Ultimately, approval for the procedures is at the discretion of your chain of command. I also had to submit a leave request for approval by my chain of command; this was bottom-lined by the Dept. Head, in some cases this can be bottom-lined by the Division Officer or the Director. I choose to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation performed by Dr. Pousti and needed 3-weeks off from work. During this time I had just made a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move and checked into my new command. Fortunately for me, I checked into a shore command and they had the manpower to allow me to take the 3-weeks of leave without any issues arising. My recovery from the surgery went extremely well. I followed Dr. Pousti’s after surgery instructions very closely and had no complications. When I returned to work after the 3 weeks off, I was still recovering and had to take it easy (give myself extra time for getting ready in the mornings and for walking to and from my car) but I was able to get around and function normally. Gradually, my energy levels increased and within 5-6 weeks I was able to get back to PT; circuit training and slow-paced runs with the exception of doing push-ups. Writing this, I am approximately 3-months post-op and I am able to do group PT and group runs with no issues. Getting back to doing push-ups took the longest for me and I am still working to improve my upper body strength. Although I am not able to do as many pushups as before, I know I will be able to do well on the upcoming Physical Readiness Test. After completing that I can continue taking it easy and allow my breast augmentation to fully heal and allow the implants to fully settle. My chain of command was very understanding and accommodating with my situation so they did not require me to have a Light Limited Duty chit to exempt me from PT or doing pushups. Other chains of command might require a LLD chit. In such cases, I would recommend following-up with a PCM after returning to work and requesting light duty for at least 2-more weeks. My experience has gone extremely well with being active duty. My biggest concern was getting not being able to do PT or push-ups. However, listening to my body and giving myself enough time to heal while still pushing myself a little more each day has helped me through this experience. I am so happy I did this and if I could go back and do it over again, I would choose to do the same thing every time! If you are active duty and are considering having a procedure done, I would say that the most important thing is communication with your chain of command and listening to your body as to not cause injury during your recovery. Once you do recover, you are able to function as you did before, just as a happier you with more confidence!”

United States Navy Patient Testimonial: “I had a friend in the Navy who also enjoyed her experience with Dr.Pousti. I came to him and he was the perfect doctor to trust. He exceeded all my expectations as far as surgery and comfort. I would go back to him if I felt any thing else on my body needed work and I would suggest him before any one else! Dr. Pousti is the best doctor to go to for cosmetic surgery. He was very reasonable with pricing. He answered all of my questions and concerns during consultation and reviewed his background to reassure me of his amazing experience. He and his staff made sure I was comfortable and asked me what I had envisioned as far as nipple reduction. Every need was met. Surgery was quick about 20 minutes and recovery was about a week. (I slept through most of it) If I ever wanted to change anything else on my body I would go back to Dr. Pousti and would recommend him to everyone. The outcome was that my nipples look proportioned and symmetrical. I have breast fed two babies in the past and it doesn’t look anything like it. I feel like this surgery has changed my personal insecurities. I wish I had known how well it would turn out beforehand, I might have asked him do a breast lift too!” 

Military Testimonial: “Ever since high school I have always been unhappy with the way I looked. As time went on, I began considering getting a \”boob job\” but then life just got busy. Over the next 10 years after high school I got married and had 2 kids. Well, after my 2nd pregnancy I was at my lowest point of basically hating how I looked. I finally began looking for Drs in my area and after a few searches I found Dr Pousti. I made my consult and I knew he was the one. His staff was awesome and he was great at answering all my questions. I ended up calling back a few weeks later to schedule my surgery. I am now 2 weeks post op and I could not be happier. The week before surgery Dr P called me himself to check on me and see if I had last minute questions as well as his staff called the day before. The day of surgery it was hard to be nervous because all the staff at the surgery center made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Since the surgery his staff has called every day to check on me and see if I have had any questions. All in all I had to best experience and I would tell anyone he is the Dr to go to. All my appointments have been great. Him and his staff are very professional and caring. Oh and I am extremely happy with my results. Dr. Pousti gave me exactly what I wanted and I am finally comfortable with my body! Thank you!”

Military Testimonial: “I had a life changing experience with Dr. P and his staff. They did such a great with me. I’m not even all the way through with my recovery and I already feel more confident and honestly like a new woman. I had natural symmastia and after having my son it just seemed to worsen also my breast were two different sizes. I did not feel comfortable in my body and it was so stressful trying to find bras and clothes that fit me right. Over the last year in a half I went and spoke to so many Dr’s in southern Cali and not one knew how to go about what I wanted fixed. They had either never done the procedure or had an odd way of going about fixing the symmastia. He is a great person. He listens. He cares. He understands. He is respectful. Until a friend recommended Dr. Pousti. He knew right away what I wanted what I needed and the best way to do it. I remember coming home from my first office visit with him and I was so happy and excited that I finally found the right doctor and with out a doubt the best doctor for me. He did everything I wanted and more. Dr. P and his staff changed my life and I couldn’t thank them enough.” 

Military Wife Testimonial: “My experience with Doctor Pousti falls nothing short of incredible. From my first consult to follow up appointments, him and his staff were completely accommodating, kind, and friendly. There was no pressure to rush a surgery date or schedule it any sooner than I was ready to do so. The entire process was clear and concise, which added to my comfort and ease with the procedure. I had no qualms or worries with Pousti or his staff; it was the genuine care for me that they all had that blew me away. My husband was deployed at the time of the surgery, and I got more “Hey Deej, how are you feeling today?” “Are you feeling lonely? Would you like to chat?” calls from him and his staff than I did my counselor (and my counselor is incredible at what he does too, so that says something!). Pousti’s desire to understand my goals for the procedure and my lifestyle was crucial in choosing him as my surgeon. I have worked very hard on building a healthy lifestyle, and in doing so I have lost 100 lbs. The thought of handing my hard earned and toned body to a careless surgeon for a breast augmentation terrified me. My worst nightmare would be a botched boob job on the body I have spent years developing. Seeing the immense care and respect Pousti showed me and all his patients solidified that he was the surgeon for me. The result? A set of dream-come-true perfect breasts that allow me to continue my active lifestyle, and give me those sexy curves up top to match my new figure. I LOVE the outcome, and I absolutely, without a doubt, could not be happier. I could write PAGES on my experience with Doctor Pousti, but the bottom line is, I am so incredibly elated. Pousti is my guy!!”

Military Family Testimonial: “I’m currently in Afghanistan and want to thank you so much for taking care of my wife. She has wanted this surgery for a very long time. She’s always felt like she wasn’t complete and it made me very sad to see her like that. She’s an amazing woman and is so humble and brave. I couldn’t be there for the surgery but am so happy to say that you took care of her just as I would have and I’m forever thankful for that. You treated her so sweetly and gave her an amazing new body. She looks amazing and I can’t believe how good of a job you did on her. You’re an amazing surgeon and an amazing person.” 

Military Wife Testimonial: “Its never easy to make a decision regarding permanently changing your physical appearance.  Especially these days when there are so many phony doctors out there.  The internet doesn’t ease that decision any.  Fake reviews, artificial photos, etc.  I read several reviews regarding Dr. Pousti.  My first thought?  This guy is too good to be true.  No way he’s really that good.  I was wrong.  I’ve always believed in natural beauty.  I don’t wear make-up.  I’ve never dyed my hair.  I rarely cut it.  The closest I’ve come to cosmetically altering my appearance was Lasik.  So, going from not wearing foundation to breast augmentation was a decision I did not take lightly.  While my husband’s deployed, I’m on a mission to lose the weight our son had graciously given me.

Military Testimonial: “I couldn’t be more happy with the results from my procedure with Dr. Pousti.  He and his staff were very professional and made everything more comfortable for me.  They worked around my very strict schedule and helped make everything easier.  I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone with a want or need for self improvement, not only for his accumulate work but the ladies in charge of the whole process were just as amazing.  Thank you.”

Military Testimonial: “I would like to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff for completely exceeding every expectation i had for my breast augmentation. I am 22 years old and heard about Dr. Pousti through a close friend who also had the same procedure. I was deployed when i made my final decision that i wanted to have my surgery and even thousands of miles away they accommodated to my needs. From the consultation, the surgery and  even to today, two months later Dr. Pousti and his staff have been there every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with my results and will continue to recommend Dr. Pousti to any one interested in this procedure!” 

Military Testimonial: “I am a 22 year old patient of Dr. Pousti who is currently just one week out of surgery for breast augmentation. For many, many years I had been unsatisfied with my appearance, but did not actually consider taking action and literally changing anything about my appearance until very recently, when a good friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Pousti. Upon considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, I did some heavy research to be 100% sure that it was what I really wanted, and I finally wanted to feel great about myself. I started out as a 34B, but was hoping to become a full C or small D. I read everything I could about the procedure, and decided that there was no better time than now to go through with it. I apologize if this sounds like an exaggeration, and no one paid me to say this, but the reviews I read on every other surgeon paled in comparison to the rave reviews on Dr. Pousti by former patients, and believe me, his work almost seemed too good to be true. It turns out that I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Pousti was everything I was looking for in choosing the right surgeon, and more. When I finally went in for my first consultation after reading all of the reviews on him, it was like I was meeting a movie star! Not only that, but he had a wonderful sense of humor, was very understanding, patient, and ensured that I knew exactly what I wanted and that I wanted the procedure done for the right reasons. I informed him that my intent was for my breasts to be proportional to my body, noticeably larger, and with a bit of emphasis on cleavage, as I had none to start with, but at the same time I wanted a natural look. I appreciate that Dr. Pousti was very honest with me about the possibility of attaining those results, based on the characteristics of my body. He said, “Above all, we need to be realistic,” as far as the outcome of the results, which was a very accurate statement. The resulting size and appearance of my breasts would be what Dr. Pousti referred to as “Keep them guessing,” which I thought sounded great, since actual cup size, I learned, is only really determined once you start shopping for new bras, and the size of the implants is not measured by cup size. I received extensive pre-op and post-op instructions, which were more than helpful and left me with little to no questions. When I went in for my second follow up appointment after the surgery, I was shown the photo taken of myself before the procedure was done and I could not believe that girl was me. I was then introduced by one of the many wonderful ladies of Dr. Pousti’s staff to a patient soon to be undergoing the surgery, who wanted to ask me questions about the procedure and recovery. The fact that Dr. Pousti encourages current patients to give in-person testimonials to future patients really shows his confidence in his work, which I believe is very important when choosing a surgeon. Dr. Pousti truly is an artist, and I am extremely satisfied with my results so far, even after 1 week. I would like to take this opportunity to mention how fantastic and kind Dr. Pousti and his staff have been to me, all the way from first consultation to surgery, and even now, while I still receive daily phone calls from their office to check up on me and ask how I am feeling. Thank you for giving me flowers after my surgery by the way, ladies… it was such a sweet gesture! Rest assured, Dr. Pousti’s office will give you the genuine feeling that you are cared for as a patient, and it is evident in their professionalism, kindness, and eagerness to answer any and all questions. I cannot thank Dr. Pousti and his staff profusely enough for everything they have done, and I wish anyone considering this procedure in the future good luck.” 

Military Officer Testimonial: “It’s been almost a year since my breast augmentation, and I wanted to take the time to write and say thank you with the following: I’ve always been athletic and curvy, but I never had much going for me up top. I have been able to surmount any challenge placed before me as a military officer, broken through physical boundaries as an athlete and fitness competitor, but nothing changed the fact that I didn’t particularly like the breasts mother nature bestowed upon me. As I matured, it became clear that my small, odd shaped breasts were my last remaining insecurity, and the only thing I couldn’t do anything about! Enter Dr. Pousti and staff in the summer of 2011. I knew instantly that I would be comfortable amongst him and his staff. The staff are almost all of the doctor’s patients, and are not shy about showing off his handiwork! They answered all of my questions with patience and genuine interest in making sure I was going into this procedure with realistic expectations, and a solid understanding of what was to come. The day of the procedure, there wasn’t a moment I felt unease, there was always someone with me to tell a joke, make sure I was warm, etc. They even played my favorite music and held my hand as I went under–can you ask for better than that? Never once did I doubt I was in professional, trustworthy, and caring hands. Every day after surgery I received a call from the office as a check up. That little service makes all the difference in the world when you’re recovering from a major surgery. Again, my confidence in Dr. Pousti and his staff was exceptionally high. My goal with my breast augmentation was to leave people wondering whether I was simply blessed. I wanted to maintain a highly active lifestyle, but also take on a more womanly silhouette. I clearly communicated my intent to Dr.Pousti, and he skillfully crafted the exact look I was going for. Recently a friend asked me, “how do you have such perfect breasts?!” I just smiled to myself, and started typing this testimonial as soon as I had a free moment. Thank you, Dr. Pousti for giving me the breasts I always wanted. For being patient and generous, and hiring such amazing ladies! I can’t wait for the opportunity to recommend your services to friends and family!” 

Military Testimonial: I came in to see Dr Pousti , for a Mommy Makeover. Having 3 kids all weighing over 9lbs; really took a toll on my body.  I would find myself exercising, and not losing my belly.  It was very frustrating. The day I came in for my consultation, I was immediately welcomed by his wonderful staff.  I really felt like I belonged there.  After meeting with the Doctor, My husband and I knew he was the one.  Dr. Pousti really listened to my concerns, and answered all of my husbands and my questions. (There were a lot of them.) The best thing about his office was the fact that I got to meet and talk to all kinds of patients that had the same things done.  We decided that I was going to have a breast lift with implants, and I full tummy tuck; which goes all the way around to my backside, to get rid of my muffin top. The day of the surgery came quick, and I was very scared. Dr. Pousti and the hospital staff were there letting me know everything was going to be OK. I felt so much better. The surgery was 6 hrs long and it went smoothly. The first week was very painful, and I don’t remember too much about it; other than it hurt. The time flew by very fast, and by the 6th day I didn’t need any more pain meds.  I am now 8 weeks out, and I not only feel amazing; but I look amazing as well.  I look forward to my appointments at his office. His staff is so warm and caring.  Dr Pousti did an amazing job on me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He is truly a gifted surgeon; A real artist. He has raised my confidence so much. I would recommend him to anybody. I feel very blessed to have had Dr. Pousti to perform my surgery.”

Military Testimonial: “My 1st breast augmentation surgery was performed overseas 25 years ago!  I had silicone implants positioned over the muscle.  I developed capsular contracture and for that reason, together with the age of the implants, felt that it was time for revision surgery. I did so much research on the subject, I felt like I had earned a degree on the subject!  Armed with this knowledge, I narrowed down my choice of surgeons to 3.  Due to the amount of experience Dr Pousti had in revision surgery, together with the glowing reviews about his personal demeanor, skill and professionalism, Dr Pousti was hard to fault and in the end, I made only one consult appoint with Dr P and that meeting was enough to make me comfortable enough to go ahead with the surgery. I am now 12 months post op and am so happy with my results.  I was terrified that the end result would be bigger than I wanted, but he was exactly spot on with my desired size. I drove 6 hours for each appointment to see Dr Pousti but it was definitely worth  it.  He is such a caring, gentle doctor and must admit that you can’t help but fall a little bit in love with him.  Hopefully I won’t develop capsular contracture again but I know if I do, I’ll be back to see Dr P for any future surgeries. Thank you to all at Prime Plastic Surgery for your expertise and professionalism always!” 

Military Wife Testimonial: “I have to start out by saying that surgery, in general, is one of the top 3 scariest things in my book. Whether it’s elective surgery or emergency surgery, surgery is surgery and it’s a scary thought. I am a 20 something Mother of 3 kids and after going through pregnancy 3 times, it REALLY takes a toll on your body and your mind. NOTHING is the same as it was before and no matter how much exercise or how many diet plans you try out, you come to the realization that the only alternative is plastic surgery. Looking in the mirror everyday really killed me inside and it really took a toll on my self confidence. That low self confidence then started to play into my marriage to the point where I wouldn’t even feel comfortable in front of my husband (though I must say, he ALWAYS said I was still perfect). I elected to look into plastic surgery to get an idea of what types were out there and what surgery would be best for me. I decided that the thing I wanted most (and that there were NO diets/exercise to “get back”) were my breasts. I felt that being a full C cup BEFORE children and now dealing with a very saggy B cup (I compare myself to a cow’s utters….honestly) was the problem for me. Mentally, I looked at it from this point of view….I have given my body up to bear 3 children and have given my 3 kids everything that a Mother can give. I have stood beside my Active Duty husband for the past 5 years as he deployed out many times for long periods of time. I have given everything a person can give and don’t regret a single thing that I have been through. In the end, and now that we have decided that we are done having kids and are focusing on raising our kids, I wanted to do something for myself. It was TIME for me to feel like a woman again. Searching the internet for Plastic Surgeons was a very time consuming thing. I would spend every night on the computer searching and reviewing Doctors and their credentials. I would bookmark pages and pages of possible surgeons and look through hundreds of pictures of their work. When I finally felt that I had viewed all the surgeons that were out there I then started to look into their particular background, schooling, credentials, awards, malpractice lawsuits, experience, and LOADS of other ‘must haves”. I narrowed it down to just a few Doctors and then intensively looked into each other their reviews and end result pictures. I needed to see pictures of women who have the SAME issue as I am dealing with. I needed a woman who was my weight and height and a starting result with an ending result that fit me. I finally got the hit I needed and it was 1000% POSITIVE that the Doctor I wanted to meet was Dr. Pousti. I was SO excited at this point. I made an appointment and counted down the days to meet the person I was looking for this whole time. Speeding things up a bit (going to TRY to make this short and sweet). I walked into the office and was warmly welcomed. The staff that worked with Dr. Pousti were extremely nice and professional and were happy to answer ANY crazy questions I had. I was examined by the Doctor and he told me that he’s not shy about turning people away if he feels that they are not the perfect candidate. He also said that if what I wanted was NOT practical and was something that he knew (from experience) would NOT be the best for me, he would be very honest and open about it. Having a family full of medical professionals, I know that this type of conversation was a very truthful trusting one. Dr. Pousti promised (and how many Doctors would actually use that word, now a days) that if I put my trust in him, he would make me proud. That was it! I knew in my bones that THIS was the person that I would, ultimately, put my life into the hands of. The rest of the appointment put me at ease and with the staff showing me pictures, answering my questions, giving me REAL input, seeing real life breast augmentations on some of the women there, and even speaking with other patients who were there for their follow-up appointments (who had just had my procedure done)…I was ready to go through with all this. I was scheduled for my surgery about a month later and the initial leading up to the surgery was a scary one. I had never been put under nor had a surgery done. I was scared. VERY scared! The staff called a few times to make sure I was ok and to answer any questions before hand and to calm me down and talk me through everything. I also received a personal call from Dr. Pousti (which I missed but he left on my answering machine) telling me that I am in great hands and he promises (again) to be there for me the entire way and will hold my hand going through it all. He left his phone number and told me not to hesitate calling for any reason. I said a few prayers and ultimately left it up to God and the Doctor. A calmness rushed through me and I was instantly put at ease. I PROMISE YOU, that’s the TRUTH. I slept like a baby the night before surgery, which is funny because I didn’t sleep a single night through during the previous month. I went to the surgical center on my elected day and had the BEST surgical team I could have wished for. They were funny, and sensitive, and legitimately cared about me. I knew I was in great hands. I had a breast lift with augmentation and am more than happy with the results. I could not have expected anything better than perfect and Dr. Pousti delivered just that and more. I am currently 3 weeks post op and I am beyond amazed at what I look like. I feel like I am a new me. Things could not be better. During my recovery, Dr Pousti’s staff would call daily to check up on me and answer questions and walk me through anything that I needed help on. They really made this experience the best it could be. I have been to 3 follow up appointments and everything is going the way it should. No issues what so ever. Dr. Pousti sees me at every appointment and takes the time to give me the one on one time I need to go over anything and everything that is happening. The staff is always so friendly and helpful and overall I feel they go above and beyond for me. I would do it all over again in a heart beat and this is coming from a person who wanted to go into surgery blindly (not know ANYTHING that was going to happen or be done) because I was that nervous about the entire idea of what I was planning to do. Dr. Pousti is the best of the best and to have something that is life changing left in the hands of 1 human being…that takes trust and compassion and that’s exactly what Dr. Pousti is all about. I would suggest ANYONE to visit Dr. Pousti and his staff and have the experience of your new life.”

Military Testimonial: “Its been a year since my mommy makeover; and I couldn’t be happier with my body. I look and feel great. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. A few months ago; Dr. Pousti noticed I had a small leak in my left breast.(It was actually a blessing in disguise.) He went in, fixed it, and made them fuller. Because I had a breast lift during my first surgery; I couldn’t go as full as I wanted without putting my healing at risk. (That’s why it was a blessing in disguise.) Needless to say; my boobs now look perfect. Plus the healing time was a piece of cake!!! I love my DR. and his staff. It may sound funny; but it’s true. The whole staff is very friendly and has always set the tone by providing a welcoming and comfortable environment. I always look forward to my appointments. I can’t thank Dr. Pousti enough for what he has done for me. He’s amazing. I feel BEAUTIFUL; and I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time.” 

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