Labial Reduction Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Labial Reduction: This is a procedure I have been researching and thinking about for a long time. I have had larger than desired inner labia for as long as I remembered. It interferes with sex, certain underwear and clothing. I like wearing yoga pants/sweatpants Without underwear and I always had some discomfort:friction. I finally found a doctor who had great reviews ( dr pousti) and had a consultation. It is a procedure that has been done for years, but no one talks about it so it was my own secret! The staff was great and made me feel very comfortable. My surgery is tomorrow so fingers crossed this makes it all better Labial Reduction: I have always felt self conscious of my down-stairs area…. to the point it ate at me (in my mind) anytime I was intimate with someone. I couldn’t just enjoy myself, I was always thinking of how ugly my vagina was. My labia also was noticeable (feeling wise) when I would do exercise or running… I just couldn’t take it anymore. I finally got around to researching it, and I not alone! I felt relieved. I had watched a documentary or ted talk, can’t remember, on the subject of labiaplasty (watched with a boyfriend at the time…. he didn’t know I didn’t like mine, but neither of us at that point knew about the procedure…. he said they were stupid, but I didn’t tell him my feelings on the matter). Well I went and did it anyways. I am grateful for it. It’s only been 2 weeks and already I have a lot better feeling about my vagina and how it looks. I can’t wait for it to be totally healed! The healing process and been quite the breeze. First few days was a bit sore, mostly tender, not much pain. So far, it has been 2 weeks to date and the pain is gone. Not fully healed, but it doesn’t bother me pain wise or anything. Just can’t wait for the full recovery. He is wonderful. He is very understanding and friendly and professional. At my first visit he even told me that I’m “normal down there”, so I should take that into consideration— coming from the professional he said I didn’t need it. I assume most plastic surgeons just want money and if you want something, they push you. He didn’t. Even after all my deliberation, I went through with the procedure….. He is a great doctor. Labial Reduction: I initially went in for a BA, but after looking through Dr. Pousti’s website and seeing the results of his other procedures, I decided to also get a labiaplasty. After being in labor for hours and having natural childbirth, my labia stretched a little. I didn’t even know that was possible, but yuck! It does and I was one of the unlucky ones. Given this is an embarrassing issue to bring up, Dr. Pousti said he performs this procedure regularly, and he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable talking about it. The results were great and it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Maybe because I had a BA at the same time, and the BA pain kept me distracted. This procedure was well worth it! Dr. Pousti is an amazing surgeon. His work speaks for itself. If I ever consider any other surgery in the future, he is my go to doctor.Labial Reduction: I wasn’t going to write a review because this was such a private issue for me, but I decided if it was difficult for me, maybe there’s someone else out there who will read this and decide to go for it. The second reason why I am writing this review, is to let everyone know how amazing Dr. Pousti and his staff have been. Having large labia has been something that has been embarrassing for as long as I can remember. It has affected my marriage, my body image and was something that was on my mind all the time. I wouldn’t stand completely naked in front of my husband and I would only wear a swim suit that had a little skirt or I would wear a cover up over it. From the minute I made my appointment with Dr. Pousti, I felt welcomed. Everyone was so professional and so welcoming. My consultation was the same, Cindi was amazing and never made me feel ashamed or uncomfortable. I knew I would be well taken care of. The morning of the surgery, Dr. Pousti had me look in the mirror and show me what he was going to do (I nearly died as I absolutely hated looking at my vagina!). I remember telling him all I wanted was a “cute crotch.” Haha. (I also had a BA with lift done at the same time). When I woke up, the area felt irritated but I only had mild pain and only mild spotting. The surgery center applied ice immediately. I was instructed to ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off and that really did wonders. I felt mild discomfort but never really any serious pain. The spotting only lasted for a few days but I continued to ice for 2 weeks as needed. I only had mild swelling as well. I remember looking in the mirror when I got home (and I know, they tell you not to look-yeah right ) and thinking, “why did I take so long to do this??” I still have some swelling and I’m told it will take several weeks before I will know for sure what the final result will look like. But even if this were it, even if this was how I was going to look forever-I would be happy with the results. What a difference! I do not have before pics and most of my after pics were deleted so this pic is the only one left and was taken at about 1 1/2 weeks post op. I feel like I owe Dr. Pousti so much! Even though my husband and I haven’t been able to be intimate yet, our relationship has already gotten stronger…I don’t feel embarrassed to stand naked in front of him anymore. Huge step in the right direction. Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing! They are seriously some of the most kind, welcoming, knowledgeable people I have ever met. My consultation and my follow up appointments have been mostly with Cindi and she is absolutely wonderful. I never felt ashamed or “different.” She is kind and professional. Helen in the office has been amazing with helping me with doctors notes needed for my employer and Daisy called me everyday for 2 weeks to check on me and ask if I had any questions! Dr. Pousti is amazing. He is warm, kind and professional-always making me feel at ease. I feel like I owe him so much! Labial Reduction: I have had 4 kids, breastfed all of them, and have lost over 100 pounds. I have had saggy, deflated breasts for years and this procedure is something I have been thinking about for years. My youngest is 2 1/2 and we know we are done having kids so I though this was the perfect time. My husband is 100% supportive and planned on taking off 2 weeks of work to help me post-op. Had my consultation 9/16 and booked my surgery that day! I always knew that I would go to Dr. Pousti, I know several people that have gone to him and have read hundreds of wonderful reviews about him and his staff (all are true!). I chose to go with silicone under the muscle implants and I needed a stage 3 lift. We talked about size but didn’t really decide on the CCs. I like having smaller breasts because I run 30 miles a week and didn’t want them to big! The day of surgery I was nervous but the nurses, anesthesiologist and of course Dr. Pousti were all amazing and put my fears to rest. He marked me all up and explained everything again. We talked about size again and decided to go with 350 CCs. When I woke up from the surgery, I felt like I had been run over by a truck. My chest hurt so bad and it hurt to take a deep breath. I was nauseated and in pain but the surgery center was extremely attentive. I had Percocet and Valium for pain. At first I was only taking 1 percocet at a time but when the surgery center nurse called my that evening and heard how much pain I was in, she encouraged me to take 2 at a time. Taking 2 Percocet around the clock the first 24 hours really helped and was able to sleep. My husband made a chart with my medications in order to keep on top of my pain. He woke me up to take pain medicine…my biggest piece of advice is to take your pain meds on a schedule during that first 24 hours! Day 2 was much better, still pain but much better. I had my first post op appointment on Day 3 and they were able to remove the 2 JP drains! Still with pain but much more tolerable. At the appointment my husband and I were able to sneak a peak at the new breasts and dang they look great. I’m still incredibly swollen and they are sitting high (haven’t dropped into the pockets but everything is normal so far). It has been difficult to keep my elbows at my sides and sleep in a reclined position but I’ve been a compliant patient! I just had my second post op appointment on Day 8 and things are going well. He took off some of the padding and showed us how to start the massage process to help them drop into the pockets. My pain is so much better and I’m taking motrin during the day and maybe 1 Percocet or 1 Valium at night (still kind of sore after long days). I am still supposed to keep my arms and my sides because of the extensive lift I had which is difficult with 4 kids at home but my husband has been amazing. Can’t wait to see how everything progresses and I’ll post pictures as I go! From the first time I walked in to Dr. Pousti’s office I felt welcomed. Their office staff is amazing, especially Helen and Cindi. My consultation was almost an hour. We talked about everything! They showed me pictures of past patients, I was able to speak with current patients in various stages of healing and they showed me a live picture of my body with my breasts lifted. It was an amazing experience. After my surgery, they have called everyday to check on me. And Dr. Pousti has remembered me and my story with every visit, despite his hundreds of patients. Helen has been amazing helping me with letters to my employer and with disability. Dr. Pousti is amazing and his staff is incredible.  Labial Reduction: I went to Dr. Pousti because my labia hung down and the extra skin bothered me when I worked out, wore a bathing suit, etc. I felt awkward changing in front of other people. I wasn’t able to go without wearing underwear without it feeling uncomfortable. It rubbed, not to mention I was uncomfortable with oral sex. I didn’t want anyone to see my vagina. When I consulted with Dr. Pousti, he sat down and listened to me. I was very uncomfortable at first just because I felt like a freak and he was able to make me feel normal very quickly. He said that he performs labiaplasty surgery once a week at least and that there were a lot of other people with the same issue. I scheduled an appointment that day and he was able to get surgery within 2 or 3 weeks. Surgery seemed to go by rather quickly and he told me that I wouldn’t be in any pain at all the first day. He was 100% correct. Coming out of surgery and all that evening, I felt zero pain. Dr. Pousti told me to rest and under no circumstances should I get up and walk around. I needed to stay in bed for the first few days. I even promised Dr. Pousti I would stay in bed for the first three days. The day after surgery, I took a percocet in the AM as I was feeling soreness but I did stay in bed the next day absent getting up to use the bathroom. The 2nd day after surgery the swelling went down and my vagina looked so good so fast and so I thought I was ok to move around, not to mention, I was sick of laying in bed. So…against Dr. Pousti’s strict orders and my promise, I made a trip to the grocery store. Needless to say, that evening and the next day, I was twice as swollen as I was the first day. Looking back I wish I would have listened, even though I thought I was healing so quickly, I overdid it. When I went in for my post op, Dr. Pousti knew I walked around too much and he said he was surprised I didn’t call him sooner. I went in for several more visits so he could make sure everything healed correctly and it did. I am extremely happy with my results. I do not have any extra skin hanging down. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. Before surgery, my sister would come visit me and she would basically walk around naked and i was too embarrassed to do that. Now I’m not embarrassed..finally!!!The only regret I have if not getting it done sooner and of course not laying in bed for 3-4 full days after surgery. THANK YOU DR POUSTI! Dr. Pousti was very professional. He took the time to ask me questions and LISTEN to exactly what my issues were. He made a very uncomfortable situation ..very comfortable and he assured me I wasn’t alone. I was more than pleased with my experience and I will return to Dr. Pousti for any further plastic surgery, no doubt in my mind. Labial Reduction: After a few years of research and contemplation I decided to go ahead and get labia reduction surgery. This was something I had always wanted to do but didn’t know if I had the nerve to go through with it and I’m incredibly happy I did. I never thought I’d look the way I do now and I’m only two weeks post op. If any woman is thinking about this procedure I can only say, DO IT, it is 100% worth it. This is my second procedure by Dr. Pousti and I would never go anywhere else. I have complete trust in him as a doctor as he is an exceptional artist in his craft. I explained what look I wanted and it is exactly what he gave me. If you are currently searching for a doctor, look no further, Dr. Pousti is the real deal. Labial Reduction: My surgery is scheduled for the end of this week! While it’s definitely exciting, I can’t help but feel nervous as well – I just can’t wait for this to be over with and see the results. I’m a full-time university student and my whole life I’ve experienced the same things many of those with larger labia have experienced – from sexual and social insecurities to discomfort and pain doing activities that others without my “problem” can enjoy without a second thought. I simply want to wear what I want and enjoy life’s experiences without worrying about my lady bits independently deciding to make a public appearance. My consultation went well. A member of Dr. Pousti’s staff sat down with me and covered pretty much everything I needed to know about the procedure in order to make a decision. Dr. Pousti came in afterwards and did a quick exam – it literally took a few seconds. Throughout the process, I felt as comfortable as one could feel in that situation; all my questions and concerns were tended to as thoroughly as I could have hoped. I honestly did not have to think too much before committing to having the surgery. I have dreamt about and seriously thought about getting this done for a long time. Combining the research I did with the positive experience I had at his office and Dr. Pousti’s obvious talent for what he does, I had no reservations about making an appointment and finalizing everything asap. I went in for pre-op today and the fact that this is happening is starting to sink in. Dr. Pousti did a more thorough examination and I met with the person who will be assisting in the operating room. We are going with the trim method and now I have to consider how far up into the clitoral hood area I would want to go. If we do go further up, it will create an overall more balanced look. My kitty isn’t going in front of cameras or anything but I still want it to look the best it can so I think we’ll go with that if my research in the interim doesn’t prove it to be much of a risk. In the end, I got my prescriptions for pain meds, meds to help with nausea from the meds, and yeast infection medication as a preventative. I was also advised to get an over the counter stool softener since constipation from the pain meds would not be pretty with what I’d have going on down there post-op. Great! Lol. Other than that, I ordered Hibiclens, a skin cleanser/antiseptic, as I was also told to, for cleansing the area, along with some gel ice packs. I think I’m all set for now. I’ll be sure to update this and post pictures when I do so Labial Reduction: Dr. Pousti and his office staff are extremely professional and nice. The surgery my child required was a labiaplasty and therefore we wanted to be sure that the surgeon we chose would not only have the proper experience as this is a unique procedure, but also that they would make us feel comfortable. Dr. Pousti has the utmost care for his patient’s comfort and I have even recommended him to other doctors that didn’t know who to refer a patient that requires this specialized surgery. Definitely deserves the five stars Labial Reduction: My motivation I would say is like everyones else. I’m 22 with no self confidence and it hurts to do daily things. My job requires physical activity and working in the heat and changing infront of large groups of females. I wanted to feel normal for once and its finally time for me to do so. The procedure took about an hour then i went home and had no pain. I’m 4 days post op and I still dont feel pain the worst part is sleeping on my back. Dont worry about work if I can stand there with 10 extra pounds added to my hips and a vest on your normal job will be just fine. Feel free to ask me anything, Best experience I couldnt picture anyone else doing it. Labial Reduction: So I am almost 40 and have had two children. I am fairly slender but have fluctuated weight. I became very unhappy with the way my labia was puckering out. I would wear tight clothes and you could see the outline, which is a big no-no. In September, after visiting various websites, I had a consultation at Dr. Pousti’s office. Immediately, I loved the feel of the office and staff, and upon meeting the doctor, I felt just as comfortable. I decided to go for it, and scheduled my appt. I had both the Minora and Majora done, which I did not see too many reviews for, so I didn’t know what to really expect. I was thinking 3-5 days I would be out and then I would be up and running……WRONG!!! Let me just say real fast, that the actual surgery went great! I loved the hospital I was at. Staff was friendly, they took really great care of me. This was a first actually that I came out of general and did not get sick!!! Thanks everybody…. Surgery day I went in at 9am and got out around 1:30 pm. I came home, had some pain, but not bad because pain medicine still in system. I slept most of the day. (I got one of those back rest chairs you can put in your bed and some pillows and slept pretty dare good this whole time.) Urinating stung, hard to sit down. Second day was harder. Definitely sore, Really swelled up, stomach and legs looked huge. Couldn’t walk great, had to kind of bend over, stick out my butt and waddle. I decided to take my pain pills, which I was prescribed Percocet. The pills are pretty strong for me and I didn’t care for the way they made me feel, I am also a strong believer in addiction, so I dropped down to a Vicodin. I also was taking homeopathic arnica. Started taking those two days before surgery, so they get into your system. The Vicodin worked well but definitely still in pain. Slept the whole first week, getting out of bed pretty much just to use the restroom and maybe a walk into the kitchen. Lost track of time, pretty much out of it, no desire to read or do activities. Showered day 3, felt good, very sensitive on the area and felt really tight because of the swelling, almost like it would crack. Throbbed and ached, so I would not want to stand for any duration of time. Definitely bled, so I had to wear pads. I decided to put liquid organic coconut oil on the area. Its and antifungal, and antibacterial with healing properties, you can eat the stuff. Made it feel better. Lots of ice too!!!! Had to drive to my appointment 6 days into it. The drive stunk! I was in a lot of pain. Was going to run another errand afterwards and decided against it, went home and slept. Day8 felt pretty good. Was up, went on a walk, and did some cleaning up. Next day felt like crap again, back in bed. Day 12 was the first day that I can say I was relieved to have the actual continual feeling of pain stopped. I have to say that I have had other procedures done, my breasts and my ears, and that this was the most painful, and took the longest duration of healing time. PLEASE DO NOTE: Your healing time depends all on you. How clean and healthy your system is, is how it is going to heal up for you. This is a pretty intense spot for what were getting done. Lymphatic system is major. It’s now Day 15 and I have had about 3 days of feeling pretty dare good, I can walk almost normal, can sit in a chair, can drive almost pain free. It doesn’t throb or ache when I am standing. Dr. Pousti tells you in the beginning not to look at the sight for about a month. Of course I felt the need to look so I knew where and what to clean. It does look like Frankenstein, but I am pretty familiar with how the body heals so I can see that its going to come out great and I am excited. I will definitely keep whoever is listening posted. Labial Reduction/Breast Augmentation: My Dr is an artist. I wanted the natural full look in breast. And in my labia I didnt want it seen at all. And thats what I got! The girls at his office weren’t shy to tell me their story or show me their results. Daisy is my fav. very cute/friendly/understanding. Dr. Pousti is confident in his work and doesn’t make you feel awkward. The surgery center was way different then I thought it was gonna be. I was scared to go but they put me in a warm suit, blankets, socks, and made me comfortable. The nurses were so nice and I imagined they were gonna be ruff and in a hurry and they made sure everything was ok before proceeding. I got a call from the office everyday after surgery to make sure I was doing ok, And on my post op they sent me home with flowers. Im so glad I did alot of research before choosing a Dr. Labial Reduction : I realize that I am writing this review a bit prematurely (there is a long road of healing ahead), but I am too excited to not share. I had my procedure two days ago, and I am IN LOVE with the immediate results. I was always self conscious about the way my labia looked. I was embarrassed to change in front of my friends, and it would take me months before having sex with the lights on with a new partner (and even then, I felt awkward and uncomfortable the entire time). During sex, I would have to “move” my labia out of the way, and even during daily activities I would experience soreness and discomfort. This was a struggle that I kept to myself. I never told anyone how much it bothered me. I had never had surgery before, but as soon as I discovered labiaplasty I knew it was just what I needed! THE PROCEDURE: It was so fast! I was in and out of the hospital in five hours, and the surgery itself took less than an hour. Here is the one thing that was different for me from many of the reviews that I read. A lot of people said that they did not feel any pain when they woke up. I, however, immediately felt a sharp pain down there. It was not too excruciating, and it went away after I asked for more pain medicine. I was home around 1pm and I felt like a champ the entire first day. DAY 2: I woke up at 3am in so much pain and could not go back to sleep. I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance, and I was crying for a couple of hours because it hurt so bad. It was a sharp throbbing pain, and it would not go away with the prescribed 1 percocet every 4 hours. I spoke with a nurse the next morning and she told me to take 2 percocet every 3 hours, and voila the pain was relieved! Going to the bathroom was a little rough. I had to waddle over extremely slowly, and sitting down on/getting up from the toilet was quite uncomfortable. I slept through the night with no pain. DAY 3: today I woke up with minimal discomfort. The site of surgery is swollen, but not too bad. I am experiencing soreness in my back and abdomen, but I am presuming that this is due to the fact that I have been in the same position for three days. When I stand up, there is some throbbing pain down there, and I still have to waddle to the bathroom. But it is a world of a difference compared to how much pain I was in yesterday. The healing process is just beginning, but so far it has been SO worth it!!!!! There is still swelling and blood in the area, and there will be for a while, but I can just tell that it is going to be beautiful. I love my new vajayjay!! Labial Reduction : I met with the doctor for my consultation today. I had been to a consultation before, a few years ago when I was considering the surgery in my home state, so I felt I knew what to expect. Dr. Pousti and his team were so much different than what I had experienced before. I felt very comfortable and not at all embarrassed about considering the procedure. The exam was quick – literally less than a minute – so there was not even enough time to feel uncomfortable about it. Again, this was not like my prior consultation where photos were taken within 5 minutes of my arrival. I was so impressed with everyone there that I booked my surgery date immediately. It sounds strange, but it’s in two weeks and I cannot wait! Labial Reduction : For years I was so embarrassed about my labia minora because they were large and you could see them sticking out of my body, even with my legs closed. I never spoke to anyone about it until I learned it was a common issue that could be fixed! A good friend recommended Dr. Pousti. From day one, all of his staff made me feel very comfortable, both in his office and @ the surgical center, especially given the personal nature of my procedure. It has been a totally positive experience. I never had any type of surgery before this. The nurses were amazing the day of the procedure. They made me feel so safe and comfortable. And it was really quick! I got to the surgical center @ 10:30 a.m. and was home on my couch eating lunch and watching tv by 3:00 p.m. There was absolutely no pain at all for the first several hours after being home. It wasn’t until late that night/ early the next morning that I needed a pain killer. In fact I only took the pain killers every few hours the day after surgery. Then I mainly needed them when I went to bed for the next couple days. It has only been a week and I am back to work and feel great! Recovery was a total breeze. Just a few days of bed/couch rest. (I used ice on the area religiously everyday for a week.) Dr. Pousti makes you feel so good about yourself. He is a very nice man and a real charmer. He has great bedside manner. And…. I can already tell that my results are exactly what I wanted. I never realized what an effect this “issue” had on my self esteem until I did something about it. I honestly feel so good about myself knowing that this one part of my body, the most intimate part of my body, no longer makes me feel embarrassed or ashamed. My friends have told me they can see a difference in me already… That I’m “glowing.” I am 43 and I just wish I did this for myself when I was 23! Labial Reduction : I am 28 years old and I had been insecure about my labia minora for about a decade before deciding to get the surgery. I am very active and enjoy being outdoors, but I would experience discomfort when riding a bike, running, and wearing tight clothing. I was even insecure about wearing bathing suits because I felt like people would be able to tell that my labia minora was longer than normal. The extra skin would get in the way during sexual intercourse and would make it uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I was embarrassed by the appearance of my vagina and over the years would make sure to cover up that area around my boyfriends. I had considered getting surgery a few times, but fear and my insecurities would always stop me. I found Dr. Pousti online and convinced myself to book a consultation. After meeting with Dr. Pousti and experiencing his kind nature and expertise, I decided to get the surgery. It has been a little over 2 months since my surgery and I can truly say that it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life and I am so happy with the results!! If you are considering getting the surgery, at least book a consultation with Dr. Pousti. He will put all of your worries, fears, and insecurities at ease. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. I could not be more pleased with the results and how amazing Dr. Pousti and his staff were! Labial Reduction : I consulted Dr Pousti having been aware are my labia for more than ten years. I had given this procedure serious consideration for more than three years and had become especially aware of the impact it was having on both my enjoyment of exercise like running and cycling and also sex. Labial Reduction : I think I owe it to Dr. pousti to give my real testimony about why I felt I needed to do this for myself. He did such a wonderful job, I can’t believe it. There’s no amount of thanks I can give that will equal to how greatful I am that he took such special care and made me beautiful, and made a dream come true. I have always suffered with having too much skin down there. I don’t know why or how, but unfortunately i just have. I blame it on becoming obese as a teenager. That’s when i first noticed the problem of discomfort. The first guy that i was with sexually made fun of me after wards, which made me want to crawl in a hole forever. Can you imagine? It was so painful. I was forced to just live with it and accept it. Around age 17 I had a divine intervention, an epiphany of sorts, I like to say I was saved that day. I completely changed my lifestyle stopped partying and started excercising. Excercise became my main focus and graduating high school. I lost 89 lbs, was awarded the most reformed student the school had ever seen, and led my class in graduation, made a speech, the whole nine. All this hard work i had done to improve and be the beautiful woman that God had intended, wasn’t going to change the fact i had all this extra skin in in a very sensitive location. So I felt half way beautiful. Because I always thought there was a monster in my pants, I know it sounds funny, but thats how i felt. Especially after being made fun of. No wonder none of my boyfriends wanted to go down on me. And they would always say, it’s not you, I just don’t like to do that. Now the REAL determining factor here is my current realtionship. I am absolutely in love with this man. WE are in love. He’s never had alot of girlfriends, so i figured he wouldn’t be able to get enough of me, and he had been pursuing me for two years. I was so scared the first time. I think I almost cried, becuase i was just sooo ashamed of my body, i was sure he wasn’t going to like me anymore. It went well though, and I did cry after and admitted that i hated myself, and he is so sweet and said it didn’t matter, that i was beautiful and he loved me anyways. When the question arose for him to go down, He said he really didn’t like to do that. Figures, I wouldn’t either.. So that’s when the pain set in my heart. We had sex regularily for a while, the first few months of our relationship. But then i guess it got old , i don’t know, I felt like we had been married for thirty years. It really sucked. I knew it had to be me. So I lost 30 pounds. Still no sex. The pain in my heart grew and grew untill it became almost debilitating. I was so sad i couldn’t move sometimes. It was effecting my whole life, my job performance, my memory, my will to do anything, my realtionship. It was destroying me. I was constantly accusing jmy b.f. of cheating because he lost interest. And now that I look back I don’t blame him , who gets turned on by a depressed girl. So it was destroying us. I couldn’t loose him or myself to this, but i was. Then I discovered Dr. Pousti’s website. I was searching for breast augmentation (thats the next step) because after such a dramatic weight loss, I was left with stretched out saggy boobs which is no fun either. I am too young for this. Then i saw this labia reduction and began to realize that i am not the only one suffering. Either way it’s still super embarassing to go and talk about it. But Dr. Pousti and his staff made me feel welcomed and asured me that I was’t a freak and I wasn’t alone in this. I have to admit i was skeptical at first, I really didn’t think there was anything that could be done , and that he was going to take my money and tell me that’s it. I really never thought it would turn out so absolutely perfect. It’s better than i ever imagined. And I am soooo happy to say that we have a sex life again. My realtionship is saved.YOU SAVED MY REALTIONSHIP. ( he goes down on me all the time now) We both love it. And that pain in my heart , It’s gone!! I mean I am still a little sad about my breasts, but I am hopeful at least, because I know something can be done, and I am saving towards that goal. But I am not catatonically depressed anymore, my life is back in order, I am doing great at work, got a second job, I am just so much more confident. It doesn’t hurt when i ride my bike or go jogging anymore. I feel free of that burden, to me that’s what it was. Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and staff.

Breast Augmentation/Labial Reduction :

I am 31 years old, a teacher and a research practitioner. It was just seven weeks ago that I had both breast augmentation and labia minora reduction procedures by Dr. Tom Pousti. Since both procedures are in very sensitive and private areas, I would not go to just any plastic surgeon. I had many friends make recommendations to me as to where to go and had gone to approximately a dozen consultation (maybe more) from Coronado to Beverly Hills. Once I narrowed it down to the top two, I consulted with them again. I chose Dr. Pousti because he had the best credentials, he is a true artist, and he is the most personable doctor you will ever come across. I know I could trust him and I do not trust many people in general. He took A LOT of time to answer all of my questions and provided me with his expertise in assisting me to “design” the most natural look that I was unfortunately not born with. Additionally, he was very nurturing throughout the entire experience. I am naturally a very anxious person and was quite nervous. I never once felt like “just another patient”. I always felt taken care of.

After I had made my decision, I collected various pictures of what I did not want to look like as well as what I had wanted. Dr. Pousti studied these photos I had brought to him and then asked me questions and together we designed my new breasts and labia minora. You are probably thinking what is that? It is the stretchy inner lips of the vagina and I was very uncomfortable with the way mine appeared. It interfered with my sexual encounters since I was a late teen. I was embarrassed and I can say I am extremely happy with the results. (I had asked my OBGYN on various occasions if they could do this procedure and they did not recommend it. They even had said that there was a good chance of losing sensitivity during intercourse. Well, I can vouch that that is not true. It is even more wonderful than it was before!).

Before I really speak to my results, let me tell you about the actual day of the procedure. I showed up early on Friday morning at the Grossmont Surgical Center. The nurses were absolutely wonderful! They brought me into a little area where I changed out of my clothes and into my gown and slippers. Sounds like I was about to get a spa treatment, huh? Well, that is how they treated me. I sat in a very comfortable lazy-boy chair. The nurses put warm blankets on me and gave me something to feel very relaxed, but not too relaxed because I was to speak with Dr. Pousti one last time prior to being rolled into surgery. We looked at all of the pictures again and had conversations in regard to my desired results. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable! Then I began to feel the anxiety of pre-surgery and the nurses took care of that with a little IV. Didn’t feel a thing! Next, I was introduced to the other staff members ~ all very nice and taking care of my every need. Shortly after, I was rolled in but I do not remember.

Next thing I knew, I had breasts and an improved vaginal appearance! I felt no pain. My friend was there to take me home, but first they gave me a couple of pain-killers. It was a short ride home (I slept through it) and I walked up my stairs to my bedroom. My bed was arranged with three pillows propped up and smaller pillows for my arms to rest on. I also had a pillow for under my butt to prevent swelling in the labia area. (I had set this all up prior to leaving the house that morning which I highly recommend). I had all of my pills within reach as well as the remote to the TV and bottled water with a straw. The fridge was stocked and my friends who helped me the first three days were great!

I saw Dr. Pousti on Monday and everything looked great. My breasts were a little swollen and my labia minora looked better than I had imagined! The first week I was slow but moving around by day 5 with no problems. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti as your surgeon. I am probably the most high maintenance patient Dr. Pousti has ever had “to deal with” and can be very difficult because of my very high expectations, but Dr. Pousti couldn’t have done a better job. Now I am back for laser hair removal!

K.S. San Diego, California

Labial Reduction: I had been insecure about my labia for many years, and finally decided to have labia reduction surgery. I did lots of research online, and was very impressed by all of Dr. Pousti’s before and after pictures. Today I am 7 weeks post-op, and I could not be happier with the results. It looks even more beautiful than I could have imagined! I encourage anyone who is considering the procedure to do it. You will not regret it! I only wish I had done it sooner!

Labial Reduction :

I had a labial reduction two months ago with Dr. Pousti. This is something that I never discussed with anyone and honestly didn’t even know I had a problem until my sister pointed it out! Once I realized I wasn’t the norm, I started looking on-line and found Dr. Pousti. I read the testimonials that other patients had written and made an appointment for a consultation. Since this is an embarrassing thing I was worried about going in, but everyone in his office is very professional and caring. Dr. Pousti explained the procedure to me and told me that I’d need someone to take care of me for a few days and honestly that was the hardest part! I didn’t want to tell anyone, but I told my mom and she was very understanding and supportive. The procedure was only about 45 minutes and I was home watching TV an hour later. The recovery wasn’t painful, but I did have to stay in bed for about a week. If you are considering this surgery, I would highly recommend it. I am very happy with my results and the office staff and Dr. Pousti were wonderful through the whole experience. I only wish that I would have known about this and would have done it 10 years ago! San Diego, California

Labial Reduction : Two weeks ago I had labial reduction surgery and I could not be more pleased. It looks so good and at only two weeks post surgery! I went in for a consult with Dr. Pousti and three weeks later I was having the surgery done. I am 23 years old and suffered problems from my labia minora since my very early teens. A few years ago I heard about the procedure and up until that time, I didn’t know there was anything wrong with me. After doing more and more research, I decided I wanted to have it done. I had it narrowed down to three doctors and out of those three, Dr. Pousti was the best doctor, in my eyes for the job. The day of my surgery, I was very nervous, like to the point of almost having a panic attack. Dr. Pousti reassured me everything would be fine and not to worry. One of my fears was pain. He told me that when I woke up, I would feel no pain and I didn’t. I could not believe how little pain this surgery involved. I was amazed when I walked right out of the hospital and ate my lunch on my ride back home to Palm Springs. Let me say that Dr. Pousti is the most considerate doctor that I have ever seen. He really cares about his patients. His staff is incredible. Everybody is so friendly and they make you feel so relaxed. Even the hospital where my procedure was performed was great. They just really make you feel good about yourself. If you are thinking of plastic surgery, Dr. Pousti is, in my opinion, the best doctor in the world! If I ever want more plastic surgery, he is the ONLY doctor I will let operate on me.

Labial Reduction :

I was bothered by my labia minora and Dr. Pousti was able to help me by removing the extra tissue. He made me feel really comfortable and he wasr really nice and comforting through out the whole procedure. I was really nervous at first but Dr. Pousti made me feel like many other people have the same anxieties about their bodies. Thanks for everything. I would tell everyone who has this issue to go to Dr. Pousti. Thank you! C.K. Riverside, California 

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