Illinois Patient Testimonials – Dr. Tom Pousti of La Jolla and San Diego


Patient Testimonial:

HOWDY,The blonde monster has landed back in Illinois. Guess I should dive right in and let know you how the twins did.I\’ll try to keep it simple. and with-in 1000 words or less.EVERYTHING WENT GREAT!  Wish you could see the silly grin on my face when I look in the mirror. Anything I can do to let others know about you and your staff just how amazing the experience is. Me Being ME – Erica

I had a trouble-free and amazing experience with Dr Pousti and his team.

Early this year, I began scheduling assessments again with three different surgeons.  Dr Tom Pousti was the first one.

As background, I have been in pharmaceutical research for many years and I have worked with numerous physicians and observed teams of people in many countries, so I know a good team when I see one.

When I went to Dr Pousti’s office, the vibe in the office was very lively and positive.

If I had to choose one word to describe how I felt it would be “respected”.  I felt that what I had to say mattered AND was understood.

I saw Dr Pousti, and not only sensed respect but kindness and a desire to make me happy.  Dr P is very low key and soft spoken but knowledgeable, confident and direct.  After I left with a positive feeling, I went home to think about it and decided to cancel my other two consultations and choose Dr Pousti.

This was a great decision.  My experience from start to finish was wonderful, positive and enjoyable.  Dr Pousti likes patients to use pictures of other people as a guide to the desire outcome. I said, “If my results are in the ballpark of the pictures, I will be happy.”  Well, Dr Pousti hit it out of the park for me. I am thrilled with the result.

The surgery was uneventful, the recovery was a breeze and every visit to the office has been enjoyable with such a great team of people there.  Surgery can be a scary event and I felt comfortable and confident.

Positive comments from friends and family, and myself regarding my results confirm I made a good choice.  Thank you Dr Pousti and the Pousti Team!

Testimonial: My goals for this surgery is to have a fuller figure. While dating a German man who insists he is a butt guy, I have always been self conscious about my tiny breasts. Currently I am a 34A or a 34B on a good day, while my lower end can fit into a size 2 jeans. Though I have a tiny frame, it would mean the world to me to utilize the V neck T-shirts every once in a while, or to be able to fill out the dresses as shown on the mannequin. It has always been hard for me to accept that my breasts were going to remain small, as I have been the same cup size since I was 15… I was a late bloomer in that department and was doomed from the beginning. I have always wanted bigger breasts to feel more confidant, and to feel like i can bring a theatrical aspect to things in the bedroom. I often feel more secure in the dark, wearing a t-shirt, or under a blanket, but I have confidence that these new additions will help me come out of my shell. I am tired of having to wear 4 bras just to be comfortable in public, or to feel evened out. I have had quite a few friends go for help in this department to Dr.Pousti and have since had amazing results. Now that it’s my turn I am beyond excited. After surgery nothing will hold me back anymore! So far Dr. Pousti has been very honest and up front with me about expectations on my procedure. The girls that work there are very nice and the lady that will be assisting Dr.Pousti in the surgery broke everything down for me in a way that was easy to understand. After all of my consultations so far I am no longer worried about surgery. I will be getting a max of 400CC Silicone High Profile Breast implants, and will be updating my reviews after surgery as well.

Testimonial: Hello, to all of you who are considering a breast revision with Dr. Pousti – Long Story Short: “You are in good hands!” Here is my journey that I would like to share with you all. I had a breast lift in 2011 with a plastic surgeon in Illinois. I wasn’t pleased with the result and after that I had another breast lift (3 months) after the first surgery, in order to correct the initial procedure. I end it up with very undesirable results; with my breast falling under my armpits and implant malposition – so my nipples where to high and could not be covered up in any bra. The two surgeries and their subsequent, sub-par, outcome had negative physical and mental, effects! Apart from “Hating the way my breasts looked” large scars, infections, sagging, nerve damage, a trip to the emergency room, I also developed a mental depression, started having marital issues, loss of sex drive and more! After the second failed, surgery I started to search for another Plastic Surgeon and after year and a half I decided to fly for my surgery to Dr. Pousti in California. After years of research, I found him, his website, testimonials to be above any other! After exchanging several emails and phone conversations, I knew I found the right person! So, journey starts here… We wrote emails to each other with photos, my questions and any concerns, Dr. Pousti talked to me over the phone, as did the amazing women who worked there and gave me all the answers before I visited with him. I flew from Illinois and stayed in Holiday Inn, about a mile from the hospital where I had surgery the next day. Hotel was good, clean, had a swimming pool so you could relax and also a 7/11 twenty feet form the hotel. The next day I went for the first consultation with Dr. Pousti. Helen greeted me with a warming hello and asked me to fill up some papers. While filling out the paperwork, I was able to help myself to   a bottle of water plus an apple – they were just sitting in the waiting area in a basket, along with other refreshments, for all to enjoy. I was very pleased with the way the staff treated me. I was treated like a person, and  not like a number! The staff gave me as much time I was needed in the office at the first consultation to answer all my questions. For example I could touch all the breast implants so I could feel them that I could not do in the past. Daisy one of the employees, was with me in the room, talked to me, and helped me with getting the medication from the pharmacy that was conveniently located on the first floor! She spent a good 30 minutes with me. Then I met Dr. Pousti, very warm person, good hand grip – I was welcome, felt like he listened to me and we were on the same page. I brought a poster I made, with exactly what I wanted from my surgery, on the huge piece of paper with pictures I download from Dr. Pousti gallery. He was happy that I did that. We talked, extensively and went over every last detail! Exactly what I wanted, what I didn’t want and also about what I had in the past (previous surgery) I was very open and honest with him telling him exactly what was done etc. I was very excited talking to him, without family next to you and far away from home I felt everyone want it for me to feel like at home which helped me with the stress going for the third surgery under general anesthesia. After I got all the information from Dr. Pousti again we went over everything before he let me go to the hotel. I was prepared and felt safe in his hands. I knew he would do everything to fix what was done in the past by different surgeon. The next day started at 6am, my surgery was at 9:15 but I had to be there at 7:15. I checked in, and they asked me to fill out some paper work and they took me to the room. There was a nurse, I believe her name was Sue, very warm and carrying lady. Sue told me to dress myself (hat, awesome socks, slippers and gown) They started an IV, and then the doctor came in. We went over what we talked the day before, size what I want, don’t want and he started marking with a Sharpie on me, believe next Picasso ( in California) They took some pictures and took me to another room to lay down to draw more on me.  Next step, I walked to the operating room and what I remember was when Dr. Pousti grabbed my one hand and the nurse grabbed another and the next thing is when I was at the recovery room. I think I got emotional and the tears of joy went down. J I was so happy! Dr. Pousti came and said everything he did is A+, everyone at the operating room were so pleased and happy for me. My recovery started when my friends picked me up form the hospital and we drove to San Marcos. Two days after I went to visit Dr. Pousti and everything went great. We talked over and over about my recovery what to do what not to do etc. Then he surprised me and asked me if I could talk to 4 women who were planning a breast lift which were sitting in the waiting area. I was very happy talking to them about my journey and helped them answer all their questions and addressed their concerns. All 4 women scheduled a surgery that day with Dr. Pousti. Next and last visit was on Saturday; everything went perfect I got some t-shirts from DR. Pousti, which I will use them in my pictures when I will heal J Again I said thank you to Dr. Pousti and the amazing staff and flu home the next day to Illinois.  He gave me high quality support bras, at no charge, tension socks for the flight home, and a couple “Body by Pousti” tanks! Little things…..but they sure count! Since that every day Dr. Pousti called me twice asked me how I feel, and to tell me please stay in touch and to tell me take it easy. He knows I have Two kids that wants mommy J Thank Good for my wonderful husband and all his support and my brother who take care of my kids while I was in California.  It’s almost two weeks after my surgery and they are still helping me. While writing this review Dr. Pousti surprised me with his phone call, yet again! I feel like a person with heart, while under Dr. Pousti’s care! He and his staff are constantly taking care of you, especially after you leave California, and are at home! They show genuine worry and concern, about you, which makes you feel special and with all that I believe that you heal easier and you have always someone to answer all your questions. I made the choice of my life, to fly for the surgery to Dr. Pousti to California. He made me again a beautiful person inside and out! Dr. Pousti gave me back what the other surgeon took away! I can lead my life now with, my new beautiful breasts, which my husband loves, by the way! My breasts look amazing! And I feel great! He changed my life forever – Thank you Dr. Pousti for taking the time with me for telling me the truth about the outcome for being such a caring and honest person. I would like to thank all employees at Dr. Pousti Surgical Center for answering my emails, phone calls and being part of my journey.

Testimonial: I am an eighteen year old from Chicago, IL and was interested in getting a breast augmentation for two years. Thankfully, I was not completely flat chested but lacked cleavage and fullness in my breasts. I chose to get a breast augmentation because I definitely wanted to feel like a young woman, fill out my tops more and gain a whole new confidence! Luckily, I was able to talk to my parents and they were completely supportive and understanding. Having a petite frame and at 5’3, I was about a B cup and hoped to be D cup with a completely natural look. With that said, I wanted silicon implants because of the natural feel and look to them. I researched countless doctors in Illinois first then started to look for doctors in other states because I wasn’t satisfied with many of the doctors before and after photos. I started to look on the website and immediately found Dr. Pousti as one of the top breast augmentation surgeons in the U.S. As soon as I looked at Dr. Pousti’s website and his before and after photos along with patient testimonials, I knew he was the surgeon for me! When I turned eighteen, I emailed Dr. Pousti and asked him if I was a good candidate for surgery and he said yes. I emailed photos of my breasts along with pictures of my ‘wish breasts’. I asked Dr. Pousti if my expectations were realistic along with the D size I wanted and he said that they were. Dr. Pousti was very professional and gracious from the start, along with his wonderful staff. The closer my surgery date became I became so anxious but excited to finally feel and look more like a woman! My mom and I flew out to Dr. Pousti’s office in California on July 2, 2013 for my in-office consultation. Dr. Pousti’s office is extremely nice and his staff made me feel completely comfortable. When I met Dr. Pousti and was finally able to talk to him in person, I knew I made the right decision. Dr. Pousti and I talked about the difference between saline and silicon along with my hopes of a natural look to my breasts. After talking with him and hearing what he recommended, I chose to go with the saline implants because they were ultimately safer and can still give a natural appearance. Dr. Pousti is literally one of the nicest people I have ever met and just having a conversation with him one can tell he is an expert at his craft. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease (along with my mother) going into surgery. Dr. Pousti and the nurses the day of surgery were so sweet and made me feel comfortable all the way to the operating bed and waking up after surgery. They even played country music (my favorite) going under anesthesia to make me feel as peaceful as possible. Right after surgery I woke up feeling drowsy but actually not really in pain. When my mom and I got back to the hotel I fell asleep immediately and woke up a few hours later. When I woke up is when I started to feel almost like a tightness in my chest and I knew that was totally normal and to just take my pain pills and sleep it off. Dr. Pousti himself and his staff both kept in touch with my mom the next couple of days to check up on me until my last visit before going home. Even with a t-shirt on, I could definitely see that my breasts were bigger and remembering saying “Yes!!” in my head. The only part that was really uncomfortable was laying on my back for the first week because I was so use to sleeping on my side or my stomach. The last day I saw Dr. Pousti before going home, I was taught how to do the special massages for my breasts along with answering questions my mom and I had. I am so happy with my results and could have not been more blessed in finding Dr. Pousti. He is world-class, cares about his patients and one can tell he loves making people feel happier in their own skin. Thank you so much Dr. Pousti for answering all my questions and concerns, treating me so well and giving me beautiful, natural looking breasts! Chicago,IL.

Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing! They made every step of my breast augmentation process awesome!! From my first consultation to my last post opt appointment ,they made sure all my questions were answered and that I felt comfortable. After moving back to Chicago I was able to send post opt pictures and get feedback right away. I’m 5’5 and have a petite frame. I was very sure of what I wanted and how I wanted to look. I knew I wanted a natural look. I had an extremely small breast size prior to surgery. I didn’t want to over do it. I wanted to make myself feel more comfortable about my self. I researched breast augmentation for a few years before deciding to go through with it. After looking on line at Dr. Pousti’s website I knew he was a Doctor I wanted to look more in to. The first day I walked into the office I felt comfortable and I knew he was the doctor for me. I was able to talk to several other patients and listen to their stories. My husband knew I was in good hands, he knew Dr. Pousti would take good care of me. On the day of surgery Dr. Pousti and his staff made me feel calm and confident in my decision. He walked me through every step of surgery and recovery process. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to any one!!! He makes sure any questions you have are answered and you get the results you are looking for. Now 9 months after surgery I feel great . Breast augmentation has really made me feel more confident. My breast feel and look natural. I have little scaring from my incision of the areola. I appreciate Dr. Pousti and his staff for everything they did!!! Thank you for making me feel more confident about my self. You guys were professional and helpful all the way!!! Andrea Chicago,IL.

Testimonial: As for my testimonial, I must say, I did a lot of research when looking up surgeons who specialize in liposuction and had a library of pictures I was able to look at to see their work. I was disappointed with the surgeons in the Chicago area and decided to look elsewhere. Being that I’ve lived in San Diego and currently have my family located there, I decided to extend my research out of the Chicagoland area and into southern California. When I came across Dr Pousti’s page, I was impressed with his work and how well maintained the website was. I read previous testimonials and felt even more comfortable with making an appointment for a consultation. I had already planned a trip to San Diego and had limited time to meet with the doctor. The staff was gracious enough to accommodate my schedule. When I met with Dr Pousti, he was professional, likable, funny and welcoming. He also was happy to see my husband at my side as my support system. He explained the procedure and answered all of my questions all while being direct and upfront about the good and bad that comes with surgery. Dr Pousti also allowed me to meet with a patient who underwent a procedure with him so that she could share her experience with me. Later the next day my husband and I decided to make the decision to proceed with surgery. Since I really was wanting to look my best by my 25th birthday which was only weeks away, I extended my trip in San Diego and once again was accommodated with a surgery date that was able to work with my limited schedule. The day of surgery came and my mother this time was by my side. I was excited! Dr Pousti greeted me and apologized for the slight delay because he was perfecting a prior surgery. Now I respect a doctor that completes his surgeries to the best of his abilities and does not try to cram as many surgeries in a day as possible. Dr Pousti held my hand while anesthesia was being administered. When I woke from surgery Dr Pousti was there to tell me that everything went smoothly and that I did great. When I went back for my post opt and saw the results I was ecstatic! Even though I was swollen, I could see the amazing shape Dr Pousti gave me. I returned home to Chicago one week after surgery and followed all post-op directions and kept in touch with the friendly staff. Dr Pousti even called to check up on me and my progress which really touched me because I have had procedures done by other doctors in the past in which none of them cared as long as they got paid. I am extremely happy with not only my new sexy body, but with Dr Pousti’s skills, kindness, respect and lovely staff. I would recommend Dr Pousti to anyone looking to improve themselves. Thank you Dr Pousti and staff! A.S. Chicago, Illinois

Testimonial: I had previous revision surgery with a different Doctor and, still, I was unsatisfied. I had done online research for months until I finally found and decided to see Dr. Pousti. I loved his before and after photos of his patients who has suffered from similar breast complications, and that was what sealed the deal for me, along with instant great rapport with both Dr. Pousti and his staff1 I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for difficult case involving unsatisfactory breast augmentation with previous Doctors. L.C. -Chicago, IL

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