Colorado Patient Testimonials – Dr. Tom Pousti of La Jolla and San Diego

Colorado Testimonial: I have a petite frame overall, but my upper body and chest particularly was way smaller than my lower body which is on the curvier side. My goal for breast augmentation to begin with was to have my upper body match my hips, thighs, and behind. My first breast augmentation was conducted in my home state where my first surgeon here was able to stretch my skin to hold 325cc implants. I went from a 32-A to a 32-D. I was not informed at this time about how my frame would do best with the types of implant profiles (high, moderate and low.) My first Doc used high profile implants so not only were my breasts too far apart for my body frame, they were also hard as rocks and hardly softened over a year after surgery. I also did not feel that my bigger cup size achieved my goal. I still wanted bigger breasts to balance my lower body and some natural cleavage. I knew my skin could stretch and I could go double the size. After visiting with a couple of different surgeons in CO who all told me there was no way that my breasts could ever be closer together than they already were, nor could my frame handle bigger implants, I knew that there had to be a way. So I searched online for XL implants and found lovely Dr. Pousti’s office. I flew out from Denver to meet Dr. Pousti and his staff one month after an e-mail consult. After this in depth consultation with Dr. Pousti and his beautiful staff of ladies, I was confident he was the surgeon for me. So two months later I was scheduled and proceeded with my removal of implants and in with the new. Dr. Pousti listened to my goals and members of his staff discussed thoroughly with me the outcome I desired. As far as surgery, I was very pleased with the staff at Alvarado hospital. All made me very comfortable and eased my nervousness. To say the least, my surgery and experience was a blissful breeze. My results are so wonderful just after two weeks I can only imagine in the weeks to come how gorgeous they will be. My new breasts are moderate profile 700cc which give me the fullness up top which balances out my whole body. GOAL ACHEIVED! New bra size is now 30G. I would highly recommend Dr. Poutsi to anyone considering breast augmentation XL or smaller. You truly are going to the best. If you are from out of state like myself, BELIVE ME, it is well worth the flight and nights in San Diego to recover before you?re back on your way home feeling very content with your NEW BOD! !

Testimonial: Dr. Pousti did a great job. I have been to 3 doctors and he is the BEST. I had such a good experience. I LOVE my big beautiful breast. They are amazing, now my sister wants BOOBS! Thank you Dr. Pousti for your great work! A.R.

Testimonial: I flew clear across the country to be operated on by Dr. Tom Pousti and I’d do it all over again. Before Dr. Pousti repaired my breast, I suffered from symmastia and mal-positioned implants; I had two prior breast augmentations by a physician in another state. My less than desirable results from the other surgeon made my quest to find a surgeon, that I could trust, nerve wrecking. With my first phone call to Prime Plastic Surgery, my fears and anxieties subsided. Finally! I found someone who understood symmastia and who repaired it in the past. I chose Dr. Pousti with a critical eye. He would have the difficult task of fixing another physician’s mistakes. I work with physicians for a living and I’ve never met a surgeon like Dr. Pousti. He listens to his patients and treats them with a profound amount of respect. It was clear to me that his goal was helping me to achieve the look I desired, opposed to other doctors who would tell me what they thought I should look like. When I flew out for my appointment, he took full advantage of what little time I had and allowed me to stay until I was absolutely positive he answered every one of my questions. In the past, other surgeons simply left me alone in a cold office with a box of implants while telling me “put them under your shirt and decide what you like.” Dr. Pousti genuinely listened to what I had to say. Women have a strong sixth sense when it comes to determining when something or someone is right for you. My sixth sense reassured me that Dr. Pousti was the best surgeon for me. I must add that it wasn’t solely Dr Pousti that played a contributing role in my decision to have him operate on me, but also his diverse cliental. As I sat in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but notice the plentitude of cultures around me. The different cultures gave me the confidence that he was well rounded; he had the ability to operate and communicate with a diverse population. Now, about my breasts! Ladies (men too!), before I met Dr. Pousti my breasts were appalling! Everyday I would wake up distressed trying to figure out what clothes I could wear to cover up my symmastia. I would go to the gym at the wee hours of the morning so I could do leg-lifts without anyone sneaking a peak of my connected breasts. I would do whatever I could to hide them from my newlywed husband. Breasts are an incredibly beautiful feminine feature, but my connection made me feel more like a malformed creature than a woman. Dr. Pousti was able to restore my womanhood and give me back my sexiness. I love my new breasts! As an added bonus, he positioned them so perfectly that my waist appears smaller! Dr. Pousti is an incredible artist. My husband was extraordinarily impressed with my breast as well; A few weeks after the surgery he stated, “Wow!” “Dr. Pousti really did a good job!” His opinion meant the world to me, not only because he is my husband, but a physician as well. My surgery with Dr. Pousti was an incredible experience. I remember lying on the operating table as the anesthesiologist started putting me to sleep. The last thing I remember before going under was Dr. Pousti holding my hand. Please, take it from me that this is not your average surgeon. He puts more than his hands and brain into his surgery; he adds his heart. I am so grateful he did my surgery.

Testimonial: I’d been interested in an abdominoplasty for several years after I’d had six c-sections, but remained ambivalent about the whole deal. I’d go back and forth as to whether such a thing was a good idea. One day I decided to search the Internet for pictures of exactly how the procedure took place and that’s where I saw Dr. Tom Pousti’s work. The most significant determining factor as to even doing the surgery or not would be finding a great surgeon. I did not want to go through all of the required surgery and recovery, as well as the expense, only to be disappointed with the result I got. I went to the major search sites for the procedure and in a pool of many different surgeons work Dr. Pousti’s result kept jumping out at me. Every time I saw an abdominoplasty that had a dramatic result I’d check, and sure enough… Dr. Pousti did it. My husband and I had plans to be in the San Diego area a few months later and I thought I’d just go visit Dr. Pousti and see what I thought. He was very professional and respectful. He was not quick to tell me I needed surgery, which made me feel even better. I began to see that his approach was conservative, but also capable and effective. That is a great combination in a plastic surgeon. A year later I felt ready to take the plunge and a lot of the reason why was because of the level of comfort I had with Dr. Pousti and about his ability as a surgeon. I learned later, from nurses in the San Diego area (who help patients from all over the area recover from all kinds of plastic surgery) they also thought Dr. Tom Pousti to be the best surgeon that I could have had. I was told over and over again how fortunate I was that I’d chosen him as my surgeon. I simply could not agree more! The surgery was not easy and the recovery took time, but there is no way I could convey how pleased I am with the results I have. Once I’d made the decision to do the surgery, the most important thing to me was getting the lasting result I wanted. Going to Dr. Pousti was easily worth the travel and the extra expense of not going to a surgeon in my area. I am so pleased every day when I wake up and see the result of a masterful hand and skill in plastic surgery and the long-term effect Dr. Pousti has had on my body. The result has been more amazing than I’d ever imagined possible! J.C.

Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff have made this process so fun and comfortable. The results of my augmentation are better than I could have asked for. My life had changed for the better about myself. This has only been possible through Dr. Pousti and his staff. I am amazed in how quick the recovery was. The incision of the site healed so quickly! Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and staff for everything. E.S.

Testimonial: I had surgery with Dr. Pousti 6-months ago and have been unbelievably happy since that day. Breast Augmentation has been something I”ve wanted since I was a teenager, but decided to wait until after I had children. I have two young children and I feel like a “hot moma” and a lot more confident with my appearance. I went to several consultations and Dr. Pousti was very highly recommended and my #1 choice by far. Dr. Pousti and his staff made me feel very comfortable and confident in all the experiences that I have had with them. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone. J.G.

Testimonial: Dear Dr. Pousti, Thank you so much for listening to all my concerns and answering all my questions. It’s been two days since my surgery and my new breasts are abundantly above what I could have thought of! My breasts look absolutely beautiful! The travel from Colorado to San Diego was well worth the considerations. Your skills at doing the revisionary work necessary for removing my 29 year old implants while achieving the desired size that I wanted speaks volumes about being a great doctor! Kudos to you and your wonderful staff. Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail. You’re the best!! S.J.


My name is Victoria I am a 23 years old from Colorado Springs. I originally had a breast augmentation in 2008 and went 400cc saline. The doctor that I had do my first one was great in understanding that I wanted to go very natural looking, I just wanted a bit bigger, the only thing I didn’t understand was I had a very wide chest bone and I naturally have what is called tuberous breasts. Which means my breast almost look cone shaped. I also had very tight tissue underneath that was constricting my breasts out to the side. I always knew something looked different about my breasts but I couldn’t quite figure it out. I wanted very nice cleavage all the way around and full round breasts. I wanted to go bigger but I didn’t want to look like I had beach balls on my chest or look so big I looked uncomfortable. But I wanted a breast augmentation that I didn’t have to still wear a push up bra. And i figured the way I could do that was go larger in diameter around to bring them slightly closer together, and have enough cleavage on top bottom and sides, but most surgeons would only do 800cc max. Well that wasn’t going to satisfy me in the look I was going for. 1000cc saline was the number I thought would bring me to the look I was going for, at first the number kind of scared me. So after some research my husband and I found Dr. Pousti I loved the work that I saw so I knew I had found the perfect surgeon. After looking at all the pics. I knew i needed to be in the larger numbers. So I decided to go for it. I emailed Dr. Pousti explained to him what I wanted and he email me back and said he understood what I was looking for. I scheduled an appointment to come in. I know people say they are nervous about surgery but I don’t think anyone knew how wrecked my nerves were, I had no family close by and my husband was deployed to Iraq. When I walked in for the consultation appointment the ladies were all so very helpful and nice. Miss wonderful Vanessa took pictures, and talked a little about the procedure and what they do in surgery. When I met Dr. Pousti we went over pictures of models that I brought in with the characteristics of how I wanted my breast to look. After carefully viewing them he knew what I wanted and knew he would do his best to create the look I wanted. I also explained to Dr. Pousti that I am a very active woman I lift weights in the gym 5-6 days a week and will soon be possibly competing in fitness shows that will drastically change my weight for a couple of days so didn’t want to look funny. The day of the surgery I was so nervous, but the nurses there kept me laughing and smiling and kept reassuring me I was in good hands. When Dr. Pousti came in we talked a lot more about what I wanted, his only concern was I might not have enough skin to stretch that much because I’m smaller. I was a little disappointed but he was the professional and I knew he knew what he was doing. I knew he wouldn’t do something that would hurt me or cause problems in the long run. So after all my questions were answered I went into the surgery room, I felt so comfortable with Dr. Pousti and the nurses they still had me laughing before I went under. After I woke up from the anesthesia I was a little out of it but when I looked down and saw 4 digits written on my oh so wonderful new cleavage I couldn’t stop smiling no matter how sedated I was. Dr. Pousti came to personally see that I was doing okay. After 1 day I went in to have a check up to see how I was doing. Dr. Pousti checked my incisions and explained that after he got in there he removed my old implants and removed the tissue that was constricting my breasts. After placing some sizers to see what would work he realized not only could he place 1000cc but 1110cc would give me the look I was going for. there was a little bruising at first but that was expected it went away very quickly. I was able to shower with covering my incisions and after about 2-3 days I was feeling like myself. I had the surgery on a Tues. and was back at work Monday, being very careful of course but I have been recovering a lot quicker than I thought I would be. The wonderful girls in the office still call and check on me to ask how I’m doing and if they can answer any questions. You’re not just a patient in that office, they want to get to know you and they genuinely care about you and your life. I plan on keeping up a very close relationship with Dr. Pousti and the office. I loved everything about my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff. I love my new addition and its everything I could have wanted. I remember in the consultation Dr. Pousti said “they’re not identical twins, so they wont be perfectly identical. I’m only human I try my best to achieve perfection but I can’t promise anything.” After everything, as a surgeon and what he has done for me, it’s perfection. Thanks again for everything.


I think I look really good! Thank you! I am very happy with my 1380 cc’s which I call “custom cups”. In addition to your delivering superior personalized surgery, it is rare to witness such a dynamic team in your industry. It goes without saying that your overall teamwork and follow up speaks volumes. I appreciate your care and communications.



Thanks so much for your understanding and royal treatment now and always!

Currently, I am taking Pilates classes, started a new cake business, and my surgery scars from 2010 are almost gone. In fact, since I saw you in January my breasts have continued to soften and look more natural now than they did. I think you would agree that Dr. Pousti did an excellent job on my reconstruction. D.D

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