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Dr. Tom Pousti is a highly skilled breast enlargement Las Vegas specialist who has built an extremely credible national and international reputation. Based in Southern California, all of his out-of-state patients find great value and peace of mind in traveling to beautiful and sunny San Diego to pursue this important surgery under the gentle and skilled care of Dr. Tom Pousti. In the paragraphs below, Dr. Pousti describes the breast augmentation procedure, including information about breast implants and breast enlargement. He has helped many breast implant and breast enlargement patients from Las Vegas achieve a more youthful and shapely appearance.

“This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti”

Dr. Tom Pousti now uses The Keller Funnel Method during Breast Augmentation Procedures for Silicone Gel Implants.

The Surgical Procedure The breast augmentation procedure takes approximately two hours with placement of the implants typically centered on the nipple and areola. Often, the patient decides whether the implant is placed above or below the muscle. Likewise, the incisions used to place the implant vary with patient preference and anatomy. The surgery is performed in a state of the art outpatient surgical center under general anesthesia. The size and type of implant to be used, along with their relative advantages will be discussed with your doctor at the pre-operative appointment. What To Expect After The Surgery Rest in bed is the order of the day, along with plenty of fluids and no aggravation. During the first week, a brassiere will be fitted and you will be permitted to shower, perhaps as quickly as two to three days post-op. Initially, the breasts will appear to be slightly higher than normal. Over three to six weeks the implant will descend to a more natural position. Also, the chest will feel somewhat sore for the first few days. This should abate very quickly, and by the end of the first week you should be very comfortable.

Testimonials From Patients from Las Vegas “I cant thank you enough for my new AMAZING boobs. OMG I’m obsessed with them. I can’t stop starring at them. When I came into your office the first time I literally hated my boobs and the work Garth Fisher did…Horrible, horrible job. I felt like my boobs ruined my whole body. I honestly didn’t even think that it was possible to have boobs like the ones that you gave me! I can not express my gratitude! You made my DREAMS COME TRUE! Literally. I have the boobs I use to fantasize that I had on my body. I can’t even wait to show them off on Halloween and in bikinis! “I had been doing my research since my first… 25 Feb 2016 2 months post I had been doing my research since my first revision in 2010. I live in Las Vegas and people assume that because I am from here I should be able to find a great doctor. I thought I did, but what I found is that not every great doctor is great at revisions. My revision in 2010 was after already having my previous implants for 12 years. Since I knew I wasn’t having any more children I decidedto get them redone. I was more unsatisfied than I was with my old ones and it was obviously very upsetting. After doing my research I decided I would consult with 2 of the best revision doctors that kept popping up in my research. They both specialize in the internal bra that I knew I wanted. I flew to Florida for my first consult. He advised me on the internal bra as well as a lift. When I saw Dr. Pousti he said a lift wouldn’t be necessary. He didn’t want me to have the possible scarring from a lift if it wasn’t necessary. Since I am Hispanic and have darker skin the chance of scarring is more prevalent. Dr. Pousti and his team spent well over an hour going over my needs and concerns. I never felt rushed, and really felt good about him from the minute I left. Vanessa, his amazing assistant contacted me the next day to see if I had any questions about my consult and I scheduled with her that day. Fast forward to surgery date. Dr. Pousti has the best bedside manner I have ever seen. He really wants you to feel comfortable and at ease. I didn’t realize until the day of surgery that Dr. Pousti posts your goal pictures on the wall the day of surgery. 3 days after surgery I started feeling sick and had a fever. I was so nervous that maybe I had gotten an infection so I emailed Dr. Pousti and he responded immediately and even gave me his personal phone number if needed. It was a horrible time to get the flu, but I slept it off and before I knew it I was just dealing with breast healing. I can’t say enough about Dr. Pousti and the rest of the Prime Plastic Surgery staff. I was contacted daily for the first 2 weeks after surgery. I am 9m weeks post op and I have the breasts that I envisioned about!” My ONLY regret now was that I didn’t go bigger! I’m SOOOO glad that you overfilled them to 700 and didn’t listen to my 600 request. LOL! I didn’t know that they would come out this amazing, and now I wish they were bigger! But still, I’m SO in love with them!! Hopefully you will see me again in the future to get them even bigger! Thank you for existing. You’re the most amazing surgeon and I feel so blessed to have found you. All other surgeons should bow down to you, cause no one holds a candle to you…. I LOVE you Pousti!! <3″

“This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti”

Testimonial “Dr. Pousti and staff are top notch professional in all that they do. I felt welcome from my first visit, to my last, I have now moved out of state due to a job transfer, and miss the Doctor and great staff for follow ups. Dr. Pousti gave me back my body, that child bearing, weight gain / loss had robbed me of over the last 30 plus years. He performed a breast lift, augmentation and tummy tuck, and I love how I look, I love even more the compliments that I will never tire of hearing from family and friends. Dr. Pousti, is one caring individual, that always greets you with a smile and friendly hand shake. He is a kind and caring individual always. I highly recommend to anyone considering plastic surgery to see Dr. Pousti, you won’t regret your decision. Thank you for everything Dr. Pousti & staff.” Testimonial Before even meeting Dr. Pousti, I knew he was going to be the doctor for me. I was searching on the internet for Laser Hair Removal and Breast Augmentation (in San Diego) and found Dr. Pousti’s website. Just by his page alone, I was absolutely impressed. It was by far the most informational and helpful resource I’ve seen on plastic surgery. I picked up the phone and made an appointment immediately! Dr. Pousti and his staff are incredible…the most personable, caring, and friendliest people. I felt comfortable around them from the get-go. I went to Dr. Pousti’s office for months getting monthly Laser Hair Removal treatments. Great results! Breast implants were always in the back of my mind, but I did not care for them at the time. I was always half/half and on/off about breast augmentation for years. My overwhelming curiosity for ‘the other side’ finally took over and I was ready to take the plunge. In the fall of 2004, I had Breast Aug Fever. I went back to and sifted through all the Breast Aug pictures. Pousti’s before and afters are phenomenal. He has more photos on his page than anyone else dares to do; that is really a big statement. It means Dr. Pousti has nothing to hide. Not only is there a great variety (women of different colors, shapes, and sizes), but there are pictures in every angle! Some websites only show the work in one or two. I printed out the cases that related to my situation the best (women that had an AA cup size), and cases I did not like at all. I labeled my printout “DR. POUSTI’s BOOBS”, and brought it to my consultation. Haha! Dr. Pousti got a chuckle out of it, but it gave him an accurate idea of the look I wanted. And what I wanted was a classy breast size to fit my body. I definitely wanted to avoid looking overdone. In the cases I liked best, the women’s results were flawless! The cleavage, the centering of the nipple, the beautiful shape…perfect! The day of my consultation, I was able to meet a patient one-day post-op. That was really thoughtful of Dr. Pousti. I never met someone who had brand new breasts. They looked pretty great already, and they were only one day old! I couldn’t wait to get them done. I scheduled a pre-op and set my surgery day. However, I made a last-minute decision to move to Las Vegas a few weeks later, and all my boob job plans fell through. BUT! I came back! It took me 2 years, but I came back! It didn’t occur to me to get my surgery done anywhere else…not even where I live! I wanted the natural look, and there’s nothing natural about Las Vegas. Haha! The real reason I made the journey is because I knew I wouldn’t like any other doctor or any other staff or any other boob job than what the Pousti Team has to offer. Surprisingly, everyone still remembered me! It was like Cheers! They also kept my DR. POUSTI’S BOOBS printout from all these years! Dr. Pousti and I recapped on all my personal preferences, and set all the necessary appointments. Scars and recovery. It’s a different story every time you ask some one with fake ones. I constantly had worries of what story I was going to be telling. Nobody wants horrendous scars or that ‘ton-of-bricks-on-your-chest’ feeling we often hear about. I was very calm on my surgery day. I wasn’t scared or worried anymore, because it was all happening…finally. The prep-staff rocked! Dr. Pousti goes over everything again, and this is the time to really say your final words. When I finally woke up from “Anesthesia Land”, they let me take a peak at them two hours post-surgery. I was extremely grateful they weren’t up to my neck! I began to feel a bit nauseous as I was being rolled out to the car, but the feeling quickly subsided. My recovery was pleasantly a breeze! I really lucked out and could not be more thankful! I had no bruising and surprisingly NO PAIN! I got a chance to catch up on the latest movies and TV shows, and my friends pampered me like royalty. My incisions weren’t sealed with stitches, but rather special surgical glue. They looked like crusty scabs and fell off after a month. The scars are small and almost unnoticeable. I have a naturally tan complexion, so my scars as of right now are a tad lighter than my skin. Time, they assured, will eventually even it out. There was a little discomfort from the hideous surgical bra I had to wear for 3 weeks, but it’s part of the process. If you decide to do this surgery in the summertime like I did, you will have a hard time hiding the surgical bra with summer clothes. Also, they say some people lose sensation in the nipple, but I was just the opposite. My nipples were extremely sensitive for 2 months (especially in cold temps). Don’t worry though…IT’S ALL WORTH IT! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat =) ADVICE for OUT-of-TOWNERS: Not only does surgery cost a pretty penny, but the travel expenses add up as well. So far I’ve had two follow-ups since the surgery and there’s probably more to come. If you’re going to fly in for surgery, just take that into consideration. I have no complaints though…San Diego’s just around the corner and always fun to visit! Overall, Dr. Pousti’s work exceeded my expectations. My friends and family have described my new breasts as: “the perfect size for you” – “very classy” – “natural looking” – “you can’t tell they’re fake” – “they’re really soft for only a few months”…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! THANK YOU to: my friends who took care of me (Nurse Jeff & Nurse Kendy), all the staff, and THANK YOU, DR. POUSTI!  

  In addition to breast enhancement procedures for patients in the Las Vegas area, Dr. Pousti also performs liposuction and tummy tuck procedures. Many Las Vegas breast augmentation patients have chosen to undergo liposuction and tummy tuck, along with the breast enlargement procedures. Please visit the liposuction and tummy tuck pages of this website to learn more about these procedures. Dr. Pousti is a plastic surgery specialist who has treated many patients from the Las Vegas area.

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  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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