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San Diego Breast Augmentation

 Patient Testimonial

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Breast Augmentation:

I’m a mommy to two little ones and after kids my boobs were in sorry shape. I’ve know since I was 16 I wanted to get boobs one day and seized the opportunity to start getting some consults after breastfeeding had taken a toll on my body. I had gone to 3 consults with Dr. Pousti being my third and final one. I knew from the first 10 minutes of my consult that I loved the office already. I had a EXTREMLEY thorough consultation in which lasted about 2 1/2 hours. I met with a patient who had just undergone surgery and it was amazing to chat with her and ask any questions I had. After meeting with Dr. Pousti I then decided with minutes he was my doctor. When we left the office I couldn’t wait to book my breast augmentation. So far it’s the best money I have spent ever. After surgery the office called me every day to ask if I had any questions. Amazing!! What a great experience all around. Seriously couldn’t have picked a better doctor for my surgery and not to mention my perfect boobs!! Thanks so much Dr. Pousti!!!

Breast Augmentation:

My Doctor did a great job! I was going to go from a C to D but Dr. Poustie said if you trust me I will give you good advice. I told him that I wanted them to look real and they do! He gave me DDD’s and they are perfect for me body. I am so glad I took his advice I would have been disappointed if he would have gave me D’s

Breast Augmentation:

I originally decided to undergo a breast augmentation in July of 2013. The first time around I just wanted fuller breasts. I had previously had two children and ended up losing 2 cup sizes after breast feeding my second child. After extensive research for the right surgeon, I ended up choosing Dr. Tom Pousti. Since day one, Dr Pousti has been very professional and personable. He made me feel comfortable and put forth the effort to help me achieve exactly what I wanted.
After my first surgery I ended up with 410ccs moderate profile plus Sientra silicon gel. I went in wanting a ” keep them guessing ” look and that is exactly what I got. My breasts looked nice, but I was expecting them to be a little larger with more cleavage and fullness on the bottom. After about year I decided to do a second procedure to accomplish the look that I wanted. I researched everything that I could, down to the dimensions of the actual implants. This time when I went into surgery, I was able to tell Dr. Pousti the size and profile that I wanted and brought pictures of the look that I was going for as well. I ended up with 595 high profile sientra silicon gel and can say that I have exactly what I want now.
I knew absolutely nothing about breast implants going into my first surgery. I had friends that had their breasts done before me, and decided what size I wanted based on how theirs looked…. BAD IDEA. Every body is different and the same exact implant can look completely different on someone else. I am 5’5 110lbs with 595cc implants and my breasts do not look very large. I still was able to maintain the keep them guessing look with a large implant. I have a friend with 450 high profile implants and hers are still larger than my 595 high profiles, even though we started with close to the same size bra before our augmentations. My best advice would be to definitely do your research. Don’t be obsessed with a particular implant size. Bring photos of the look that you are going for, and choose a board certified surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to all of my friends and family :-).

Breast Augmentation:

I first discovered Dr Pousti in the summer of 2005. I was 29, a recent transplant to San Diego, and was looking into long awaited breast augmentation. I had never fully developed breasts in puberty and was extremely self conscious about by AA bra size, especially because I have curvy hips which made me look very disproportionate. After reading hundreds of reviews, I met with Dr Pousti and immediately knew he was my surgeon. Not only did he have the medicinal credentials to put my mind at ease (double Board Certified in General and Plastic Surgery, residency at Harvard, etc) his personal demeanor, accessibility and attentiveness cannot be overstated. He is a true artist, not just a medical professional. I underwent the surgery on October 6, 2005, on a Thursday. I had saline implants, under the muscle, and went to a 34 full C cup, which perfectly balanced out my hips to create an hourglass figure. I was back to work and school, and off all painkillers, by Monday, 4 days later. I was, and still am, thrilled with the results.
Fast forward 5 years, I am married and have my first child. I am able to nurse her with no problems, and also my son born 2 years later. While the rest of my body took a hit with 2 pregnancies and c-sections at the age of 35 and 37, my boobs look perfect. Now that my youngest is 2, I visited Dr Pousti again for a consultation for liposuction. I have a lumpy profile on my flanks and thighs that exercise and diet aren’t addressing, and a bulging tummy, which despite decent elasticity, just won’t go away. I’m looking forward to my upcoming liposuction and will be sure to add an another update here after my procedure. I am relaxed and confident that Dr Pousti is again in charge of this undertaking. For me, picking the right surgeon is everything

Breast Augmentation:

My breast size continued to shrink as I lost body fat with physical training. I wanted to have breast size that were proportional to my body type and still look great in clothes. I requested a consultation with Dr. Pousti because he has great reviews and I was impressed with his answers on Internet forums. He was very down to earth during the consultation and explained why he chose to do plastic surgery and how enjoys helping people. His staff was very friendly and answered any questions I had. The night before surgery he called to give final instructions and to assure me I was in good hands. On the morning of surgery everyone at the surgery center was polite, professional, and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Pousti and his staff went over my desired outcome one more time to ensure that everyone was on the same page. I wanted silicone implants that were around 400-450 cc to give me the look of a full C cup. I received a 435 cc Sentra silicone implant. He held my hand as I drifted off and played tropical music to put everyone in the OR in a happy mood. In the recovery room I felt a sore in the chest. I felt like I had just bench pressed a 100 times. By the time I got home I could definitely feel the pain from my pectoral muscles had been cut. For the first two days I needed help getting in and out of the recliner. Day three I could get out on my own. Dr. Pousti called me the night of surgery to ensure there was no complications. Everyday since, his staff of wonderful ladies have been calling to check up on my health. I called them once about a prescription refill and they were very quick and efficient in helping me in that matter. It has only been one week since surgery and the silicone implants are a little high . However, that is to be expected during the first week. So far I am impressed with the care, professionalism, and kindness of Dr.Pousti and his staff.

Breast Augmentation:

I’m one of those people that likes multiple options and opinion. I went to 3 different surgeons for consultation before making a decision which one I want to perform my breast augmentation. Of course, each consultation cost money so to I’m trying to save you money…. go
GO with Dr. Pousti. I’ll summarize my experience:

First Consultation and Pre-op consultation:

Dr. Pousti and his staff made me so comfortable. They knew I’m a trans patient when I made the appointment and the first time they met me, they had other trans former patients information in my folder for me to call for any reference (which other doctors didn’t’ have that). They also used the correct pronoun addressing me which is a BIG deal for the tran community. They also used my preferred name. He answered all my 3 page questions with no hesitation and I didn’t feel rushed. I was there for over an hour for my first consultation which consist of my Q&A and trying on sizes. I was so impressed with the whole office.

During my first pre-op when I made the decision I will use Dr. Pousti, they provided me with a lot of information, what to expect, do’s and don’t and have my prescription so I can fill it before the surgery. During that time, I was so glad I chose him!

Surgery day:

The nurses made me so comfortable right before the surgery. The surgery was on time and the nurse, anesthesiologist and Dr. Pousti, all explained to me in details what to expect. It’s my first time having a major surgery (that I am under) but they made me so at ease and surgery went well. I woke up with little pain, great looking breast, and went home and rested.


I’m on day 17 right now so I’m still healing. I’ve had no issues so far and has been to multiple post-op routine appointment. Dr. Pousti and his staff are still as respectful, sweet and attentive as the first day I walked in their office. I know they already got their money since surgery is paid for but I’m so impressed that they still take the time with all my questions. They also gave me flowers several times already during post op!!! Who doesn’t like getting flowers??? It’s one of those not necessary touches but that’s what make them so special…

They still call me every SINGLE day just to check up on me and if I have any question. They even provided me Dr. Pousti’s direct number so in case I need him on the weekends. I feel that Dr. Pousti and his staff are best group so don’t look any further and chose him and his team!!

I will post pictures on a later time but attached is my day 7 photo. I already love it and I can’t wait till it drop in it’s pocket. I’ve been documenting my progress and have been impress on my results. If you want to contact me directly with my experience, feel free to message me at

Dr. Pousti is handsome :), friendly and genuinely care for his patients!! He doesn’t make me feel like I’m just a number or profit for him. He’s not only a great surgeon, but he’s also an artist… I couldn’t be more satisfied with my results!

Breast Augmentation:

My sister had her breast augmentation done by Dr. Pousti. As I am in medical school and can thus better understand medical jargon, she thought it would be a good idea to have me along. I accompanied her to the initial consullt with Dr. Pousti, and I was immediately impressed by his friendly personality and the ease with which he communicated all the details of a breast augmentation. He was very attentive to my sister’s wishes as well as intuitive about her lifestyle and thus what type of augmentation would suit her well. I am in my last year of medical school so I have seen and worked with many different types of surgeons, and after meeting Dr. Pousti and hearing him communicate with my sister, I was so impressed! He is not only very down to earth and sincere, but truly professional and competent. I then accompanied my sister to her surgery and was her caretaker afterward. Knowing my familiarity with surgeries and medicine, Dr. Pousti offered to let me observe the case. He was so calm, very confident in his procedure, and the whole time was very detail oriented and thoughtful of my sister’s wishes. I am writing this review because I have the privilege of judging his excellence from a medical standpoint. I could not give anyone a higher recommendation. Dr. Pousti is fabulous!

Breast Augmentation:

I had dreamt of breast augmentation for well over 20 years. Coming from a family of busty women, I felt nature had cheated me by giving me modest 34B’s. Finally, I decided to research top surgeons in the San Diego area and found Dr. Pousti among the top of the list. His being double board certified was most impressive and the photos on his website blew me away! After meeting Dr. Pousti and his wonderful smiling staff, I was more than convinced this was the surgeon for me! I was also able to meet other women and “SEE” his actual work. What was MOST IMPRESSIVE was little or no scarring and they looked and felt so natural!! Since my own surgery in December 2005, I cannot tell you how very pleased I am!!!! My body is in perfect proportion and my self esteem has soared through the roof! THANK YOU DR. POUSTI!!!

Breast Augmentation:

Finding the Perfect Doctor

I am in my early 20’s and I have been interested in getting breast augmentation for over 2 years before I actually began researching the procedure. It came to a point where every time I closed my eyes and saw myself, I always envisioned myself with larger breasts. I wanted to feel sexier and more comfortable in my own skin. I have been married to a wonderful man for nearly 2 years when I decided that breast augmentation surgery was for me; my husband fully supported my choice. I started searching the internet for the most qualified Doctor, with the utmost highest recommendations and established credibility. I will not pick any random Doctor, nor will I settle for anyone but the top surgeon. After searching a countless amount of Doctors, I found Dr. Pousti. I was extremely picky on which Doctor I would select; if I never found Dr. Pousti, I probably wouldn’t have got the procedure done.


Upon entering Dr. Pousti’s office, I was greeted by the unquestionably most professional staff I have ever worked with. The staff was incredibly caring, well educated, and was able to answer ever single question I had. On top of that, I felt exceptionally comfortable with each and every one of them. That was a “wow factor” for myself. When Dr. Pousti provided me with a consultation, he informed me that I would also need a “limited breast lift.” I never knew what a lift really was until he notified me of it. He provided me ample knowledge on breast lifts and strongly recommended that I get one incorporation with my augmentation which would assist in achieving the best result possible. The professionalism Dr. Pousti displayed told me that he is an expert and if anyone would know best, it would be him. I followed his guidance, and the result is nothing but outstanding.

The Surgery

My surgery was done in Nov. 2011. I was both anxious and excited for the surgery. I felt so confident in Dr. Pousti that it calmed my nerves to nearly nothing. The staff that was working with Dr. Pousti was notably experienced professionals as well. The staff was incredibly comforting and proficient in their abilities. I was very satisfied with my experience. Very!! Very satisfied!! Before my surgery I was a small C/ large B, after my surgery, and 690 cc of saline under the muscle later, I am now a very beautiful and sexy full DD. (Actually, I recently went to Victoria Secret to treat myself and ending up purchasing a 34DD bra, however come to realize that it is a little too small! I absolutely love my new breasts, the only hard part is waiting for them to heal so I can flaunt them to my husband lol. I love the way he looks at my body, more specifically my breasts! More importantly I love the way I look at myself. I love my new confidence level; it has made me strive harder to take care of my body and myself. I can’t thank Dr. Pousti and his staff enough for the life changing experience! But what I can do for them, is let everyone who is reading this know they can stop looking for a Doctor, and contact Dr. Pousti. He will take amazing care of you and your decisions. I know I am satisfied with his work, and once you view his web page, you’ll notice many, many other individuals are just as pleased with the results Dr. Pousti provided them. Everyday after my surgery himself or his staff members called me to check up one me so see how I felt and asked if I needed anything at all. That was very professional and made me feel tremendously assured.

Sincerely, A Very Satisfied Temecula, CA. Resident

Breast Augmentation / Abdominoplasty:

I am a long time patient of Dr. Tom Pousti. I have lived in La Jolla for over 10 years and am very excited that Dr. Pousti has opened up an office in La Jolla. I had always had small breasts and thought of getting breast implants for many years. I moved from Orange County, California to La Jolla, California after my 2nd child was born and that is when I first visited Dr. Pousti. My breasts were small to begin with but after nursing 2 children, there wasn’t much left. Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable with my decision to proceed with breast augmentation surgery. I had seen many plastic surgeons in Southern California, La Jolla, Orange County, Los Angeles but no-one made me feel as comfortable as Dr. Tom Pousti. He discussed the procedure with me and I had my surgery with no regrets!! After 5 years and 2 more kids, I decided to have an abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck). My skin and muscles had stretched out so much that my daily exercise routine was not helping. I am now 3 years out from my tummy tuck surgery and I look and feel great!! My stomach is tighter and flatter than ever. This surgery jump started my exercise routine (because I LOVE the way I look, I exercise and eat right to keep it looking great!!). I heard from friends that Dr. Pousti was now opening up an office on Girard Avenue in La Jolla and I was sooo happy. My kids go to La Jolla Elementary School and the office location is so convenient for me. I plan on returning to the office very soon to ask about replacing my saline breast implants with silicone gel breast implants (since they have been FDA approved). I have seen other La Jolla patients of Dr. Pousti who have the silicone gel implants and they look and feel AMAZING.

A very happy La Jolla patient.

Breast Augmentation / Abdominoplasty:
I am a 31-year-old wife & mother of two boys. After having our two kids, my husband and I agreed that we were done having biblical children. Now it is time for me to get my body back! Dr. Pousti and his staff are the best. They made me feel so comfortable from the first time I met them. What really won me over was seeing the web pages of photos of people who had corrective surgery and how good they looked afterwards. I decided to have both the breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I am soooooo glad I stayed at the Hide Away. I did feel nauseous that first night, but was absolutely amazed that I could walk to the bathroom (with assistance). Having to sleep in a chair was not fun but my husband and boys (3 & 5) were a great help. The best thing I clung to was a neck pillow. It helped me stay comfortable….that and back massage.
I am glad I did both procedures together. I just had to endure the long recovery once. It’s amazing to see how the body recovers week by week.
I am now 6 months out and loving my body. I had the surgery in January and I’m always joyful whenever I leave the office. Dr. Pousti and his staff are genuinely thoughtful and kind. Thank you for caring.
Dr. Pousti you are my Husband’s FAVORITE MAN!

From my Heart,
K. L.

Breast Augmentation / Eyelid Surgery:

It has been 4 years since I had my upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty). Everyone always said that I looked “tired” and my eyes were very heavy. I live in La Jolla and had heard of Dr. Pousti from his other La Jolla patients. I went and visited his office and had a wonderful experience. I decided that since I was going to have surgery and be put under anesthesia, I might as well also get breast implants (since this was something that I had been thinking about). I had met other La Jolla moms who had had surgeries performed by Dr. Pousti (our kids all go to La Jolla Elementary School) and they were very happy with their results. I had both procedures (eyelid surgery and breast augmentation) and am very happy with my results.

~C.E. from La Jolla


I would recommend Dr. Pousti to everyone who is considering plastic surgery 100%. From the moment I met Dr. Pousti I immediately felt comfortable and after just a few moments of talking to Dr. Pousti I knew he was the one I wanted to perform my breast augmentation. I felt very confident in him. Dr. Pousti took the time to sit down, talk to me and actually looked me in the eyes when I was speaking. He made me feel like I was a real person not just a dollar sign. He was interested in what I was saying and listened. He wanted to know the real reasons why I wanted larger breasts. Both Dr. Pousti and his office staff would never judge you, they truly listen to you. Dr. Pousti did not make me feel rushed, time was not a factor. I liked how the other patients were willing to talk to you about their experience through breast augmentation. No question was “dumb”, he is open to hearing any of your concerns and questions. He is also very honest, he’s not one of those doctors who tells you want you want to hear, which is the way doctors should be. The day of my surgery I was very very nervous, but Dr. Pousti made me feel so comfortable and at ease. He took the time to understand exactly want I wanted my breasts to look like after surgery. Dr. Pousti took the time to talk to me before going under general anesthesia and even held my hand. Overall, my new breasts are AMAZING, they are EXACLTY what I wanted. I have a small frame and Dr. Pousti gave me the large breasts I have always wanted. Dr. Pousti meets with you at your follow up appointments and takes the time to listen to any concerns you are having. Every time I step into the office and especially on the day of surgery he made me feel like I was his most importance patient. He is such a talented surgeon and I am so appreciative of what he has done for me.

Prior to having my breast enlargement surgery with Dr. Pousti, I had been thinking about it for the last 10 years. I started considering it when I was 19 years old. When I was 21 I was involved in a serious relationship that would last 6 years. That particular boyfriend told me that he liked a natural girl and that if I got breast enlargement surgery, we would probably break up. “You look perfect the way you are,” he said. I was happy with myself but I always wanted to have a more proportionate body and fill my bikini. When I turned 29 I decided to go for it. Why not look my best? I talked to many friends and family members about my thoughts of having plastic surgery; some of them asked me why. They said I looked great already. I wanted to make myself happy and look great and natural. I started to do my research online. I found a doctor in La Jolla and made a consultation. I left his office with many unanswered questions. Since I have to “see things to believe them”, I left his office feeling scared. With Dr. Pousti, on the other hand, there are no questions that go unanswered. What ultimately made me decide to go with him was because I read so many testimonials from his satisfied patients. I found him online, and it was one of my best finds. I love how I got to see the breasts of former patients and office staff. (Like I mentioned before- I have to see it to believe it.) The results were amazing and at this point, I made up my mind that Dr. Pousti had to be my doctor. The office staff was so helpful and caring. I wanted people to wonder whether my breasts were real or not and with Dr. Pousti, I got the results I wanted. I am a school teacher and my job is very conservative. I didn’t want my co-workers or parents to find out. I went from a full A to a full C and nobody at my work knew! When I go out and show my breasts, people love them! Running is my passion. I would rather be able to run having no breasts like before, but Dr. Pousti gave me the best of both worlds. I can run and have beautiful breasts at the same time. Recovery was fast. The results look wonderful. My breasts look great, and everyone tells me they do!

Breast Augmentation
San Diego, California

Dr. Pousti and office staff,

I just wanted to send an email off to the office to let you all know how happy I am and how wonderful the results of my surgery have been.

From the beginning, just making the appointment for the consultation with Dr., things just went so smoothly. The office staff were friendly and as I came in for my appointment, I was greeted with smiling friendly faces. They made me feel very comfortable, it was almost like they already knew me, like I was an old friend, even though I was a new patient. My consultation was very informative and comfortable. I had been visiting with other plastic surgeons, always with my husband, and had met with a few that were almost upset that my husband was there. Dr. Pousti, on the contrary to those other surgeons, was very friendly and warm and answered all of my and my husbands questions and concerns assuredly and professionally. We talked openly about the procedures we wanted and expectations of the surgery were understood. The experience was so positive and we both felt so relaxed in our choice with Dr. Pousti with his professionalism and knowledge, we scheduled the surgery the same day.

Although we had to change the surgery date from its originally scheduled date, Dr. called me at home on a Saturday afternoon to talk with me about having to reschedule. He was able to perform the procedures, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, on the 29th of October at 11:00am. The staff at HealthSouth were great. Pre and post operatively, the nurses took very good care of me and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Rose, was a very sweet man. They all had wonderful things to say about Dr. Pousti.

Post operatively, my first memory is Dr. Pousti standing near to me telling me that everything went beautifully. In a line I have no idea where it came from, my response was, “Yes, but will you still love me tomorrow.” A line Dr. will never forget…. it still makes me smile just thinking about it.

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