San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti Talks About BOTOX® Cosmetic Injection


BOTOX® Cosmetic has been used for years to treat various problems including eye deviation, eyelid spasm as well as facial spasms. When you age, you develop wrinkles and furrows on your face. This may be a result of sun exposure and gravity, or a direct result of facial muscle action of the skin. 

BOTOX® Cosmetic For Frown And Smile Lines

BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes muscle areas where there is too much tension. Therefore, it may be used to treat facial lines caused primarily by the action of muscles on the skin. The ideal areas to treat are the deep creases found between the eyebrows, the crows feet wrinkles, and forehead lines.

Do The Injections Hurt?

Most people find that the injections cause only mild, temporary discomfort.

What Will You Look Like After Treatment?

Immediately after injection, there may be mild swelling which usually subsides in 4-24 hours.

Side Effects

Side effects of this treatment are rare. Occasionally, temporary drooping of the eyebrow or eyelid may occur. This may last up to a few weeks. Rarely, numbness may develop in the treated area.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic has been shown to be very successful. Good results may be obtained after a single session and typically last for 2 to 4 months. It is best to perform the BOTOX® Cosmetic injections every three months. Then, problem muscle areas gradually atrophy and shrink, allowing the wrinkles they cause to fade away.


If you are pregnant and/or a nursing mother, treatment is not recommended.

Note: It takes 2-4 days for the BOTOX® Cosmetic to work.

Patient Testimonial:

I do not want to look old. I have been saying this for years, even when I wasn’t old. With this in mind, I consulted with Dr. Pousti, the doctor who performed my breast augmentation surgery years ago. Dr. Pousti’s genuine warmth, professionalism, and skill is the reason I left his office the very same day having had botox injected into the areas on my forehead that wrinkles were starting to show. It’s been a couple of weeks and the subtle, yet effective results are exactly what I wanted.

Patient Testimonial:

“Dr. Pousti and his staff are always amazing! Ive been a patient for the past 10 years regarding other procedures. They are always professional and Dr. Pousti explains everything. He does such a great job! I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I got some botox in my forehead and it was really easy. No pain.. no complications. And considerably less then other spas and doctors advertise. You get what you pay for. If you want the best, you need to go to the best! Dr. Pousti is amazing at what he does and hes kind and caring as well as his entire staff!”

Patient Testimonial:

I wanted to write a short review on my recent experience with Dr. Pousti’s office. I called to ask a few questions in regards to Botox. I spoke to Cindy & she was well informed on the procedure & had a lot of wonderful things to say about Dr. Pousti. She also mentioned this website so I could do more research on my own. I’m definitely thinking of setting up my consultation with Dr. Pousti.

Patient Testimonial:

Had a wonderful experience at Dr. Pousti’s office, very professional. I received Botox in my forehead between the eyes. I have major frown lines between my eyes and had a previous bad experience with Botox. This was my 1st time seeing him. His staff was fantastic and so sweet! Especially Cindy!!!! They made me feel so comfortable. Love that they are military friendly too! Very happy with my results and will be back again. Dr. Pousti was very charming and friendly. He made me feel comfortable and at home right away. He did an amazing job and I am really happy with the results.

Patient Testimonial:

I have tried to keep Dr. Pousti my best kept secret, but it is time to share him and my experience. Everyone should experience what I have over the past years. I am an experienced RN and knew the good, bad, and the ugly with cosmetic procedures. I did many hours of research and knew pousti was my guy. I actually travel across the country for different procedures because he is that good! I chose to have botox with Dr. Pousti. I am at the age where lines are appearing where they shouldn’t. It has been 4 days and I can tell a big difference. I feel more confident and will continue to see Dr. Pousti for all cosmetic procedures. Dr. Pousti is the best of the best! His schooling, awards, experience, and work all back my honest statement. I am a nurse and don’t trust anyone, but him. I travel many miles across the country to see him and I leave happy and beautiful every time! I am a forever client!

Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Pousti and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I received Botox from Dr. Pousti a few weeks ago and am SO happy with the results. There is a DEFINITE difference, but he did not go too far. I still have some movement in the area he treated (the “11” lines in between the eyebrows on the forehead) so I don’t look like a plastic doll, but he fixed the actual problem. I would constantly, involuntarily frown my face and over time, it really made an impact, causing those lines. Now, the lines look reduced by about 85%. Perfect results for me. The best Botox is the Botox no one knows you got. This is what Dr. Pousti did for me. Not only that, but his staff is incredible. Because of a scheduling conflict I had to bring in my 20 month old nephew. One of the staff members came into the room with me and entertained him while I received the treatment. I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Dr. Pousti is so kind, SO qualified, and very trustworthy. It is clear that he really cares about his patients. I highly recommend him and his staff!

Patient Testimonial:

I went in for first-time botox for frown lines between my eyes. Dr Pousti and his staff were amazingly thoughtful and attentive. I was impressed with how smooth his busy office flowed, and how friendly the staff were. I was thoroughly prepped on what was to happen, and what I could expect as far as results. I am a pretty hard person to impress because I’m an RN and worked for a plastic surgeon for years. I feel totally confident with Dr Pousti and his office.

Patient Testimonial:

I went to Dr. Pousti for several times for Botox because I had deep lines between my brows. The injections were effective and I looked much better without those lines. The cost would vary depending on how much I needed and how many areas were treated. Eventually I decided I wanted him to give me a forehead lift so I don’t need to get Botox any more, but it was a good way to see how I looked without wrinkles. I would recommend Dr. Pousti for Botox or anything else.

Patient Testimonial:

Over ten years ago, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Pousti to consult on breast augmentation surgery. He wasn’t the only doctor I met with, but he was the person I entrusted to perform this surgery for me. His warm demeanor, knowledge, and professionalism made me confident that he would provide the results I was seeking.
He exceeded my expectations. Today (2014) my breasts are still beautiful, full, soft, and natural looking (if you’re blessed with beautiful perfect breasts).
Dr. Pousti sincerely cares about his patients. His staff is friendly and welcoming. I will not hesitate to return to Dr. Pousti for any of my future cosmetic needs. In fact, he just did a little Botox on my forehead for wrinkles that were bothering me.
Approaching Fifty but Nobody Needs to Know! I do not want to look old. I have been saying this for years, even when I wasn’t old. With this in mind, I consulted with Dr. Pousti, the doctor who performed my breast augmentation surgery years ago. Dr. Pousti’s genuine warmth, professionalism, and skill is the reason I left his office the very same day having had botox injected into the areas on my forehead that wrinkles were starting to show. It’s been a couple of weeks and the subtle, yet effective results are exactly what I wanted. 

Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Pousti has the best sense of humor and bed side manner. His staff is wonderful, courteous and pleasant.  I went to Dr. Pousti for botox and extremely happy with the results.  I will definitely go back to Dr. Pousti once my frown lines start to make an appearance.  He is the best and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Patient Testimonial:

I am extremely happy with the Botox I received from Dr. Pousti. I no longer have wrinkles on my forehead when I squint in the sunlight. Didn’t hurt at all and gave me a very youthful appearance. Will definitely do again. I have used Dr. Pousti for several procedures now. I really trust him. He makes me feel right at home.

Patient Testimonial:

After suffering from extreme migraine pain for over 41 years, I have found relief with the use of Botox injections! I had NO IDEA that Botox would help with the pain. On one of my visits to Dr. Pousti’s office in Murrieta, I was working my way through a painful migraine. One of the girls in the office asked if I had ever considered getting Botox injections. Being a migraine sufferer herself, she had found that Botox really took the pain away.

I went home and searched the Internet for everything I could find on the use of Botox for control of the pain of migraines. I was intrigued and found that it had been used for some time and that altho the FDA had yet to approve it for migraine use, many doctors and headache clinics were using it successfully.

On the next “Botox Clinic Day” at Dr. Pousti’s Murrieta office, I received my first treatment. Within 4 days I noticed that not only did I not have migraine pain, I had NO HEADACHE PAIN at all! The injections lasted about 4 months. As soon as I felt the headache pain coming back, I simply went into Dr. Pousti’s office for another treatment. And success once again! No more headache pain of any type.

Dr. Pousti and his staff are very fast and efficient with the Botox treatments and I am in and out of the office in the blink of an eye. This is important as I am always on the go. Once done, I check-off my Botox appointment and continue on with the rest of my errands for the day, never missing a beat.

In the past, I had been treated many times at the ER for severe migraine pain. I am pleased to say that is all in the past for me. I cannot recommend Botox strongly enough for those who like me, suffer from migraine pain or daily headache pain. And let me not forget to mention the added bonus of having the wrinkles fade away on my forehead! 

Patient Testimonial:

I’m 25 years old and I have been noticing that the area in between my eyebrows was starting to form a crease. I tend to frown/squint when I’m driving, using the computer or outdoors in the sun. I really hated that particular line of expression because it was making me look older and I didn’t want it to start to crack on that crease. I finally decided to try Botox. Dr. Pousti did my Botox about 8 weeks ago and I love it. I no longer have the crease and it looks very nice and natural. I’m very glad I did it. I also noticed it helped me with my headaches!! Thank you Dr. Pousti!!

Patient Testimonial:

I have been Dr. Pousti’s patient for many years. I had a breast augmentation, liposuction, laser hair removal and just recently had Botox. I LOVE all my procedures/treatments!! Dr.Pousti and his staff have always made me feel welcome with open arms. He has changed my life, I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done! Dr. and his staff called me after my surgery for several weeks, just to check to see how I was doing and feeling after surgery, that’s what I call a caring, AMAZING unique Doctor.
Your the best!!! #1 plastic surgeon in the world!!!! 

Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Pousti and his staff were fantastic. This was my first time getting botox done and Dr. Pousti made sure I was as comfortable as possible to ensure the best experience. He also made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted and that his staff were aware as well. His office staff called the very next day to check in, even though the procedure was very minimal and simple. Dr. Pousti and his staff really care about their patients and their happiness. I couldn’t be happier. Staff really care about their patients and their happiness. I couldn’t be happier.

Patient Testimonial:

Yet again I am super impressed with Dr.Pousti!  During a routine follow up visit Dr.Pousti and I got on the topic of migraine headaches. I have suffered with horrible migraines since I was a teen and I get them regularly. Dr.Pousti informed me that Botox had  recently been approved as a treatment for migraines and he has had success with it in the past and he recommended that I try it also. Being the wonderful physician that he is, he even offered to do it right then so I took him up on his offer. It was the absolute BEST recommendation! I have now been migraine free for over 2 months. Thank you Dr.Pousti!!!

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