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Alabama: Testimonial: First and foremost if you are considering a cosmetic procedure you are in the right place! I would like to think of myself as an informed consumer. I’m not at all an impulsive person, especially when it comes to something as significant as my health. When I first started considering having a cosmetic procedure done I consulted with my husband and we both agreed that there were several factors we needed to consider. First, the procedure would have a lasting effect on my life. Second, it would come with associated expenses. Third, it would require effort on my part to prepare for the surgery. Fourth, the procedure would include some temporary discomfort and a continued commitment post op for me to maintain the results I desired. And fifth, we would want to make the most educated decision possible on who we would want to perform the procedure and that person would most undoubtedly have to be the best. We spent the next several months researching the procedures I was interested in having done and then concentrated on which doctors specialized in those fields. The extra effort my husband put into this search paid off as I have been rewarded with an amazing outcome from my surgery with Dr. Pousti. What a small price to pay for such fantastic results! After viewing thousands of before and after pictures from various other doctors, it became very clear to us that not all surgeons were created equal. What was evident to us was that Dr. Pousti is tremendously talented and that he has an ability to visualize what is required to produce the best result for each of his individual patients. Dr. Pousti has the unique ability to make me feel like I am his one and only patient regardless of how many patients he has in his office at the time, whether I am on the phone with him, speaking with him in person, or meeting with him during an appointment. He is receptive to patient input but does not hesitate to offer his insight and professional opinion on what procedures to do, OR not to do, to yield the best outcome. This alone must have impressed me the most about him. Dr. Pousti is not the type of doctor that would consent to doing something for any patient that would not produce the best result nor would he try to encourage any unnecessary or extra procedures. In fact, if the outcome did not warrant a specific procedure he was very honest in saying that it did not need to be done. Viewing the pictures on Dr. Pousti’s website convinced us that he deserved to be a part of our continuing research. We learned that the rate of complications drops drastically in proportion to the number of times the surgeon has performed the particular procedure. We found that Dr. Pousti had done our procedure more than 700 times. Also important to us was that the doctor we selected be board certified in the applicable discipline. Dr. Pousti is certified not only by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery but also by the American Board of General Surgery. We were also impressed by the number of patients referred to Dr. Pousti who were seeking revisionary surgery to correct other’s mistakes. Doing so shows Dr. Pousti’s versatility and expertise in being able to handle these more complicated cases. Through our studies we learned that many plastic surgeons attempt even the most complicated procedures in their offices. We viewed the fact that Dr. Pousti has hospital privileges and that he opts to perform surgeries at a full service facility as an additional professional endorsement. It also is an indication that he cares enough about his patients to assure every resource would be instantly available in the very remote chance some additional unexpected care became necessary. We do not live in the San Diego area but Dr. Pousti and his staff are well equipped to handle fly in patients. We could’ve avoided the additional travel expense by having the surgery done closer to home but we would not have found a comparable Doctor. We could find no one with Dr. Pousti’s similar results within hundreds of miles of where we reside and we felt that paying less would be no bargain if the desired results weren’t achieved. Doing the surgery right the first time would be far more important to us than saving a little bit of money and then having to endure pain and suffering from a lack of desired results. Dr. Pousti’s staff is among the most professional, friendly and competent group of people we have ever met! Our phone calls were always promptly returned. They were knowledgeable and remembered me from the first phone call and each subsequent phone call thereafter. If I asked a question they were unable to answer they were very willing to find out the answer and return my phone call immediately. Dr. Pousti had a way of making us feel comfortable from our very first phone consultation with him. He offered us in depth answers to every question we asked. No question or concern we had was treated as trivial. He never made us feel as though he was pressed for time. He seems to treat all of his patients with dignity and respect as he has done so with us during this entire experience. Dr. Pousti was not hesitant at all to provide us with multiple prior patient contacts so we could inquire about their experience with Dr. Pousti, their surgery, their recovery, and their overall experience. Once we arrived in the San Diego area we received several unsolicited comments from people in the medical field congratulating us on our choice of surgeons. There was no incentive for these people to share with us their experiences but they were unanimous in their praise of Dr. Pousti and his entire staff. Dr. Pousti has a dedicated Operating Room staff at the facility where my surgery was performed. They too were professional, friendly and competent. It seems wherever we went people knew of and had respect for Dr. Pousti and his work. After my surgery we received a phone call every day from either Dr. Pousti himself or one of his staff inquiring about my health, reminding me to do my deep breathing and exercises, and asking if I had all that I needed to keep me comfortable during the critical recovery time. I received these calls even on the weekends. Following the surgery I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Dr. Pousti with a card wishing me a successful recovery. Receiving the flowers were a very unexpected surprise. Knowing what I know now about Dr. Pousti however it is certainly no surprise that he took the time to make sure I knew he was thinking about me during my recovery period. The proof of Dr. Pousti’s competence really is in the results of his patients. I am an actual patient of Dr. Pousti and have received no compensation to promote him or to write this letter. I have no motive but to simply thank him for my new body and to offer my absolute endorsement to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Pousti and his staff! The front office staff has my personal cell phone and home phone numbers on hand and I would welcome the chance to field any of your additional questions. Please feel free to call me if you would like to chat more about my experiences with Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff! ~L.S. Mobile, Alabama

Testimonial: Several years ago I had surgery to correct severe pectus excavatum that was causing some problems with my heart function and lung capacity. It was successful in that fixed a great deal of the problem-causing breastbone depression, but still left my breasts extremely asymmetrical. It was difficult to buy tops and bras and bathing suits were always an issue. I was incredibly self-conscious about them. I made the best of it because I was unsure about breast augmentation surgery. Frankly, the thought of another surgery with a long recuperation time made me not want to ever see another surgeon again! But after many discussions with friends and family, I realized that I would be much happier if my breasts were similar. I would no longer need to camouflage the severe asymmetry through a variety of pads, “cutlets”, and bras. After spending many months online researching the procedure and different doctors, I had whittled down the number of surgeons to visit to 3. Dr. Pousti was the last one I saw. During his office visit, I felt he understood what I wanted. I did not want the fake look. I wanted to look as natural as possible while evening out my breasts. Dr. Pousti explained that breasts are not twins, but they are sisters. He told me that augmentation could help with the great asymmetry, but may not make them completely symmetrical. He also told me that augmentation would help to camouflage the depression still lurking from my previous surgery. Because of my lack of breast tissue (and other factors), he thought I should strongly consider silicone. He urged me to think about it and talk to some patients who had recently had augmentation surgery done by him. I was able to meet and ask questions about anything I wanted. Mostly, I was curious to know what they felt like and what the recuperation period was like. The other patients were honest and open. It was reassuring because I did not want to spend another long period of time recuperating. Dr. Pousti said I could call or email anytime with questions or concerns while I made up my mind. In the car that day, my husband and I discussed the different doctors we’d visited. Both of us were most comfortable with Dr. Pousti. He seemed to understand what I wanted and needed and was not promising something he could not deliver. I also appreciated his candor about how much of the asymmetry could be corrected with surgery. After thinking about it and doing more research on both the doctor and silicone implants, I decided that Dr. Pousti was the doctor to go with. I appreciated his openness to questions and also his candor. A few months later, we flew into San Diego for the surgery. My pre-op was on a Monday where outcomes were discussed again, and Dr. Pousti had another chance to see what he would be dealing with. On Wednesday, I went in for surgery at the Alvarado Surgical Center. The surgical center staff were all warm and friendly. Dr. Pousti came in one last time to check in. He had been deciding which incision to go with. Because of various factors he had come to the conclusion that the crease incision would be best. He also told me that he had various sizes of implants in the OR so he could work to make them as symmetrical as possible. Pretty soon the nurse and anesthesiologist came to see me. An hour later I was out of surgery with beautiful breasts! The first few days after the surgery, I followed the directions for medication so I didn’t have much pain. Four days after surgery, my husband and I went out to dinner and to see a movie. I would not say that I was ready to run a marathon, but I was certainly up and about. My fears of having another few months of my life taken away by surgery were clearly unfounded. When I came in to see the doctor for a follow-up, I was so excited.The nurse helped me out of the various surgical undergarments. I think the entire office heard me exclaim that I finally had beautiful breasts! The great thing is they keep looking better and better. At first they were beautiful (if not a little bit funny looking), but as the muscles are relaxing and they are beginning to drop into place they become more symmetrical literally every day. Two weeks after the surgery I went in again to do my final follow-up. More pictures were taken, and it really was incredible to compare the pictures from the first follow-up to see just how much more relaxed they are looking. With the continued use of the t-bra and surgical bra and strap, I know they will continue to drop into place. I am very excited about the implants and can not believe I waited so long to get this taken care of. Already my confidence is bolstered. I feel like I look normal now. I really am happy I went with Dr. Pousti. I know that I can always contact his office, and I will get a prompt response to any questions. Thank you to Dr. Pousti and his caring staff!! I feel great!

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