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Patient Testimonial: Dr. Tom Pousti Surgical Center….Everyone..and I mean everyone associated was kind,professional,and efficient,including all the staff at the surgery center.There was personal attention at every detail..even now I get daily follow-up calls as to any questions or concerns.It was a gorgeous success and I’m so excited with my new breasts. You cannot ask for a finer way that with Dr Pousti and his team.


Patient Testimonial: Bottom line: Pousti Plastic Surgery in San Diego is your #1 choice for plastic surgery. I am pleased beyond my expectations. Background: I am a transgender/transsexual woman in the process of transitioning from man to woman. The decision to undergo surgical procedures to bring my body closer in line with my true gender was frightening to consider and difficult to make. Once my mind was made up, I knew the first surgical procedure I would undergo would be breast augmentation. Process: I chose 4 doctors with whom I would seek consultation. Dr. Pousti was my first stop. My wife and I attended the consultation together, and we were treated respectfully, kindly, and fairly (there was never a sideward glance as I’ve become accustomed to receiving). Every one of the several members of the Pousti team involved in the initial conultation was friendly, warm, inviting, and concerned. My wife was included in the entire process – it might even be fair to say that she received more attention than I received! The amount of care and logically-presented information we received surprised us both, but that was not my biggest surprise. At one point during our conversation, Dr. Pousti told me I had to correct 1 thing before he would operate. He told me it would be unethical for him to perform surgery if I was in the process of weight change because he couldn’t be sure of the end results. When a Dr. working for private compensation tells me she/he will not operate because he/she is placing my health and his/her reputation ahead of my money, I am going to listen to and respect the Dr. much more than I would without that information. Some may call this decision naive, or even negligent, but by the end of the consultation I knew I had stumbled into the right office on my first consultation. Dr. Pousti (i.e. the Pousti team) impressed me so much with their professionalism and personable manner that I committed to the surgery before leaving the office. I had an assigned surgery date when I walked out of the office. The surgery went off without a hitch. The presurgery appointments, checkups, etc. were quick and easy, the check in for surgery was smooth, the surgery – well, I couldn’t tell you about that part since I wasn’t conscious, but I heard it went well – and postsurgery was easy. And here is my only complaint. This is not the fault of Dr Posti, this is placed squarely on the shoulders of the medical facility; the head nurse in the recovery unit was pushy and often stern with me while I was in recovery because the person driving me home could not arrive early. At some point, they ran out of beds for patients, so when I was sufficiently recovered (albeit still under the influence of medication) I was moved to a chair to wait for my ride home. Again not Dr. Pousti’s issue, but a little off-putting. Postsurgery has been fantastic. I have received consistently professional, kind, and warm service at every one of the followup appointments. The results are amazing – far above my expectations. As I requested, Dr. Pousti has increased the size of my breasts from a natural “B” (in most labels) to a natural “DD” (in most labels). I asked Dr. Pousti to give me a natural look, not a look that immediately implies I have undergone augmentation. As of today, only 4-1/2 months after surgery, anyone looking at my braests would not be able to tell I’ve had breast augmentation surgery, with the exception of the scars that are still healing. Recommendation: The entire Pousti Plastic Surgery staff have been incredible throughout the process of presurgical consults, surgery, and postsurgery care. Without hesitation, I recommend you see Dr. Pousti for a consultation before you make a decision about having or not having surgery and about who will perform your surgery. Pousti Plastic Surgery, and the entire team receives an A+ in my opinion, as they do in the opinion of many others on this site and other sites. 


Patient Testimonial: I’m one of those people that likes multiple options and opinion. I went to 3 different surgeons for consultation before making a decision which one I want to perform my breast augmentation. Of course, each consultation cost money so to I’m trying to save you money…. go GO with Dr. Pousti. I’ll summarize my experience: First Consultation and Pre-op consultation: Dr. Pousti and his staff made me so comfortable. They knew I’m a trans patient when I made the appointment and the first time they met me, they had other trans former patients information in my folder for me to call for any reference (which other doctors didn’t’ have that). They also used the correct pronoun addressing me which is a BIG deal for the tran community. They also used my preferred name. He answered all my 3 page questions with no hesitation and I didn’t feel rushed. I was there for over an hour for my first consultation which consist of my Q&A and trying on sizes. I was so impressed with the whole office. During my first pre-op when I made the decision I will use Dr. Pousti, they provided me with a lot of information, what to expect, do’s and don’t and have my prescription so I can fill it before the surgery. During that time, I was so glad I chose him! Surgery day: The nurses made me so comfortable right before the surgery. The surgery was on time and the nurse, anesthesiologist and Dr. Pousti, all explained to me in details what to expect. It’s my first time having a major surgery (that I am under) but they made me so at ease and surgery went well. I woke up with little pain, great looking breast, and went home and rested. Post-Op I’m on day 17 right now so I’m still healing. I’ve had no issues so far and has been to multiple post-op routine appointment. Dr. Pousti and his staff are still as respectful, sweet and attentive as the first day I walked in their office. I know they already got their money since surgery is paid for but I’m so impressed that they still take the time with all my questions. They also gave me flowers several times already during post op!!! Who doesn’t like getting flowers??? It’s one of those not necessary touches but that’s what make them so special… They still call me every SINGLE day just to check up on me and if I have any question. They even provided me Dr. Pousti’s direct number so in case I need him on the weekends. I feel that Dr. Pousti and his staff are best group so don’t look any further and chose him and his team!! I will post pictures on a later time but attached is my day 7 photo. I already love it and I can’t wait till it drop in it’s pocket. I’ve been documenting my progress and have been impress on my results. If you want to contact me directly with my experience. Dr. Pousti is handsome :), friendly and genuinely care for his patients!! He doesn’t make me feel like I’m just a number or profit for him. He’s not only a great surgeon, but he’s also an artist… I couldn’t be more satisfied with my results! 


Patient Testimonial: I am a 29 year old transgendered genetic male.  While I identify closer with the female gender, I neither present as such or consider myself of the traditional male to female variety.  I have never been on hormones and have no plans to do so.  This was also my first cosmetic or feminizing procedure. I began my search for the perfect doctor in early 2000. and ended up finding quite a few skilled surgeons around the world over the next 10 years, yet not one doctor spurred sufficient confidence.  By viewing countless before and after shots, I developed a very critical eye and could rattle off a list of imperfections plaguing even relatively good results.  Even the majority of upper tier doctors still seemed to struggle with consistency.  There were huge fluctuations in quality or only a handful of patient shots were presented.  If you have spent just 5 minutes browsing his work, you know how much this contrasts and elevates Dr. Pousti’s enormous body of work. (horrible pun not intended) 2010…still searching.   If I remember correctly, I was browsing when I discovered Dr. Pousti.  Little did I know, my decade long search ended the moment I clicked that link.  Nearly every patient I viewed showcased what I considered to be beautiful results.  Every shape and size was on display, all executed with consistent artistry. Now that my search was over, a single phone call began the process.  I scheduled a consultation amidst trepidation.  My primary concern was that I would be refused for any number of reasons, which would have subsequently resumed my search.  Much to my surprise, I felt completely relaxed in Dr. Pousti’s office.  The staff, which is nothing short of amazing, all maintained their professionalism during each interaction.  I appreciated that every major detail was discussed and questions were encouraged.  It is clear in their approach that they wish not to convert one’s opinion, but to inform and earn your agreement.  That detail is representative of the office philosophy-  No pressure, unmitigated patience and instilled comprehension. Upon meeting Dr. Pousti, it’s clear that you’re dealing with an intelligent and kindhearted individual.  He cares a great deal more than I expected, which gained my unwavering trust and respect.  He will not bullshit you or cater to whatever unrealistic expectations you may want to hear.  While this may be a problem for some, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Confident that I had found the right surgeon, I adopted the “shut up and take my money” approach.  I was in the O.R. before I knew it.  The O.R. staff also receives top marks for professionalism.  I met with Dr. Pousti before surgery, where we discussed any last minute changes.  Even at this stage and with everybody waiting on me, I was not rushed.  When I was ready, it was lights out. I woke up coherent and in minimal discomfort.  The drugs administered during surgery wore off shortly, but the pain was manageable.  I dedicated the following week to recovery, locking my elbows to my side all the while, or doing the “T-Rex” as any cretaceous aficionados will surely refer to it. Fortunately, it’s all downhill from there.  Each day brought noticeable healing for the first month.  Dull aches lingered for the next couple months.  By six months, I felt fully recovered.  At eight months, the implants felt of natural origin. I love postoperative life and have no regrets.  Dr. Pousti created a beautiful shape and achieved close symmetry.  My implant placement was spot on until the 2 month mark. Due to bad luck or perhaps naturally asymmetric muscle tissue,  the left implant displaced [migrated] downward and to the side by an inch or so.  Fully clothed, it was only noticeable under scrutiny, but was an eyesore in other conditions.  This also caused an asymmetric deformation whenever my muscle contracted.  That said, I do not blame Dr. Pousti for the outcome.  The issue occurred at the tail end of the dropping period and it was out of his hands at that point. Finally, I’d like to offer a bit of advice to anybody that identifies within the shadow of the transgender umbrella.  First, wear breast forms in public until you can exist comfortably.  Be certain of your true self; if there is any doubt, postpone your decision.  Once attained, you may proceed sans regret.  Good luck!

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