Breast Implant Removal Testimonials



Testimonial: Tom J Pousti is incredible! I went to him to implant AND explant. Here is a little bit about my journey from getting my implants to my recent explant procedure 2.5 weeks ago. I had silicone implants for 11 years. I got them when I was 18 years old. I thought that getting boobs was going to dramatically change my life, give me confidence, and make me "love myself." Immaturity at its finest. The Danielle 11 years ago was a completely different person than the Danielle I am today. Over the past decade, I have done A LOT of deep work on confidence building and loving myself. I chose to explant because having implants did not feel authentic to who I am today. By nourishing myself with quality foods, working on my mental health with mantras, and setting daily intentions, I've embraced my natural beauty. Having toxin-filled bags in my body no longer felt right to me. That is not who I am or what I'm about NOW. I'm not here to point fingers or make anyone feel bad for having implants at all. I believe it is a personal decision. YOU DO YOU. I know a lot of incredible women who have implants and love them, but, for me, it is no longer in alignment with my truth. 3 months prior to my actual explant surgery, I started feeling "off." I didn't know quite what it was, but my left implant didn't feel right anymore. I booked a check-up with Dr. Pousti regarding my concerns about my left implant giving me discomfort and he agreed it had definitely shifted out of place; a lateral displacement. I also had a gut feeling that it ruptured, but from the outside we could not tell. So, he wrote me a note to go get an MRI to see if it had ruptured. I did not go get the MRI because I had already made my mind up about having the explant surgery. I booked the surgery that day and decided to get the full Capsulectomy removal as well. I don't believe I had breast implant illness, but I decided I wanted everything out! Dr. Pousti has always been professional. He made me feel important and confident in my decision. I completely trust him and have recommended him to many women who want to have the explant surgery. I felt completely taken care for; he called me the day before surgery, the day after surgery, and his AMAZING staff also checked in with many almost every day after my procedure. I am so happy with my experience to explant!! I wish I decided to do it earlier. Especially since, on surgery day, I found out my left implant was ruptured. If you're thinking about explanting, I would definitely make an appointment with Dr. Pousti. You'll feel amazing after they're out!


Testimonial: THis is my story! Way back in Dec 1999 Dr Pousti placed my breast implants and I recovered as we rung in new millennium! Back then, I had lost about 15 lbs from running every day and I was not happy with the the smaller size and shape of my breasts. After the surgery…my implants were great! I can say they were PERFECT. Dr Pousti was great and meticulous! His staff was warm and professional and knowledgable and I felt very comfortable going into the surgery at the age of 35. My new breasts looked and felt very natural and I loved loved loved them for many years :):) About a year ago, I started to feel they looked a bit too big for my frame. I had gained about 7 lbs and it looked like all the weight had gone to my breasts and upper arms. I wasn’t running or doing yoga as much and I was getting that” older woman” look. So.. I went in for a consult and learned that its very common for women to want their implants removed after a certain period of time. It was such a relief to hear that from Dr Pousti and his staff!!! since my breasts still looked great and almost all my friends were saying ” Don’t do it”. I felt I may be making a mistake to get them out. After the initial consult I felt very relieved, like I wasn’t crazy to want them out! I felt heard and supported. it still took me almost a year to get the procedure done, but I just did it this past Friday! I’m happy even tho I haven’t seen them yet! Again, everything went very smoothly! Dr Pousti and his staff took very good care of me. they called and checked up on my every days for the 1st 3 days. The surgery was fairly simple and short and I will go back to work in 2 days. ( desk job :)) Dr Pousti also did a great job guiding me about whether I should get a lift or not… ( i’m not) I trust his expertise and experience and I’m so excited about my smaller breasts. Its just more who I am now. I will update you all once the bandages are off and the swelling subsides . Thank you Dr Pousti for making all this so easy and for doing such an amazing job!!!!! Its a very big deal for a woman to feel good in her body. Thank you for helping us all do that! As I said in my review.. Dr Pousti and his staff were beyond great and professional!! DR Pousti is very present and he sees everything at so many levels. He is very meticulous and even though he has done so so so many procedures, I felt like he was looking at my case with great care and detail. I felt very comfortable and assured and the staff answered every question I had . They were all very warm and accomodating Testimonial: I cannot say enough well about Dr. Pousti and his staff. I chose to have my implants of 13 years taken out. My health was spiraling out of control with no answers to why. I did my own research and came to him desperate wanting my implants out ASAP. He listened to me, consulted me when I cried and gave me his honest opinions. He isn’t just a plastic surgeon, he is compassionate about what he does, and he’s honest and puts his patients first and is absolutely wonderful. I was extremely nervous the day of surgery and as soon as he walked in to talk to me my nerves eased. Before being put under for surgery the nurses held my hands and when waking up a nurse was holding my hands as well. His staff called me every day for 2 weeks after surgery to check on me. Thank you Dr. Pousti for giving me my life back! I can not recommend him enough!!!!


Testimonial: This office deserves all the great reviews and 5 stars; it is well-earned! You know how we go see a doctor and come home, call our girlfriend and complain about the negative attitudes, the long waiting times, and the office assistants were total b*tches? Well, you can’t say that about this office! Every single nurse and / or office assistant in there had a smile, was super helpful and makes you feel you are important. It didn’t feel fake at all, either; they genuinely treated me with respect and kindness with smiles all around! It was wonderful for someone like me who is very shy with huge social anxiety. I’ve sent emails to the office and had a response within a day addressing my concerns or trying to find out answers to my questions. They bent over backwards to make sure I was completely satisfied. The La Mesa office is busy and for good reason. This doctor and his office staff are top-notch and never made me feel “less than”…by that, I mean, there is an assumption that you will be treated better than another patient if you are coming in there with tons of cash to spend. They treat you very well, regardless. I’m not money-rich and I don’t dress “up” very much so I always tend to feel a little frumpy in places like that, but never felt that way in that office. It is a busy place and he always has patients but I never had to wait long to see Dr. Pousti and he never tried to rush me out of there when the place was full. I wanted to be able to talk at length about my concerns and he definitely took the time to talk with me and answer any questions I had. There were a couple times when I was feeling very emotional about removing my 22 yr. old saline implants, but each time, they helped me by talking, comforting and reassuring me. I didn’t want to replace the my implants or get a “lift” and nobody ever pressured me to do so. You must remember that everyone is different and every BODY is different so we each have different concerns. A plastic surgeon has to take on each patient on an individual basis and not do these procedures on a cookie-cutter basis. I also realize that you can’t please everybody 100% all.the.time but Dr. Pousti reassured me that he would take care of me and do everything he could to do what I requested. Later on, when I realized there were different methods of breast implant removal…I wanted to have my implants removed “en block”; i.e., en masse and intact with capsules and all…I again voiced my concerns and desires to Dr. Pousti and he looked me in the eye and reassured me that he would do what I needed. I have thin skin and he knew the capsules would be thin and that he’s have to carefully look at everything going on inside of me to make sure there would not be a massive amount of bleeding. We talked about what he might find once he opened me up, and he let me and was very up front to tell me that in order to do this implant removal via en bloc, the scars would be bigger and even that didn’t scare me…the fact that he was willing to discuss this so openly with me made me feel reassured. Dr. Pousti is awesome; you will not regret going to see him. Because I had my implants removed and did not get them replaced OR get a lift, I didn’t want him to feel like I had the opinion that breast implants are bad for you or that you shouldn’t get them or that they are dangerous. I am 53 and I have a much better opinion of myself now than I did when I was in my 20’s…the reason I got them in the first place was to gain confidence, to look a bit more polished and feel more like a woman rather than have a flat chest. I’m not as concerned about my looks now, but I do want to feel healthy. My implants were giving me pain and I couldn’t sleep on my stomach and they were heavy to the point where I was walking stooped over. I also couldn’t run without having these heavy, floppy things flying up & down. And I didn’t like how they felt…all sloshy & ripply. I don’t look down on other women who have implants; I don’t think less of plastic surgeons because of what they do. He does a great service for women, things have improved over the years since 1994 when I got my Mentor saline implants. I thought I might have mold in mine because of how I was feeling…fatigued all the time, foggy vision, ringing in my ears, bilateral breast pain, gut issues…so Dr. Pousti sent the implants to a microbiologist to have them tested. Thank goodness they came back negative and having that question answered is a HUGE RELIEF to me!!! I want to be healthy as I get older, I want to feel as good and as natural as I can. I will never forget the help, kindness and professionalism I received in his care. The office staff gave me two different names of previous patients who had gone through this procedure and both women were very helpful in reassuring me that Dr. Pousti would take care of me to the best of his ability…that I was in good hands. That made me feel better and more than ready to do this. The day of surgery I was ready, not scared, but still a bit emotional. The surgery center is also a very nice, friendly place, full of very helpful nurses and smiles. The anesthesiologist discussed what I needed, at length, about what I needed. Before going in, Dr. Pousti drew his lines on my chest and very nicely talked to me about being positive because that would help me heal faster…he’s right! The mind is a very powerful thing! He wanted me to think about what made me happy and think on that as I drifted off into never-never land. It’s a very scary thing to think about what could happen when you’re put to sleep! He kept looking in my eyes and all the nurses comforted me and just before drifting off, he said to everyone there “She’s on her motorcycle riding right now” (my happy place). I wanted pictures and a video made while in surgery and they complied with no problem! Took me awhile to wake up after surgery but the nurse was johnny-on-the-spot helping me, giving my husband answers, getting me water, etc. As I left, I asked if they had any crackers for my stomach and, sure enough, they had that too! (The crackers were a bit old but still…how helpful was that?!) Post-op appointment, I was given a really nice vase and flowers to take home…how many doctor’s do that?! I was very touched and thought, wow, how NICE! And they were beautiful…with my favorite color, purple, and even had roses in the bunch! I have no idea if it’s just a standard arrangement of flowers they provide and it really doesn’t matter….it’s the thought that counts & I thought it was awesome. So typical of this office…going that extra mile for you. Leaving the post-op appointment, I realized I had no cash for the parking ticket. Normally, they will validate the ticket but they had no validation stickers that day. Without question, the girl at the desk opened her wallet and gave me cash so I could get through the gate!!!!!!! Are you reading this?! How cool, how thoughtful and awesome was that?! I will pay her back next time I’m in there. Now, it’s a week post-op, and these girls have called me asking how I’m doing and answering any questions or concerns I have. THAT’S GOOD SERVICE, PEOPLE!!! So, that’s it, in a nutshell. Definitely giving 5 stars all around for both the doctor and his office staff!!! Dr. Pousti is straightforward. He looks you in the eye and very calmly lays out all your options. HE REALLY LISTENS TO YOU! I find him to be very positive, kind, honest, very thorough, helpful and supportive. When my husband was there in the prep room before surgery, Dr. Pousti addressed him very kindly, shook his hand, and talked about the surgery giving both of us good eye contact. He was so reassuring and positive, it brought tears to my husband’s eyes…that’s saying a whole lot! He will even talk with you on the phone if he feels you are panicking or have concerns about surgery. Every time I’ve been there for appointments, he never made me feel like he was trying to rush me out the door; this is with an office full of patients waiting to see him. He talks openly about your needs and concerns, offers options available, gives advice without being pushy and generally is very reassuring. Way before I even decided to contact a plastic surgeon, I did my research, scouring the internet about what I was about to have done to my body, bookmarking pages, taking notes, and when I laid all this information out to Dr. Pousti, he didn’t make me feel like I was overreacting, he didn’t look down on me, he didn’t get offended, he didn’t try to tell me I was wrong or scoff at my views. He just made me feel like I could discuss these issues without worrying he would retaliate or do a poor job while in surgery…a huge fear some women have! I really don’t like going to doctor’s offices, I don’t like taking meds, and I have severe social anxiety so, coming from someone like me, this is a very heartfelt and honest opinion. Thanks for reading this if you’ve gotten this far.


 Testimonial: Review of Dr. Pousti, La Mesa office. I am a 43-year-old mother of two. My surgery was to remove silicone implants. The implants were 360 cc each side. Silicone, they were implanted in 2005. A little background. I had small breasts all my life and from a young age I wanted to have larger breasts. I then decided after my first child, when I had no breast tissue left, to have saline implants, so I had Saline, under the muscle and after one year they had started to migrate under my arm pits toward my back. Evidently the pocket had been made too large. I then had revision surgery by a doctor in La Jolla and that’s where I had the 360 cc silicone under the muscle. So, having those and then after breast-feeding my second child, I was left with extra breast tissue. My size went from 34D to a 34 E. I decided that being 40 and having very large breasts wasn’t sexy anymore it was more frumpy so I started on my search for a new doctor and to have the implants removed. I searched San Diego surgeons and came across Dr. Pousti a lot in three years. Then about September of 2014 I looked again as I was set to get the implanys removed and saw that Dr. Pousti was in fact a surgeon near my home town that had done quite a few implant removals. I set an appointment at the La Mesa office and on the Thursday I went to meet Dr. Pousti. I immediately felt welcome in his office and his staff are very warm and friendly. Another thing I noticed is that the office and the staff are not pretentious, unlike a few la jolla offices. I was taken back to the exam room by Vanessa, one of Dr. Pousti’s assistants. She made me feel very relaxed and was very professional. She talked to me and took my information and then had Dr. Pousti come in. Upon meeting Dr. Pousti I knew I was in great hands. He is a very personable doctor and talks to you not down to you. He explained the procedure and then examined me. We both agreed not to have smaller implants, but to have them removed completely. Dr. Pousti asked me a lot of questions and made sure that I definitely wanted the surgery. Then came the question, “When would you like to do the surgery?”. I told Dr. Pousti that I wanted to do it ASAP and if he had a scalpel I would do it myself right now. Dr. Pousti laughed and said that he had had a cancellation for the next day and would I want that appointment. I said yes please and the appointment was set. Friday afternoon (the next day) came and off I went to the surgery center. The staff at the surgical center were really nice and I did not feel nervous. Surgery went great, Dr. Pousti even held my hand as I was going “under”. He is the nicest Doctor I have met. Recovery was less painful than my other two surgeries and I was only on pain meds for about four days. Tubes were a bit uncomfortable, but that was to be expected. I am so glad that Dr. Pousti spoke in depth with me about the location of the incision, as my first two surgeries were through the areola and this time I had it done under the crease. I don’t think my outcome would have been as aesthetically pleasing if my incisions (a third time on the areola) had “puckered”. In summary, if you want a kind, considerate doctor, go see Dr. Pousti. Thank you Dr. Pousti. Dr. Tom Pousti is a very kind, considerate doctor. Has an impeccable bedside manner. I cannot fault this doctor. He is fantastic. I will definitely go to him for any future surgeries. Testimonial: I thought about implant removal for a few years before actually having it done. Now that I have had the implants removed, I couldn’t be happier! I was definitely fearful of what they would look like afterwards since I had them for almost 13 years. I knew that I would also need a lift to be happy with my results so I had an anchor lift done at the same time. It is now 3 weeks after surgery and I am very pleased with my decision and the great job done by Dr. Pousti. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting implant removal or lift procedures. Dr. Pousti was very professional and very helpful. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had at any time. 


Testimonial: I was tired of my implants and didn’t want to have to undergo any future surgeries, so I decided to have my implants removed and a breast lift without new implants. I wasn’t terribly concerned with what my breast size would be after the surgery and knew that there would be a substantial loss of volume and fullness. I felt that the benefits of not having backaches, headaches, difficulty exercising and finding clothing and bathing suits, was well worth it. During my initial consultation with Dr. Pousti we discussed the limitations of the procedure I wanted and what method would help me achieve the best results. My PS recommended I have the procedure completed in two steps, first by deflating my implants and giving my tissue three months to bounce back before completing the implant removal and lift. One of my biggest concerns was correcting asymmetry and by giving my skin a chance to tighten back up my PS would be able to complete the lift without having to do as much guess work over what was tissue and what was implant, resulting in a better outcome. I had my implants deflated in May and my surgery in September. I am at about five weeks post op and could not be more pleased with the results! I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Pousti and his Team. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helped guide me through the entire process. I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Pousti and his Team. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helped guide me through the entire process.


 Testimonial: I decided on have breast augmentation in June of 2013. About two months after, I began to have severe pain in my right breast and some hardening in my left. My original doctor, who to my mistake was a cosmetic surgeon, not a plastic surgeon, said I had capsular contracture in the left breast and said ultra sound therapy would work. He said my right breast, the one with extreme pain, looked find and I should just go to the regular doctor. He said he could remove the left implant and do a capsuletomy and put the implant back in. Um, no thanks. That was my red flag. I decided to just deal with the pain since my implants were not cheap. Wearing bras caused so much pain. I am a very active person and going to the gym hurt my right breast daily. I could no longer do any chest workouts like push ups or pull ups. The original doctor also told me I could work out immediately. After about two weeks I went on a run and felt something sort of “pop” in my right implant. I believe this is where my trouble began. A year and a half later I couldn’t take the pain anymore. These implants were affecting my life. I also had a strange rash that appeared the day after getting my implants that spread to my hands and feet. In April 2015, I decided to make an appointment with dr. Pousti. I had wanted to come to him for my original BA, but I wasn’t smart and decided to go the cheaper route with an in office procedure. I wish I would have done my research! Dr. Pousti and has staff had me sold the minute I walked in the office. The nurses were amazing and so helpful. Dr.pousti was wonderful and made me feel so comfortable! Instead of a 15 minute consultation, which was what I had at my original BA with the other surgeon, I was in the office for two hours talking about my every concern with the doctor, his staff and even patients! I was able to speak with a young lady on the phone who went through the same procedure as I did. She was on her way to a yoga class after two weeks! I hadn’t been able to do yoga for almost two years. I couldn’t wait to be able to have my active life back. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having my implants. I even spoke with dr. Pousti about possibly replacement my implants. He was extremely honest and told me we could replace them, but he couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t have pain. I felt like he really cared about my personal well being rather than just putting in new implants. I really respect dr. Pousti and his honesty! I officially decided to remove and not replace. I asked dr. Pousti if I could get implants again in the future and he said after three months. If I do replace one day, he is the only doctor I will ever trust with my body! My surgery was yesterday, may 6th. I was extremely nervous. Dr.pousti and his staff made me so comfortable. Dr. Pousti had one last consultation with me before I went in for surgery. He addressed all my pain concerns and asked me what I wanted to accomplish. I mentioned the rash and asked if it would be possible to remove the capsule, just in case the silicone could have caused the rash. Everyone’s bodies are different so I didn’t want to take a chance leaving the capsule in if it could help with my rash. Dr. Pousti told me I’m the boss and he would be happy to do so! He said that in the future, smaller.Implants would be less likely to cause the displacement and pain. I just went too large for my body and caused pulling on my muscle. My surgery went extremely smooth! Dr. Pousti told my husband the implants are in tact with no leaks and the capsule was soft and easy to remove. I left the surgery center around 5 after recovering for an hour. I had no negative anesthesia complications, which I did after my initial breast augmentation. The surgery was so smooth and I had so much energy afterwards. I had some minor pain, but was so happy. Today is the day after surgery and I have my first post op with dr. Pousti to check out these crazy “grenade like” drains. I’m a little sore with some pain, but I already can feel the pain in my left armpit going away! I haven’t seen my breasts yet but know this was the best decision for my active lifestyle! I will update shortly on the results! Dr. Pousti is an amazing surgeon and human being. He genuinely cares about his patients and his work. He is not a showy guy and makes you feel so comfortable. He is the only plastic surgeon I will ever go to and recommend to friends and family. Thank you dr. Pousti! I can’t wait to see my results and work with you in the future!! 


Testimonial: Eight years ago I had a breast augmentation; and I loved it at first, but later as my life and body changed I started to regret it. I started doing some research on the internet about breast implants and realized that it was possible to have the implants removed permanently, even though my original surgeon told me that I could never not have implants. By reading the positive testimony’s of other women who had their implants removed, I started considering this for myself and eventually made the decision to do so. I started to look for a doctor I felt I could trust to do the implant removal and found Dr. Pousti. It has been a great experience from the very first contact with his office. Dr. Pousti and his entire staff are extremely caring, kind, professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and attentive. They took time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions I had. Dr. Pousti gave me different options to consider and it was decided that I would have the implants removed with a minor reconstruction to raise the breast fold up to where it should be as it had dropped with the weight of the implants. I had my surgery a few weeks ago, was well cared for and made as comfortable as possible. I also had confidence that I was in good hands with Dr. Pousti, the nurses and his anesthesiologist. I’m still recovering and have some bandages, but so far I’m happy and pleased with the results. There was some anxiety of not know what the outcome was going to be as every body is different, but so far the results are better than I had hoped for. In a few more weeks I will follow up with Dr. Pousti and possibly have the rest of the bandages removed where I can better see the results of the reconstruction work he did to raise the breast fold, and I’m hoping for the best. I highly recommend you contact Dr. Pousti’s office if you’re considering any type of breast surgery. My experience so far has been nothing but positive, and even my husband, who is extremely cautious, particular and discriminate about things and people, likes Dr. Pousti and feels the same as I do about the entire experience. I will try to come back and do an update of this after more time has passed and I have the final results.

Testimonial: I’m extremely happy with the breast lift and implant removal done by Dr. Pousti. The care I rec’d was impeccable and I would happily recommend him and his staff. I’d had implants for 20 years. They’d become heavy, I was having some chronic pain in one breast, and decided that it was time to have them out. Was quite concerned about the outcome, but have not had one day of regret. Thank you!


 Testimonial: I had a breast augmentation procedure done on October 8, 2010. My implants are Mentor 350cc silicone gel- smooth round with a moderate plus profile. They are placed under the muscle. I went from a 32B to a 32DD. The original surgeon in Minnesota did a wonderful job- they are beautiful, but just too big for me. I am 5’5″ and about 120 pounds. I have scheduled my surgery to remove the implants on July 15, 2013 with Dr. Pousti in San Diego, where I currently live. I am 27 years old and have never been pregnant and have no children. I went in for my pre-surgical appointment today, July 3, and I am so excited for the surgery date! Dr. Pousti’s office team is wonderful and welcoming. They make each patient feel at home and will answer any and all questions with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering breast implant removal. I am so happy to have found a surgeon that I trust and that I’m comfortable with, and I owe it to Real Self. All of the reviews by you wonderful ladies made my decision easy. I made the choice to remove my implants because, although I truly loved them for almost 3 years, they didn’t fit my lifestyle or outlook anymore, and I wanted to revert to a more natural look. I am a stomach sleeper and have always been bothered by not being able to lie flat. I have also been very active and found the extra weight and volume to be inconvenient and sort-of in the way. I know that the decision to explant without replacement is not favored by the plastic surgery community, and so I was even more relieved to find that Dr. Pousti was understanding and has had experience with performing this surgery many times. I know that people make these personal choices for a variety of reasons, and I was lucky enough to not be forced to make this decision because of a medical issue stemming from my implants. My procedure will be very straightforward. I will be given general anesthesia to sedate me, my original incision sites under the breast will be used, and I may or may not have drains placed for fluid removal, depending on how my body reacts. My recovery time should be about one day. After that, I will need to take it easy with physical upper body exercise for several weeks. The doctor’s office provides a compression bra to wear immediately afterwards, and I will be taking a pain pill (probably only needed for one day) along with nausea medication. I will need to sleep in an upright position for 3-4 days as well. I’ve been told that the recovery period for breast implant removal is much quicker than the initial breast augmentation. From what I understand, there is much less pain involved. During my consultation, I asked a number of questions which I think you all might find helpful. I was wondering about capsules and their removal. It turns out that the capsules that develop around the implants are basically made of each person’s own scar tissue. So basically it is a somewhat hardened shell that, if left in place and collapsed after surgery, could not harm the body since it is actually composed of your own tissue. However, fluid buildup is possible in that space, which would need to be aspirated if drains are not placed and fluid does build up. I also asked about how to tell about the quality of the skin’s elasticity and how well it will tighten up after. That is determined on a case by case basis and depends on a number of factors, so you really need to see a surgeon to get a professional opinion. Although a lot of women probably wouldn’t make the same decision I am making, I am prepared for what they will probably look like afterward. I have seen many before and after shots of implant removal, and I am expecting the worst but hoping for the best. My areolas enlarged with the original BA surgery, so I am hoping they will shrink a bit when the implants are taken out. Also, my left side implant has bottomed out slightly, so my crease on that side is a little lower. If my breasts return to a similar state to how they originally were, I will be happy. I miss my smaller breasts. So excited to have them back soon!! Back to natural in 9 days! I have been reading more reviews, and from what I gather, the recovery time is more like 3-5 days until the pain subsides, you can shower, and drains (if placed) are removed. So I am setting aside at least a week for recovery time. I should mention the other reasons I am choosing removal. Aside from being uncomfortable when I sleep and the implants getting in the way while exercising, I will touch on the issue that seems to be a big topic of conversation here- self confidence. When I went in for my BA, I was in denial about why I was getting them. I truly felt that I just wanted a physical “enhancement” and that for me, it wasn’t about self confidence. I am so relieved to find myself in the position I’m in today, which is looking back and seeing that I wasn’t unhappy with my body before, but yes, I was lacking in self confidence. Today I see that it has changed. I am more confident and don’t need the perceived “enhancement” anymore to feel good about myself. I hope other women will see themselves for who they truly are- beautiful inside and out, with or (preferably) without any artificial enhancements. There is a wonderful website I came across, and it shows women of all ages, races, and locations with natural breasts. The idea is to give young people growing up the perspective to see what women are born with and what natural breasts look like (basically the reverse of what popular media does to sexualize and perfect the female body). It also tells how each woman feels about her own breasts, so a common trend can be observed- the women rarely say that they feel their own breasts are perfect, but some point out how they have grown to love themselves despite their imperfections: I am so inspired by all the strong women who have taken steps to return to their natural, God-given state. I am of the mindset that if women can embrace their bodies and not give in to media pressure to try to live up to the idealized female form, there will be a lot more character and individuality in the world. Why would everyone want to be the same? The world will be a much more interesting and beautiful place with a variety rather than a Stepford standard. Update So I ended up having to postpone my explant surgery until May 1, but here I am afterwards, and I can tell you that I couldn’t be happier! I am posting pictures of the results so far, and hopefully this will encourage others to go ahead with removal, if it’s right for them. I was pretty worried not knowing exactly how I would look post-surgery (and I know this has been said before), but after having had my implants removed, I actually think I like my breasts better now… it’s like they finally look more rounded out. I know I will always have scars, but Dr. Pousti did a great job of minimizing them and creating new, finer ones that fall into my creases. This website has really been the sole reason for my mental success with this, and if I hadn’t found it, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to explant- so thank you all!! I was able to adjust my expectations beforehand and make an informed choice. Also, I have to note that this website showed me which surgeons had positive reviews. This was tremendously helpful in finding a skilled surgeon. I strongly recommend Dr. Pousti for anyone in the area or out of state. He really takes the time to get to know you and what type of outcome you are hoping to have- a very personalized experience! His team is so caring and thoughtful too. They called me every day for two weeks afterwards, and they handled any and all of my concerns with patience and diligent care. I am extremely happy with them and how this whole process has turned out. Here are some of the details that I couldn’t post pre-explant. Dr. Pousti spoke with me the day of surgery to review everything before I went in. This helped to calm my nerves and assure me that we had covered all of the details. I am a bit of a perfectionist trying to maintain healthy, realistic expectations, and Dr. Pousti has been great in reassuring me while being honest along the way. When I woke up, I was told that everything went smoothly during surgery. I had a pleasant experience in recovery chatting with the staff. Everyone was nice, cheerful, and went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed. I was not in much pain. I had drains placed for 6 days after the procedure. I slept in an upright reclined position for a week, which was a bit of a pain, but not a big deal. After taking pain pills for 2 days, I got a little sick from them. I wouldn’t have had to take them at all and probably could have gotten by with Tylenol. The pain really wasn’t too bad. The incisions were the only part that hurt for about a week, and then the pain faded altogether. I am two weeks post right now, and I have no pain or itching anymore. I like to err on the side of caution and always follow post-surgical guidelines to a T, and luckily the recovery for this was about 10 times easier than with my original BA. The size I ended up with is the same as what I had pre-BA. I think the implants just acted as a pillow behind my breast tissue. The tissue was flattened out immediately afterwards, but in only two weeks, it seems that they have “fluffed” considerably. The negatives about the appearance are the dented look in the upper pole (which has been extensively covered on this site, although most natural breasts have little upper pole fullness, so I actually like it better), the scars (obviously, but they will be small and can always be revised to be minimized even further), and the slight stretched feeling of the skin afterwards. I am looking forward to continued improvement with my skin elasticity over time, but I’m satisfied overall if there is not much change. My areolas seem to have shrunk back to their original size with I’m very pleased about. Also, people have commented that I look like I’ve lost weight. I’m a fairly small person naturally, but that’s always nice to hear. Overall, SO WORTH IT!! My personal preference has changed a lot in three and a half years- I used to love my implants, and now I love the look of my natural breasts. The perks of going back to natural: I can sleep on my stomach (yay!!), I can wear button-up and low-cut shirts without causing a scene, I can exercise comfortably, I do not have to worry about any complications and further surgeries with implants, I do not have to worry about health issues developing due to implants, I can hug and actually feel close to people again, I am no longer top-heavy, I do not have to discuss implants with anyone (I’m a private person), I can find bras in normal sizes, I have very soft breasts again, I can wear strapless bras and swimsuits without having them fall down, I can buy cute padded bras again (the majority) any time I want to boost my bust without the weight of implants, I can move freely without implants getting in the way of my arms, I look thinner, I do not have to worry about someone else injuring them or rupturing an implant by accident, I can get the “right” kind of attention from guys instead, I look younger, I can accept a compliment without questioning if it has to do with my implants, I can finally stop obsessing about my breasts (!!), people actually look me in the eyes first now, and the list goes on…. haha. I guess this is just a very freeing process, and it’s nice for me to be able to do it for myself and no one else. I’m lucky not to have a spouse or boyfriend right now to worry about in addition to my own feelings of adjustment to my new proportions. But for those of you juggling all of that together, I commend you for your bravery! Remember that the only opinion that matters is your own, and you are the only one in your own body, so trust yourself. This is not an easy thing to do. Explanting is courageous when you know very well that the aesthetic result may be less than desirable, but if you are willing to give it time, I believe your body rewards you for treating it well. Good luck to everyone! 


Testimonial: I wanted to post a review under breast aug, because after 9 years I am getting mine out. Dr. Pousti put them in, and he did a wonderful job. I was 29, 5’4″ and about 105 lbs. I jogged and weight lifted and was very active. I also kept myself thin because I thought my small breasts were out of proportion to my larger lower half. Looking back I was just insecure and didn’t appreciate my body. I’m glad I got the implants; without having them, I would never have realized large breasts aren’t as magical as we women think. It’s only in having them that I’m ready to be me again. Fast forward almost 10 years and 40 lbs later, and my beautiful C’s went to DDs. It’s too much. And it’s matronly, and irritating for exercise, and not sexy. It’s also not me anymore. So the purpose of this review is twofold: one, to let you know Dr. Pousti does incredible work. And two, if you have any inkling that you could love yourself the way you are, skip the implants and work on your mind. One day you will probably want to go back to your former self, and while you can explant, you can never turn back the clock. Best wishes! Glad I got the implants; without having them, I would never have realized large breasts aren’t as magical as we women think.  It’s only in having them that I’m ready to be me again.  Fast forward almost 10 years and 40 lbs later, and my beautiful C’s went to DDs.  It’s also not me anymore.  So the purpose of this review is twofold: one, to let you know Dr. Pousti does incredible work.  And two, if you have any inkling that you could love yourself the way you are, skip the implants and work on your mind.  One day you will probably want to go back to your former self, and while you can explant you can never turn back the clock.  Best wishes! 



As a teen I developed what are referred to as “Tuberous breasts”.  I was terribly embarrassed.  I wouldn’t change in front of friends and was ashamed of the shape of my breasts.  When I was old enough to pay for breast augmentation I went to a surgeon a friend recommended.  I explained that my goal was not to enlarge my breasts but rather to shape them in a more normal look.  He said I would need implants to make them look normal.  He said “trust me” and I did.  After surgery I did like the shape of my new breasts, but they were larger than I had wanted and none of my clothes fit.  I was happy and disappointed at the same time.  I was once somewhat thin and athletic looking, and now I had large breasts and felt like I didn’t look like myself anymore.  The true disappointment came when a co-worker asked me if I had gained weight.  That was devastating.  I also had difficulty shopping for clothes.  With my already broad shoulders, my new size C breasts forced me to wear extra-large women’s shirts.  They fit in the breast area but were baggy and matronly everywhere else.  I thought I had to live with this situation until I saw Dr. Pousti’s web site.  I saw that he treated tuberous breasts with and without implants.  I had been told by my previous surgeon that if I took them out I would look horrible.  I saw Dr. Pousti’s posts and realized that was just one man’s opinion.  I went to Dr. Pousti and he told me he could remove my implants and lift my breasts, and that he could achieve a desirable result for me.  He truly did and I am thrilled!  Dr. Pousti and everyone in his office was wonderful.  The care I received was professional and they listened to what I truly wanted.  My breasts are small but perfectly shaped.  I couldn’t be happier.  I feel like myself again.

Testimonial: There are a series of unexpected events that led me to Dr. Pousti.  My original breast augmentation surgery was not done by him.  The surgeon who did my original surgery did a great job and I was indeed happy with my breasts.   However several weeks into recovery one of my breasts began to fill up with some sort of fluid.  So I went to my surgeon to find out what might be the problem.  He tells me he doesn’t know and that I should give it some time and see my gynecologist.  Well in that short amount of time my left breast swell to an enormous size. At that point I knew something would have to be done soon.  So I called my surgeon and he said he was out of town and would not be back until the next day.  But because my breast was so very swollen I knew I could NOT wait even another day.  So I discovered Dr. Pousti online via his website. Of the many surgeons I saw online he seemed to be the most thorough and knowledgeable. So I said a prayer and decided to page him for help.  I was contacted within minutes of my page and Dr.Pousti agreed to see me even though I was not a patient of his or on his schedule for that day.  I was so grateful. At my appointment with Dr. Pousti.  I did not feel like a last minute squeeze.  Instead I felt like royalty.  He was kind and patient and willing to call my original surgeon to try and get to the bottom of what might be causing the swelling.  After talking with my surgeon there was still no sure indication of what kind of fluid was in the breast.  Nonetheless, we did agree that surgery was necessary and at that point I was on Dr. Pousti’s schedule for the next day.  During surgery Dr. Pousti discovered that the fluid was in fact breast milk.   I had given birth to twins (but did not breastfeed) six months prior to surgery but never imagined milk could still be stimulated somehow. Dr. Pousti and I decided that it was in my best interest to drain the milk and have the implants removed.  I was a bit devastated but so glad to have my good health back and not be worried about my breast. Dr. Pousti knows that he was the answer to my prayers that day. My breasts after recovery from surgery are not so bad after all.  I feel like Dr. Pousti was a man of his word when he said he would give me his best effort and do his best job. So needless to say when I decide to have my surgery redone I will be calling him excited about the work he does.      SIncerely


 Testimonial: I am so extremely pleased beyond words with the result of my implant removal with a lift that Dr. Pousti did for me a little over a year ago. There are just not the right words that would describe the amazing care and treatment that I have received from Dr. Pousti and his staff from the very first appointment that I had with him, until just recently when I went in for my year check up. Dr. Poustiʼs office truly makes you feel like you are their favorite patient. Any concern or worry that I had was always answered with such care, concern, and compassion….no matter what it was or how big or small it was. I had my implants for almost 20 years and was just completely over them and ready to be free from them and the limitations that I felt that they caused. I had the full support of my wonderful hubby, and even now that it has been a year, I can say that I have never felt more feminine as I do now.


Testimonial: At age 25 I decided to have breast augmentation and had sub muscular implants put in.  I remember my reasoning being that I needed to be better proportioned.  I felt I had a large behind and even though I had fairly decent sized breasts of my own I wanted them bigger to counter balance my behind.  About twelve and a half years later, while pregnant one of my implants ruptured.  There wasn’t a specific incident.  I believe it was just the added weight and pressure, plus they had reached what I guess is considered shelf life.  It was a scary experience.  I wasn’t sure what had happened and I had mild pain shooting down my stomach.  It of course made me concerned about my baby.  After realizing what had happened I called Dr. Pousti’s office.  They were very kind and helpful and explained there shouldn’t be an issue and I could have something done after I gave birth.  I’m sure glad they were saline!  Well anyway, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and that became one of my many concerns in having something done.  I love her and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to me.  I didn’t want to have a procedure of any kind done.  I hoped the other would just rupture and I wouldn’t do anything about it.  I didn’t want to have to make a decision to have them removed or replaced.  I was concerned about recovery and how I would handle my baby.  I had many bills still from having my daughter and I didn’t want to take on any additional debt.  Not to mention, I remembered the initial procedure as being extremely painful.  I didn’t want to go through that again. I met with Dr. Pousti a little after a year later.  He and his staff were very comforting and helpful.  We discussed my options of having them removed and replaced or just removed.  Needless to say, I was undecided and continued to put it off.  Again, I just hoped the other one would rupture.  Finally, after two years of being lopsided I decided to have a procedure.  It was a tough decision as to what to do.  I was contemplating having them removed, but was afraid I wouldn’t be happy with my appearance.  I didn’t want to spend any money at all though, so of course the less expensive route was alluring.  That coupled with the fact that I didn’t want to be faced with this dilemma again were the defining reasons in why I ultimately decided to have them removed. I just had my procedure done and so far I am happy with my results.  There is a sense of freedom in being just me.  Dr. Pousti and his staff were amazing.  I felt special.  I felt like they cared about me.  As nervous and anxious as I was about the whole thing prior, when I went into the operating room I felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands.  The procedure was quick and easy on me.  To my delight and surprise I have felt very little, if any pain.  Dr. Pousti of course told me that would be the case, but I doubted it some considering my memory of my initial recovery.  The office and Dr. Pousti have continued to be in touch with me and I appreciate that.  I should be fully recovered soon and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m looking forward to buying some new bras!  Probably going to have to buy some push ups!  Ha!  Good luck to those of you considering this procedure!


Testimonial: When I was eighteen I underwent breast augmentation because I was insecure about my body. I felt that breast implants would give me the confidence I lacked and ultimately make me happy. Bra shopping was a nightmare and when wearing a sports bra or bikini I was flat as a pancake. To my eighteen year old self I felt I was lacking something. Now eight years have passed and I am not the same person I was at eighteen. I am still young, but I feel fortunate to have discovered who I am and what I believe in, and what ultimately matters to me. I have been married for four years to a man who loves me for me. And just six months ago we had a beautiful baby girl. I had been thinking of having my implants removed for the last three years and being pregnant with them and breast feeding solidified my decision. I had my implants removed three weeks ago and I feel liberated! Not only was my husband supportive of my decision, he also was encouraging throughout my appointments, surgery and the outcome of my body without implants. I would encourage any woman who is toying with the idea of implant removal to do your research and come visit Dr.Pousti He is honest, professional and more than certified. 


Testimonial: Dear Dr. Pousti and staff: In 1995, when I was 25 years old, I had my first set of saline breast implants put in.  Because I was always barely a size A cup, it was something that I had wanted to do as long as I could remember.  I was pleased with the results until the day I was in a car accident and one of my breast was damaged.  Because of this, in 1998 the implants had to be removed.  I had originally wanted them just removed without replacing them, however, the doctor at the time (not Dr. Pousti) talked me into removing and replacing the implants instead of removing them only.  I had a very difficult surgery as well as recovery.  I have regretted ever since then that I let the doctor talk me in to new implants.  They have since been uncomfortable; I have not been able to sleep on my stomach; as a runner, it has been hard running with the implants, they have been in the way; and I just have not been able to wear anything that I wanted without it being too tight in my chest and too big in my waist.  I was just a different person when I got the implants, and implants were not fitting in with my lifestyle any longer.  I had been beyond ready to go back to my natural body for a long time.  Finally, fourteen years later, when we were finally in a position where I could have them removed, we began to research and pray that we would find a great surgeon.  Due to the fact that I had such a horrible experience with my last surgery, we wanted to find a doctor that we could trust and one in which we would feel comfortable.  In Dr. Pousti and his staff, we found much more than we could have ever imagined or hoped for.  We have been so blessed that we found Dr. Pousti. I would like to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff so much for all that they have done and continue to do for me even though my surgery is over.  While I was researching and looking around for the best surgeon that could perform my surgery, I kept coming back to Dr. Pousti.  I was impressed with the extremely large amount of positive comments that were on many websites. Fact is, honestly in all of the many reviews that I read through, I did not come across even one negative comment.   Also, his own personal website was amazing and filled with so much information about any surgery that you could possibly think of.  Once I went in for my first appointment, I knew for sure, no question that I wanted Dr. Pousti to perform my surgery.   Dr. Pousti, from the very first appointment made me feel beyond comfortable.  He and his staff explained everything and answered any question that I had, and I had many.  I had such a negative experience due to a very bad surgery in the past, and felt very very anxious.  Dr. Pousti took so much time to help my husband and me to feel as stressed free and relaxed as possible.  This amazing Dr. and his staff has called me everyday since my pre-op appointment just to check in on me, making sure that everything was ok and to rest any worries that we may have had as they knew that I was extra anxious. Since my surgery, they have continued calling and checking in on me to make sure that all was well.  They even called on both Saturday and Sunday.  From my first appointment until today, which is a week today since my surgery, Dr. Pousti and his staff have just gone above and beyond what they needed to do; way more than I have ever experienced from any other doctor’s office. If Dr. Pousti and his staff were not enough, the Surgery Center where he preforms his surgeries is absolutely top of the line.  Again we were astonished and amazed at the treatment that we received there.  Dr. Pousti shared with them my concerns, and the staff from the Surgery Center went above and beyond what they needed to assure me and help make sure I was comfortable. They called me the night before and listened to my concerns.  The next day they were perfectly punctual, and everything went according to schedule.  Dr. Pousti and the staff from the Surgery Center were there by my side the whole time.  They even held my hand as I drifted off to sleep. My husband and I will always be thankful and blessed that we found Dr. Pousti to perform my surgery, and we would not hesitate for even one second to refer anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon to Dr. Pousti.  He is truly a one of a kind Dr. with a one of a kind staff.  We searched form many other doctors, and Dr. Pousti was like night and day compared to the others that we visited.  We are absolutely sure that anyone who does choose him will be extremely satisfied, thankful, and blessed. Extremely Grateful

Spouse Testimonial: PS:  A side note from my hubby — It was very important as we searched for a doctor that we found one in whom I could feel safe in trusting my wife’s care too.  Dr. Pousti and his staff were very professional with high quality and standards which exceeded our expectations.  Thanks for taking care of my wife.


 Testimonial: When I was eighteen I underwent breast augmentation because I was insecure about my body. I felt that breast implants would give me the confidence I lacked and ultimately make me happy. Bra shopping was a nightmare and when wearing a sports bra or bikini I was flat as a pancake. To my eighteen year old self I felt I was lacking something. Now eight years have passed and I am not the same person I was at eighteen. I am still young, but I feel fortunate to have discovered who I am and what I believe in, and what ultimately matters to me.  I have been married for four years to a man who loves me for me.  And just six months ago we had a beautiful baby girl. I had been thinking of having my implants removed for the last three years and being pregnant with them and breast feeding solidified my decision. I had my implants removed three weeks ago and I feel liberated! Not only was my husband supportive of my decision, he also was encouraging throughout my appointments, surgery and the outcome of my body without implants. I would encourage any woman who is toying with the idea of implant removal to do your research and come visit Dr.Pousti He is honest, professional and more than certified. 


Testimonial: To make a long story short, I came to Dr. Pousti to have breast implants removed. After seeing numerous reconstructive cases he had done I knew he was the Doctor for me. Initially he suggested I have the current ones replaced with a different size, at which time he could correct the deformities I was experiencing from the implants and their placement. I told him I just wanted them removed and not replaced.. Given that this is not a very common request, he urged me to give it a lot of thought and be sure this is what I really wanted to do. After a few meeting with him, we agreed that this was the route to go. I scheduled a surgery date and he removed them (breast implants) a few weeks later… It’s been about 2 months now and I am very happy with my decision. I’m very glad I choose Dr. Pousti to perform the surgery and I only wish I had met with him before having my initial breast implant surgery. I know things would have turned out differently. I speak from experience when I say you must put out a lot of consideration into the Doctor you choose to perform surgery on you. Dr. Pousti and his staff are kind, caring people and will you will feel right at home from the moment you walk right through the door. They don’t treat you like a number or pressure you into anything. Even if you think you settled on another surgeon, you owe it to yourself to at lease meet with Dr. Pousti. 


Testimonial: On August 5th, 2004 I had breast augmentation surgery – performed by Dr. Pousti. The results were fantastic. When my husband got his first look at my new breasts he said, Dr. Pousti really knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he. A few years later, I started exercising more and more and started running. For me, having large breasts and running didn’t go together. I wanted to run more seriously and maybe even do a triathlon and I started to feel that the implants weren’t going to fit into my new lifestyle. I struggled with the decision of getting smaller implants, but ultimately decided to have my implants removed – along with a breast lift. There was never a question about where I would have the surgery done. My husband and I called Dr. Pousti, Dr. Perfect. In early November 2009, he gave me exactly what I asked and hoped for and I’m very happy with the results. My new breasts are lighter and perky – much better for running. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. For a 42-year-old that’s pretty awesome. After spending some time recovering, I’m starting to run again and planning my all of my running for the year. Thank you to Dr. Pousti and his staff for taking good care of me. You’re the best. 


Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff were professional, caring and delightful. Upon my initial consultation the decision to have Dr. Pousti as my surgeon was made instantaneously. He is not only a top-notch doctor but is friendly and charismatic as well. I love my results and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 


Testimonial: I grew up very insecure with my focus on fixing physical flaws, rather than working on my inner confidence and strength. I was 17 years old when I found a solution to what I thought was a problem. Throughout this journey I have had a spiritual awakening and came to the realization that I was born with all the necessary tools to live an abundant and more holistic life. These implants have been like training wheels and helped me love myself and I am ready to let go of them. 

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