Breast Revision Testimonials


I am completely pleased w/the result that I received w/Dr. Pousti. Not only is he amazing, but his staff is as well. I felt as though I was not just a client but also more like a friend. He even held my hand while I was being put to sleep it meant a lot. I received a load of confidence not only in my daily activities, but also my work environment. I feel as though I am a totally different person thanks to him. I recommend him every time someone asks me about my enhancement. It opened the doors to more opportunities that hadn’t been offered to me before. Thank you very much Pousti and staff; you’re amazing.


Breast Revision Testimonials

Testimonial:+ This review is long over due, sorry!!! Dr.Pousti is hands down the BEST doctor I’ve ever met. [Petite 5″3 111lbs 23yrs 32B] So let’s start from the beginning.. I had my first consultation with him sometime in July 2017 I believe, from the moment I arrived the front desk staff was very welcoming and friendly. I filled out some paperwork and then they took me back into the room where I was put into a gown and discussed the procedure I wanted to get done (Breast Augmentation) they took a 3D image of my breasts to give me an idea of what I would look like with breast implants. I also tried on sizers to get a feel for the implants. Immediately after meeting with Dr.Pousti I felt comfortable and in good hands that he was the doctor for me. I had previously met with 4 other doctors and none of them had the class and presence that Dr.Pousti had. Within the next few days I called and scheduled my surgery date because I was confident that Pousti would be able to give me the results I desired. I had been wanting to get my boobs done since I was very young although I never wanted “big boobs” just a little something to accentuate what I already had I still wanted to be very natural. So before I knew it surgery day was here (early October) I was really nervous but more so excited because I couldn’t wait to have boobs! Dr.Pousti was kind enough to give me a call the day before and put my nerves at ease and ensure I was in good hands. The day of surgery was quite simple, I arrived to the surgery center and checked in and waited till they called me back where they had me undress into the gown, socks, and hair net. I had an IV put in me and the nurses were so friendly and calming. They took me back into the surgery room where Dr.Pousti was there to hold my hand until I was knocked out from Anesthesia. I woke up after surgery feeling no pain!! Just very hungry and thirsty, I remember looking down and thinking holy sh*t I really did it I have boobs now! Recovery was a lot easier than I anticipated, I stopped taking pain meds after the 4/5th day. I had 375cc’s HP in each breast and unfortunately I was a little sad because I just felt too BIG which isn’t what I had wanted, but I felt it was my fault because I didn’t communicate enough prior to surgery. Although they looked great I just didn’t like them on my petite frame. So I gave it a couple months and talked to Pousti about my concerns and he was extremely supportive and just wanted me to be happy so a few months later (March 2018) we downsized my implants to 250cc Mod Plus. This time around I did my homework and made a vision board of breasts that I liked and disliked so he could visually see and compare. Dr.Pousti is an artist a very visual man, so ladies if there’s any advice I could give you is COMMUNICATE with your Plastic Surgeon until you feel like all of your goals are understood and don’t be shy! Create a vision board so he can see what you want to achieve. I am completely happy with my breasts now I feel like they’re mine and EXACTLY what I wanted! Dr.Pousti you are amazing and I recommend anyone looking into getting PS done to go consult with him. Cindy, Vanessa, Taylor and everyone else I love all you girls! Thank you again 100% recommend! Testimonial: Approximately 3 years following my first breast augmentation surgery I had an earnest desire to increase my breast size, for I was no longer satisfied with their current look. Furthermore, they were hanging lower than what I found acceptable and one breast was becoming increasingly smaller than the other on observation over time. I had discovered Dr. Pousti during my initial search but was unable to travel to his location during that time. I was unquestionably impressed with his work and his mastery of plastic surgery was apparent. I knew that he would be the one I would go to and no other for my breast revision when the time came. Fast forward to approximately 4 years later, it was time to take the necessary steps for the breasts I have been longing for and dreaming about. I made an appointment with Dr. Pousti at his office and I was nervous but overwhelmingly excited to say the least. Staff was friendly, informative, caring, welcoming, and highly professional. Meeting with Dr. Pousti exceeded my expectations. He listened to my concerns as well as goals and provided feedback on what can realistically be achieved. It was immediately apparent that he was committed, passionate, and dedicated to his work and his patients. I scheduled a surgery date that same day! I was anxious the day of surgery, but staff at the surgery center put me at ease immediately. The care was high in quality and meets standards of the highest caliber, and as a nurse, this does not go unnoticed. Your safety and health are their main priority. Only a week out from the surgery, I could not be more satisfied with the results. I was provided EXACTLY what I was looking for and could not be more thrilled. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Pousti and his team. I am grateful and overwhelmed with gratitude for the work he was able to do in making the breasts I have envisioned for so long a reality! Testimonial: “Amazing all the way around! You will not go wrong with your breast augmentation! Changed my life in so many ways! Just incredible expience and life change results! He is honest and his staff is so great! Love my results even after 4 years! He is a miracle worker! Yes it is expensive but so worth it. I don’t regret it at all! Also wear the garments he put on you as long as you can. Trust he know what he is talking about!”
Testimonial: I meet with with Dr. Poutsi back in March of 2016. I have always had problems with my breasts. They were uneven and were saggy even at a young age of 14. I never felt comfortable in bathing suits, even T-shirts where always a problem. My self esteem was always down when it came to my breasts and I was severely self conscious. I went to many different consultations with other doctors and never felt comfortable. I never felt that they were hearing my thoughts and fears. I started to give up and just realized that my breasts were saggy. I finally had two beautiful children and my breasts stretched out so much that after I lost the baby weight, my breasts literally hung down like a deflated balloon with nipples at the bottom to paint a pretty picture. =) Dr. Poutsi was honest saying it would be a process but we could get my breasts to I felt hopeless and never wanted to look at myself naked in the mirror. I remember discussing with one of my girlfriends who informed me that her breasts were enhanced and showed them to me and they looked phenomenal. She spoke so highly about her doctor and since I worked in the medical field I asked around and every nurse I spoke to expressed how amazing Dr. Poutsi was and that I had to meet him, Reluctantly, since I had such bad previous experiences, I decided to go in for a consultation and it was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Poutsi didn’t just run in and out of the office treating each patient as if they were dollar bills $$$. He sat down with me, went over my concerns and when it came time to look at my (in my opinion) hideous breast he made me feel so comfortable Testimonial: I had been doing my research since my first… 25 Feb 2016 2 months post I had been doing my research since my first revision in 2010. I live in Las Vegas and people assume that because I am from here I should be able to find a great doctor. I thought I did, but what I found is that not every great doctor is great at revisions. My revision in 2010 was after already having my previous implants for 12 years. Since I knew I wasn’t having any more children I decidedto get them redone. I was more unsatisfied than I was with my old ones and it was obviously very upsetting. After doing my research I decided I would consult with 2 of the best revision doctors that kept popping up in my research. They both specialize in the internal bra that I knew I wanted. I flew to Florida for my first consult. He advised me on the internal bra as well as a lift. When I saw Dr. Pousti he said a lift wouldn’t be necessary. He didn’t want me to have the possible scarring from a lift if it wasn’t necessary. Since I am Hispanic and have darker skin the chance of scarring is more prevalent. Dr. Pousti and his team spent well over an hour going over my needs and concerns. I never felt rushed, and really felt good about him from the minute I left. Vanessa, his amazing assistant contacted me the next day to see if I had any questions about my consult and I scheduled with her that day. Fast forward to surgery date. Dr. Pousti has the best bedside manner I have ever seen. He really wants you to feel comfortable and at ease. I didn’t realize until the day of surgery that Dr. Pousti posts your goal pictures on the wall the day of surgery. 3 days after surgery I started feeling sick and had a fever. I was so nervous that maybe I had gotten an infection so I emailed Dr. Pousti and he responded immediately and even gave me his personal phone number if needed. It was a horrible time to get the flu, but I slept it off and before I knew it I was just dealing with breast healing. I can’t say enough about Dr. Pousti and the rest of the Pousti Plastic Surgery staff. I was contacted daily for the first 2 weeks after surgery. I am 9m weeks post op and I have the breasts that I envisioned about!
Patient Testimonial:

HOWDY,The blonde monster has landed back in Illinois. Guess I should dive right in and let know you how the twins did.I\’ll try to keep it simple. and with-in 1000 words or less.EVERYTHING WENT GREAT! Wish you could see the silly grin on my face when I look in the mirror. ,. Anything I can do to let others know about you and your staff just how amazing the experience is. Me Being ME – Erica
I had a trouble-free and amazing experience with Dr Pousti and his team.

Early this year, I began scheduling assessments again with three different surgeons. Dr Tom Pousti was the first one.

As background, I have been in pharmaceutical research for many years and I have worked with numerous physicians and observed teams of people in many countries, so I know a good team when I see one.

When I went to Dr Pousti’s office, the vibe in the office was very lively and positive.
If I had to choose one word to describe how I felt it would be “respected”. I felt that what I had to say mattered AND was understood.

I saw Dr Pousti, and not only sensed respect but kindness and a desire to make me happy. Dr P is very low key and soft spoken but knowledgeable, confident and direct. After I left with a positive feeling, I went home to think about it and decided to cancel my other two consultations and choose Dr Pousti.

This was a great decision. My experience from start to finish was wonderful, positive and enjoyable. Dr Pousti likes patients to use pictures of other people as a guide to the desire outcome. I said, “If my results are in the ballpark of the pictures, I will be happy.” Well, Dr Pousti hit it out of the park for me. I am thrilled with the result.

The surgery was uneventful, the recovery was a breeze and every visit to the office has been enjoyable with such a great team of people there. Surgery can be a scary event and I felt comfortable and confident.

Positive comments from friends and family, and myself regarding my results confirm I made a good choice. Thank you Dr Pousti and the Pousti Team!
It had been 10 years since my first breast lift/augmentation surgery so I thought it was time for a little improvement.
I met with several of the top surgeons in the San Diego area over a 6 month period. I spent a lot of time doing my research, reading reviews and talking with friends who referred me to their doctors.
I choose Dr. Pousti based on the level of experience he has with revisions, his use of Allograft and friends who were happy with him.
He definitely was not the least expensive but I will not bargain shop when it comes to any type of surgery.
My breasts weren’t horrible looking but they had dropped a lot in 10 years and there was quite a bit of bottoming out. I wanted them to be bigger and better and that’s exactly what I got.
I had a small lift external, a lot of internal work including allograft to act as a hammock for my larger implant. I went from 350cc saline to 750cc silicone.
I did not have a specific bra size or implant number I was set on. I looked at hundreds of pictures and brought photos of what I liked and didn’t like. I had met with Dr. Pousti and his staff several times before surgery to go over photos and my desired outcome. On the day of surgery I pretty much gave Dr. Pousti full authority to do what he needed to do to in order to get me the results I was looking for. He’s the artist, I wanted him to do his job.
5 weeks post op and I am so glad I let myself fully trust in his ability as an artist (because that’s what you need a cosmetic surgeon to be).
I’ve got fullness on top that I did not believe was possible. They are settling in nicely. I can’t wait to see what they look like in another 5 weeks.
Dr. Pousti and his staff exceeded every expectation I ever had.

Wanted to add a little info about my recovery.
I was never in a horrible amount of pain.  I stayed on top of the pain meds for the first 2 days.  By day 3 I stopped taking everything.  Getting in an out of bed was a challenge.  I bought an incline pillow for my back and also a special pillow to keep my legs elevated for the first few days.  Those helped keep me comfortable. I’m not going to lie, the drains are annoying (mine were in for 10 days), the bolster dressings that act as a bit of a cast to support everything while healing was uncomfortable (removed at 4 weeks) and the steri-strips left on for close to 5 weeks were not fun because you have to keep all of that dry.  No normal showering until it’s all off.  That sucked but it’s what helps the healing process. But let me tell you, the first real shower will the most amazing shower you’ll have in your life
Testimonial: Just had revisionary surgery feb 11th. After 12 year old high profile saline implants it was time to redo the girls. I was in need of a lift bad my implants would fall into my armpits and were so heavy in bathing suits and some bras I needed more support. I wanted a new dr. Not the same dr that did my first BA so after extensive research I came across dr Pousti who I decided to do my revision. He suggested a full lift which I immediately turned that idea down because I don’t do well with scars, he was honest with me tho and I appreciate that so after talking over alternative options we agreed on pocket revision with internal bra and Strattice thro the nipple with an areola reduction. I’m 11 days post op and everything seems good so far, no major pain and no pain meds needed the only thing that is unfortunate is that I contacted the flu with a nasty cough so coughing of course hurts my chest but so far my out come looks nice and I can’t wait to get all the dressings off to see the outcome:)
Testimonial: I think it is notable that I have never done a review. Dr. Pousti and his office have been fantastic. From the first appointment, to an incredible surgery experience, follow up and outcome has really just bee=n an amazing experience. I get a follow up call everyday! I had 5 consultations-so happy with my choice!! Dr. Pousti is amazing. Soft spoken, confident and empathetic. Very serious about the individual and understands that you are not just another patient. Very customized and caring to the individual
Testimonial: I. love. my. breasts. First off, I am a keloid former and I scar very badly. I realized this after I had my first breast augmentation. I came to Dr. Pousti after consulting about 3 or 4 other surgeons (in a span of about 4 years). My right breast was hard and displaced. My left one was beginning to do the same. I decided to go with Dr. Pousti because I felt he was the most honest and was reasonably priced. I agreed the most with his plan for my breast revision, which was replacing my saline unders with silicone gel, and placing an allograft on BOTH breasts, PLUS singulair for 3 months. I wanted him to do everything he could to prevent capsular contracture or any scarring from happening again. I saw a surgeon before him who was planning to do the same thing, but quoted me 14,500 for ONE breast. And the other surgeons felt it would be best to just remove them completely. I felt I was in good hands with Dr. Pousti. He was honest from the beginning about what to expect, how we would achieve my goal (or get really close to it), and was able to answer all my questions. He was very respectful and acknowledged my career as an ICU nurse which is a bonus. Nurses can be the hardest patients! I would drive from Santa Clarita, CA to San Diego for every appointment. Come surgery day, I stayed in San Diego for about 5 days. Afterwards, his office called me every single day for nearly a month. They were so nice! It was awesome. I didn’t feel bothered at all. I wasn’t stressed. And I think it allowed me to recover properly. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti. I am now exactly 8 weeks post op. I have minimal scarring. No pain. They’re getting softer every day and……………. I. love. my. breasts.
Testimonial: You all are so wonderful. I am healing beautifully. Life-changing to a measure for me after Dr. POUSTI gave me a measure of normalcy on my breasts. I am still so excited and will be for the rest of my life considering how I felt all these years having congenital symmastia-prior to my last 2 surgeries with the doctor. In April, I will send pictures of my breasts for review and update. I am so excited that I will even hire a professional photographer to take the pictures!!! Anyway, tell everyone hello!!!! Thank you sooooo much!
Testimonial: I had my original breast augmentation in 2009; where I decided to go with saline implants. The implants ended up bottoming out which caused my nipples to peek-a-boo out of most bras and swimsuit tops. My implants also sat far apart which caused me to still wear padded bras to bring them together. I decided to book my consultation with Dr. Pousti because I thought his work looked fantastic. I originally went to Dr. Pousti just for the bottoming out but when he told me he could fix my cleavage, it was a plus. He was very sweet and assured me post surgery they would look great. The night before the surgery I received a phone call from Dr. Pousti; reassuring me that the surgery would go great. He definitely goes above and beyond. The morning of the surgery went very smooth and the doctor did an excellent job of listening to what I wanted and providing his advice. I was glad he provided his thoughts as I felt he would have a better idea about what size implants would work with my small frame. I provided pictures of (Do’s and Dont’s) and I feel the results are spot on. The surgery consisted of removing my saline implants(450cc) and replacing them with silicone(590cc). I also had internal sutures to repair the bottoming out and bring my cleavage together. The surgery went great as well as the post care. Everybody throughout the entire experience has been very nice and professional. I am now 24 days post op and my results are looking awesome as they heal more. I would encourage anybody contemplating breast augmentation to contact Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti has been awesome throughout the entire process. He is very sweet and reassuring. He has been very professional and helpful.
Testimonial: I just want you to know how much I love my Breasts, you did an incredible job!! I never imagined they could look so good, Every surgery and I think there was 7 I was never really happy, I just thought that’s as good as it gets, until you stepped in the picture. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m so happy with the outcome. It has all been worth it, there is no short cuts to getting a beautiful outcome, I’m blessed and grateful I found you!!! All and all they are awesome. Dr Pousti it’s really hard to even put into words how well you and your staff treated me, all the wonderful care, calls, everything, our great conversations, you all made Allee and I feel right at home, the whole experience, after 7 surgeries I really had lost faith in a good outcome, and was very afraid, but you with your calm strong confidence diminished those fears, I shocked myself when I told you going into the operating room, do what ever you think will look best, did I really say that? lol I did because that’s how much trust I had in you, and I am so glad I did, I thought I would wake up with a total lift and ugly incisions, instead I woke up with perfect big beautiful breasts like I’d never had before, and no incisions. I am sooooo glad you gave me the size you did, you are a expert, and they look so much better larger. Good eye Dr Pousti!!!
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