Breast Reduction Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Patients


Breast Reduction: For many years, I had problems with back/shoulder pain, poor posture, and tight chest pain. Growing up as a teenager with 38DD breasts, I struggled to find clothes and bras that fit me nicely. Exercising was difficult as well. I began considering breast reduction surgery at age 18, so I made an appointment to see Dr. Pousti for a consult. My family, Dr. Pousti, and I decided that I should wait until I am older. After a few more years, at age 21, I decided that breast reduction surgery would be the best option for me. Now, I am a full C. I am so happy with my results and I feel more confident about myself. This surgery changed my life. I can wear whatever I want, I can finally buy cute bras, and I can even go braless! Exercising is also much easier now. I never imagined that this could be possible for me. I am almost 7 months post-op and I do have scars, but Dr. Pousti and his staff had discussed the possibility of scaring with me beforehand. From the first day, Dr. Pousti and his staff have been so incredible. I have never had an experience at a doctor’s office as warm, supporting, and helpful as Dr. Pousti’s. After my surgery, Dr. Pousti and his staff called me every day to check up on me. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti. He is a very caring, professional and respectful doctor with outstanding bedside manner. I am glad I chose him as my surgeon. I am very thankful for Dr. Pousti and his staff for taking care of me. I would also like to thank the OR staff and nurses for the exceptional care, and making me feel safe and comfortable during my visit. I appreciate everything they did for me. Breast Reduction: Dr. Pousti and his team are the best of the best! I was recommended by two friends, and while they each had different procedures (I had a reduction) they experienced the same first rate experience that I have had so far. It has been 3 weeks since my breast reduction surgery. At 48, I had been considering reduction for many years. While I was not a candidate for insurance coverage, I already believe it to be worth every dime. After meeting with Dr. Pousti it was obvious he was the right choice for me and I was very confident that he would provide me with the results I envisioned. He has lots of examples showing breast reduction expertise. Every one that I saw looked amazing. I believe it’s important for a doctor to actually show you examples of their work in the area that you are considering. He has done a lot of reductions! I did not consult with any other surgeons and booked my surgery soon after. His staff is and has been very friendly, considerate, compassionate and available throughout the process. I met with Daisy at the first consultation. It was so helpful to watch her take my picture and transform it digitally into the upper body I was hoping to attain. The potential was really there and Dr. Pousti was very confident in knowing we could have great success. Along with other ideal images in my file he was ready to turn a dream into reality. There is no doubt that things will turn out as envisioned once I’m fully healed. Making the decision to have surgery is not an easy one, however, when you meet a surgeon who cares and is supportive throughout this process the experience becomes a great one. So far, so good. One of the last questions he asked me before heading into surgery is, “Would you be upset if you were too large or too small?” My response, “Too large!” At 48, I’m done with them and am so excited to have smaller, perky breasts from here on out  I would honestly recommend Dr. Pousti to any one of my family or friends. Breast Reduction: Years ago, at the weight of 350lbs, I started the long journey of reclaiming a healthy lifestyle – something absent from my life since sometime in gradeschool. Realistically, I knew the product from years of abuse to my body would leave much to be desired cosmetically, even if I reached my goal of a healthy weight. Fast forward a few years, and 150 pounds lighter, and I was enjoying all the benefits of living a healthy life – I had more energy and was empowered by what I had accomplished. But there was still more that I desired. My self-confidence was still quite low despite my achievements: Years of being physically responsible had still left my chest and stomach areas non-complimentary to look at. Enter Dr Pousti, Staff, Gloria, and – Being a melinnial, my first stop for research on plastic surgery was I ended up on RealSelf and then spent a few unintended hours looking at the incredible amount of information available to me about tummy tucks and male breast reduction. Dr Pousti’s reviews, results, and proactive online-presence stood out to me far beyond any other surgeon I had considered. It was obvious then, as it is now, that Dr Pousti is a doctor that simply gets his patients. I flew in for my consultation a few months ago and was overwhelmed by the welcome I received from the staff – beverage, snacks, introductions to patients with identical procedures. Some of the other things during my visit that made a lasting impression on me: – Dr Pousti’s bed-side manners. I was there for hours and never felt rushed by the staff or Dr Pousti.- Dr Pousti’s recommendation of nipple reconfiguration/realignment during the breast reduction included the phrase “don’t let anyone attempt to sell you anything less”. This meant a lot to me as I was displeased with a lot of the results I’ve seen on realself that didn’t include this procedure – There are no compromises when it comes to proper results with Dr Pousti. – Dr Pousti went out of his way to affirm that there’s contentment with having no procedure at all, and to commune with those close to me if I had any doubts to that notion. I honestly wasn’t expecting this type of positive reinforcement from a plastic surgeon, and it made it obvious to me that Dr Pousti has only the best intention for his patients; whether or not that includes his surgical assistance.Last week I went through the procedure. Again, I was greeted friendly by the professional staff during the pre-op appointment, and then met the surgical team the following morning. Dr Pousti did an amazing job comforting me while being led into surgery. Post-surgery I had the honor of being taken care of a largely recommended nurse from Dr Pousti’s office, Gloria. As I had someone that came down with me for the recovery, I had considered not hiring a professional nurse. In hindsight, I can’t imagine not having Gloria’s help that first day. From being taken home from the recovery room, to making sure I was comfortable at my hotel room (and running out to the store twice in the rain), Gloria took great care of me. I’m still in the process of my recovery and am anticipating my bandage removal. I will provide additional information and before/after pics in a week or two. Welcoming, down-to-earth, informative, and professional. Breast Reduction: My surgery was breast reduction revision. The first surgery was 28 years ago then I had breast lift. Both surgeries were waist of time and money. I Googled the best doctor for my surgery and it was Dr Pousti. I read many reviews about him and did not hesitate for a second to have him revise the surgery. I had neck and shoulder pain. My beasts were big. I wore size 6 in the bottom and 10 in the top. It was frustrating to buy a dress. Yesterday was the first time that I bought a dress and I have not had such a great feeling for years. I visited Dr Pousti beginning of September. The service I had from Dr Pousti and his staff was exceptional. Helen, Daisy, Vanessa and all the staff treated me like I was part of their close family. Dr Pousti performed the surgery and I had one issue that there was no blood flow to the right areola, otherwise it would have been a perfect surgery. I was blessed to have Dr Pousti as my surgeon because he was very knowledgeable with this issue. The blood issue could happen to patients who have a reduction revision. He left the areola unattached to my breast for 2 weeks to have the blood flow to it. He reattached it in his clinic under local anesthesia after 2 weeks and it was perfect. Being such a knowledgeable , perfectionist and caring Doctor, I followed his instructions without any worries. I did not have much pain after surgery. I am very happy with the results so far. My breasts are symmetrical and the areola are centered. I still have few months before the swelling goes down and I see the final results. I have to mention that I asked Helen for several documents and called her many times. She was always professional and provided me with the documents immediately despite her busy schedule. As far as for Daisy and Vanessa, they gave me local anesthesia and I did not feel it at all. They were very gentle. They took extra care of me. I was never spoiled by any nurse or Doctor’s assistant anywhere. They also responded to my emails and phone calls immediately. I cannot thank Dr Pousti and his staff for their services and the great results. Dr Pousti is very Professional, Caring, knowledgeable, great bedside manners and perfectionist. He provided me with detailed explanations to my questions. He never tried to rush the physical exam and answering my questions. There was no extra waiting period during my visit. The staff was Exceptional Breast Reduction: I highly recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone considering breast reduction surgery. My experience with Dr. Pousti and all his staff has been EXCEPTIONAL since my first consult to today, 3 weeks post surgery. I had been considering breast reduction surgery for many, many years and finally decided to do it this year. This was a huge step for me, to do something for myself with the goal of feeling good about my body again and not being totally self conscious of my huge, cumbersome, saggy boobs. I did thorough research about qualified doctors and the procedure itself to come up with my shortlist of doctors. The first doctor I met with was certainly qualified but his bedside manner was lacking and I felt pressured into making a decision. It just didn’t feel right. Then I met Dr. Pousti. Wow! what a difference. From the moment I met Dr. Pousti I felt comfortable and reassured that I was making the right decision. He is not only highly qualified but professional, unpretentious, articulate, charming and truly cares about his patients. All aspects of the breast reduction procedure were explained in detail and Dr. Pousti took the extra time to make sure all my questions were answered. There was absolutely no sales pressure to make a decision but I walked away from that consultation knowing that Dr. Pousti was going to be my surgeon. I felt so confident in him that I didn’t even bother to see the 3rd doctor I was intending to see before making a decision. At my pre-op/markings visit, everything once again was thoroughly explained and I had my markings drawn by Dr. Pousti. I was really nervous (probably very normal) but Dr. Pousti and his staff went out of their way to make me less anxious and I left feeling confident and excited about the surgery. My surgery was on September 24th. I am pleased to say that the surgery went extremely well and I was lucky not to experience any pain afterwards. In fact I was off the pain medication in 48 hours. That being said, I did thoroughly rest and am following all instructions so as to heal as well as possible. I am now 3 weeks post surgery and am thrilled with the outcome so far. While I had an idea of what size breasts I wanted, I left the final decision to Dr. Pousti as to what would be more proportionate to my frame. He fixed the asymmetry and gave me smaller, perky breasts. I never dreamed I would have perky breasts ever again! AMAZING!! The after care has also been wonderful. I have received a phone call from Daisy every day asking how I am doing and Heather along with Dr. Pousti has been phenomenal in taking care of my post op needs, always with a smile on her face and compassionate manner. So, bottom line is that if you are considering breast reduction surgery go with Dr. Pousti. You won’t be disappointed. P.S. I will try to have some photos uploaded soon so you can see the outcome. Breast Reduction: I’m 17 years old and I cannot wait for my breast reduction next week. I’m a very confident young girl but my breasts are my biggest insecurity, and pretty much biggest health problem(back pains) I don’t have a tiny frame, but I’m quite average at 140 and 5’6. I wear about a size 6, and I spill out of my 32DDD bra. I can remember being 14 in physical education and trying to run the mile but spilling out of my 34D bra. I thought it was normal for that to happen to girls with boobs after puberty but now I’m beginning to realize how much bustier I was compared to everyone else. All my school dances were so difficult to shop for because I had to shovel my breasts into the dress, or wear a dress that just didn’t fit right, and ordering online was NEVER an option(you’ll see the inserted picture….)…They just kept growing and by the time I was 15 my back was killing me. I went to the chiropractor a ton, they took X-rays and told me my back was beginning to curve. I didn’t realize until much recently that my back pain were from my breasts. I’d begged my mom about the procedure for so long and finally one day when we were shopping and trying on sports bras she noticed how saggy my breasts were for a 17 year old girl and let me make my consultation appointment. I did not go through insurance because my mom wanted me to go to the surgeon whom she got breast IMPLANTS from 15 years prior. Yes, my mom used to have AA breasts and somehow I got bigger than a DDD. My consultation was scheduled for the 16th of September but they had cancelations so I was able to come in on the 3rd. It’s crazy to think I have my surgery scheduled for next week when I was supposed to have my CONSULTATION on the 16th! I wouldn’t have even had my consultation yet! My doctor told me I was a good candidate for this surgery. He wanted me to go home and think a while to make sure I want this surgery and I had no second thoughts. I called and booked the soonest surgery slot available right when they opened the next day. A few days later I had my pre-op and got my prescriptions(Percocet, nausea meds, and an antibiotic) and my mom and I filled out all the papers. My breast reduction is scheduled for the 22nd(a week from tomorrow) and I could not be more stoked! I am hoping to reduce as small as I can for my body type. I want a full B cup or a small C. I absolutely love Dr. Pousti he is straightforward and won’t do anything that won’t satisfy me. Breast Reduction: Dr. Pousti and his staff were the BEST! Very professional and caring. From the day 1 consultation to after the surgery they were amazing. I am very pleased with the results and the care I received. I am a Registered Nurse so i know excellent bedside care from a Doctor when I see it. Dr. Pousti is very professional and listened to what I wanted from the shape and the size. Excellent bedside manner. After surgery his staff were very prompt in calling me every day to check on me and my healing process. I did experience a minor bump in the road, i had a little superficial tear on my right breast after surgery which can happen after a breast reduction, Dr. Pousti saw me once a week to monitor it for a few weeks and reassured me it would get better, and it sure did. Overall I am very happy with my results and couldn’t ask for a better surgeon. One thing that stood out was His staff all knew my name when I walked in and were very caring. You could feel the genuineness. I would like to especially thank Heather, Bree, Daisy, Helen and Vanessa. My favorite staff members. I wasn’t nervous for surgery, but i felt very comforted by Heather his OR tech, I will never forget when she held my hand and rubbed my arm right before i received Anesthesia. Those are the little things that gave me a good experience. Definite 5 Star service. Thank you Dr. Pousti!!

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