Internal Sutures (Internal Bra) Photo Gallery

Dr. Pousti is double board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and is well known for his vast experience with revisionary breast surgery. One of the most common revisionary breast surgeries performed is a capsulorrhaphy. The capsulorrhaphy procedure, also known as pocket correction or use of internal sutures/bra, involves closing a portion of the breast pocket to correct displacement of the implant.

Before – Patient has implant malposition present on her right breast.

After – Capsulorrhaphy was performed on patient’s right breast.

Patient Testimonial:

I had nearly a dozen consults over the years before I finally decided to have breast augmentation surgery in 2007 at age 34. I chose to have my surgery in Alaska where I live (basically for convenience). I was extremely unhappy with my results and my surgeon’s lack of desire to address my concerns. I finally obtained a second opinion and was told surprising facts about my surgery that explained many of my issues. I also received confirmation that the recommendations provided by my plastic surgeon were not going to solve the underlying problems. I was heart broken. I had many concerns going into this elective surgery. I had put much trust in my surgeon and felt betrayed by her. I wanted to have revision surgery, but was scared to trust another surgeon. I had been blogging on several of the popular plastic surgery websites and Dr. Tom Pousti’s name kept popping up. Patient after patient told their stories of surgery nightmares and how Dr. Pousti was able to correct their problems and restore their broken spirits. I could not ignore their testimonials, so I researched him myself and decided to go about planning the revisionary surgery. First, I e-mailed his office and was shocked to receive a call from Dr. Pousti himself the very next morning! I e-mailed pictures and we discussed the revisionary surgery a few more times over the phone. His office staff was extremely helpful and quickly responded to any questions I had regarding the surgery and planning my trip. I met with Dr. Pousti the afternoon before surgery and had a completely successful surgery in the morning. I cannot thank Dr. Pousti and his caring staff enough for all that they have done for me! My breasts are healing beautifully and the results already far exceed my expectations. Dr. Pousti has true compassion for his patients. This is evident in the manner in which he treats them and the skillful work he performs on them. He is an impressive surgeon and artist and a truly kind person. I would recommend him to ANYONE considering plastic surgery. He is definitely worth any amount of travel. His office now considers me part of their “family” and I am proud to be associated with such an impressive team!

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