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The engineering of breast implants is centered around optimal aesthetic results as well as minimizing potential risks and complications. The breast implant manufacturers are improving their techniques and products to keep up with the demand.

Breast implants are used in more than 300,000 breast augmentation procedures and more than 100,000 breast reconstruction procedures annually in the United States with the goal being to help the patient achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

Currently, there are FDA approved saline and silicone breast implants made by The Mentor , Allergan and Sientra Corporations. The question of which breast implant to choose will depend on the patients goals and starting anatomy. For those patients wanting options that will give them extra fullness and less chance of rippling, they now have more choices infront of them.

The Allergan INSPIRA silicone gel breast implant is an example of an implant specifically focused on a high gel fill ratio for reduction of rippling but does result in a more firm breast implant.

For those patients wanting more filled silicone gel breast implants but still want the soft feel, The Mentor XTRA breast implant may be the best choice.

Overfilled saline breast implants may be good options for:

  • those wanting upper fullness and/or enhanced cleavage area

For the patients wanting the Extra Large Enhancement with a very round, full look, the saline overfilled implants are usually the best option.

Can I achieve my XL breast enhancement in one operation?
Generally to achieve the larger, fuller look, the patients have to undergo multiple procedures. Every patient’s body has limitations as to the largest breast implant size that can be placed safely during the surgery.

What is the largest size for FDA approved breast implants?
The largest silicone gel breast implant is 800cc.
The largest saline breast implant shell is also 800cc but saline breast implants can be overfilled to much larger sizes.

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