La Jolla / San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti discusses Tuberous & Tubular Breast Correction (also known as Constricted Breasts) with Breast Implants


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Tuberous breasts are a deformity existing since birth. Tuberous breasts are also known as Tuberous Breasts, snoopy deformities, and constricted breasts. This deformity is usually distinguished by deficiency of breast tissue and skin, rupture of breast tissue around the areola and constriction of the breast base. This deformity is generally classified into three categories; minor constriction, consisting of noticeable differences in the size and shape of the breasts; moderate constriction, consisting of a more significant lack of breast tissue as well as differences in size and shape of breast; and severe constriction, consisting of major deficiency of breast tissue and severe abnormalities of the shape and size of the breast. Although this is a challenging deformity, it is possible to improve and repair through procedures such as breast augmentation, mastopexy and tissue expansion. Dr. Pousti does what is possible to achieve symmetry and take into account the patient’s wishes and desired outcome of the shape and size of the breast.

Tuberous Breasts have a very narrow base and usually a long skin envelope. In the most severe cases of Tuberous Breast, a breast lift can be done through an incision around the areola, making the breast into a more rounded shape that the patient will be happy with. In many cases however, a lift is not necessary.The patient should be aware that the final result will take months to see and that they will need to be patient.

Before & After – Tuberous Breasts


Since Dr. Pousti has considerable experience with using breast implants to improve the appearance of Tuberous Breasts for patients, many women from around the country choose to fly to San Diego to obtain his services. If you are not from the San Diego area, please visit Fly in for Surgery to learn more about our out-of-town accommodations and scheduling information.

If you would like more information or to schedule a consultation, please call our office at (619) 466-8851. 

 The Surgical Procedure

The surgery is usually done under a light general anesthesia and the procedure takes about two to three hours. The incision is usually confined to around the nipple entirely or beneath the crease, and can be very inconspicuous. The procedure involves making internal incisions to release the tight breast tissues, making a larger space for an implant, rounding out the lower breast crease, and correcting enlarged and protruding areola.


Immediately After Surgery


Placing a breast implant underneath the breast and pectoralis muscle, along with making small incisions on the inside of the breast will usually allow this tight skin to spread into a better shape. This process can take a few months but usually results in a very pleasing shape without the telltale scars of a breast lift.

During your consultation at our San Diego office and after a thorough examination, Dr. Pousti will discuss every detail of your breast augmentation, including the exact size and type of breast implants he will use and their relative advantages. This procedure to correct tuberous breasts is performed on an outpatient basis at our surgical center in San Diego under general anesthesia.

What To Expect After Surgery

There will be a recovery time of 1-2 weeks just as with breast augmentation surgery for non-Tuberous Breast patients. Bed rest, along with plenty of fluids, is necessary after surgery. Your chest will be sore. Pousti will prescribe appropriate pain management medications. Take your medication regularly and keep your office visits. Usually after a week, you will begin to feel back to normal.

A brassiere and bandeau will be fitted for you during your first week of recovery. These will need to be worn for a month. You will not be able to shower until your sutures are removed. Initially, breast implants will appear to be slightly higher than normal and your breasts will be swollen. Over time, the breast implants will descend to a more natural position.

Resumption Of Physical Activities

Driving may be resumed in 1-2 weeks.
Non-contact sports in 3 weeks.
Contact sports in 6 weeks.

Patient Testimonial

I have struggled with the insecurity of having small, misshapen breasts (tuberous / constricted breasts) for years. Shopping for clothes was a nightmare and nothing ever fit or looked the way I wanted. I swam competitively for many years and the humiliation of wearing a speedo swimsuit as an AA cup size was almost unbearable. After years of wearing padded bras and praying every night that my boobs would grow I finally decided to explore the option of plastic surgery. I toyed with the idea on and off for about 4 years and finally last December became very serious and started researching plastic surgeons. I didn’t limit my search to just SD and ended up visiting with doctors in both northern and southern CA. I am a complete Type A so I had folders and folders of information about the procedure, doctors, testimonials, side effects- everything. I saw quite a few plastic surgeons and was looking for someone special. Someone who was not only a top expert in their field but who also had the ability to understand my wants and needs and work with me to achieve them. After meeting Dr. Pousti for the first time I was positive I had met my match. He is not only a phenomenal surgeon but he is also extremely dedicated to his patients and in touch with their wants and needs. I didn’t feel like just another number as I had in other offices. Given I was not having just a straight forward breast augmentation because of my tuberous breasts, I was anxious and ended up coming in numerous times for long question and answer sessions before even scheduling surgery. When I came into the offices his staff was so friendly and always greeted me by name. Dr. was always prepared and willing to spend as much time as I needed to discuss my questions and concerns. He was sensitive to the look and shape I desired and was also honest and realistic with me about what he thought he would be able to achieve. By the time the surgery date came around I had nothing but the utmost confidence and trust in Dr. Pousti and I was not disappointed. The surgery went smoothly, the recovery was manageable, and the results are beyond my wildest dreams. I try not to be overly emotional but I couldn’t help but tear up the first time I saw my new “additions” because they exceeded all my expectations. I have not had any complications despite such an involved surgery and they look so natural and real that not one person I know had a clue they are not my own because they are so proportionate to my body. I have a confidence I never had before and in large part I owe that to Dr. Pousti. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone even considering any type of plastic surgery as you would be doing yourself a disservice not to choose the best!

Patient Testimonial

I have always been unsatisfied with the shape and size of my breasts. I have thought about breast implants since the ninth grade, and finally I decided to get the surgery at the age of 19. I had what is known as tuberous breast, where the breast had no fullness underneath. Dr. Pousti was recommended to me by 5 different women, when I came to see him, I knew we would be my Doctor. He was very confident that he could dramatically improve the shape of my breast, and I couldn t be happier with the results. I am now a 36D and much more proportionate and finally feel comfortable with myself. I went with the silicone-gel implants and love the feeling and texture of them. Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a procedure like this.

Patient Testimonial (Update)

I am currently 4 months out and everything has exceeded my expectations. My healing process has been incredible. I was initially very worried about having incisions around the entire areola and was worried about both sensitivity and scarring. After surgery I only had feeling in one nipple and was concerned I wouldn’t gain sensation back in the other side however, about 3 months post-op, I regained full feeling in the other side as well. In addition, my scars had scared me a little when I first saw them, as they were still quite red and the skin had to re-attach itself after surgery. But despite my first reaction everything has healed really well. My scars started to improve quite quickly after surgery and although they still have some lightening to do they are fairly discreet and blend very well into the natural ridges and texture of the nipple area. I am also so happy I chose to go with silicone implants. They were probably the best choice I ever made. I had gone back and forth about getting silicone since they were just released last year but they have looked and felt so natural from just a few weeks out and only continue to improve with time. Overall, there is nothing I would change. Thanks to Dr. Pousti the surgery results were incredible. My breasts have a round full shape instead of the pointy look they had before. They feel extremely natural and the scars are healing extremely well. I have not regretted having the surgery for even a second.


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