Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy Journey



Initial Consultation:

You will meet with Dr. Pousti for a private consultation to discuss your goals. Dr. Pousti will discuss options, risks, benefits and possible complications of different surgical procedures with you. Questions regarding optimal timing of surgery and typical post-operative care issues will be addressed.


Dr. Pousti will examine you and advise you accordingly. He will let you know if you are a good candidate for surgery and if he can achieve your goals. Questions such as placement and incisions, expected scarring, choices of implants and your specific concerns will be addressed.

Tailoring the Surgery to Meet Your Goals:

Dr. Pousti will review several albums of pre and post-operative patient’s pictures with you. He wants to have a full understanding of your desired result and pictures aid in this communication. He encourages you to bring in pictures from magazines or off the internet to assist in this communication. He is interested in what you like as well as what you don’t like. This enables Dr. Pousti to have a clear three dimensional understanding of your goals. During this process he creates a “portfolio” of your pictures that he takes into the operating room on the day of your surgery.

Pre-Operative Appointment:

The medical history of the patient is reviewed, consent forms are signed, and prescriptions for post-op medications are given. Post-op instructions are discussed and “Before” pictures are taken. Dr. Pousti discusses size and placement of incisions ensuring the patient of the best results possible.

This 38 year old patient came in to meet with Dr. Pousti regarding a “mommy make-over”. The patient was very unhappy with her breast asymmetry and emptiness of her breasts. She wanted them more symmetrical, fuller and perkier. This procedure includes an Abdoninoplasty(tummy tuck), Liposuction and Breast Augmentation/Limited Breast Lift which involves rearranging the breast tissue, shifting the nipple position and increasing the breast firmness by tightening the skin, then inserting the implants.


Before each surgery, Dr. Pousti takes time to perform “markings” which prepares the patient and Dr. Pousti for the upcoming surgery. Dr. Pousti understands that every patient is unique with different body types and structure. Measurements are always carefully made to achieve the desired goal of the individual patient. Markings are then reinforced prior to surgery.

In the Operating Room:

By the day of the surgery, Dr. Pousti hopes that you will feel comfortable knowing that he has a good understanding of your goals. Communication is a crucial part of attaining your goals. Some anxiety as well as excitement is to be expected.

Dr. Pousti performs the surgery in a fully licensed surgical center with a compliment of caring nurses and board certified anesthesiologists. Dr. Pousti is with you, holding your hand as you go to sleep.

Dr. Pousti takes time to study your pictures prior and during your operation, using them as a reference to achieve your anticipated goal.

Markings are then reinforced prior to surgery.

During each and every breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Pousti takes the time to insert “sizers” before inserting the implants. This is crucial because it enables Dr. Pousti to see the size, shape and placement of where your new implants will be.

Dr. checks for symmetry throughout surgery.

Dr. Pousti uses every technique available to avoid complications such as infection, bleeding, scarring and loss of sensation. You will receive medications (antibiotics and anti-nausea) intravenously during the operation.

During your entire procedure, Dr. Pousti works very closely with a licensed and certified Anesthesiologist, which will watch and monitor you from start to finish.



Directly following your procedure, you will be wheeled into a recovery room where trained and skilled nurses are very attentive to you, making sure you are comfortable as you slowly awaken.

Do not get the breasts wet for at least 3-4 weeks after surgery. Our office will give the patient the “green light” to shower when things have healed.

It is very important to Dr. Pousti that you are taken care of and are as comfortable as possible. To ensure this, Dr. Pousti has made sure that the nurses there are ‘first class’ and exceptional at what they do.

2 weeks After Surgery:

The bandages are removed and area is exposed. Dr. Pousti checks for any signs of infection or bleeding. Patient is instructed to keep the surgical bra on for 4 weeks to help the implants settle into the pockets Dr. Pousti has created. There is bruising and swelling. Patients are instructed to follow all pre/post–op instructions to ensure the best results possible. In order to prevent any wound healing complications, patients are advised to refrain from smoking and consumption of alcohol prior to surgery and throughout the healing process. Patients are allowed to resume physical activity and exercise about 4-6 weeks post-op surgery depending on the severity and the complexity of the case.

Four Weeks Post-Operative:

Patient has recovered well. Incisions are healing nicely. Implants have settled into the pocket and bruising and swelling is minimal. 

Patients are followed very closely by Dr. Pousti and his staff. During follow-up appointments, the Dr. see’s that his patients are recovering nicely and makes sure they have no questions or concerns.



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