Nicole's Story


Nicole’s Story 2 years after Breast Implant Removal 

Had vaginal yeast infections every single month for 3 years. 3 YEARS!! Other issues to that resolved after explant. It wasn’t till after that they were probably the reason my hands and feet were ice cold all the time. And it wasn’t till after that my husband said I had bad breath (embarrassing). But that resolved immediately so he told me then. Also a symptom of systemic yeast. 
And yes, I wanted a smaller chest. They always made me feel like a large girl although I’ve never been. 

I’m doing great guys! Thanks so much! Feeling strong and free. And not missing those pesky implants not one bit! 9 months on a fitness journey but more than 2 years since my explant. Thank you to each and everyone of you. And I cannot say how much I can appreciate Dr. Pousti supporting this explant movement.

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