Kerry’s Recovery After BII


I wasn’t sure if I was going to share my personal story and journey but I have pondered this the last 2 nights and feel I am inclined to as it might help someone else who is not aware. Here goes...

I have suffered with Lupus (an auto immune disorder) for 18 years. Diagnosed when Hannah was about 2. This was after I had breast surgery to help my very sad deflated breasts!(nursing 4 kiddos does that to ya!). So for year I’ve had ups and downs of health issues associated to lupus, fatigue joint pain hair loss pleurisy etc etc. in 2016 I needed to replace my implants and found an excellent surgeon in San Diego Dr Pousti. After that surgery my health declined. All my symptoms escalated and I started having soooo many more health issues. Saw my primary, gastro, gyn...I have tested negative for everything. Associating my health decline to age!!! Ugh... and many of my even close peeps didn’t know my struggle of horrible fatigue as even I associated it to our very busy life. But all I can say is I felt like I had the flu each and every day! Well on April 1st I discovered thru my friend and hairdresser Breast Implant Illness (BII). She and I have had the same health issues for years and every time we’d be together we’d discuss our failing health..and in fact she was going to see a concierge Dr in Arizona to help with a natural approach to helping her issues and I wanted to tag along. We had this discussion in March before my trip to Jamaica. I came back to find out she in fact had her implants removed due to all the symptoms of BII. Long story short I called Dr Pousti office April 22, saw him April 25th, and had surgery the late afternoon of 5/3. I cannot believe the difference I feel already. The number one thing I don’t have is a headache. My normal regimen was Advil and coffee each morning. I have not had a headache since I work from surgery. My joint pain and fatigue are gone!! I am still healing, but the heal is real. If you want more information look up Breast Implant Illness. More plastic surgeons are doing more and more removal of implants.

Exactly 3 weeks post op and I feel like a new woman!

* Headaches gone, haven't had since I woke from surgery!

* Joint pain gone

* Energy level through the roof!

* Brain fog improving

* Dry eyes improving

* Bloating is occasional, not after every meal

* Anger and less compassionate is GONE!!!

* Face is less swollen

* 12 pounds GONE, couldn't lose a pound prior to surgery, only gained!

* Went from DDD++ to B and love my new body! 34 years of big breasts and couldn't be happier. Thanks to Dr. Pousti for believing me and taking care of me!!!

Please feel free to message me if you have questions or want more info! Thanks to my incredible group of friends and family that have supported me the last couple weeks!


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