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Choosing the right explant surgeon is so important, not only for the safety of our bodies but for the security of our minds! Thankfully we have so many women before us who have paved the road ahead but it is still imperative that we do adequate research and educate ourselves as best we can to ensure we can TRUST the final decision we make on who we choose to CUT. I am beyond THRILLED with the surgeon I chose but will have to admit that my mind started to play serious tricks on me when my 'healing crisis' began after explant surgery. I kept questioning the decision I had made...did the surgeon really remove ALL CAPSULE, should I have had more consultations, what if I had to have another surgery because I didn't choose the right guy...etc, etc, etc. And you know what happened...the more I worried about why I was still so sickly and getting WORSE after surgery, the more stress I was putting on my body and the weaker I became. My second guessing was a big part of "WHY" I was feeling so terrible as I continued to struggle with healing. After days of crying and living in FEAR, I had a revelation. Since I had prayed for guidance as I chose my surgeon and had followed my HEART in making my decision (which is where God resides!) why was I now questioning His guidance?! Talk about a hard lesson in FAITH! I had to TRUST that God lead me to Dr. Pousti and that no matter what, He would keep me safe and help me find healing. I had to LET GO and LET GOD. Because I was so sick and so afraid, letting go was very difficult but when I finally put my hands up to fully surrender to the process, guess what?!?! My healing crisis began to cease and I started to see a bright shining light at the end of what had become one of the darkest tunnels of my life. And that 'light' was shining on a huge blinking sign that read: "The Heal Is VERY REAL...just HOLD ON!!" (Check out previous blog videos to see that struggle and the HEAL) The power of POSITIVE thinking my friends :)

I am beyond grateful to have found the plastic surgeon that was just right for ME as I firmly believe this is the most important decision on this journey! We must remember that every surgeon personality is different as is every woman's health struggles leading up to explant. We must each find the right 'fit' for ourselves. A caring soul was very important criteria in my personal surgeon search. Dr. Pousti has that and so much MORE! He was so compassionate from the very first consultation, a bedside manner that is unsurpassed in my opinion. When we spoke about my health decline and the importance of explant in hopes of reversing so many dibilitating symptoms, he really LISTENED to me. After years of being practically ignored by so many doctors, oftentimes even mocked for my struggles, it was so refreshing and welcomed to have a doctor really HEAR my story and offer to HELP! He even took the time to talk to me a couple of times over the phone after hours to reassure me about how the procedure would be done, to ensure he would remove ALL capsule tissue and that he would keep me SAFE. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet with a previous patient of his, Elisa Tahmisian, who was willing to come into the examination room to console me as I had a major 'meltdown' on my initial consult, terrified of what my body would look like and what was to come. A fellow Christian, we soon learned that God put us together to help each other through this entire explant healing journey and we are so happy to have found a lifetime friendship in one another. Dr. Pousti's office continues to offer this additional support to all consults and patients. Following my explant surgery and healing, I have had the amazing opportunity to speak with and reassure other women who are contemplating explant surgery and are having all the same questions and fears I had a few months back. Pousti Plastic Surgery is building a solid community of women to help each other through this often overwhelming process, they care THAT MUCH! Dr. Pousti and his staff have become heavily involved in increasing awareness about Breast Implant Illness and they really care what happens to all of us. They are even setting up case studies as they follow women after explant surgery in order to learn from each of us. A doctor willing to LEARN from his patients...WOW!! What more could anyone ask for?!?!

My explant surgery was a complete success, thank you GOD! Even with concerns that my capsule might have been too thin to perform a full en bloc procedure, Dr. Pousti took the time needed to safely cut around the capsule and en bloc was possible. There was also concern about how the symmastia repair would heal and so far I am very happy with how my 'itty bittys' look, doubting any further repair will be needed in the future. As I continue to heal, I am beyond grateful for the blessing of an amazing surgeon and his team that have literally SAVED MY LIFE! Every day I can say with a SMILE..."Today is the first day of the rest of my life!"

To say I recommend Pousti Plastic Surgery is an understatement. I feel so blessed to continue to have such a positive explant experience. I am so proud to be part of the 'Pousti Team' as we ALL work together to increase awareness about Breast Implant Illness and as we help empower and educate other women so they can make the best decisions regarding their bodies. Choosing to explant is such a difficult decision for many women. Finding a surgeon that fully supports and understands the hardships of this illness is so important, offering a sense of reassurance and security that is absolutely PRICELESS!

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