Elisa’s Recovery After BII


My explant journey is one that saved my life.

I saw three other doctors about removing my 20 year old sub muscular saline textured implants. I knew within 10 minutes that Dr. Pousti was more than qualified to do my surgery. Over the years I struggled with unexplained illnesses like CHRONIC fatigue,  IBS-C and IC, food intolerances, neck and shoulder pain, not feeling clear headed, depression, inflammation in my body, pain and burning in my left breast that became constant, numb left arm and fingertips like I hit my funny bone repeatedly, and hormonal problems that led to excessive bleeding and a hysterectomy- still have my right ovary though. I also had teeth pain and jaw pain and cysts that kept growing in my jaw, four root canals last year, and I never had any problems with my teeth prior to implants, always took great care of them. Over the past four years all these symptoms got worse and I retired from my career and was not able to exercise or hike daily or even once weekly and eventually ended up in a wheelchair. I was in bed most of my days and sleep was hard to come by. I would wake all throughout the night and never felt like I had energy upon waking when I did sleep. I am 44 years old and felt like I was 84. I didn't put it together that my implants could've been causing all of this until I started to learn about breast implant illness. My first reaction was all these women are crazy, implants are not the cause. But I can honestly say it was worth removing them based on how my life and health have significantly improved.

Inflammation has gone down drastically- you can see the difference in my picture that was taken 24 hours apart same time of day. The surgery to repair bone damage in my jaw from cyst finally fully healed, I can think clearly, no more neck or shoulder pain, no more pain or burning in my left breast, I can feel my left arm and fingertips. I am 70% better with IBS-C and IC and am able to eat almost all of the foods I was having problems with. 
I am no longer chronically fatigued and can finally exercise and walk daily and enjoy hiking again. I sleep better and it feels amazing to give someone a full hug and not have implants in the way and feeling the discomfort of the pressure of them against my chest and heart. I feel lighter in so many ways. I smile more and have a hopeful outlook on life.  My initial thought on removing them scared me. What would I look like, how big will my scars be, will I be deformed? I had a hard time wanting to be rid of them, I mean, I liked having big boobs! But after praying and fasting I knew this was the right decision. AND I knew Dr. Pousti was the doctor that would help get me through this process. I would choose to explant over and over again knowing how I have my life and health back. There is no doubt in my mind that my implants were making me sick. And there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Pousti was and is the absolute best!!

Dr. Pousti and his staff's care, support, knowledge, bedside manner and follow through have been amazing to say the least. My breasts are itty bitty and I absolutely love them! I went from a DD to a very small A and Dr Pousti did not think that I needed a lift like the other doctors recommended, so I went with his expertise knowledge and I couldn't be happier. My breasts changed rapidly over the first week. When I first saw them I was a little shocked but I knew they would change as doc assured me they would. My nipples were slightly inverted and I was lumpy and had some saggy skin. I have a nicely shaped smiley face in the fold of my breast and they are filling out better and better everyday. I feel sexier than ever in my life! Here's to your health! Much thanks and appreciation to you Dr. Pousti. I could not have gotten through this with such a great attitude if it wasn't for yours and your staff’s care. You will not be disappointed if you choose to explant with Pousti Plastic Surgery.

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