Your Options for Tuberous Breasts

Are your breasts lacking roundness and perkiness? Do they look more like long ovals? If you answered yes, you may have tuberous breasts.

Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, are due to genetics. They’re caused by constricted fibrous bands within the breast tissue. Tuberous breasts appear long – and narrow – with a gap of more than 1.5 inches between them. Your areola may be enlarged, and the nipple may look constricted. Quite often, women with tuberous breasts have asymmetry, so one breast is larger than the other.

If tuberous breasts make you self-conscious and unhappy with your look, Pousti Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, has solutions. Surgery can help you achieve a more normal shape for your breasts.

Some women hesitate in seeking treatment for tuberous breasts, as they believe it may be viewed as a vanity surgery. Don’t let hesitation hold you back; you deserve to feel pleased with your physical appearance. Breast surgery for tuberous breasts can help you feel confident both in and out of clothes.

Read on to learn how James J. Chao, MD, FACS and our team here at Pousti Plastic Surgery can re-form tuberous breasts. Schedule a consultation to find out which of these procedures might be best for your breasts.

Tissue expansion

Tissue expansion procedures release the constricted fibrous bands that are holding breast tissue from expanding into a rounder shape. In some women, this procedure is a first step in allowing the breast tissue to naturally expand and give the chest a fuller, rather than pointed, look.

During the tissue expansion procedure, you receive a tissue expander or breast implant through a small incision. Dr. Chao performs this surgery while you’re under general anesthesia.

Breast augmentation

Dr. Chao uses breast augmentation to fill out and enhance your breast shape. The implants create a rounder look and help resolve the conical appearance characteristic of tuberous breasts.

Breast augmentation follows the tissue expansion procedure. A new implant is placed, based on your consultation with Dr. Chao. You’ll decide on the type – silicone or saline – shape, and size to get the natural, full look you desire.

Breast lift

A breast lift elevates drooping breast tissue that often characterizes tuberous breasts. The lift removes excess skin, tightens remaining skin, and re-anchors the breast to improve your breasts’ shape and profile. The location and characteristics of your nipples can also be amended during a breast lift. A breast lift may be done in conjunction with breast augmentation. Combining the two procedures may give you the best improvement for breast shape and symmetry.

Not just any surgeon

Operating on tuberous breasts requires experience and skill – it isn’t just another boob job. The team at Pousti Plastic Surgery has the expertise, skill, and track record to help treat your condition and get you naturally full breasts.

Call the office, or use this website to set up your consultation. We can evaluate your breasts and work with you to plan a track of treatment. You’ll know what to expect every step of the way and how to plan for recovery.

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