Who Needs a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery in the United States. There isn’t just one reason for getting rhinoplasty, or nose plastic surgery. 

You may need nose surgery to repair an injury or birth defect. Rhinoplasty can correct breathing problems. You might also opt for surgery because you’re bothered by the way your nose looks and you want more balance in your features.

At Prime Plastic Surgery, James J. Chao, MD, FACS meets with you to discuss your goals to determine if rhinoplasty is right for you. Here are some of the things he can correct with rhinoplasty. 

Difficulty breathing

The shape of your nose and the septum, the cartilage that divides the right and left side of your nose, has an impact on how effectively you breathe. If you have some sort of obstruction, like a deviated septum, you may have trouble breathing when you sleep or exercise. 

Rhinoplasty can fix a deviated septum as well as alter your nasal shape to strengthen key breathing areas. Dr. Chao may remove blockages of excess or misplaced tissue and bone or improve your nasal structure with strategically placed cartilage grafts.

Dissatisfaction with your appearance

Your nose is the center of your face, making it a defining feature. If you have a nasal hump or bulbous tip, rhinoplasty can help. You might also choose rhinoplasty to reform your nose’s size or angle. If the bridge is crooked, due to injury or genetics, or your nostrils flare unusually, rhinoplasty offers a valid solution. 

Wait until your nose is fully grown

If you are getting rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, you should be sure the bone is fully grown before surgery. For girls, this is usually around age 15. Boys may need to wait a bit longer because of their growth cycle. 

People getting rhinoplasty to correct breathing issues may undergo surgery at any age deemed appropriate by the surgeon. 

Insurance coverage

Every insurance plan is different, but in general, cases of rhinoplasty to correct breathing issues are usually at least partly covered. If you decide on rhinoplasty for solely cosmetic reasons, it’s considered elective, and most insurance plans will not cover it. 

We can help you navigate your personal insurance. 

Schedule a consultation

When you sit down for a consultation, Dr. Chao will listen carefully so he’s better able to understand your personal aesthetic. He will work to understand what aspects of your nose seem to detract from your face. He’s incredibly adept at facial analysis and will let you know if you have unrealistic expectations. 

He’ll look carefully at your nose in terms of its relationship to your face and other features. He’ll consider your face shape and size, so surgery creates harmony and complements your look. Dr. Chao wants you to feel confident and happy with your look, while maximizing your breathing functions. 

If you are considering a nose job, Prime Plastic Surgery has the expertise and skill to guide you through the process. Whether you’ve decided this is the surgery for you, or you still have questions, call the office in San Diego, California, or schedule a consultation online.

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