What Happens When You Have Your Breast Implants Removed

While breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. with more than 300,000 procedures performed each year, more and more women are opting for breast implant removal. Dr. Tom Pousti of Pousti Plastic Surgery proudly offers breast implant removal for women who feel that their implants have run their course.

Why do people get their breast implants removed? 

The reasoning behind breast implant removal varies from person to person, but in the end, women opt for removal because they feel their implants no longer serve them. Some common reasons for removing breast implants include: 

What happens during breast implant removal?

Just like breast augmentation, breast implant removal requires an incision. You’ll go under general anesthesia for the procedure, so make sure you have someone prepared to drive you home afterward. 

Dr. Pousti makes the incision below the fold of your breast for breast implant removal. He carefully removes the breast implant and, if discussed prior to surgery, he can remove the capsule. Dr. Pousti uses dissolvable sutures to close the incision. 

Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be bandaged, often with a compression garment, and rest in a recovery room until you wake.

What to expect after breast implant removal?

After breast implant removal, you will need some time to rest and recover. Just like when you got your implants inserted, you will have to follow guidelines from Dr. Pousti, such as changing gauze and bandages, wearing a support or surgical garment, taking medication if necessary, and attending follow-up appointments. Expect to heal for several weeks following your procedure. 

After you heal, you’ll notice that your breasts are a different size and shape than they were before surgery—for many patients, this is entirely the point. You may also notice changes such as: 

Many of Dr. Pousti’s patients have reported greater confidence, improved physical health, better sleep, and happier moods after breast implant removal. For women whose breast implants were causing trouble, many of those troubles disappear. 

To learn more about breast implant removal and to find out if you’re a good candidate, visit Dr. Pousti in sunny San Diego, California. Call our office or book your appointment online. If you’re an out-of-state candidate, learn about flying in to work with Dr. Pousti.

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