Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms With an Arm Lift

Sagging skin at the back of the upper arms can make you self-conscious in a sleeveless or form-fitting shirt. It’s the skin that keeps waving, long after you’ve stopped. The excess, sagging skin also uncomfortably rubs and chafes.

Weight training can tone the underlying muscles, and weight loss can reduce extra fat, but neither will get rid of the excess skin that contributes to upper arm heaviness.

With an arm lift, however, you can wave “good-bye” to flabby upper arms for good. The procedure, known as a brachioplasty, tightens and smooths out extra tissue. Board-certified plastic surgeon James J. Chao, MD, FACS at Pousti Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, performs this procedure, so you get permanently taut upper arms.

Read on to learn more about why you should consider an arm lift if you’re bothered by the look of your arms.

Tighten up loose skin

Genetics, dramatic weight loss, and the simple effects of gravity may be behind your flabby upper arms. Regardless of why your arms wiggle and jiggle, an arm lift can reduce the look of your “bat wings.”

During an arm lift, Dr. Chao places an incision and removes any localized pockets of fat and tightens and smooths the underlying supportive tissue to restore the shape of your upper arm. He’ll also remove excess flaps of skin.

The surgery makes your arm lighter and tauter. Your arm will no longer rub uncomfortably against your torso or quiver uncontrollably. You’ll enjoy greater range of motion and self-confidence.

Results are noticeable right away

Almost immediately after your arm lift, you’ll notice the tightening effects. In the first days after the procedure, you will have some bruising and swelling. Expect these side effects to fade in a few weeks, and within six weeks, you’ll go back to all your normal activities and show off newly contoured arms.

An arm lift is for anyone with fullness in their upper arms

If you’re bothered by floppy or full upper arms, consider a brachioplasty. Your arms may keep you from wearing the clothes you want or even from enjoying a day at the pool or beach for fear of wearing a swimsuit.

You don’t have to be overweight to benefit from an arm lift. Many people of normal weight who just genetically have excess skin in their arms appreciate how the procedure restores proportions.

Good candidates are nonsmokers and are in relatively good health. Our office will review your medical history and perform a comprehensive medical exam prior to approving you for surgery.

Slim arms for the long-term

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your arm lift results will last for many years. Of course, you can’t stop gravity and aging from affecting your skin, but their impact will be far less than prior to your procedure.

An arm lift is an effective option when your flabby arms haven’t reduced or toned up in response to exercise or weight loss. Call Pousti Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation, or book online to find out more about this procedure and other body-contouring procedures offered.

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