The Difference Between a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

Breast lifts and breast augmentation are among the most popular types of plastic surgery, but which one is right for you? A breast augmentation is designed to increase your breast’s volume with implants, made from silicone or saline. A breast lift raises up what you already have, restoring perkiness and elevation. 

The surgery you choose depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you want larger breasts or have asymmetry between the sides, you may choose augmentation. For women who are unhappy with the appearance of their chest because their breasts sag due to aging, breastfeeding or weight loss, a breast lift is probably the right choice.

At Pousti Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, Dr. Tom Pousti is an expert at both procedures and can help you determine the one that’s right for you. In some cases, you might benefit most from a combination of the two.

Breast augmentation for more size

If you have flattened, elongated, asymmetrical, or a lack of cleavage, breast augmentation can help. You may desire to go up a cup size or more, because of genetically small breasts.

If you and Dr. Pousti do decide that augmentation is right for you, you’ll have to consider incision placement, implant size and shape, and type of implant, too.

Dr. Pousti recommends the incision and implant placement that he feels is best for you. An inframammary incision has the implant placed through the fold of the breast; the periareolar inserts the implant through an incision made around the nipple; and trans-axillary, which is an implant in the armpit. Each incision has pros and cons, and Dr. Pousti reviews these with you.

You’ll also consider your implant size and shape. Dr. Pousti makes recommendations that take into consideration your chest wall shape, your general body form, your natural foundation and proportions, and your lifestyle. Ultimately, he wants you to be happy with your results – since they are permanent.

Two implant types are generally available: silicone and saline. Silicone implants generally require a larger incision and a more involved procedure. But, women often appreciate the realistic feel that these implants offer.

Saline are a good choice for patients who desire volume and shape without a notable change in the feel of the breasts.

Both types of implants are FDA-approved. Dr. Pousti reviews the positives and negatives of both types with you and can help guide you as to the type that is optimal for your augmentation goals.

Breast lift for perkiness

Your breasts may naturally sag as a result of the long-term effects of gravity. If you fluctuate in weight or have born children, it’s possible you have breasts that are laxer and less perky than you’d like.

A breast lift restores youthful height to your breasts and improves the appearance of your chest. Dr. Pousti may recommend a breast lift, rather than augmentation, if your concerns are more that your breasts have lost their shape and volume or that they look flat and long. If your nipples fall beneath your breast creases or point downward, a breast lift can help. A breast lift can also help if one of your breasts droops more than the other or your areolae (the dark area around the nipple) have stretched.

Sometimes a breast lift is done in conjunction with a breast reduction. Usually this is done when you have notable volume that’s caused your breasts to droop considerably, and you choose the reduction to alleviate discomfort and opt for a lift to restore a raised, natural look in the remaining tissue. 

If you decide that a breast lift is for you, Dr. Pousti reviews the incision type and strategy he recommends for your particular case. He wants you to achieve a look that makes you feel more confident and beautiful.

An option for both procedures

Breast lifts are sometimes done together with a breast augmentation. The goal is to lift your existing breast tissue and increase volume, so you get breast fullness and a youthful boost.

The combined procedure is known as an augmentation/pexy and may be your best option!

If you’re dissatisfied with the look of your chest, call the office of Pousti Plastic Surgery, or schedule a consultation online. A breast lift, augmentation, or combined procedure can restore self-confidence and youthfulness. We want to help you feel and look your absolute best. 

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