Plastic Surgery and COVID19: What You Should Know

We proudly continue to offer plastic surgery procedures at our state-of-the-art surgical facility. We’re closely watching COVID-19 infections and are ready to support you at this challenging time. Prime Plastic Surgery in San Diego is intent on keeping you safe.

Here’s what you should know when considering plastic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can come in for a procedure

In the earlier days of the pandemic, many hospitals and surgical centers postponed plastic surgery procedures to save personal protective gear, hospital resources, and staff to treat COVID-19 patients. California is now more prepared to handle COVID-19 patients and elective surgeries. Although nonessential procedures may be delayed because of local assessment of risk, our surgical facility is prepared to schedule your surgery when you’re ready.

You must be healthy

Prior to your surgery, it’s important to stay healthy. This is always true, but even more so in the time of COVID-19. Socially distance, and wear a mask to prevent transmission. Keep away from large crowds or crowded indoor spaces where the virus has a higher rate of being spread. 

If you have COVID-19, whether symptomatic or not, you’ll have to postpone your procedure. If someone you live with has tested positive, you’ll also need to quarantine. We must avoid transmission to other patients as well as to the staff at Prime Plastic Surgery.

We have measures in place to keep you safe

At Prime Plastic Surgery, extra precautions are put into place to prevent COVID-19 spread. New cleaning protocols, requirements for all staff and patients to wear masks, limited waiting room times, and temperature checks ensure you a safe environment.

Don’t delay a necessary procedure

Though you don’t have to, you may choose to delay an elective surgery such as a face-lift or breast augmentation. When it comes to necessary procedures like breast revision surgery or a blepharoplasty to lift lids that are muddling your vision, don’t delay. These surgeries are often medically necessary.

Know that just about any plastic surgery procedure you wish to have done is possible at this time. Of course, you’ll undergo a consultation to ensure you’re healthy enough to withstand surgery and the healing process. Dr. Chao also wants you to fully understand what to expect during the surgery, in recovery, and as to your outcome. Some surgeries require days, or even weeks, to recover. Keep this in mind when scheduling.

You can reschedule surgeries that were put on hold

Call our office to find out when you can reschedule a procedure that was postponed due to California’s shutdown. We can get you on the books as soon as possible, provided you’re ready and healthy enough for surgery. Prior to your scheduling, you will need to come in for a reevaluation and consultation.

If your procedure requires hospitalization, you may not be allowed to have visitors during this time. This is a precaution to prevent any spread of COVID-19. The fewer people in a surgical facility, the less chance of accidental transmission.

COVID-19 affects many aspects of our society, including health care – even elective plastic surgery. Rest assured that the team at Prime Plastic Surgery is doing everything possible to get you the services you need in the safest manner possible. For more information about plastic surgery at this time, call our office, or book online today.

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