Noncosmetic Reasons to Have Breast Surgery

Plastic surgery isn’t only for people who want to look younger and feel more confident in their bodies. In many cases, plastic surgery is medically necessary to reconstruct parts of your body that don’t look or function correctly as a result of injury, disease, or genetics.

Breast surgery is often thought of as a purely cosmetic procedure used to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. However, many people have noncosmetic reasons for undergoing breast surgery. Not everyone who undergoes breast augmentation, a breast lift, or breast reduction does so to look better in a bikini.

At Prime Plastic Surgery, James J. Chao, MD, FACS is an expert at breast surgery and can help you achieve a more normal shape and function to your breasts. Here are some of the major reasons you might pursue breast surgery for noncosmetic reasons.


Micromastia is the medical term that characterizes a woman with a genetically deficient chest. Your breasts did not develop with puberty. Instead of fully developed mammary glands, you have two nipples on a flat chest. Breast implants can create a normal-looking chest so that clothes fit better, and you feel less self-conscious.

Asymmetrical breasts

Breasts are typically the same size and shape. They have a relatively uniform density, volume, and position. Some women have breasts that are significantly different from each other in size, shape, and placement. Asymmetry can also occur in one breast, meaning that part of the breast doesn’t match the other part. Breast surgery can create a more normal, uniform look for women who have such asymmetry.

Reconstruction after injury or disease

If you’ve had a mastectomy because of breast cancer or another health condition or injury, breast surgery can restore a more normal shape. You may have either one or both breasts reconstructed, so you achieve symmetry. Breast reconstruction usually involves implants, but it also may require Dr. Chao to perform skin grafts and reconstruction of the nipples and areola.

Breast reduction

Overly large breasts can compromise your posture, and their weight may lead to pain in your shoulders, neck, and upper back. Breast reduction can help you relieve this pain and help you feel less self-conscious about your chest size.

Breast implant revision

Even if you once had breast implants for solely cosmetic reasons, you may end up needing noncosmetic revision surgery to repair an issue with those implants or have them removed. Revision surgery can remove excess scar tissue, repair implant rippling, and remove implants that have caused breast implant illness.

Some women who’ve undergone implant surgery, for cosmetic or noncosmetic reasons, end up with a slew of autoimmune-like conditions, including rashes, joint pain, chronic fatigue, and headaches that are associated with the implant procedure. This condition can occur with all types of implants. In many cases, removing the implants often resolves the symptoms.

Explore your options for breast surgery at Prime Plastic Surgery. Call the San Diego, California office, or use this website to set up your consultation and find out how Prime Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your noncosmetic and cosmetic goals. 

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